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Avatar f tn I seriously need to go see a doctor I know but was wondering if anyone ever had this problem. I occasionally get a pain in my stomach like jus under my breast, directly in the middle. When the pain comes it very unbearable so I start to puke. Last night was my latest occurance and when I puked and taught I was done, I started bringin out red watery liquid that seems to be blood. It was scary but after the pain left. Anyone have any idea what I can be suffering with since its not normal?
2141290 tn?1349033141 I had also been vomiting since the night before. They ran blood, urine, and u/s. Gave Mr something for pain and vomiting.. said everything was fine and sent me home (told me to call ob today) I was up most the night tossing and turning This morning I woke up with bad diahrea and still the stomach pains. I tried calling my ob but I keep getting nurses voicemail. I'm afraid to eat cuz I know I'm gunna puke.
Avatar f tn ve felt fine. I did not have any stomach pain before I threw up but rather had more of a feeling of acidity in my chest or esophagus.
Avatar n tn I'm 7 weeks pregnant & this is my first time getting pregnant. My morning sickness (which lasts all day) started about a week ago or so. I can't seem to keep any food or drink in me. I end up throwing it up within 5-10 minutes of consuming it. All morning I've been just throwing up water and the stomach acid because I've already puked everything that's in my stomach out.
Avatar f tn So I'll be 38 wks tomorrow. I luckily somehow made it up to this point in my pregnancy without morning sickness or anything. Today I woke up with a terrible stomach ache. I started to vomit around 3 pm and it was full of blood. I can taste blood in my mouth. The stomach ache hasn't subsided but hasn't gotten worse either. Is this ob related or more medical? Should I go to the hospital? Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn The yellow was the bile at the pit of the stomach so obviously you have irritated the stomach to the extent of a bleed. Yuo should go to the doctor and tell him about your drinking.
1105389 tn?1258003525 either you have an injury inside of the lung, or you have an injury somewhere else that is bleeding to your stomach and you vomit blood cause of this. The stomach has a thing for not allowing too much blood be ingested, hence why you would puke it out. Regardless, you should go to the ER asap.
Avatar n tn I'm 7 weeks pregnant & this is my first time getting pregnant. My morning sickness (which lasts all day) started about a week ago or so. I can't seem to keep any food or drink in me. I end up throwing it up within 5-10 minutes of consuming it. All morning I've been just throwing up water and the stomach acid because I've already puked everything that's in my stomach out.
Avatar f tn t been able to feel normal. Last September, I was vomiting so I went to the doctor and she ran regular blood work and it showed urobilinogen in my urine (4.0). She did an ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver and it showed no abnormalities. We did urine again a week later and it was down to 0.2.
Avatar f tn "Is there an insulin that doest not cause stomach pain, chills, and vomiting?" Call your local pharmacy and schedule a consultation with the Pharmacist. Also, ask your doctor for a referral to an Endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist, as your current doctor appears to be playing you as a guinea pig; try this and if it doesn't work we'll try something until we find something that works, maybe.
Avatar m tn Within an hour of vomiting I was on the floor with excrusiating pain in my stomach and still vomiting although it was way more extreme. So extreme that I broke a blood vessel in my eye. This was 3 months ago. Since then I have had constant pain in my stomach and asophagus. I have been to the emergency room 3 times. Prescribed Prevacid, Nexium, and something for nausea as the doc thought it was GERD or severe acid reflux.. Nothing helps. I had a blood test for H.Pylori and it came back negative.
634590 tn?1293774093 It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between vomiting blood and coughing up blood (from the lung) or a nosebleed. Conditions that cause vomiting blood can also cause blood in the stool. Causes The upper GI tract includes the stomach, mouth, throat, esophagus, and the first part of the small intestine. Blood that is vomited may come from any one of these places.
Avatar m tn i have a swollen distorted stomach, pain down the right side which varies from wanting to make me scream to mild nagging pain... i have constanst diarreha.. which occurs after every meal and is worse in the mornings, i feel bloated, tired and sometimes sick....
Avatar f tn She has constant stomach pain and kidney pain. Lots of headaches. Somtimes with vomiting and diareha. Her jaw,ear,head,and eye(right side) where hurting a few months ago and we thought she had tmj. She has been to doctors and they are being worthless. One said she was being a baby. One said she had an intestinal infection. One said blood infection. And none of the things they told us to do helped at all. I can't see her in pain anymore. Please help me get her better.
915119 tn?1341948989 They said it could have been the drainage from that that was causing her stomach issues. She has only had 2 episodes of stomach pain since her removal and no vomiting. We are so glad she got her tonsils removed and she seems to be doing better!!
Avatar m tn my 18 year old son is currently hospitalized for the second time in 6 months for stomach problems. He has vomiting, which is acid, and or foam, pain in the upper left side of his belly. Said its a gnawing, burning feeling, pushing on it makes him feel like throwing up. He just had a scope procedure done and they found 5 or 6 red, raw areas of his stomach. No ulcers though. They are giving him protonix, omeprazole, carafat, and phenegran.
Avatar m tn The following maybe of help to you ladies. Small-bowel obstruction Abdominal pain. Most small-bowel obstructions cause waves of cramping abdominal pain. The pain occurs around the belly button (periumbilical area ). If an obstruction goes on for a while, the pain may decrease because the bowel stops contracting. Continuous severe pain in one area can mean that the blockage has cut off the bowel's blood supply. This is called a bowel strangulation and requires emergency treatment. Vomiting.
Avatar n tn Cholecystitis usually presents with extreme discomfort and/or pain, but it very well may not be causing pain. Bile backing up into your liver and getting dispersed through your blood (way oversimplification, but you get the idea) can cause a funky tint to your skin. Also, if your stomach is not producing intrinsic factor, your body cannot absorb vitamin b. Which in turn can lead to a vitamin deficiency. Please make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
18799278 tn?1484274288 4 days ago i got severe lower stomach pain that lasted a few hours along with vomiting diarrhea and cold sweats then got so cold i was shaking but since then i have this dull pain in my stomach were my belly button is it actually feels like a rock is in there most of the time if i move it hurts more and it even feels sore to touch that part of my stomach sometimes standing if i stand up to long i feel i will faint does any one know if this is normal ad what could it be :(
Avatar m tn t have such painful pain for more ...... my stomach is always bloated which affects my back and either i feel pain in my stomach and back pain is also related ......any help i went to many doctors and made too many analyses with no benefits the pain goes worse and increases thanks but i really need help .......
Avatar f tn I just wanted to have an expert advice that one time blood while vomiting is a symptom of Cirhosis or any other severe disease. Or i am going through any serious illness or something else is happened to me. In morning as well as in evening a pale yellow stool with some redishness is been passed in liquid state. As i am very much worried and panaroid about this so would be looking out for the experts advice on my case that would could have resulted me to puke blood while vomitting.
4853125 tn?1360043491 I am on my period and had a bout of vomiting yesterday. The pain in my stomach was so severe before and after vomiting I could not stand. The pain has not subsided and it has been more than 24hours. This is not a cramp, any ideas or advice would be appreciated.
962492 tn?1247454619 Smoking, alcohol use, gastritis, acidity, tumors of stomach and food pipe, bleeding gastric ulcer, cancer of stomach, erosion of lining of food pipe, bleeding veins at esophageal (food pipe) sphincters etc all cause vomiting of blood. This can be fresh red if coming from a place above the stomach. It can be brown or coffee colored if coming from the stomach.
Avatar f tn I'm 10 weeks & Yesterday I had really bad pain in my stomach feeling like I had to poop or throw up couldn't do either . I took a Nap today woke up agian with stomach pains threw up 5 times bad & 10 minutes later diareha really bad . what do i do ? Help .