Stomach pain every time you eat

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Avatar n tn For the past month I get sick every time I eat. There is no chance I'm pregnant. I've been doing the Atkins diet and have lost almost 25 Lbs but recently started feeling very ill when I eat. At first I thought it was the flu but after a week went by I went to the Dr and he said it wouldn't last that long. I eat, I get nauseas, sometimes may throw up and sometimes get very bad stomach pain.
Avatar f tn try process of elimination with your food intake...if you eat a specific type of food and you feel the pounding sensation eliminate it from your diet. The only thing that i can think of off of the top of my head is possibly something that you may be drinking during your meal. Anything w. caffeine can def. do this. Coffee, iced tea, colored sodas. energy drinks, chocolate, gatorade products, etc. There have been some ongoing studies in regards to msg and increased heart rates but the prob.
5116977 tn?1364223843 Every Time After I Eat I Feel Nautious. I Had My Daughter 5 Weeks Ago. Idk If It Has Anything To Do With That. It Started A Couple Days Ago. I Can Only Eat A Few Bites, Then I Feel Sick. But Havent Actually Thrown Up. Any Suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have a stomach pain and every time I eat I vomit. I am 172 cm and 72 kg. The pain is mostly in the uper part of my stomach. I am also burpling a lot. Could you tell what this could be and is it serious.
Avatar n tn ve been suffering this for about 4 days. What a pain! Do you get crampy at all too? I get stomach cramps along with it. Are the stools loose? Irritable bowel syndrome comes to mind. I'd have said inflammatory bowel issues but you don't have pus. But that could be it too. It's time to see a doctor. They will also rule out celiac disease (where you can't process gluten).
Avatar f tn I usually post on the heart forum but in the past few days I have been feeling sick every time I eat. I have started having acid reflux also. My heart skips beats and races. I quite eating at night because it made it worse. I have has a weird feeling in my upper stomach and lower chest almost like the feeling that you get on a roller coaster. I am so frustrated with all this and cant seem to get an answer.
Avatar n tn For the last three weeks every time I eat. I get really gassy and bloating. I use the bathroom atleast 3 times a day. I have never use the bathroom this much. I might go every other day. After I use the bathroom I have pain in top part of my stomach is this normal ?
Avatar n tn For the last week and a half i have had constant stomach pain and going to the bathroom after every time i eat. This problem used to happen years ago after i returned from Iraq but got better and just came back. The doctors have done nothing about it and cant figure anything out.
Avatar f tn Now I’m at the stage where every time I eat, my stomach gurgles and churns really loudly, then I get the pains. I also have the feeling like I want to burb and throw up at the same time. I sometimes get (what feels like) hot flushes when its really bad. I don’t see the gastroenterologist for another 2 months, and Im going to try a naturopath. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be?
Avatar f tn ever since childhood ive had gas issues, but now as an adult I am either unable to sleep or im waking up early in the morning in so much pain I can barely move because of the gas and discomfort in my stomach. so bad it makes me vomit. the only way the pain goes away is if I take a hot bath, vomit or go to the bathroom. what could this be?
Avatar f tn I feel your pain. I've had digestive issues since I was 17. I'm 33 now. This is one suggestion I want you to try to just see how you feel. STOP drinking and eating all dairy products. I developed a dairy allergy when I was 17, so I know the feeling. Dairy products for some reason produce a lot of gas and bloat. Eliminate Dairy for 1 week and write down how you feel each day.
Avatar f tn No matter how much I eat before I go to sleep I always wake up feeling like I haven't ate for days my stomach hurts and starts growling ugh its getting annoying
1672269 tn?1303874294 Everytime I eat reguardless what it is I get severe pain all over my stomach. I sometimes have chest pain but that has seem to let up. I don't have any different stool since this pain has started. I am just in constant pain, it doesn't go away after an hour or two it stays with me thoughout the day. What could this be? I have already had my gallbladder, liver, and pancrease checked and they are fine. Dr doesn't have any idea what this is and acts as though I am making this up..
Avatar n tn I think my IBS is getting worse that I cannot eat anything just to avoid the toilet and the pain. Especially when I'm on the go or driving. Now I haven't really eat properly except just a sandwich for these last 5 days (of course I drink water too). However just one bite can cos me to go for more than 10 times in a day now. Approx 30min apart. I've read about IBS a little, I found out the cause is unknown, and if checked, looks normal.
Avatar m tn He never told me how I got it or what to do about it or even if that was what was causing the morning pain. Does anyone one else have this condition and have the morning stomach pain ? And what can I do for it ?
Avatar f tn A month back I started having them everyday for breakfast and then after the third week or so started getting stomach pain and cramps every time after I had them lasting me a good 2 to 3 hours, just like everyone else here. Some say it could either be an allergy I developed or it could be a salmonella infection but that can be detected only via a stool test. The pain sometimes gets unbearable and starts for me in the back and slowly radiates to the stomach.
Avatar n tn Every time I eat, i get a sharp pain in my stomach. This has been going on since as long as I can remember ( since I was little, i'm 23 now ). The pain is feels like a knife is going into my stomach, and is severe.
Avatar f tn I have no appetite but I just eat when I feel like it and I drink a lot of water and veggie juice. No heartburn but I am always burping and having feelings of indigestion. I'm sure it will pass. If you are underweight you definitely don't want to lose weight. Remember that your baby needs nutrition and it will take it from you if you don't eat enough! Stay healthy, eat more carbs and healthy snacks less empty calories like chips or soda. Good luck momma!
Avatar f tn I pray that this is over soon. Its just like you said I can eat a sandwich and 2 hrs latr my stomach feels like I never ate anything. I didn't eat much while taking da pills either but I never evr been a big eater. Thanks for the congrats too!!! You are such a bigg help!
1365474 tn?1277928542 The first attack I had sounds very similar to your symptoms. I was 24 at the time. In my case it was an acute gastritis attack (inflammation of the stomach lining). I'm guessing you smoke a pack or more a day. You probably go too long without eating. You may drink a lot of coffee and coke. When your having an attack food seems to amplify the pain. You may be experiencing a burning sensation in your stomach when it's empty, especially in the morning.