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Avatar n tn Wednesday they did a spinal tap and since then he has been throwing up non-stop and his stomach pain and headache have increased significantly. Everything has come back normal including all the blood work all the tests urine, stool showed blood but GI is not concerned about it. They think at some point he may have had colitis that is healing. We have basically been told that there is nothing more they can test for.
Avatar f tn For example, lying on the stomach while sleeping or sitting or standing for long periods.This can precipitate primary headache such as migraine. The pain of a primary headache is often described as sharp, stabbing or splitting. Stress is one of the most important factors for the precipitation of migraine headaches. It can be accompanied by diarrhea, sensitivity to light and sound sensitivity as well as blurred vision.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 13 weeks pregnant n I constantly have a headache every single day all day long no Tylenol helps no headache medicine at all help should I be worried or is this normal my headache are pretty severe
Avatar n tn Maybe you could call your local pharmacist and see if they could suggest something for the headache since there are a lot of OTC remedies. However, if this headache is really bad and related to neck pain maybe you should consider going to urgent care just to make sure it is not a bad infections. This is just my concern. Are you prone to migraines? Please then avoid bright light maybe wear some sunglasses too and get the rest and care you need.
Avatar m tn Do not make a habit of taking any pills for headache ...........strongly recommend use balm as magic.......what i think,you have migraine.... about blood spots my elder sister too have but doing fine...;; "personal suggestion--give rest to your eyes every one hour while you are in office..and at home ice pack....
Avatar m tn She don’t have any kind of tension. But she have headache problem. She feels pain regularly. Some times she remains normal for 2 to 3 months but some time headache occurs twice a week. The headache usually changes its position i.e. some times on right side of head and some times on left side. Some times in Forehead and other time in back of the head. She takes PONSTON tablet for relief. During Headache its blood Pressure becomes low. She is also Low Blood Pressure Patient.
Avatar f tn I feel sick pretty much everyday now, nausea and just my stomach...ohh. the pain...regaRDLess I've been feeling a bit less depressed but in the last 2 days I've been irritable as hell! and had a headache, i think its just withdrawl from not enough dope lately. Havent been able to fall asleep easily at all, sweating a ton, hot flashes all the time..Its shiit. I was thinking last night, I hate being a slave to something, truly truly I are so many of us out there...
Avatar f tn and now this morning he wet the bed, and told me he got sore headache at the back and sore stomach... i feel very stressing over this... bec the docotors always said he will grow out of it.. just virus... what can i do?? please help if anyone know about this situation...
Avatar m tn He didn't tell us that he already had a headache during that time. Then it was followed by a stomach pain. After that, he told us to look at his hands which was starting to harden and he could not control it. He looked pale. Then his hands started shaking, then his entire body. While seizing, he is conscious and he can answer to our questions, although his teeth were clenched. The doctor said it is a symptom of tetanus, but he had no wound whatsoever.
Avatar f tn Restless sleep, back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, breathing difficulties, nervousness, muscle cramps and other symptoms. It won't interact with your thyroid meds either.
Avatar n tn I have a problem that seems similar to everyone in this about the tummy .gotten more intense over a few yrs...lets say six yrs but never bad to warrant a visit to hospital until this sept. I have complained of the pain ,upper right side of tummy. Starts with feeling yr gonna throw up,the pain ,onset of starting to sweat ,shaky------ now the bathroom scene of the nausea and gonna be sick ,,,,the liquid coming up is clear and the bowels are fine,the pain in my tummy is painful..
Avatar n tn You had better to see a doctor ,make certain what is the matter, If you have stomach pain,maybe is ecphyaditis . The diseases of Stomach-ache, acidstomach, stomach-bulge etc are approaching to everybody. It is relate to the eating habit and the circumstance of the workplace. Generally speaking ,ecphyaditis is in the right side, Some symptom are nausea, vomiting ,constipation dizziness, headache, weakness ,serious illness will appear fever and other symptoms.
2073693 tn?1333129146 I wake up in middle of night with burning gnawing pain in my stomach. I have occasional one time hiccup often. I don't have heartburn, but I am very nauseous. I always have a headache with it. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I don't understand the headache with it. I feel very weak.
Avatar f tn What happened to me n my dr said its ok he told me to take regular strength Tylenol fr my headaches mine was bad n throbbing now dont get thm that much but I do have pain trying to walk n slp tender belly n bloatedness n pain smh
1076143 tn?1255735104 After waking up, I began to get another headache, and a minor stomach ache. This is all going on while I'm still experiencing pain near the pelvic area. I must mention that the pain has decreased, but I still haven't done any sort of exercise, besides what I must do at work. I did get an ultrasound of the region where I'm experiencing pain near the pelvic region, and the test came up clean. The doctor thought I might have an hernia. negative What is wrong with me!?!
Avatar f tn I am taking doxycycline and have been suffering with the worst stomach pain. Any suggestions on what to eat or drink During the day or at night after I've taken the meds to reduce this pain? I'm only on my 3rd dose...I have 25 more pills to go....please advise.
Avatar n tn Over the years I developed a very mild, lower back ache on the right side and a bit of sensation on my left knee. However, in the last 6 months I have a strange pain in my stomach that comes and goes every couple of days. It is NOT heartburn. And it does not seem to be an Ulcer. It feels in the mid-abdominal to lower abdominal.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed Belladonna Alkaloids tablets, which seemed to relieve the lower abdominal cramps, however the pain migrated to the stomach area. This pain was coming and going and was more of a burning type. When the pain peaked, I felt somewhat nauseous. This pain originated in the center of the upper abdomen (which was tender). Somestimes, it migrated up to where the esophagus ends. I did not have diarrhea, or a fever. I ate normally!
1325672 tn?1290087814 doctor and had an ultrasound on my digestive organs and they were planning an endoscopy, when I was switched to another med and didn't take all the acetomenophen every day, the stomach pain was almost gone. I have a sensitive stomach and have to eat every time I take my meds and not just crackers. I do feel that it helps my meds work a little better even, but that may be all in my head or because I'm not feeling as queesy.
Avatar n tn I hope your stomach pain goes away. It sounds like you are being careful and not stressing it. Are you drinking plenty of water? I got a headache all night long one time when I didn't drink enough water before and after my shot. You know the stomach can get knotted or feel like that just from nerves. You should practice some relaxation techniques - deep breathing, mild exercise, stretching, etc.
Avatar n tn i have chronic stomach pain on my left side into my back area,after i eat it gets worse,it cramps and i have to go to the restroom after i go 2 or 3 times there is a little releif. but my stool is very loose and runny. a light color but no blood. i have lost about 10 lbs. over 3 month period. i do not drink but i do stomach hurts alot.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine told me that all the drugs was probably the cause of my headaches so I quit the cocaine and didnt use any pain medicine. The headache started to fade after 4 or 5 days and was gone after about 3 weeks, but it's been 2 months since the episode and I've had diarrhea ever since. I've lost weight and I'm still loosing weight because I feel too ill to eat and when I do it goes straight through me.
Avatar m tn Stomach pain is less today, but still there. I have no headache, but a little fuzzy. Very able to think, but it could be better. I am not as depressed or discouraged today as I was yesterday. I slept too much, but my stomach really hurt when I woke up at 7am.