Stomach pain under belly button

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1986184 tn?1337732336 Im 15weeks and im getting this pain around my belly button area on the right side I dnt kno if its a pain or the baby moving or baby pushin up against something lol!! Idk?
Avatar m tn for the past few months every so often i get a sharp pain under my belly button approx 2" diagnal from the center of my belly button. pain comes and goes away for weeks/months. I have it today, sharp pain, since this morning, alittle nausecious nothing i would normally be concerned with except for the stomach pain. i did some heavy lifting over the weekend and lift my 90 pounds dog daily , maybe i pulled something or would anyone think it is more serious like appendicitis?
Avatar n tn I have been having this pain right where my belly button is and a little bit under ever since i had my baby which was almost 17 months ago. It hurts when i'm pressing on it just a little bit and also hurts really bad if i lay on my stomach on the floor. I had an appt with Gyno and also had a pelvic exam done and everything was normal. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Have you doctor look into it everyone is different I would assume it is because your uterus has streched almost ti your belly button and it it pushing everything out of the way to make room. I have pain on or around my belly button but I have an umbilical hernia.
Avatar f tn So, I have been having a dull/moderate pain under my belly button, right about waistline and nearly in the center. It has been 7 days now, and the pain hasn't really changed. Im 22yrs old and not pregnant, im a boy haha. This pain is mainly just uncofortable, but it gets to the point where I will have to take off my belt or undue my seatbelt. I went into an urgentcare center, and I was told it was probably gas.. I also took a urine test and it wasn't an infection of any kind.
Avatar f tn Can vitamins cause stomach pain from under ribcage to belly button? Soreness not really pain. I take a multi, b12, b complex, iron,fish oil and d3.
Avatar f tn Hi!! I been suffering from mild stomach pain One inch above belly button its not sore,and it come and goes..i was also diagnosed with the gallstone this could be related? Thank pls help!
Avatar m tn 8-year old son has had stomach pain for the last 5 years(located just above his belly button and slightly to the right). He has has x-rays, ultra sound, testing of stool all with no results. It is severe enough it does interfere with his sleep. He has a good appetite but can only eat small meals. In addition he is very small for his age 52 lbs and 45" tall; and his skin is now pasty looking and he usually has rings under his eyes, but no allergies.
Avatar n tn I have pain under my belly button sometimes. This pain becomes sharper during inter course. I feel very uncomfortable no matter which position. This pain also pass to the right side of the belly button. This affect our sex life and I don't know what cause it. Can you help?
Avatar n tn Just very bad cramping is the best way I can descibe it. The middle of my stomach under my belly button. It comes and goes but when it comes it can hurt so bad!!!
Avatar n tn I have slightly pain in my stomach under my belly button area , I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Is this normal?
5581828 tn?1379811492 I'm just coming up to 6 weeks out from the big surgery. I had that 7 weeks after the keyhole one. I'm finding the pain is worse at night, so I'm thinking I'm probably just doing to much through the day. I've noticed that when the pain starts up I'm getting a little bit of swelling under my belly button. Not a huge amount, just enough to make my normally round belly button look like a frowny face.
1691674 tn?1306056511 They come at random times, normally I would be asleep and be woken up from them, they start of as a dull pain under my breast and then the pain moves to my stomach just about where my belly button is, then my lower back will hurt (sharp pains). I sit up for about three to fours hours in a chair just rocking back and forth, which doesn't help, its just something I do when I don't feel good, sometimes it hurts so bad I feel like I might be having a heart-attack or something.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 wks and 5 days and around my belly button and a little to the right on my belly there's a pain like when you push on a bruise that's what it feels like.... What is that pain ?
Avatar f tn Today I am 15 wks 3 days. I had some pain in my under my belly button tuesday morning, ppl I talked to just said it my body making room for the baby, and said don't worry about it only lasted about an hour, but today I can't seem to find a hard spot about two inches under my belly button like before, is the baby still okay, my next checkup is Dec.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, So recently (last few weeks) I've noticed that I feel quite sick all the time; I mainly just feel like I've eaten too much without having eaten anything at all. On top of that, I've been getting bouts of burning in my stomach. I mean all across my stomach below my belly button and my insides there just feel really warm (if that makes sense lol) with some stomach cramping.
Avatar m tn pain i experience now for over a week, sharpe pain left side of stomach under ribs and nearing around belly button. Last day or so I have been worried that it could be an std and started feeling pain around bladder area under belly button. Feels real but it could be down to my worring of the std issue that has focused the pain to this area. Sharpe pain left stomach very real and rear lower back tender.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies im 31+6 and since yesterday ive been having stomach pains like where my belly button is almost feels like my baby has her knees trying to.come through my belly. Is this norma l? Should I be worried?? Any one else felt like this? I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday.
Avatar n tn I get pain on the bottom left side of my stomach quite often but not under my belly button.
Avatar f tn If its your first pregnancy i was told its your insides strenching out..
5898681 tn?1392221010 your uterus has grown from about the size of you fist and behind your pelvic bone to (at 19w) under your belly button and roughly the size of a small cantaloupe
18799278 tn?1484274288 4 days ago i got severe lower stomach pain that lasted a few hours along with vomiting diarrhea and cold sweats then got so cold i was shaking but since then i have this dull pain in my stomach were my belly button is it actually feels like a rock is in there most of the time if i move it hurts more and it even feels sore to touch that part of my stomach sometimes standing if i stand up to long i feel i will faint does any one know if this is normal ad what could it be :(
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks and I am having a very sharp pain a little bit under my belly button. Its never happened tome and I'm fearful of miscarriage. HELP PLEASE.
Avatar f tn m 27 wks 4 days and I had to take my belly rings out I had the top and bottom and they would hurt since my belly is big, and when I took them out I saw two small stretch marks under the ring :/
951267 tn?1246197239 Hi! I've been searching high and low for the answer to this question! I'm 32 and generally feel fine. I'm a yoyo dieter, just in case that's important. I mention this because I've recently started my work-out regiment again, which includes lifting weights - I HOPE this pain is just a pulled muscle that's affecting my belly button?! It's such a weird, dull and existing pain - but some movement can cause it to turn to sharp pain. I've had it for 3 days now.
Avatar f tn Im 5 months and I have been having pains like right under my belly button and it hurts so bad that I ball up like a anyone know what this is or have experienced this????