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Avatar n tn I was wondering about the symptoms i have been having and if they have anything to do with ovarian cancer. They are stomach pain where the ovaries are and lower back pain. My menstral cycle is only lasting about 4 days but it is very heavy at times.
Avatar n tn stomach bloats after eating most of the time looking for suggestions.
Avatar n tn You eat a lot of fruits and fibers in general? Any time pattern of the pain? Well, upper abdominal bloating is mostly from H. pylori, lower abd. bloating is in lactose intolerance and fructose malabsorption. Bloating is also in food poisoning (bacterial, parasitic).
Avatar f tn I had severe pain in my stomach (ribcage) yesterday after I had taken food which was spicy and sour. I am also being treated for dental abscess with nikomox and another medicine. I have been passing stool 3-4 times a day from the time I started medicine. Anyway i took an antacid (eno) and suddenly I vomited all the food with lots of water and the pain has subsided. Its still there but not so much. I have also noticed my stomach is severely bloated from the past 2 days.
Avatar n tn Hi there I was having the smae issue's and I was finally told that I have IBS. When I have a attack (is what I call them) I can get in extremem pain in my lower stomach and It is so bad that I am not sure if I need to vomit or have diarheia, and sometomes my stomah ballons out and I look 7 months pregnant. I would go see the doctor and they will need to run test to see if you have ibs. there is no blood test for IBS but they need to make sure it is not anything else.
Avatar f tn My husband is 60 years old. For the past one week there is bloating of stomach which is increasing . Though he passes stools, he doesn't feel evacuated. there is no belching or flatulance. He had vertigo a month and a half back and is still on stugeron, vertin and stemetil. he is a BP patient and diabetic but both are well under normal limits under medication and walking. since he could not go walking for the past one month because of vertigo, initially we thought the stomach bloating is tummy.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are many conditions causing burping and bloating.GERD, lactose intolerance, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease; certain medications all can cause bloating and burping. Drink plenty of water and take light food. Avoid fried and spicy food. A clinical examination and investigations are important for correct diagnosis and management. Treatment will depend on the cause. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn Gets worse when i eat, and is uncomfortable. Slight stomach pain, but nothing i cannot handle.. I have had some spots of red in my stool, not sure if its blood or not. Any help?
Avatar f tn I have terible stomach bloating. Can diviticulitis cause this.
Avatar m tn I get stomach bloating 3 or 4 hours after meals - usually each afternoon and evenings. I have suffered for many years. NB: As soon as I become bloated it affects my breathing - I get tight chested, mucus forms on my lungs(or becomes more evident)and I usually get a cough. I do NOT believe the breathing problem is GERD/ acid reflux related, since I seem to have this old acid problem well under control now with good diet, weight loss and medication.
Avatar f tn I don't know how true it is. Stomach bloating is also a common symptom with constipation which we all know is common when using pain meds. If you are seeing actual instestinal distention (stomach is swollen and hard) get yourself to the dr. immediately.
Avatar n tn Has anyone on this site ever experienced stomach bloating ? I just assumed it was attributable to MS. The other annoying thing I have been dealing with is paresthesia mostly in groin area ... if you couple that with the lower back pressure/pain that I get from time to time, would suggest sacral nerves are affected perhaps?
866560 tn?1265065161 I have been getting very bloated again lately and the only relief I get is when I rub it out (right along the upper stomach area). However, my DH freaks out because he is afraid I am hurting the baby which is no where near the area I am rubbing. So does anybody know if this is harmful or not?
192918 tn?1199454779 I'm not sure if I'm bloated or what, but I'm having terrible, constant stomach pains/pressure. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and already thought that I had no room left. With whatever it is that I'm feeling, it's awful! It hurts to take a deep breath and to move. Has anyone felt this or do you know what I can do to help relieve the pain and pressure??
Avatar n tn My husband's stomach gets bloated and very hard after eating. When he lies down, gerd starts and needs to sleep in our reclining chair. He has had colonoscopy and endoscopy and found nothing. What could be causing this. He is taking protonix and has taken prevacid previously. He also gets a sharp pain under his left rib cage.
Avatar f tn Type your anPeople who complain about flabby middles may have stomach bloating problems without even realizing it. Stomach exercises won't do a thing for your bloating, so it's important to determine how much of your problem stems from this common occurrence. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the bulge in your stomach is caused more by fat, bloating or both. Generally, if you are obese because of a bad diet then it's probably safe to assume that you are experiencing both...
Avatar f tn No one can give us a answer to why this is going on. He is not constipated and he has been on a diet for 8 days and is eating 2 times a day. He does have very bad pain in the morning untill he goes to the bathroom so what tests can be done. I am so tired of doctors telling him it's IBS . After reading some comments that I read I think he may have a lot of air in his stomach but not sure.
Avatar n tn I get a stomach pain attaks just about once every two months. The pain is terrible and my stomach gets bloaded so much that it looks like I am about to give birth-it feels the same way. There is nothing that helps to ease the pain. It lasts for couple hours and it usually happens for 3 consecutive days and at the same time of the day. I noticed that it always happens a day after I was stressed out. I do have this condition for several years and I did go to the specialist many times.
Avatar n tn why do iget stomach pain and bloating after i have did a upper gi endoscopy abd everything seemed normal except for a little inflammation in the dueodeum
Avatar f tn Well within' the past 2 years ive been experiencing bloating stomach, pain that rotates to my back. Almost to the point where I look like im 6 months pregnant. My stomach gets hard when its bloated. Where you can actually see it being hard when you push on it. During that time of the month my cramps have gotten so horriable that I get anal spazims (sp?), quarter like size clots, and heavy bleeding. I just thought it was normal.
Avatar n tn I have gallstones and it feels like trapped gas in my stomach (bloating?) with pressure in my back, mainly on right side. If I massage my stomach I usually burp and my back feels better. Did you have your gallbladder out? Problems?
1017834 tn?1443017723 Has anybody had or have uncomfortable bloating at the time of ovalution or after ovulation. Baby Dust!!!!!!