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Avatar n tn 3 out of the last 4 nights, I have woken up in the middle of the night to EXTREME abdominal pain which lasted about an hour each time, followed by sweating, vomiting, and sharp pain in the neck. The pain was mostly in my upper abdominal area. I don't know what to make of it. I have never had this happen before. I find that in the last few weeks I have a loss of appetite, and when I do eat, it's about half the portion I normally eat. So any opinions as to what this could be?
Avatar n tn 3 out of the last 4 nights, I have woken up in the middle of the night to EXTREME abdominal pain which lasted about an hour each time, followed by sweating, vomiting (including blood), and sharp pain in the neck. The pain was mostly in my upper abdominal area. I don't know what to make of it. I have never had this happen before. I find that in the last few weeks I have a loss of appetite, and when I do eat, it's about half the portion I normally eat. So any opinions as to what this could be?
Avatar f tn Sounds like either food poisoning or a violent allergy. Stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and sweating are typical signs that your body is trying to rid itself of something. If you are certain that it is not the flu or any other viral infection then I suggest taking a good look at your diet. Eliminate any possible causes of what is making you so sick and stay as hydrated as possible.
Avatar f tn ever since childhood ive had gas issues, but now as an adult I am either unable to sleep or im waking up early in the morning in so much pain I can barely move because of the gas and discomfort in my stomach. so bad it makes me vomit. the only way the pain goes away is if I take a hot bath, vomit or go to the bathroom. what could this be?
Avatar n tn However, I know when having a heart attack, women can have nausea/vomiting/sweating etc, which of course worried me. I did have an EKG in the ER, and he said it was fine. They didnt do cardiac enzymes. The only reason I even THOUGHT about cardiac was because of issues I have been having for awhile, which have been checked out by my doc. Some upper shoulder blade pain, random left arm pains, which my DOC said was from trigger points he felt in my back.
Avatar m tn I would love to feel normal again but it seems like I can hardly ever go a day without feeling sick with either nasea and vomiting, gas pains with belching, or severe stomach pains. Its horrible. I do feel symapthy for you I hate it when I feel naseated and vomit since you do it on a reglar basis the doctors need to figure out whats causing you to constantly throw up or give you some medicen that will help. Im still waiting for a medicen that will for me. Goodluck!
Avatar f tn My 9 year old nephew has suffered from extreme sweating for years. His doctors said it is normal for a child to sweat like this but he sweats constantly. He sweats profusely all night and wakes up exhausted. At school he can only participate in recess for a short time before he has to site down because of thes weating and ensuing tiredness.He complained of pain in his chest a few months ago but his doctor(s) again said this was normal. Lately his appetite is very poor but he is bloated.
692998 tn?1257153968 This morning on my way to work I suddenly had INTENSE mid-stomach pain. It was sharp but also ached too. It felt like it was radiating throughout my abdomen and my ribcage. I have pretty high pain tolerance but this nearly knocked the breath out of me. I almost had to pull over. When I got to work, I couldn't even move, I just sat in my car breathing deeply and trying to get a handle on the pain, and waves of nausea were coming too.
Avatar n tn The pain is very extreem with sweating and vomiting. My stools are black and watery after the first movement. I am glad to find your blog I thought I was going crazy. The attacts are not like regular diarrhia that come from stress and food but very extreem and painful.
Avatar f tn I get really hot and start sweating heaps. Im short of breath and my whole stomach cramps up. The pain is so bad that im crying and trying to vomite or stop the pain. After about half an hour the pain goes away completley. This has never happened to me in my past befor. But this is the 3rd time its happened.
Avatar n tn After surgery, a persistent stomach ache started.There was lots of gas and a moving pain..After approx 5 weeks I contacted my doctor and was told it was probably an aftermath of a "very big"surgery.Since I had all the related tests ,I didnt worry too much,I felt my stomach and intestines had been thoroughly examined so I had nothing to worry about.After I started a relatively bland diet,the symptoms improved,....then last night I was woken by a very painful brief stabbing pain .
464865 tn?1206821985 It was so acidic i nearly choked and it burnt my mouth. The pain in my upper stomach (It is the liver i believe whee the pain was coming from) the two left and rights side of my upper stomach was inflammed too. I was cold and dizzy and sweating like no tomorrow. This whole ordeal went on for 5 hours. It has happened before but that time it was the pain only ad it was just as bad but i didnt throw up or sweat.
Avatar m tn Right now, I am still experiencing coughing,vomiting,stomach pain and diarrhea in the morning. It gets better as the day goes on.
Avatar m tn For a few years I have been having intense pain in my stomach/abdominal area after I play soccer and/or run untill I'm very tired. I started going to my doctor first when I was thirteen about this and she has not the slightest idea what is going on. I read the tag about stomach pains after tennis and my syptoms sound very similar. I am in good shape and exercise regulairly, and it only happens on random days spread by weeks of no problems, and it only happens when I push myself to my limits.
Avatar n tn A week and half ago I suffered a bout of nausua without vomiting. Since then I have had a few bouts of dry heaves mostly in the afternoon. When I sleep I am not bothered. Also have burning just below the sternum. I went to urgent care and they thought it was gastritis or possible ulcer. Went to GP and they took blood. Last night I had a two dry heaves so I went to the emergency room. Had an ekg, chest x-ray and blood work. Also had echo for liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder etc.
Avatar f tn For past 7 wks, I have had diffuse abd. pain that has increased in severity, along w/nausea and vomiting daily. The pain started in lower abd. in & around belly button. No diarrhea, severe constipation (going maybe 2x's wk even after taking Sorbitol 2 TBSP daily.(I've had some constipation all my life). Saw my Dr. no hernia, watch, increase fiber. Pain travels all over.
1392179 tn?1280141662 its hard to me to make myself think everything is ok, i get stomach pain kinda below the chest so i worry about it, i havetn slept for the [ast 24hrs every night i keep sweating and wake up and scared out of my mind.
2085202 tn?1373203340 lat night and they gave me an IV which the guy was nice but had no idea how to do it ripping it in my arm left and right until I felt like I was about to pass out from the pain he caused . Then they gave me a **** biggie. So I've had extreme stomach pain and abdominal pain. I mention the key things I NEED to get checked. They did like the minimal and didn't even check my stomach itself out or my pancreas.
Avatar f tn Shortly after dinner last night (eating foods I always eat) I started to get a severe pain high up in my stomach, kind of in between my ribs. The pain gradually worsened and I was unable to lie down or change positions as this made it flare up more.
665028 tn?1225221747 sometimes just bile, sometimes the entire contents of my stomach (less now that I try to stop the nausia as soon as it attacks), mild acute stomach pain, mild general stomach pain/discomfort. It always gets worse with stress, spicy foods, greasy foods, pretty much anything with excess oil... or during yoga! if i may end up on my belly- stuff just starts coming up, or if i am upside down for too long.. Some days are better than others. Today wasn't good.
7607165 tn?1395783725 If the pain is severe go to the hospital, if its just uncomfortable and you don't have any other symptoms (fever, sweating, vomiting, bleeding, heart racing, etc) then maybe wait till you can talk to a dr. or nurse that knows you're pregnant. Hope you get to feeling better.
Avatar n tn I quickly swigged the Maalox bottle so hopefully that will stop the attack from advancing (which usually is severe stomach pain and vomiting for 6-8 hours.) All because I forgot to chew my enzyme pill beforehand. I buy a big bottle of generic from Whole Foods or My Organic Maeket.
Avatar n tn The pain started on my right side under my rib cage burning stabbing pain. I started vomiting what appeared to be blood. I went to the ER and had blood work, CT Scan, Xrays all normal the ER put me on Oxycod/APAP 5-325MG(for the pain) Famotine 20MG(vomiting)and prevacid 30MG. From there I've had an UpperGI that shows abnormal Folds and swelling, a HIDA scan that is normal. I vomit everynight to every other night, feel weak, dizzy and have chest pains.
Avatar n tn when i take her to the emergency room or to the pediatrician they say that nothing is wrong with her. when she was less than 24 hrs old they pumped her stomach because of the vomiting and now they tell me that nothing is wrong. i'm not sure why she does it but, if anyone tells you that your child is doing it for attention please dont listen. the best advice that i can give is to watch your child closely and figure it out on your own because in my experience the doctors aren't much help.
595027 tn?1238984901 I had tried to go into work that day even though I was sick as a dog, pale, nauseous, and pretty bad abdominal pain, I took some Pepto tablets for the nausea, Mylanta for the stomach pain along with Tylenol and had tums in my pocket for the day, but during the drive to work my pain had gotten so bad that I was doubled over while I was driving.