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Avatar f tn When you have bowel movement is the stomach pain relieved? If so, this could simply be a case of IBS. Mucus in the stool is a common symptom of IBS. I would get checked out again just to be sure but sounds like that could be the problem... Remember though, I'm not a doctor - but I have read up on IBS because I'm having several gastro issues myself and think I may have IBS.
592884 tn?1219047110 I was prescribed and acid reducer and demoral for pain. The pain has not decreased. The pain is right under the ribs and is on the front side as well as the back. According to the ER the Gallbladder, and pancreas is ok. Any sugestions on what may be causing this very unusual thing that is happening to me or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had loose to soft stools for 2 weeks now, and now have blood and mucus on my stool. I have no pain anywhere, and bowels are normal color now. Doc had me get a parasite test, and the test for bacterial infection and what not. I have a appetite, and eat normaly, and have a bowel movement in the morning and in the evening. Im waiting on the results, wont get them till next Wed. I suspect or later.
Avatar f tn it's a smaller amount than the size of a golf ball. I have had no other symptoms besides this. No stomach pain. No itchiness. No change in diet. Is it a cause for concern? I made doctors appointments twice but both times I wasn't told to bring in a sample and the poop went back to normal within a day or so of the appointment so I cancelled.
Avatar n tn She has had stomach pain and diarrhea and bunches of mucus in her stool. She has had blood test, cbcs and liver function test, stool cultures. Her Results are as follows: Her latest cbc showed that she had a low lymphocytes of 26, polys high 7.2, and rdw high 13.6. High sed rate of 44 then 24 and then 25 and this was after being given antibiotics twice. Moderate polymorphonuclear leukocytes in her stool. Her liver test showed an SGOT level of 44 high.
Avatar n tn blood in stool, mucus in stool, narrower stools, cramping, nausea, diarrhea. Thanks for your help!!
Avatar f tn Hi, Some amount of mucus in stool can be a normal phenomenon. Mucus in stool is one of the symptoms of diverticulosis. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar f tn 1month since now I'm in a sress but didn't develop diarrhea still constipated and then there is a large amount of mucus and blood in stool and the stool is not hard as usual it's loosy but I didn't pass motion since 5days and the stool is small amount... I have that sence of incompelet evacuation ...
Avatar f tn At first there was no pain, but recently I have had a constant ache all around my stomach and have noticed I have been going to the bathroom less. The discomfort has continued now for a few days. There is also often the burning sensation that occurs when you are hungry, but the discomfort increases when I eat and the burn is there often. The blood is usually bright red and seems to be like that of a period when it first starts. What could this be?
Avatar f tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! It might be hemorrhoids or an anal fissure or something worse. Are you having any constipation? What color is the blood? You really need to see a doctor about this, because it could be something serious.
Avatar m tn At that point my symptoms were pain/discomfort in the stomach with mucus in stool and what felt like constipation. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy done. The endoscopy revealed an ulcer which had an h.pylori infection. I was given prevacid to treat it. The symptoms never went away. I was given another endoscopy 3-4 months later to confirm the ulcer was gone as was h.pylori. The endoscopy came back clean.
Avatar m tn Well now the mucus is increasing to the point that im passing just mucus sometimes, also wen i wipe its just all clear mucus. I also experience intense pain and diarrhea.For the last 2 week ive been getting a pain on the left side under the rib cage. I was just wondering if this was normal or if it could be something else.
Avatar m tn Hello, Two possibilities need to be ruled out in your case and these include hemorrhoids which may sometimes start with itching around the anal area and If you have loose stools with blood and mucus in stools with crampy pain in stomach, it could be due to infection (bacterial/amebic) and you need to have stool microscopy done for confirmation. You may also need a colonoscppy and biopsy.
Avatar n tn i have chronic stomach pain on my left side into my back area,after i eat it gets worse,it cramps and i have to go to the restroom after i go 2 or 3 times there is a little releif. but my stool is very loose and runny. a light color but no blood. i have lost about 10 lbs. over 3 month period. i do not drink but i do stomach hurts alot.
Avatar m tn Hello, Two possibilities need tobe ruled out in your case and these include hemorrhoids which may sometimes start with itching around the anal area and If you have loose stools with blood and mucus in stools with crampy pain in stomach, it could be due to infection (bacterial/amebic) and you need to have stool microscopy done for confirmation. You may also need a colonoscppy and biopsy.
Avatar n tn Tags: stool, Gastroenterology, frequency, mucus, Pain, bowel My question is regarding the difference between flat stool and thin stool and possible causes. Recently my stool has had a flat look to it. I am not sure what constitutes "thin", but it is approximately the width of 2 or 2 1/2 pencils. When one thinks of thin stool, what is the general consensus? There are really no other causes..
Avatar n tn sometimes ,loose other times and regualr sometimes. Occasionally I suffer from a upset stomach, but no pain, mucus or blood is present. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Most of the time its after eating and in the mornings. I have no stomach pain or gas (outside of the normal gas) and I don't really feel fullness after only eating a little. No acid reflux out of the ordinary . I went to my normal Dr and they did some blood test and said they were all normal (they said very good) and then gave me a referral to the GI Dr. Weight gain or loss, loss or gain of appetite.. Hhhmm good question.
Avatar f tn I suddenly started with loose stool, and in the past few days now have gas, with some stomach pain, but very yellow loose not like what I am reading on sites..should I worry..just thought I had gastro..but not sure now..
Avatar n tn all day long. other times wormy-looking or flat stool, for years. also, mucus coated stool. and blowing up--up and down all day at work--embarrassing.( i am a nervous person, could that be because i dring coffee and coke?--i have cut them out) and diahrea.Please read my comments to Ikaras and mookie. try tagamet HB before every meal and like wilson said, cut out coffee' and candy bars(fat).
Avatar m tn Slight stomach pain has recently presented itself, i think i will make an appointment.
Avatar n tn My four year old has had green stool and stomach bloating, gas and pains off and on for one year. His stomach is so bloated some days he looks pregnant. I took him to a pediatric gastro doctor who did alot of tests (mostly blood & upper GI series ) which shows everything is normal) I cut out all artificial sugars, ie: koolaid, freezpops and sugary cereals. It seemed to help .
Avatar f tn later on i found it somewhat hard to use the bathroom .. wen i would go it was either be gas mucus yellow stool yellow diarrhea or half and half .. its alternating .. right b4 that i would go to the bathroom about 2 to 3 times a day and it would be normal .. and still now i still get those urges to go to the bathroom but instead or the normal way i was used to ..
Avatar n tn Is pain in the hight of the navel or below the ribs or more toward the hip? Or all over the left side? Any change in stool color or consistency (constipation/diarrhea/mucus/blood). When did pain start? How old is he?
Avatar n tn At first it was yellow and he had stomach cramping and abdominal pain that came and went night and day. Now he has mucus and blood in his stool. We are currently collecting stool samples for the doctor however I was wondering if this is some time of virus that anyone else has experienced with their child.