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Avatar n tn I no longer have diarrhea anymore but everytime I eat my stomach hurts, I get nauseaus,bloated,gassy. I do notice that the stomach pain does get worse and the urge to have a bowel movement increases when eating fatty foods. The stomach discomfort I get from eating usually lasts for about an 1 1/2 hrs but yet I am still constantly hungry. I stay hungry throughout the day but yet my stomach hurts so I dont want to eat.
Avatar f tn I have been having nausea and stomach pain for around a week. It can start in the morning or develop throughout the day. I am 20 years old if that matters. The pain is right under my ribs on the left and it tends to feel better if I push on it. It also happens on the right but not as much. When it is on the right it is lower and more on my back. The nausea comes and goes and gets worse after I eat. I am not eating as much and in the past week I have lost a few pounds.
Avatar f tn My daughter has been suffering with stomach pain and nausea for a couple months, eating doesn't help it usually makes it worse. After she eats she usually feels like she is going to get sick but hasn't yet. She has bouts of dizziness associated with the nausea at times which includes blurry vision sometimes. Our family doctor have been unable to diagnose the problem. Doctors thought it was Acid Reflex however Pryloc(?) made her systems worse.
Avatar n tn For over a month now I have been suffering from stomach pain, nausea, a bit of gas and bloating, and food tasting really weird/gross. I've been taking prescribed antacids for it and lots of generic tums. A similar thing like this occurred a month ago, however, my stomach only hurt when I touched the very lower portion of it then. Today my stomach hurts when I touch it mostly in the middle and when I don't touch it. The pain feels like the inside of my stomach is just raw.
Avatar f tn I have fairly similar symptoms. I also have nausea, dizziness, migraines and stomach pain. My nausea, dizziness and migraines are constant, but the stomach pain is intermittent. I was diagnosed with pots 2 months ago and also take fludrocortisone. I've had the same experience with ineffective nausea mediicne and migraine medicine. Even iv infusions fail to provide me with relief. The only main difference is I had my gall bladder removed in July 08 and remnants and gall stones removed last May.
Avatar m tn My daughter has been suffering with nausea and stomach pain for four months. Our family doctor and two gastroenterologists have been unable to diagnose the problem. The pain is located directly below her ribs in the center. She has not lower abdomen problems or unusual bowel movements. (regular, normal) She has had blood work done twice, H.pylori, celiac, ect. all came back normal. She had an endoscopy of her stomach, with a biopsy, all normal.
Avatar n tn Perhaps it's a reflux problem. Empty stomach or overeating will cause nausea and pain in people with GERD. The acid backs up into the esophagus and makes you feel lousy.
Avatar f tn I've been at home for nearly a week because of nausea and vomiting. I feel your pain omg. I'm 7 weeks and 5 days today and it seems like it's getting worse. ..I already lost 5 lbs within a week due to not eating so make sure you munch on crackers and ginger ale. My ob is pregnant as well and she's been sick herself but she's been at work so I figure if she can bare it... there's no reason at all I cannot.
Avatar n tn I can pretty much control the SOD with diet and Creon and I am on an experimental use of a relaxant (buspirone) to 'loosen' the stomach when I eat but I cannot get any relief from the daily nausea and it is quite difficult to deal with. What illness could cause daily nausea after sleeping? What tests would be available to determine this daily nausea ?
Avatar f tn It went away until later that day when I ate a hamburger and, as soon as I took the first bite, was overthrown with nausea and pain in my stomach. That was around 3 or so weeks ago and I haven't had the stomach pain until today. Since then, I just get really nauseated after eating certain things -- I burp a lot and acid and food starts to come up (with burping or on their own). But I haven't puked once.
1285304 tn?1273391005 i dont feel like eating anything horrible food aversions i want nothing at all i knw i shud eat well..
Avatar f tn Ginger ale helps as well as crackers. Always try and keep something on your stomach eat small snacks throughout the day. Also before you get out of bed eat some crackers or something and if you are taking your prenatals in the morning try taking them at night. I hope this helps I had morning sickness from week 7-13.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 17 male and about 2 months now I've been having nausea every time after I eat. It started after I had the flu which made me vomit and caused a tremendous amount of pain in my back, I had no fever and just had a sore throat the week before the flu. The nausea now is causing me to lose my appetite, I feel somewhat weaker, and definitely have a weaker stomach (some days the slightest odors make me gag) .
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks having terrible nausea and throwing up how am I supposed to eat and get the right nutrition when I can't hold anything down ? I called my nurse to see if they can prescribe something because the tums and ginger is not working..does anyone have any insight on how to get through this in weeks to come ?
Avatar n tn I suggest you ask your doctor to check your Gallbladder. Do you have any pain above your bellybutton? Does the nausea get worse if you eat greasy foods? They can do an ultrasound and a HIDA scan of your gallbladder, plus lab work.
Avatar f tn I feel your pain, best thing is to eat every few hours, don't let your stomach go empty.. this helped me a lot in the early stages; that & sparkling water/ ginger beer but mainly the not letting my stomach get empty made a HUGE difference.. Talk to your doctor/ midwife also..
Avatar f tn You were raped. You are scared it will happen again, thus the nausea. Any over-the-counter antacid should help. What you really need, if you are not doing so already, is to be in rape counseling so that you can learn how to cope with this memory without causing yourself further emotional pain.
Avatar n tn I have gained weight thinking if I eat the feeling will go away but it doesn't. I am not pregnant either. Sometimes I get terrible pain in my stomache, I think it is just gas pain and I have to sit for a while. Would I feel nausea from something wrong with my gallbladder? I feel this everyday and the doc put me on prevacid but not working. Thanks! Can't seem to find much info anywhere.
1779060 tn?1338650467 There are anti-nausea meds that a doctor can prescribe, but that is not a long-term fix. You need to treat the anxiety and the nausea should dissipate along with the anxiety. I had the same problem. I lost a ton of weight so my doc put me on something like compazine. I took it until the SSRI and Klonopin kicked in and then I could eat just fine. Remember your intestines are in the lower abdomen also.
8023513 tn?1404356555 I've heard ginger and mint can do some real wonders as well. Also as a couple of other ladies have mentioned, eat small snacks, don't let your stomach get empty. I hope you feel better soon, I know I was miserable before the zofran!
Avatar n tn I get really bad (though never sick) whenever I eat anything with fat in it although i still have the nausea all the time but in varying degrees as to what I eat. Try avoiding fat for a while and see what happens. Hope you feel better soon.
210982 tn?1280987495 all the other w/d's have gone away and in fact I never felt nausaus during the nine days w/o, I was just cold/hot, tired, diarehha, horrible back pain...well all that is gone but now I feel so nauseaus and I hate this feeling. I hope that helps claify!
Avatar n tn It is also cyclical I might feel good for a few days and then slip into a severe episode that lasts for weeks at a time. There is some pain involved but rarely, the discomfort is isolated in the upper stomach near the epigastric region. Also, it wakes me up almost everynight because it is so severe I am unable to lay on my stomach or side because that makes it even worse. Reading also makes me very sick which would suggest that I need glasses. I have glasses and they dont help.
Avatar m tn When i feel overwhelmed by the things i have to do..or sad...or anxious this symptoms are more stronger and i can not eat anything and feel hot,nausea my head seems heavy ,i can stand up but i feel with no energy...and also i get more saliva in my mouth and a strange taste and my stomach smell makes me nouxious especially meat,but others too. My pshycologist said it is from anxiety..but i am not so sure...maybe i have physical..problem Please help... What do you think?
Avatar m tn I was also suffering from extreme bloating and upper left stomach pain. I didn't vomit but a few times but I sure wanted to! I had lots of tests ran then and showed really nothing as definite cause. I was just diagnosed with Hep C on 9/9/11 and after much research I am convinced that was the cause of my problems. Best to you and hope you get your nausea issues resolved!