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Avatar f tn My dr just said everything is fine on my end but i doubt it cause now it caused me to have this horrible cramp from thighs to my stomach im still in pain, you should go get that checked out just in case something is causing the dizziness or fainting
Avatar n tn This has happened several times, the worst being when i was woken by the pain/nausea and fainted twice in the same night. After fainting, the pain seems to be less apparent, although I'm very weak. I have been to my doctors several times and had ultrasound and an endoscopy, both of which found nothing. I've also tried various tablets suggested by my doctor, none of which improve my symptoms.
1102792 tn?1285928860 36 m, started having sudden severe stomach pain and fainting after taking strong spirits about 6 months ago. This is a new illness to me, I take antacids occasional to control stomach pain when I take aspirins for my heart condition. But recently, a new problem has started, within a year I have passed out four times, and its always the same sequence.
Avatar n tn I am having similar problems. Extreme stomach pain, profuse sweating, fainting, extreme weakness after episode. BUT my stomach pain is in exactly the same location each time EXCEPT in 2013 the pain was 1 inch above breastbone. Then, with testing, they found that a majority of my stomach had herniated to above my diaphragm so on 4/0142014 I had the procedure to pull it back into correct location & sutured into place while closing off the diaphragm so that it could not migrate back.
Avatar f tn I use to have fainting spells. It is normal to get light headed when you go from a sitting to standing positon, but to pass out regularly isn't normal. You may be dehydrated, or you may be anemic if you are female, especially if you have heavy cycles. This is just my 2 cents based on my previous experience, but I would go to a GYN doc or your family doctor and ask them to check your Hemoglobin, which is the component of the red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the body.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when you are at rest or relaxing, your blood pressure can drop fast and cause a fainting feeling or heaviness. Especially in people with already low but still normal blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I cannot stand up for long periods of time - probably no more than 2 hours - if this happens then i get a really bad pain in my stomach. it feels like i have a hole in my stomach and i have to bend over or sit down to rectify it. It then takes a few hours for it to feel better. note when i feel like this i cannot drink anything as it makes it worse!
Avatar n tn I have been severely dehydrated before (which is common with stomach virus) to the point of fainting from dizziness. The more concrete issue seeems to be your anxiety and perception of what it could be. Take it from someone who has worried too much over the last couple of months.It only makes things worse. But of course in your situation it might be worth calling you therapist/psychologist/etc.
Avatar n tn i do the breathing thing whenever i get the pain at first it helps a lot but sometimes the pain and fainting come so fast i don't have time to take anything or do breathing.
Avatar f tn This is a tough question to answer, since abdominal pain is such a vague symptom. Generally speaking, abdominal pain lasting more than a few hours should be evaluated. Especially pain as severe as what you have described. IF the pain has resolved, I would think that it would be OK for you to wait and see if it comes back or if you develop other symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
Avatar m tn Afterwards I went out to my car with a friend for water because my mouth was dry, and also my intestinal area was giving a lot of frequent pain at that point, like a stabbing pain and I wanted to sit down as I found myself lifting my knees one after the other to avoid it. As I started to walk around the building to my car the pain at that point felt severe, like needles, and I instantly started to burn up and get really hot, but I don't remember even sweating.
Avatar f tn This morning, I woke up with excrutiating stomach pain and bathroom urgency. When I got to the toilet, I was in such pain I couldn't "go", and next thing I knew I woke up on the bathroom floor. I was very disoriented, (example: leave your eyes open and shake you head back and forth - thats what I saw when I opened my eyes). Does anyone know what causes this? I'm so afraid its going to happen again. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I thought I posted this earlier but can't find it. Excuse if it is duplicate. I have fainting with colon pain or any pain in that vicinity. It is caused from sensitive vagus nerve. At the first sign of IBS attack I take Levsin S/L. If I take it early enough I can avoid fainting but sometimes still have the sweating & nausea. It is very disturbing & stressful.
1171747 tn?1263409190 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Generally the fainting is due to anemia or vaso-vagal attack following low blood volume. Please drink plenty of fluids during this time. Get your hemoglobin level checked. Take a good multivitamin for a few months. Sometimes a hormone therapy is needed to control the painful heavy periods. At times it is due to endometriosis, ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids. In some cases it is hereditary. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar f tn I posted this on 2 other forums and got no response. Any help would be so appreciated! Hello I'm a 32 year old Mother, and i've never had any major health issues. This morning, I woke up with excrutiating stomach pain and bathroom urgency. When I got to the toilet, I was in such pain I couldn't "go", and next thing I knew I woke up on the bathroom floor. I was very disoriented, (example: leave your eyes open and shake you head back and forth - thats what I saw when I opened my eyes).
Avatar n tn The last he remembered was feeling slightly sick to his stomach and dizzy all of a sudden. He seemed fine, but the EMTs took all of his vitals (including blood sugar). Only think elevated was his pulse was 95. Everything else was normal. I took him to the doctor and they don't think we should run any tests unless it happens again. He had been feeling sick to his stomach alot a couple weeks ago, but has not complained about it recently.
Avatar f tn I don't completely blackout, but things go sort of gray, I get a tingling in my right arm, my body feels weak and heavy, I get heartburn or stomach pain with these. Taking one Aspirin helps. My blood pressure sometimes is high and sometimes is low when these "spells" come on. They do see to happen more when I am under stress or worrying. My ears will ring and sounds seem louder. When they happen, I am weak for almost the whole day.
624829 tn?1240759271 My 13 yr old nephew - in 2005 he had two spells of fainting within a gap of 4-5 months. Since then, in early 2008 he had another spell of fainting. This morning, he fainted again. He says that his head pains (like cramp type) and then he faints. He was taken to a neurologist in 2005 and after all the recommended tests including MRI, nothing was detected. He is an otherwise active child and eats normally and regularly.
Avatar n tn Vaso vagal syncope can be caused by the blood pressure suddenly falling, other things that can trigger it can be extreme pain - such as a severe stomach ache, dehydration, a heart arrthymia or a problem with your autotomic regulation. Keep yourself well hydrated and check your blood pressure to make sure it doesn't get too low.
Avatar f tn Being on the toilet in the evening or night (usually with stomach pain) Sudden sweat over my entire body (even when its cold) Black spots appearing in front of my eyes (starts slowly becomes more frequent) Light headedness (like you have to lean against something or lie down) And finaly cant move or think (even though im still awake with my eyes open) Btw im 32 its happend 3 times in the last 8 years or so and i dont think its drug related and to be honest i dont really have a problem with it.
876503 tn?1240169553 The ulcers were attributed to my self-medicating my menstrual pain with too many NSAIDs (tried everything), the result being a stomach ulcer. The fainting, however, does worry me. I just don't know what to ask for. The pain is so bad that I was actually prescribed percocet - but I can't even take them during the workday! My last gymo appt (a biopsy after an abnormal pap), I mentioned all my symptoms and the reply was "YAZ is the best BC, just take a stronger painkiller.
Avatar n tn Other reasons I have fainted is from pain, or from going hot to cold, and sometimes in the middle of the night with stomach pain, but for no other reason. It is so bizarre and no-one has an answer for it. I've had the ECG and whatever the heart one is called, and both have come back ok. The Neurolgists (ive seen two over my life - about 20yrs apart) both said the same thing...that my scan isn't normal, and has slight epileptic tendancies, but I definitely don't have epilepsy. Ugh....
Avatar f tn I'm a 17 year old with a family history of mental health issues and recently i have been fainting constantly due to the pain I'm getting from a tearing-cramping feeling I'm getting in my stomach. this pain is not only making me faint but i also suffer with panic attacks which trigger my fainting and have worsened in the past 2 months. approximately 3 months ago i also started hallucinating which lasted for about a month but i repressed it into the back of my mind.
Avatar n tn Stomach Cramp, Diarrhea, sweating , light headedness and fainting Hi this is my second time having this stomach pain problem please tell me what kinda sickness do i have i really need to know this is getting scarier luckily my mom was there the 2times that i have it i have a young 4yrs old daughter @ home..
Avatar n tn The pain begins severe stomach cramps which come and then go come again and then go ever incraesing in pain until i am literally rolling around on the floor. The pain then reaches boiling point when i have to make a run for the bathroom (not ideal considering i am a teacher and this means having to grab someone to cover me IMMEDIATELY) once in the bathroom i have the most outrageous sweats i normally have to strip off as i get soaking wet again not great when in your place of work.
Avatar f tn For several years I have been having what I call "episodes". They were very infrequent, maybe two a year. In the last couple of years, they have become more regular and very scary. I have had five in three weeks. They are almost always at night after I have been asleep for a couple of hours. I wake up having lower abdomenal cramping, then I feel an extreme heat come over my whole body. Sweat pours off my body and I become pail in color.