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Avatar n tn I cannot stand up for long periods of time - probably no more than 2 hours - if this happens then i get a really bad pain in my stomach. it feels like i have a hole in my stomach and i have to bend over or sit down to rectify it. It then takes a few hours for it to feel better. note when i feel like this i cannot drink anything as it makes it worse!
Avatar n tn I have been severely dehydrated before (which is common with stomach virus) to the point of fainting from dizziness. The more concrete issue seeems to be your anxiety and perception of what it could be. Take it from someone who has worried too much over the last couple of months.It only makes things worse. But of course in your situation it might be worth calling you therapist/psychologist/etc.
Avatar f tn My dr just said everything is fine on my end but i doubt it cause now it caused me to have this horrible cramp from thighs to my stomach im still in pain, you should go get that checked out just in case something is causing the dizziness or fainting
Avatar m tn what may be the reason for sudden sweating,head ache,stomach pain,fainting,,breathlessness ?
Avatar n tn Without history it is impossible to say. One common cause of pain in the lower abdomen would be constipation. When you say "lower stomach," the stomach is actually a particular organ. Are you having any other symptoms? Is the pain relieved with lying down? Have you tried a gas reliever like Gas-Ex or Phazyme (simethicone)? Have you had normal bowel movements? Is there blood in your stool? Is it an odd color? Do you have diarrhea? Are you vomiting?
Avatar f tn Similarly, I wonder if your stomach pain as you are fainting could be caused by reduced blood flow to your stomach as your body tries to divert as much blood as possible away for the essential functions of your heart and brain? As halbashes said, gastrointestinal complaints are common in dysautonomia, from acid reflux to gastroparesis to irritable bowel syndrome. It's not at all uncommon to have GI symptoms on a regular basis, even if your syncope is only sporadic.
Avatar n tn woke up last night having severe cramping in stomach went to have a bowel movement then a bad sweat boke out and i fainted i have type 2 diabetes could this be related
Avatar n tn thanks! i do the breathing thing whenever i get the pain at first it helps a lot but sometimes the pain and fainting come so fast i don't have time to take anything or do breathing.
Avatar m tn I thought I posted this earlier but can't find it. Excuse if it is duplicate. I have fainting with colon pain or any pain in that vicinity. It is caused from sensitive vagus nerve. At the first sign of IBS attack I take Levsin S/L. If I take it early enough I can avoid fainting but sometimes still have the sweating & nausea. It is very disturbing & stressful.
Avatar f tn It's been two days and a half that my husband is sick, he had a fever and he thought that he just have a flu,but now its been many times he passed out for several seconds right after he feels like fainting, he hasn't eaten any solid food yet because his stomach is upset and afraid he will vomit.
Avatar n tn My mum in her age of 70, experienced several time (3-4times ) of fainting in just 1 year. Firstly, She will feeling stomach pain/cramp with accesive gas ( can feel stomach bloated), followby cold sweat and feeling strengthless and fainting. She never vomit or having diarrhea. It happen mostly at noon around 11-3pm. She never smoke or taking any medication.
1102792 tn?1285925260 36 m, started having sudden severe stomach pain and fainting after taking strong spirits about 6 months ago. This is a new illness to me, I take antacids occasional to control stomach pain when I take aspirins for my heart condition. But recently, a new problem has started, within a year I have passed out four times, and its always the same sequence.
1806721 tn?1554333407 Two days ago, I started to feel dizzy in the morning, and it gradually became worse and was accompanied by feelings of nauseous, chest pain, weakness, and cold sweating with fainting spells. I basically could not sit or move at all and felt like fainting even when lying down. My BP was 120/70 when normal, but it was like 85/40ish yesterday. No fever or bleeding or anything like that. Today, I finally start to feel better and my BP is backed up to 100/60.
Avatar f tn I walk in and look at some of the snacks ans start feeling sick to my stomach. I fill up a cup a sit it down. My hearing faded out. I got really hot and got light headed and blacked out/fainted. I just thought my knees gave out but everyone insisted i fainted. I stood back up and it happend again. Paramedics were called checked my blood sugar which was 89. Kind of low but not really. I weny to the hospital to get the baby checked out. Im 22 weeks. I felt her moving and she had a heart beat.
Avatar f tn t had a chance since then to really talk to him. I thought I had just fainted, before it happened I had bad stomach pains, which to me means I was just really hungry, then I suddenly felt sick and don't remember anything until I came too. I was probably out for about 30 seconds. I'm not an alcoholic, I don't even drink alcohol every week. The amount I had to drink however wasn't unusual for me. What I was wondering is that is this anything worth going to my doctor over?
4422728 tn?1355841429 Earlier in my pregnancy (9 weeks) i got a super bad 24 hour stomach flu, and now i am 13 weeks and i just got over a a pretty bad 7 day head cold which started with a sore throat, i better for only 3 days and now im getting sick again ( i can feel it coming) ahhh this *****, i am sick of feeling yucky ): I am mostly just venting right now lol
Avatar f tn I use to have fainting spells. It is normal to get light headed when you go from a sitting to standing positon, but to pass out regularly isn't normal. You may be dehydrated, or you may be anemic if you are female, especially if you have heavy cycles. This is just my 2 cents based on my previous experience, but I would go to a GYN doc or your family doctor and ask them to check your Hemoglobin, which is the component of the red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the body.
Avatar f tn After that the pain just went, no pain in the stomach at all, just felt weak and dizzy from the episode. Like I said it has happened around 8 times and is so scary, I can’t seem to find out the cause. Has anyone had something similar?
Avatar f tn t worry about it too much because our family (and myself personally) have a history of fainting, so I ignored it. In about May (I think), I started having problems with abdominal pain. It got pretty bad, so we went back to the doctor. She told me it was probably related to too much acid in my stomach and gave me some medication to take. Well, that didn't help, so we went back.
Avatar f tn fainting 3 times in the shower, collapsing when I got dizzy, 1 bloody nose and it was my first time, headaches, dizziness and the room is spinning and I would have to lay down to regain myself, night sweats, abnormal heart beats, shortness of breath, protein in urine, chest pain, back pain, nausea, blurry vision, and some other symptoms not listed. Ever since I was a little girl I had bad stomach pain and the doctor just thought I was allergic to food, then later on I outgrew that.
1522952 tn?1301492670 all day today i had the worse stomach pain ever and i started spotting today. its a light spotting. i dont get stomach pains before my periods. I passed out today too and i feel nauseous but i dont throw up and im hungry all the time .. can i be pregnant?? help me.. Thank you !!
Avatar n tn But, yesterday i had a sudden fainting spell followed by about 20 minutes of torturous pain. I am not on birth control and have not have kids yet... I have made an appt. with both my gyno and doctor. What is up with me? Is this normal?
Avatar f tn the day before i couldnt go to the bathroom, and the morning after i had a really bad pain in my stomach i went to the restroom and while i was in the restroom i was sweating and i felt really cold, then i blacked out. i want to know why did that happened to me ? should i go to the doctor to check ?
Avatar n tn hey over the past week or so ive been experiencing vaginal bleeding, sickness, dizziness and extreamly bad lower stomach pain. im not sure what it is and im not really one to go docs, i fainted last week as well im quite worried and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.
Avatar f tn The pain just keeps getting worse. I Have started having fainting spells now and sick to my stomach quite a bit. I think of going to the ER but the town I live in is very small and the Drs are limited. There is not any specialists close so they would just refer me to the same Dr that I am going to. If anyone has any comments I would love to hear from you. I just would like to know what I should be asking my Dr and how long should I live with this.