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Avatar f tn I found a great recipe for low carb peanut butter fudge which used whey protein powder vanilla flavored. The problem is that I started to experience extreme gas and bloating to the extent that I felt as if I had a lump in my stomach and still do. I also have been having terrible problems with having bowel movements. I actually need to use suppositories and I tried a women's laxative and got extremely ill, nauseaus and had terrible stomach pain.
166496 tn?1236185912 I use the whey protein powder they sell at Trader Joes, dont know if you have Trader Joes but it's cheap ( 5 bucs a can)and good also comes in chocolate. You can make yogurt smoothies, use yogurt, soy milk, frozen berries and other fruits and whip it up in the blender. That is packed with antioxidants and easy to get down if you have a queasy stomach. You asked about omega 3's, those are found in fish and whole grains. I'd switch off of red meat and substitute fish or chicken.
Avatar f tn Put good healthy foods high in protein in your body. Are you doing the whey protein shakes? They have all the amino acids in them to rebuild your body/brain. Eat small meals five times a day instead of big ones three times a day...This is the healthiest way for anyone to eat. Drink lots of water. LOTS. It will help with that empty feeling and get everything flowing properly. Also-I take Probiotics...They are awesome for regulating the natural flora in your digestive tract.
1027304 tn?1333977006 I do like peanut butter, but peanut butter also has alot of fat in it as well, which I know isn't great either. I found a whey protein shake that has 31 grams of protein with each serving and only 1 gram of carbs. I bought it thinking it would be a great idea 2 days ago and now all of a sudden it hit me that maybe I should check on this. does anyone know anything about this?
Avatar m tn Lithotripsy is quite safe and you can go ahead in removing your Kidney stone. If a kidney stone lodges on the way and gets blocked the pain is intense. This pain goes from all the way from "loin to groin" and very intense. Keep drinking lots of water while you exercise and a balanced diet is important. Proteins should be the main stay while working out coupled with carbohydrates and minimal fat intake.
Avatar f tn Candida (saliva test), Low gastric acid (baking soda burp test OR the Betaine HCL challenge) Not diagnostic, but indicative enough, so if positive, considering your symptoms and condition, they might be as a good as diagnostic! Have you tried Undenatured whey protein powder?
Avatar n tn We have all been experiencing acid stomach overload. I immediately switched my diet to alkaline foods only - NO PAIN! But the list was basic and the foods boring, then I stumbled upon Sherry Brescia's site. I am not affiliated or related to her in any way. Have not met the woman etc, I am just so passionate about the turnaround in my life from her method that I have to share. I kid u not, her food plan works, she gives you a 4 day pain free menu to start, and I promise, - NO PAIN.
Avatar f tn That means no milk, yogurt, cheese, butter or anything with whey protein (which is in a lot of products!) Now that she is eating solids I'm so glad I am already a dairy and egg free house, although she just recently had a reaction to mum-mum crackers. I guess they contain a trace amount of milk. Enough for her, so she's got stomach pain and horrible sleep until it passes. Anyway, I wanted to let you know to keep trying and make sure you eliminate for at least 3 weeks before you quit!
Avatar m tn When you have a full stomach after your evening meal or a bloated stomach, this moves the diaphragm up into the chest area crowding the lungs. This can certainly cause breathing distress. Eating less at your evening meal, so that your stomach is not so full may help. Also avoid those things that cause your stomach to bloat. Diaphragmatic breathing can help you move more air in and out of your lungs. This is the most efficient way to breathe and may improve your symptoms.
Avatar m tn However, my Oncologist recommended it for helping with the pain/neuropathy from Taxol treatments. I was instructed to mix 10 g of the powder into whatever I wanted (I used orange juice)4 times a day for about 5 days after each treatment. It did not take the pain away totally, but I do think it helped. I finished chemo 14 months ago, and do not have any lingering side effects of the neuropathy.
Avatar m tn First. Extreme unbearable stomach pain. Like someone threw a firecracker down into my stomach lining and it exploded. Unfortunately for me. This pain wont subside by going to the restroom. In fact, I cannot use the restroom while having these pains no matter how hard i try. This ridiculous amount of pain tends to last anywhere from 6 - 12 hours. Mostly starts to occur around 8pm when it does happen. I cannot sleep. The pain forces me to stay awake.
Avatar f tn get the supplements suggested, also you can pick some whey protein shake mix from walmart its only like $15 drink 2 a day for the first month. The methadone really takes alot out of your body so really try to do some damage control to help yourself bounce back. They say that its 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental and I must agree you've really got to want this and get your mindset right, have as much support in place as possible.
798555 tn?1292791151 My body pains were still there. Really bad lower back pain, shooting pain going down my legs and hip pain. Stomach pain and feeling moody. My endo said the body pain was not coming from my Thyroid. But I told her it has to be because I never felt this way until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto. But she insists it is not related. I think she is wrong. I just had my blood work taken and my thyroid went down to 2.6 which is great. She increased my Syntrhoid to 75mcg.
Avatar n tn My husband is being prescribed Methodone from a pain clinic for chronic back pain and has been on it now for approx. 3 months but has lately been smoking pot along with it and I am noticing that his balance is really off(this i have never noticed before) and this is really scaring me - does anyone know the dangers off combining these two drugs? Thanks for any help or comments.
Avatar n tn My Gastro Doc does not want to have my gallbladder removed, I have daily pain on rt. side through to back and chest pain also,pain is also on left side under ribs at times. On Protonix and Bentyl for 2 months with no inprovement,I forgot to mention I do not have any stones, just pain.Why would a Doctor put off GB removal? Thanks for any help!
Avatar f tn there are a few things that you can do to help it along for 1 look up the amino acid protacall on the right hand side of the screen the supplements give your brain what it needs to heal and have helped many...also I found that drinking whey protein shakes helps a lot its full of vitamins and amino acids as well as protein all of witch the brain needs to can pick it up at walmart for 15 bucks for a 2lb can the chocolate flavor is good and all you do is mix it with milk...
Avatar n tn " I take it for bone pain from Neupogen and for the slight leg cramps from the INF." I took it for the pain from Neupogen as well. 72 weeks to be exact. Hmm, wonder how my liver damage managed to regress a stage with all that Tylenol?
693811 tn?1245875306 This is a good sign. Also, I have had no food outside of my vitamins, the canary seed milk and whey protein isolate and i have had 5 BM's from last night. Big ones. So I think I have a"proliferative" bowel something, as it was this way before.
798555 tn?1292791151 The best post-workout meal on resistance training days is whey protein and a higher glycemic (fast released, starchy) carbohydrate (such as banana)" However, I have tried banana hoping I have less muscle aches the next day. Hard to tell if it makes a difference since you can't be in two places at once, but my muscles still ache even having consumed a banana.
Avatar n tn they didn't cure my PATM, or really even alleviate it, but they did seem to have positive effects on my overall health. Protein powder (I use undenatured whey protein) is commonly recommended for people with AIDS to help boost their immune systems, so it's a medically efficacious supplement. S. boulardi is also commonly recommended by doctors for diarrhea (WebMD). I'm still on-the-fence about Oxy-Powder, though. I tried it and it didn't alleviate any of my PATM symptoms.
Avatar m tn Once you loosen those knots and can start to exercise efficiency (it is important to strengthen the damaged muscle), Whey protein powder (easier on the stomach) will help your muscles recover; its not just for steroid pumped 'meat heads' at the gym.
1507968 tn?1327804170 I think I did it on and off (mostly on) for about 11 months. It became everyday in september and really hasnt stopped till now aside from two three day attempts to deal with my WD. This time I invited my ex over to take care of me. It made a world of difference to not be alone, have some distraction and someone whos been through it to talk to when I wanted to complain about my crawlies and chills....etc....BUT this morning I feel like Ive been hit by a bus.
1316872 tn?1276067795 keep up the hot baths...thats what helped me the may want to try some whey protein shakes....its full of vitamins and amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to can get it at walmart for 12bucks for a 2lb can the chocolate flavor is good you just mix it with milk...I drink 2 a day and noticed a big improvement in how I felt after a few days right now just try to hang in there and know what your feeling is only temporary good luck and God bless.....
7671414 tn?1395664095 I havent been eating and need to get the protein drinks and something for rls.I have been taking pepdo when my stomach gets to upset and it seems to help.I will beat this too but,so afraid of the sickness,tired of the pain and just wish I was young and strong like I was to just stop.I cant though so this is where I have been coming to read and see I am not the only one feeling this way.Finally,have written and happy that u have responded and look forward to talking with others on here.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering an ache in my lower left area next or in the hip joint, i an assuming it is my bowels, i have a lot of gas at the moment and it relieves the pain and i do not suffer from this usually, it feels like a strain when i move at different angles and is making me go to the toilet more regular than normal. I have been taking whey protein shake for lunch every weekday for over a month now and creatine ethyl ester hcl powder in isotonic drinks.
Avatar n tn I live in Ohio and have seriously thought about moving out of this area because I do have numerous allergies, but I'm not convinced that any other area of the US would be any better. Every since August, I have had pain, pressure, and discharge from my left eye. Also pain in my temple and teeth. Further, I have problems with my neck from auto accidents that I ahve been in. MRI of brain and orbit of eye showed nothing.
511091 tn?1211153260 I asked the ER doctor if he could write me a prescription for Dilaudid so I can have it on hand for future attacks -- I can't keep going to the ER every time I have this pain -- I have bills from previous ER visits that I can't pay now and apparently they can't diagnose the problem -- but he told me he couldn't write a prescription for that kind of medication; the strongest he could prescribe was Norco, which I already take, and which doesn't even make a dent in the pain.
Avatar m tn And make sure you are checking labels for hidden diary ingredients like casein, lactose, whey protein. Nowadays a lot of things give you an allergy warning if milk is an ingredient, but not all. Switch to Coconut Milk. I use So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk. I put it in cereal, smoothies, etc. You can even get it in ice cream. I was like you. I drank a ton of milk, had cheese on everything, etc. Then, I was told that I had celiac and lactose allergy.
Avatar n tn Dull, gnawing stomach pain that comes and goes. The pain is often worse when the stomach is empty and goes away after eating. You may also have indigestion, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, gas, and dark stools. Possible Causes: *Stomach ulcer (peptic ulcer) *Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) Action to Take: Take an antacid or acetaminophen if necessary, but avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Don't drink alcohol or smoke.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from gas pain and bloating for months. The last couple weeks it has gotten worse to the point that I stopped eating almost anything, just using whey protein shakes to survive! I found last night in a loose stool what kind of looked like a kernel of corn but because I eliminated ll veggies from my diet knew it couldn't be. So as disgusting as it is looked at it closely.