Stomach pain in children around belly button

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Avatar n tn I am 14 weeks pregnant and i have been getting pain around my belly's like a tugging sensation..sometimes sharp. It started around the same weeks as yourself. As far as i know, it's normal to have this while pregnant. It's caused by the pressure of the expanding uterus. Good luck!!! I hope this helped.
Avatar f tn Have you doctor look into it everyone is different I would assume it is because your uterus has streched almost ti your belly button and it it pushing everything out of the way to make room. I have pain on or around my belly button but I have an umbilical hernia.
1194973 tn?1385503904 m getting really bad pain where my belly button is, and along my lower pelvis and back. The pain in my stomach is to where I can't walk straight, bend over and move well. I just lay on the bed curled up because it helps the most. It almost feels like it's being tugged on from the inside out. (if that makes any sense) and it's tender all over my stomach. I can't put any pressure on it.
1986184 tn?1337732336 Im 15weeks and im getting this pain around my belly button area on the right side I dnt kno if its a pain or the baby moving or baby pushin up against something lol!! Idk?
Avatar n tn right now i am 31 weeks and it is above my belly button and it is really bad
Avatar f tn I'm 31 wks and 5 days and around my belly button and a little to the right on my belly there's a pain like when you push on a bruise that's what it feels like.... What is that pain ?
Avatar f tn As of 3 hours ago I've had a pain in my tummy. Left of my belly button. Feels a lot like a ripped of pulled muscle, although have done nothing physical at all today. Hurts when i move and kind of cause cramp like pains. Should I be worried??
Avatar m tn My nephew has been battling this stomach pain, that is focused in the region of his belly button. It has been progressively getting worse with various doctors not claiming to understand it. I don't think I have every posted anything before online, but tonight he left at the beginning of concert he had been looking forward since Christmas.
Avatar f tn I have scars from when they took out my appendix through my belly button and also from my belly ring. The bigger my stomach got the more it would stretch them.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies im 31+6 and since yesterday ive been having stomach pains like where my belly button is almost feels like my baby has her knees trying to.come through my belly. Is this norma l? Should I be worried?? Any one else felt like this? I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday.
1400047 tn?1280710727 You should be seen by a doctor. There is no way to know what is going on without you being examined by a doctor (especially because your stomach is tender).
Avatar f tn For the past month or so I have been feeling movement in my stomach area, just above my belly button and down to the lower part of my abdomen. It almost feels like it would if u was pregnant but I know that I am not b/c I have taken test and have had my period on a regular bases. I can mostly feel it at night time when I am laying in bed or watching t.v. and in the morning time. I can put my hand on my stomach and feel whatever it is moving around.
9171934 tn?1405180032 My stomach is starting to look really purple around my belly button mom is making me feel worried she says she's never seen a stomach like that. To me it looks like stretch marks but it also loooks like a shiny bruce anyone going thru.
Avatar f tn Yes I have tested, everyone so far negative. Gonna wait till New Year's Eve or day and take another one. These r weird symptoms. Especially the belly button thing.
Avatar f tn Could I have an ulcer? I have stomach pain around my belly button and above - pain goes through to my back. Pain severe when I waken in the morning until I get up (strange) Pain is worse when I am lying down. When I eat, the pain goes away for a couple of hours, then comes back.
Avatar n tn Hello so i just started getting pain around my belly button like stinging pain and light cramp on my right side. Any one else experience this??
Avatar n tn My son has been having stomach pains on the left side by his belly button after eating for the past 2 weeks. He says it is not extremely painful, just very uncomfortable. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
8924846 tn?1410572901 Has anyone else felt like their stomach is numb around their belly button? Its like a few inches on each side that feel numb as well as a little above and below. The only time i have any feeling is when my rash (pupps) acts up and gets extreamly itchy!!!
1691674 tn?1306056511 They come at random times, normally I would be asleep and be woken up from them, they start of as a dull pain under my breast and then the pain moves to my stomach just about where my belly button is, then my lower back will hurt (sharp pains). I sit up for about three to fours hours in a chair just rocking back and forth, which doesn't help, its just something I do when I don't feel good, sometimes it hurts so bad I feel like I might be having a heart-attack or something.
Avatar n tn Last Wednesday he started to get stomach pains that went around his back. Now they are stomach pains where his belly button is and he gets sick to his stomach.
Avatar f tn I have this sharp pain radiating all around my belly button and I'm not really sure what it is, it just hurts. He's still kicking, so I know that he is fine, I'm just a little concerned. Any insight?
Avatar m tn Now it has been approx 3 mos later and he is having consistant pain in the stomach. The pain is not in the area of the liver it is about 2 inches above the belly button and extending to about 3" below the belly button. He says these pains feel like really bad gas pains. Does anyone know what this is from? Can anyone shed some light on this?
Avatar f tn I am getting sharp pains in behind my belly button and its getting worse is this normal?
Avatar f tn Its just your stomach stretching out, it will happen throughout pregnancy..