Stomach pain when lying down

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Avatar n tn I have a strong stomach pulse when lying down often. I am quite thin, so I assume that I can feel it quite easily for that reason. One thing I did notice though, is that when my stomach feels ill (I have functional dyspepsia issues) this pulse feels stronger. I can't remember if I told my gi doc about this, but I've heard that a pulse in the abdomen is normal usually. Not sure what the symptoms of an abdominal aortic aneurism are.
Avatar n tn I have serious pain when sitting or lying down - been to every doctor I can think of. When I sit down - have to go urinate. Had a injection of lidocane - upset my stomach terribly. I have pelvic lestions and a small nondisplaced fracture/lytic process of distal left sacrum. My doctor has given me precriptions pain medications (latest methadone and some inflammatory medication) inflammatory made me sick. Haven't filled methadone yet as no other medication works.
Avatar n tn This effectively seals in the contents of the stomach leaving the dog unable to vomit and unable to move the stomach contents further down into the intestines. Emergency surgery can untwist the stomach and, as long as there is not too much damage done to the intestine and spleen, a gastropexy (stomach is sewn to the abdominal wall) is performed to prevent it from happening again and as long as the dog makes it through the first 24 hours post-surgically, recovery is usually uneventful.
1427932 tn?1282989817 --- Ocassional pain in the kidney region(although got urine and blood test to rule out kidney problem). --- Leg pain (thigh pain and foot pain) and in the area behind the knee region. --- muscle twitches all over the body and palpitations kind of sensation in the palms (especially right palm) --- Cold hands and predominantly right hand and hand pain between the wrist and elbow. --- Heart palpitations while sleeping some times so severe that i wake up from sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi there I'm having a problem when I lie on my stomach I have pressure in my head when I get up and walk it feels better when I sit down I get neck Pain that radiates to back of head n I mean terrible sweating from head to face been for xrays on spine nothing been for stomach xrays doc says wind travells up to my shoulders that what's causes the pain can any one tel me if dey have similar situtation pls
Avatar m tn If you lie down the doxy can reflux and irritate the esophagus. This happened to me one time when I took it before bed. I had severe pain from it and could barely function for a week it was so bad. I generally have a cast iron stomache.
Avatar m tn school where we were willingly choked(blood choked by constricting the arteries on either side of the neck) unconscious to become familiarized with what it felt like to on the verge of a loss of consciousness. That is the same feeling I experience when lying in the prone on my stomach. It is not every time, but it is frequent and seems to be getting more common.
Avatar n tn I do long-distance hikes and intensive gym workouts, and have a mineral mix (prescribed in Austria) that stops cramps within 5 minutes when they occur. I tried the mix for my lying-down back pain, and the pain went away almost immediately. The mineral mix is called Magnosolv, and is only available in Austria. Here are the ingredients so you can find something similar. Magnesium carbonate 670mg; Magnesium oxide 340mg; Potasium 500mg; Natrium 60mg (salt); citric acid 3700mg.
Avatar n tn During the day, when I am up and around, it reverts to some slight shortness of breath and slight pressure in the right lung and a tickle/some pressure in the throat). At night,when I first lay down, I have a little shortness of breath but can get to sleep. After about 2-3 hours I suddenly can't breathe and my right lung aches badly, so it wakes me up. I feel like the throat may be constricting also.
Avatar m tn I thought it was a contentment thing as he only did it when actually in the process of lying down. He slowed down a lot in his last few months which I attributed at the time to his age. I thought he was just slowing down as he grew older. Unfortunately Darcy passed away suddenly on Christmas Eve after being diagnosed with Cancer the day before. It was only the week leading up to Christmas that he displayed any other signs of something being wrong (lethargy and went off his food 2 days prior).
Avatar n tn the weird thing is I never get them when i'm being active.. or even when I exercise. It's usually when I sit down alone, or am home alone, when others are around I don't tend to notice them as much. Not to mention I check my pulse constantly. I do drink caffeine such as coffee and sodas, chocolate..
Avatar n tn I have a really bad pain in the upper part of my stomach. I also hear a churning and I have gas with this. Is this a gall bladder problem? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200541'>Lump in throat, occasional upper stomach pains, pale stool</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had really bad stomach pains. I feel they get worse when I stand, sit or bend down. I am bloated,constipated and nauses and have really bad head aches. The pain in my stomach is really all over the tummy. It does not concentrate only in one area. Please help.
Avatar n tn For about 3 days now, I have been having a pain in the left side of my stomach just below the lower rib. It seems to be slowly getting a little more painful. It hurts when I walk or even just stand. Some sitting positions cause it to hurt as well. Sitting and lying down are the most comfortable, however I walk around a lot on my job. The pain isnt severe. Mostly very uncomfortable. I would rate the pain at about a 3-6.
Avatar n tn For a very long time I have always had this stomach pain that I nicknamed "Hunger Pains". It seems that every time I wait too long to eat my stomach gets this pain always on my left side. It feels as if I have been stabbed or someone is pulling my stomach out causing me to hunch over when I walk. It hurts so bad that alot of times I can't stand up straight b/c it feels as if my stomach has tightened or something.
Avatar f tn Its bad all the time but even worse at night when I'm lying down. I've tried eating yogurt every day and taking Metamucil, I've also tried gas-x and all that but it hasn't done a thing. I'm so tired of dealing with this and so wondered if anybody could help me. I've been emotionally stressed could that be causing it or is it some kind of allergy or IBS? It's been bothering me for several years but gotten progressively worse. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Dear Sirs - I had my gallbladder removed December 2007 - to this day i am still visiting Consultants regarding stomach pain. This pain also goes right around my rib cage along with back ache. After the op I started having "acid attacks" (as the profession call them??) these would start with a pain in the upper stomach then penetrate into the back area. Terrible sweating would follow with the need to go to the toilet or feel sick.
Avatar n tn I too notice my heart skipping more when I lay down. Usually when I first lie down or when I first wake up. It tends to happen more when I lie on my back. And if I take a deep breath sometimes the early beats will come in pairs or in triplets. I hate it. It seems that if I turn over or stand up, they go away. I've been told not to worry but it really is annoying and uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Hi I dont want to sound like im a hypercondriac but the abdomial pain that women experince with ovarian cancer is it lower or upper pain. I have upper stomach pain for over a yr now. It comes and goes its really high like right under the v part the ribs and top of stomach. I had a scope down the throat and and stomach they said there is redness and iritation there and had colonosopy also both done in june.
626316 tn?1221980978 I was visiting an aunt of mine, and one day while lying in bed in pain. She came to me with a shot of zambuca and sat down and asked me about the pain. I said to her "oh it's ok, it always happens, it's normal". Her immediate reaction was "NO, THIS IS NOT NORMAL, if we were all in pain after we ate food, nobody would eat". So then it dawned on me, get some help. When i moved to my new city my problems continued to get worse and yes, My bowels were getting worse to.
Avatar n tn I have read what others have asked about chest pain and arrhythmias when lying on the left side, but mine seems worse and I wonder if it's an area of concern. I get severe chest pain and SVTs when I lie on the left. It is not PVC's, I have those occassionally too and know what they feel like--I am talking about my heart rapidly pounding and so hard that my husband can feel it, and when it starts, it goes steady and won't stop until after I re-position.
Avatar f tn I've also experienced occasional pains in my lower abdomen when I change positions lying down or relaxing etc. Is this something to be concerned about? My next doc appointment is in three weeks. I don't want to appear every little ache and pain is something to consult her about. Have any of you experienced something similar? Shod I go to ER or doc?