Stomach pain when lying down

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Avatar f tn Okay, so I've been lying down and propping up my feet, and my stomach had been tightening up quite a lot. And Everytime I lie down on my back, I can feel cramps, and my lower back hurting. Is this normal?
768044 tn?1294223436 My head will often feel hot when I am having a migraine but not like that... and it has never felt worse when lying down... often it feels better lying down, unless the pain is so bad that I can lie down, but lying down doesn't make it worse then, it just doesn't make it any better... so lying down making the pain worse was just the weirdest thing ever.
Avatar m tn If you lie down the doxy can reflux and irritate the esophagus. This happened to me one time when I took it before bed. I had severe pain from it and could barely function for a week it was so bad. I generally have a cast iron stomache.
Avatar m tn The pain is like sharp stabbing pain that only lasts 1 sec, and it will make you jolt/shock for 1 sec. This happens randomly but mostly when lying down although it has happened very rarely when I am sitting/standing. Maybe some nerves are not aligned in my head that's getting hit when I lie down or maybe there's some tumor, I am not sure. Has anyone experienced this before and have any tips?
Avatar m tn or it could be the fact that the hearts pumping harder to reach down to your toes it was easier when we was standing well on the way down anyway. i have had this sympton for a couple of years now and it only bothers me when it feels like the heart is struggling and it takes your breath. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/251047'>palpitations when laying down</a>.
Avatar f tn So I've been ill on and off for some time with nausea, headaches, joint pain etc I've also had on and off hints of chest pain and tightness but now whenever I'm lying down (occasionally when standing) I can hardly breathe and my chest is very sore. I haven't been getting sleep because it bothers me too much to get to sleep. No matter whether I'm on my side or on my back, I am left breathless and in pain. I was wondering what could be a cause of this?
Avatar f tn ve also experienced occasional pains in my lower abdomen when I change positions lying down or relaxing etc. Is this something to be concerned about? My next doc appointment is in three weeks. I don't want to appear every little ache and pain is something to consult her about. Have any of you experienced something similar? Shod I go to ER or doc?
Avatar f tn Is stomach pain normal the first 5-7 weeks especially when lying down.
Avatar f tn m having a problem when I lie on my stomach I have pressure in my head when I get up and walk it feels better when I sit down I get neck Pain that radiates to back of head n I mean terrible sweating from head to face been for xrays on spine nothing been for stomach xrays doc says wind travells up to my shoulders that what's causes the pain can any one tel me if dey have similar situtation pls
17776718 tn?1460263155 Hi, I have a 6 year old Leonberger girl (entire) who has been moaning in the process of laying down and when she has just lain down. I have been to the Vet and had x-Rays done, bloods and also two ten day trials of different pain relief for arthritis but to no avail. I really don't know what to do. She eats, plays and swims with enthusiasm however looks sad. She will often just sit and look at me rather than laying down as if she is asking me to help.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am having headache only when lying down. It repositions if I turn to the sides, sleeping face down helps relief the pain. It goes away when I sit up or stand up. It's worse if I sleep on a firm pillow. The pain varies every night. Please advise. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Neurology/Headache-only-when-lying-down/show/293859">Headache only when lying down</a>.
Avatar n tn Get good neck and head support when you are lying down. A cervical pillow and a flat stable bed will be beneficial. Get adequate sleep and eat well .I also suggest that you seek consult with an ophthalmologist and ENT specialist. Sinus headaches may present with a sensation of fullness or pressure. Eye problems may also manifest with headaches. It is best to have this ruled out first.
Avatar n tn They precluded low spinal fluid pressure from the spinal block because my headaches are worse, not better, when lying down. I had MRIs on my brain and all was fine. My blood pressure got quite high and I was prescribed hypotone. I was also put on Trepiline, Tramacet and Maxalt and an amjoxycillin (as I had a UTI). 4 days later I was feeling a bit better and was discharged- still on all the above meds, and so have had to discontinue breastfeeding (am expressing milk though).
Avatar f tn Dear Sirs - I had my gallbladder removed December 2007 - to this day i am still visiting Consultants regarding stomach pain. This pain also goes right around my rib cage along with back ache. After the op I started having "acid attacks" (as the profession call them??) these would start with a pain in the upper stomach then penetrate into the back area. Terrible sweating would follow with the need to go to the toilet or feel sick.
Avatar m tn t seem to keep still as where I sit down I am in pain, when I lie down It is relived, but after lying down for a while the pain comes back and I have to change when I am doing again (can't keep still). A back massage and putting pressure on the middle of my back seems to relive the pain for a while.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 yr old female and I have almost constant stomach discomfort which makes me have to pass gas because its the only way to get any relief. Its bad all the time but even worse at night when I'm lying down. I've tried eating yogurt every day and taking Metamucil, I've also tried gas-x and all that but it hasn't done a thing. I'm so tired of dealing with this and so wondered if anybody could help me.
Avatar f tn Hi Back pain with referred pain to arm worse when sitting or lying down and feels better with movement is usually caused by ankylosing spondylitis. This is a genetic condition. Medicines, physiotherapy, exercises and drugs to suppress immunity are the mainstay of treatment. A back pain with referred pain to arm that is worse on lying down or felt mainly on lying down can also be due to a tumor within the spinal cord. A neurological examination can pinpoint the site.
Avatar n tn I get these a lot too, mainly due to gastric problems from certain foods that I eat. Have you tried lying down on your stomach for a while? It may alleviate some of the pain. The next time you are alone, try lying down on the floor...not a bed, because you need a flat, firm surface. Next you need to bring one of your legs up toward your arms, bending at the knee and keeping the leg on the floor, as far up as you can stretch it.
Avatar f tn I was awaken 3 night ago hurting in the middle of my chest ( almost like someone was ripping it apart), when I stood up it went away, but as soon as I layed back down it started again. Now i still hurt when I exhale but it not only hurts at the middle of my chest it feels like someone is stapping me in the ribs. Any ideas on what this could be?