Stomach pain every time you eat

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Avatar n tn I don't want to do anything because any movement makes me feel like i want to just go to the bathroom to make the pain stop. Every time I go to the bathroom the pain is gone, then as soon as i eat again it comes back and is there until I have my next bowel movement. Problem is, when I don't eat, my ulcer sends sharp pains into my stomach, so i have to eat eventually. Then my psychiatrist put me on xanax, and I took one last night, and my abdominal pain went away!
Avatar n tn For the past month I get sick every time I eat. There is no chance I'm pregnant. I've been doing the Atkins diet and have lost almost 25 Lbs but recently started feeling very ill when I eat. At first I thought it was the flu but after a week went by I went to the Dr and he said it wouldn't last that long. I eat, I get nauseas, sometimes may throw up and sometimes get very bad stomach pain.
Avatar n tn Every time I eat, I feel sick to my stomach, and either end up puking(within 1hr), or having bowel movements(within 10min.-3hrs). It doesn't matter how much I eat or what I eat. I'm constantly feeling sick, does anyone know what could be wrong?
Avatar n tn Every Time I eat i feel sick to my stomach and want to throw up i do not have a glablater so it is not that and it can be with any kind of food or drink???
Avatar n tn I feel like a football is in my stomach, I am never hungry, there is so much air inside of my stomach, intestines, chest and referred pain to my shoulders as if I had had a Laporoscopy. The pain is imediately worse right after I eat. I experience up to 10 different types of sensations of pain. Stabbing, twisting, knots, stuffed socks moving through my intestines, pain in Pancreas area and into the back, blunt pain, spasms, cramping, and Labor type pain etc.
Avatar m tn I have a stomach pain and every time I eat I vomit. I am 172 cm and 72 kg. The pain is mostly in the uper part of my stomach. I am also burpling a lot. Could you tell what this could be and is it serious.
Avatar f tn A month back I started having them everyday for breakfast and then after the third week or so started getting stomach pain and cramps every time after I had them lasting me a good 2 to 3 hours, just like everyone else here. Some say it could either be an allergy I developed or it could be a salmonella infection but that can be detected only via a stool test. The pain sometimes gets unbearable and starts for me in the back and slowly radiates to the stomach.
Avatar n tn But that is not it, the bad part is I get thristy all the time, my lips are RED and every time when i'm not drinking any water when i'm thirsty, my stomach starts to hurt and after i took some water, my stomach seems full and i feel like burping but for some reason i cant burp easily...
1325672 tn?1290087814 doctor and had an ultrasound on my digestive organs and they were planning an endoscopy, when I was switched to another med and didn't take all the acetomenophen every day, the stomach pain was almost gone. I have a sensitive stomach and have to eat every time I take my meds and not just crackers. I do feel that it helps my meds work a little better even, but that may be all in my head or because I'm not feeling as queesy.
Avatar f tn I have been through every test imaginable to find out what was causing my stomach pain. I even went through an upper GI. The only thing that they found was gastritis. Then my gastro doc's nurse called and said I had esophagitis. Which by the way doesnt explain anything. tell your mother to keep on the doctor. They dont always make the correct diagnosis. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Avatar f tn I would absolutely LOVE to know what is going on with me! Oh, and every, I mean EVERY, morning I wake up with stomach cramping and pain until I use the restroom, but I also feel super hungry but nothing sounds good if I think about food I feel nausea....if anyone takes the time to read this, and has similar symptoms I would love to hear anyones opinion or any helpful suggetions. thanks.
Avatar f tn I thought I was doing better but it all came back now im losing alot of weight every time I eat my food goes right through me and my stomach hurts really bad then I have bright yellow stool I alot have major burping and gas.Please help me I dont get to see my speci.doc for 2 more weeks.thankyou.Do you feel I should go to the ER or wait for my apt with the spec.
Avatar n tn I need to eat every time it pain, even a small piece works like magic. Also my weight doesn't increase, i am 19 and my weight is just 43kg from past 3-4 yrs. Its summer at my place but still at night i start feeling cold. I need to switch off fan cooler ac and take blanket.
Avatar n tn And my ulcer hurt worse when I haven't ate anything but there are different ulcers that hurts more when you eat. I am not a dr but just wanted to give you some advice.
Avatar n tn For a very long time I have always had this stomach pain that I nicknamed "Hunger Pains". It seems that every time I wait too long to eat my stomach gets this pain always on my left side. It feels as if I have been stabbed or someone is pulling my stomach out causing me to hunch over when I walk. It hurts so bad that alot of times I can't stand up straight b/c it feels as if my stomach has tightened or something.
Avatar n tn For the last week and a half i have had constant stomach pain and going to the bathroom after every time i eat. This problem used to happen years ago after i returned from Iraq but got better and just came back. The doctors have done nothing about it and cant figure anything out.
Avatar n tn Chevy...I know what you mean and for you to be telling is funny but when you are in can be so miserable. The heating pad is working some wonders for me when I ache anywhere from head to toe. My kids laugh at some of my stuff also and my sister claims I should write a book about the antidotes of hep c.hahahaha Now that would be funny!! Yep...
Avatar f tn I doubt it's stress, There is a 50/50 chance that you've developed an allergy to dairy or maybe something else you eat. Write it all down. If it doesn't improve, see a Gastroentrologist. You deserve to live without worrying about these issues and you can and will get to the bottom of the probelm if you're persistant. Best of Luck to you!!! I'd love to know how you feel after eliminating dairy. Keep in touch if you'd like. Luck & Luv to you.
Avatar n tn Over the years I developed a very mild, lower back ache on the right side and a bit of sensation on my left knee. However, in the last 6 months I have a strange pain in my stomach that comes and goes every couple of days. It is NOT heartburn. And it does not seem to be an Ulcer. It feels in the mid-abdominal to lower abdominal.
Avatar n tn I hope your stomach pain goes away. It sounds like you are being careful and not stressing it. Are you drinking plenty of water? I got a headache all night long one time when I didn't drink enough water before and after my shot. You know the stomach can get knotted or feel like that just from nerves. You should practice some relaxation techniques - deep breathing, mild exercise, stretching, etc.
Avatar f tn Dear Sirs - I had my gallbladder removed December 2007 - to this day i am still visiting Consultants regarding stomach pain. This pain also goes right around my rib cage along with back ache. After the op I started having "acid attacks" (as the profession call them??) these would start with a pain in the upper stomach then penetrate into the back area. Terrible sweating would follow with the need to go to the toilet or feel sick.
626316 tn?1221980978 ) We are all here for you and will hep and support you any way we can. Being in pain effects every aspect of your life and dealing with it as long as you have has had a huge impact on you I ma sure.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure if this fully describes what is wrong with me. The stomach pain includes a dull, achy pain that is constant, but gets worse with stress, caffeine, alcohol or certain foods. I think the pain causes me to eat more because it is almost like a hunger pain. It's so bizarre to feel full and still have the stomach pain I experience because I feel full and hungry at the same time. When I first started having these pains, I weighed 172 lbs and stood at 6'0.
526146 tn?1287445848 There is nothing worse than intense stomach pain, and diagnosing whatever is causing your issues could take a very long time (an unfortunate reality). I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was six years old and it took 4 months. Stress of course makes every issue in life especially physical discomfort worse. Then there is the question of allergies and treatment. As you are waiting, and this is something small but it never fails me, and that's hot water.
Avatar f tn It may be able to tell you the exact cause of your stomach pain, chest burning, etc., so that you can be treated properly - treat the CAUSE of the troubles rather than just treating the symptoms. Again, I'm no doctor, but unless there were severe unforeseen complications with the procedure, any side effects such as nausea, throat pain - of the endoscopy itself should go away after a short time.
Avatar n tn I am still in pain though, in my ovary area, back and leg and in my stomach, and also have nauseau, stomach pain on and off, constipation, etc.. It's terrible. I have some pain on the left side also, but there is no cyst there now, there was a smaller one 2 months ago.
Avatar n tn Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.
Avatar m tn I've been seeing a gastroenterologist for awhile now about 6 to 8 months he's put me on lyrica for pain and now he's moved me to 300 mgs at a time and now I'm sick all the time pain, nausea, constipation, I don't know what else to do. I've tried to tell him that I'm nauseous all the time almost feels like I'm starving all the time and as soon as I eat I'm throwing up which usually leads to the hospital.