Stomach pain just below sternum

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Avatar n tn I have had pain and extreme tenderness in an area just below the sternum for about 2 years. It starts at the base of the sternum just where the stomach starts and seems to extend about two inches down towards the stomach. The pain seems to radiate into my left chest wall and causes a feeling of tightness. My doctor has told me to ignore it and it would go away. Easy for him to say right? Does anyone know what could cause this?
Avatar f tn My whole abdomen is now sore like a muscle and I can still feel the lingering pain from yesterday. The pain is directly under my sternum - no behind. But in the hollow. It doesn't just cramp up and fade in and out, it just remains there. A sharp, nauseating ball of pain. It hurts to move, to sit, to stand. If I try to stretch, I will immediately regret it. There was sharp pains throughout my body and I even started sweating during that time. It is incredibly painful and disabling.
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, so ive got pain (dull ache) at the minute which never goes right under my sternum, sometimes it will also be under my ribs and i had 4 weeks of chronic pain directly below (upper abdomen) where pancreas/stomach/gallbladder etc would be.
Avatar n tn Hi dgehrman, I have the exact same symptoms you describe - a fairly hard lump directly below my sternum, very slight or no pain. I was just wondering if you had been to a doctor and had any info about the condition. If you have, please email me at ***@**** FYI, I found your posting by Googling "lump below sternum." Thanks!
Avatar m tn Depending on the breath, it felt like the pain was a knife place stabbing in just below my sternum and sliding down in an outer curve along my belly to my pelvic region, but not into my actual penis (just above it). I tried to pee since I needed to, and it was tough to do so without immense pain. The combination of breathing and trying to use my muscles to pee almost had me in tears. I don't know what's going on since I've never felt this before. If anyone can help, that would be amazing.
Avatar n tn But now my sternum is frequently in pain and i burp 10x more than i usually do, when i burp i feel a sharp pain in my sternum. Im in the best shape ive ever been in but still i run out of breath during practice very easily. Some of my symptoms would be if i blow out for long enough; by the time I start running out of breath the air coming out of my mouth makes a wheezing almost crackling noise, the kind of noise someone dieing of lung cancer would make when breathing.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when I shift positions (turning over in bed ) The ache momentarily worsens. (sharper pain). The pain when pressing on the stomach is definitely more apparent on an empty stomach. I have virtually no sensation of hunger, (only pain) , and I have lost 10 lbs since october. When I try to force myself to eat a large meal, I have a sensation of pressure (along with the ache) that lasts at least 2 hrs. sometimes longer.
Avatar m tn I have dull stomach pain just below the sternum. It hurts worse when I'm getting hungry but scared to eat to much cause I been getting this feeling that I need to throw up everyone I eat a little too much. I used to be Abe to eat rice and pasta but now can't seem to digest it. It seems to get stuck around my upper rib area and then I eventually end up throwing my dinner up. On June 1st I weighed 203. As of today, October 19th, I weigh 162.
Avatar m tn I also have slight discomfort just below my sternum. Pressure there makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes it makes me lose my appetite, but other than that, no symptoms. No fever, no nausea, etc. When I lay down, I have to lay on my back. The rib pain makes laying on my side or chest very uncomfortable. I've also been really gassy recently. I often feel like I have to belch, and I often do. It seems to bring a little relief when it happens.
Avatar m tn I have been having a stomach pain in the center of the abdomen, just below the sternum. I also get this "burning" sensation in my stomach, often when a stressfull situation comes up. The pain has been constant for over a week. It almost feels like hunger pains. Anyone have similar experience or know what this might be?
Avatar n tn Most people complain of stomach pain but they associate any pain in the midsection as stomach pain but the stomach is actually located starting from about the sternum curves off to the left and comes back around to about a few inches above the belly button. If the pain is below this line and located more left it could be the pancreas causing the pain lower then that and you have to start in with the intestines so it is very important to know the exact location of the pain.
Avatar n tn Posted By Randal on March 05, 1999 at 17:57:31: In Reply to: Pain just below sternum posted by Scott on March 05, 1999 at 14:47:10: I'm a 41 yr old male 5'10" 140 lbs with chronic stomach pain( medium intensity ache that waxes and wanes. (5 to 10 seconds bad, then 5 to 10 better) located just below the sternum, Slightly to the right of dead center. I have had a upper endoscope, Upper GI with small bowel series, a colonoscope, and an abdominal ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I very frequently, even with medication, get agonizing pain right below my sternum. I suffered with this pain for 4 days straight and then it stopped. This time, after the pain that I have become accustom to stopped, I began having pain in the lower rib cage area that extended like a band around my body. I even have pain in my back (between shoulder blades and in shoulder blades). The pain alternates as gnawing & aching to sharp & stabbing (mostly on the right side).
Avatar n tn i just want to tell u that i have had a viral infection for 5 to 6 weeks and now i am on prilosec and today i have lower right stomach pains is it gas.
Avatar n tn i just found a lump, right where the xyphoid is.Above stomach in the center and below rib cage. I have no pain but i do work out. I just want a little knowledge before i get checked out.
Avatar n tn Dull, gnawing stomach pain that comes and goes. The pain is often worse when the stomach is empty and goes away after eating. You may also have indigestion, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, gas, and dark stools. Possible Causes: *Stomach ulcer (peptic ulcer) *Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) Action to Take: Take an antacid or acetaminophen if necessary, but avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Don't drink alcohol or smoke.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have over the years had many migraines right above my right ear and the pain shots down all the way past my throat to just below my sternum. When i have this pain in my ear it feels as though there is a gland swollen inside my ear, it is quite painful. I have seen doctors about this but no answers, can you help ?
Avatar f tn program if any of you are familiar with it. Since then, I've been feeling pain just below the bottom of my sternum and maybe a centimeter to the left. I can actually feel a lump there, and when I put pressure on it, it is quite painful. I can actually see it bulging out if I look in the mirror after a deep breath and leaning back slightly. Pushing on it makes me feel slightly nautious, and I can feel it all the time as a dull, uncomfortable pain.
Avatar m tn I went out drinking on Friday and also had lots to eat Burger, fries,pizza,chicken wings, nachos. all spicy foods. I woke up the next morning with a pain below sternum and under my right rib cage. It was dull at first then slowly became so bad I was crippled over with pain and could not move or walk for close to 2 hours. I took some pepto and tums and was told it was probably heart burn. It slowly went away and I felt good the rest of the day.
Avatar f tn Hi, your symptoms could all be attributed to GERD, (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), where the acid contents of the stomach come up into the esophagus. Since medications don't seem to be helping much why don't you try life style measures? Take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed. Keep a food diary and note down what aggravates your symptoms and avoid them. Ensure to maintain optimum weight by regular exercise.
1494095 tn?1288788477 The pain is made worse by pressing on the center of upper stomach (approximately 3-4 fingers below the sternum), it's also made worse by movement such as bending, sitting to standing or standing to sitting, laughing, or talking excitedly. It seems to be mostly centered but sometimes ever so slightly to the left of the center upper stomach area.
Avatar n tn But oddly when I'm laying down and I push around my stomach to feel where it's tender exactly to check and see if it's my appendix or an ovary or something I don't feel any intense pain, just dull pain below my right ribs across the entire length of the rib to sternum. But when I stand up and push around my abdomen oddly if I slightly even push that same area under my rib I want to scream in pain.
Avatar f tn severe pain in the upper left abdomen near the sternum. I just recently completed a gastric emptying scan which showed that my stomach was only emptying 24%. I am now on medication to help my stomach contract to empty, But, in the middle of my stomach, I feel like someone has punched me in my gut, like a large orange is stuck and very often inflamed. When I eat my first meal of the day, I immediately have diareah and then feel nauseated and very weak for the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn Since I have had this done I get a severe pain located just below the sternum. The pain is so intense that I have almost passed out from it. I have an extremely high tolerance to pain, so when I tell you that I almost pasted out... I have had an endoscopy but that was prior to the gallbladder surgery. The doctor said that I had stomach polyps and a slight (?) hiatal hernia. When I returned to the doctor to speak to him about this symptom he stated that I should contact the surgeon.
Avatar m tn In the midst of all of this, I was getting sharp pain right below my sternum. At that point, I had been eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol - (irritated stomach?). That pain has also since ceased. I have had, on average, 1 alcoholic drink per day - a mixed drink of 4 ounces alcohol in a 16 ounce glass for the last several years. I only mention this to establish that I've been staying within a routine. I drink about 80 ounces of water per day (kidney stones).
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder out 5 years ago because of some discomfort and gallstones shown on an ultrasound. About 5 hours after I awoke from surgery, I experienced an awful pain just below my sternum and I could not breath or talk and spent the next 3-5 hours in debilitating pain with vomiting. The surgeon just told me that I had a rough night. Anyways, I spent the next couple of years having these sporadic attacks of pain lasting around 5 hrs. on average.
Avatar n tn I am 53 and lately have started experiencing what feels like gas and bloating pain just below my sternum- It is like what I have eaten is taking along time to travel down to my stomach. I have had my gallbladder out about 21 years ago- I am on thyroid medicine and also on vicodin for lower back pain- It comes and goes and sometimes when I am laying down, it causes difficulties in breathing for a short period of time. Any clue as to what this could be.