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Avatar n tn whenever she eats spicy food her stomach burns a lot and she starts burping. then she says that the gas has climbed up to her head and then the headache starts and later on chest pains. she also senses movements in her nerves. we have tried a lot of medicines but they have went in vain. but we are giving her magnesia phosphorica (bt) original for her nervous prroblem. pls suggest me what should i do. and the medicine she is taking is good or not.
Avatar m tn Whenevr i eat anything my stomach becomes hard & belching started this happens even on empty stomach, acidity & pain in chest also. Still now i didnt consult any doctor. I am 34 yrs & my weight is 72 kgs & height 5.6". Plz advise me what to do?
Avatar f tn Only thing that helps me is exercising, some days I cant stop passing gas, and its a horrible stench lol good luck
Avatar m tn Antibiotics and acid-reducers work together to heal the pain to keep your stomach monitored.The pain under your ribs is probably a hiatal hernia. This ailment develops when the esophagus passes through an opening in your diapragm that separates your chest cavity from your abdomial cavity. A portion of your stomach can slip down into the opening causing pressure and pain.
Avatar n tn My stomach hurts soooo bad. After squirming for 20 minutes early this morning, the gas finally came out. Anybody have really bad gas bubbles in their stomach.
Avatar n tn I have been in pain for the past 24 hrs feels like a heart attack but on the right side? I can't pass the gas that is built up inside my stomach. Feels similar to after a laparostomy? Not sure if I spelled that right. Nothing I do are take helps very very bloated. My cycle is on and I missed a month of pills so not sure if this is realted? Please help?
Avatar f tn i have been having really bad gas pains it's not cramps because shortly after I pass the has the pain stops I'm 6weeks pregnant anyone else experiencing bad gas?
Avatar f tn sometime i get gas buildup in my stomach that is very painful and it very hard for me to pass the gas that is rubbling threw my stomach it take hours before i can release gas gas-x want relief or make me pass gas and the pain in the upper middle of my stomach be hurting severe. Is there anything or home remedy that i can use?
Avatar n tn This problem has increased in the past three years. The gas is so smelly and at times the gas causes pain in my lower left side of my back. I eat very healthy I was told my the doctor to increase fiber in my diet to help with my bowl movement and stay away from foods that is prone to cause gas. But if I eat chips I get gas. Do you have any suggestions. I always follow my doctors orders.
Avatar m tn Pain under left rib cage, feel light fever, bolted. Pass lot of gas, done endogastopic examination and prescribed regular taking Omerzoprasole, some time do have constipation, not feeling empty the stools, stools look like little bullet and watery, stomach look big some time.I had peppermint oil tablets, do have type 2 diabetic, take regular blood pressure tablets and reduction of cholesterol ….Please advise me what I can eat, is herbal medicine better..
584851 tn?1220276433 I dislike the pain in the heart area, don't understand how pain of gas could be there is my main concern. I would think it would be in my stomock area and not in my chest.
Avatar n tn Even though the good doctor is unaware of such a disease, I too have experienced changes in my heart rythym as a result of stomach gas pressure. I'm a 46 year old male in pretty good health overall and I've been living with the same condition you describe for several years now. When I'm really bloated, my heart rate at rest often becomes rapid and shallow and every so often feels as if it's skipping a beat.
Avatar n tn I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have been having gas and indegestion bad. I eat and then end of feeling horrible afterwards no matter what. I try to eat small meals, but sometimes it doesn't always work. Anyone have any ideas? My stomach sticks out and I look like I am 5 months along and it hurts. I know that sounds stupid, but that is the way I feel everytime after I eat.
Avatar n tn My friend has bouts of gas-like stomach pain that can be debilitating. Sometimes she can work through it by staying bent ove, other times she is too sick to go to work. She is 36 years old, and a smoker. She does have ulcers but says it's not that. There are no other symptoms related to elimination ie. diarrhea or constipation, no change in stool or eating, no weight gain or loss. I'm very concerned because she has no insurance and can't have further testing that's been recommended (ie.
Avatar n tn I would start to feel the pain in my stomach and then I would get SEVERE rectal gas pain. My stomach would be so distended, I couldn't even put a finger on it! It feels like everything stops. Then, after 1-5 hours, I feel "things" start moving again. Then, there is a mass exodus of air and the pressure/pain is gone. I'm also taking Protonix for reflux. I've had a colonoscopy (04' - normal), upper G.I.-normal, lower G.
441961 tn?1204838068 my stomach pain/gas is horrible..
Avatar f tn But Lately IV BeenHaving Really Bad Gas Trapped In My Tummy Causing Pain. Im Taking Gas Ex But It's Not Helping Like It Used To. And I Can't Relieve My Self Or Trust Me I Would. I Exercise Daily As Well. Should I Stop Eating Dairy Products For A While?
Avatar f tn Just how severe can gas pain be? Can it hurt in your chest, upper back, ribcage, and make you feel short of breath? I am really scared that something is wrong with me. I don't have money or insurance.
6822962 tn?1396333259 Have anyone gotten really bad trapped gas pain? I have such bad pain from eating stuffed mushrooms. How do you get rid of it fast?
Avatar m tn What causes gas pain in my left shoulder blade? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Digestive-Disorders---Gastroenterology/Pain-in-left-shoulder-blade--left-arm/show/888381">Pain in left shoulder blade, left arm</a>.
Avatar n tn some times when my boyfriend have sex i pass gass through my virgina. there are times when i will get a lot of gas pain in my womb. what should i do to stop or prevent this.
Avatar f tn I would guess mostly no... but I do recall haring pain due to stomach problem as "heart burn"... I assume that's because the pain is high in the stomach and up the throat channel, giving pain higher up in the chest cavity... could this result in pain n the back and shoulder? I'll guess yes in the back, no in the shoulders.