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Avatar f tn When My Intestines start having bad knotting up attacks, Its normally when i have really massive gas my stomach swells and bloats up, and i usually have constipation to some degree with it. . At this point there are a number of things that trigger it to happen and when it does it feels like my intestines?
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt but its not comfortable feels like she is knotting up in my stomach. I haven't had much cramping. Is this Braxton hicks? I went to the doctor friday and I'm not dilated yet. I have bad back pains tho so I'm not sure if this is just from the extra weight or not. Just curious what everyone's pains/contractions feel like.
10456541 tn?1428002337 Its hard to explain, but I turned 11 weeks today and ever since I found out I was pregnant, worse now not intolerable, but definetly uncomfortable I wake up and my stomach feels like its knotting up or balling up inside there and its FAR to early to be the baby. Could this just be stretching? Ive thought about asking my obgyn, but dont see him til the 23rd.
Avatar n tn Thank you.
Avatar f tn I don't know how to explain the pain other than knotting from my lower stomach to my lower back and rectum almost as if you had gas cramps. I have been feeling this after every encounter no matter how gentle. The pain slowly eases off after 30-45 minutes. It hurts so bad I have to stay curled up and can't walk without wanted to cry. Please can someone help I have only been feeling this past 2-3 yrs. Youngest child is 5.
19431856 tn?1477685676 6 months ago I had gastric bypass (ruin y) and about a month and a half ago I had to have another surgery where the Dr. Open up my opening to my stomach bigger cause I was not holding food down at all and was throwing up constantly. Yesterday I started taking azithromycin 250mg. For a sinus infection. Early this morning I woke out of a dead sleep with severe cramps in my stomach and my lower left side. It has been knotting up and causing a lot of pain.
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt but is very annoying and then progresses to the knotting in my legs. When in my thighs it feels like knotting up. My sister also gets it in her arms. Sometimes my legs will kick. It is very painful and before going on meds for RLS, some nights I would be up all night long, up and down trying to stop the pain and even have tried sleeping standing up. If it is RLS get your doctor to write you a prescription for Mirapex. It is the wonder drug for RLS.
Avatar f tn Got through the school run OK. 10.30am started thinking about getting together a mood chart. Got that knotting feeling in my stomach. I guess that's the anxiety the Health Team spoke of that I didn't realise existed?! Started on this Optimism thing and perked right up knowing that I could easily do this! I want the help and hopefully this will help me and them to understand my moods better? Overthinking alot in the afternoon about work. Have toyed with giving up.
Avatar f tn Well I had started taking the domperidone, and I did ok the first 48hours, then it felt like someone was just taking my stomach and knotting it up, as well as I was still throwing up. So after a few more days I was still throwing up, so I had decided at that point to call my dr. And then I was put on a liquid diet for almost 2.5 weeks. I did well on the liquids but my stomach was still very bloated, and still nuasas and painful knots. So fastforward to last week.
Avatar m tn What causes the upper intestine to knot up(basebal size) in a spasm on 1 side then 2 hours later do the same on the opposite side. Severe pain that lasts until the muscle relaxes,making it difficult to breath.??? Please advise.
1809734 tn?1316437674 My question is for a friend....My friend suffers from extreme naseau, knotting in her stomach everytime she eats, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, and now numbness tingling in hands and feet. She has been through the ringer in testing...She doesn't have Crohs, Celiacs, IBS, and the list goes on...Is there any suggestions anyone could give me on what this could possibly be? I am so scared for her she is now down to 114 pds from over 200 pds in the past year...
Avatar f tn I also take xanax for anxiety on as as needed basis, and Singulair for allergies in springtime. I am 36, female, and up until a year ago in great health other than my lungs.I am fed up and scared, and I hoped if anyone out there might have a list of odd symptoms that dont seem to go together, but may have found that some DO in fact mean something, I would love to hear from you, or if you could help me with what I should do, please do. Ive been called everything, even hypocondriac.
Avatar m tn This might sound weird so please bare with me lol,threw out my mid section on my stomach and on my side are these ridges,when ever i press down i can feel them,and sometimes it gets sore,and when it does it feels like a lil ball where it hurts i kno it sounds weird but im tryna describe it the best way i kno how,and now im starting to feel ridges on my upper arm and its starting to get sore,at first i thought i was having symptoms of hiv till i got tested at 6 1/2 months and i was negative, o
Avatar n tn I have chronic nausea that keeps me up at night, and about every 3-4 weeks (sometimes 5 to 6 weeks) I have about 2 days of a severe knotting feeling in that same area.. like someone kicked me in the stomach.. along with the nausea. I also have low pain, but it's more sharp feeling. Seemingly unrelated... I had 2 bouts of viral or autoimmune meningitis in 2003, an elevated Rheumatoid factor they couldn't contribute to anything, headaches ongoing that lately have been a LOT worse every morning..
1118630 tn?1260199389 She helped me up and we went out the door, right there I sat down because I couldn't hold myself up anymore. My stomach was knotting up and I felt all dried out. Mom told me that we were going back to the waiting room so I could sit down and then she'd find an exam room for me to lay down in. Once in the exam room, my vision had begun to spin and black out around the edges repeatedly. They got me a room and I was taking a turn for the worst fast.
Avatar m tn Many doctors don't like to treat until TSH is much higher and FT levels are much lower, so whether your endo agrees to start you on med, is up for grabs. Unfortunately, symptoms often show up months or years before labs indicate a real problem. I agree with continuing the stretches, etc. You might also think about trying yoga. I have a peppermint lotion that often helps ease the cramps, plus it makes the skin feel nice and cool.
1454009 tn?1285194693 I have this problem whenever i put any stress on it like barbell curls and preacher curls. I used to get the pain farther up right around the middle of the forearm but now it has moved to the wrist area. the injury occured 3 weeks ago when i was maxing out on incline bench press. I did all my sets pain free until i went to rack the bar on my final set. On this particular bench the bar is racked above and behind your head.
Avatar f tn I think it might have something to do with muscles knotting up or wanting to knot. I know I get a lot of muscles in my back, maybe contributing to the pull on my front muscles. Do you experience a lot of back pain and cramping?
Avatar f tn A couple of months ago, my mother died and ever since I have been having panic and axiety attacks and my BG levels have been erratic although the HA1C is 5.4. Done eye test, blood test, stomach ultrasound, blood test, ECG, all normal. I have a host of symptoms which are driving me crazy and changed my life. I am not working at the moment and in constant fear of being alone. I take Mteformin 500 mg x2 and Simvastatin 40 mg per day. I keep to low carb diet with only oats porridge for breakfast.
1288071 tn?1275408193 the pain occurs across my adomen from my lower to right above my belly button its not sharp its like cramping and knotting i have regular bowel movements so i doubt constipation and it even happens when i havnt eaten. as i said all of my doctors are at a loss i have seen a gi specialist and she cant find anything i have been to the ER about 10 times so far from the pain and everything always checks out fine with the baby and never contractions.
Avatar f tn Burning sensations of the skin and major muscle pains from all the tension knotting up my muscles were some of the symptoms I had experienced when my anx. was really bad. Of course the longer you are taking the med and at what dose makes a difference too. But she should have been tapered if she was using it every night. But if she has bad anxiety, which it sounds like w/ some of her symptoms, she may need to go back on it until she can understand what is going on and why.
Avatar m tn This might be in line with the advice I got from LazyMoose about Trigger Points and general muscles locking up. He did the electro stimulation as well as the Utlra sound to help break up scar tissue and get the muscles to relax. After he studies the xrays mri's etc he will formulate a plan and see what the best treatment is. He said not Heat, but Ice. Heat brings in more blood etc, while it feels good while you are doing it, it creates inflammation and something to do with joints etc.
405614 tn?1329147714 I iced and pre-medicated. Had to psych myself up but just dreaded it. I would have an upset stomach all day. It was just down right painful for me. The Avonex was not working for me anyway so changing to Beta was best. So far the every other day injection has not been a problem for me. Do contact your nurse about that needle!
Avatar f tn My stomach spasms so badly that you can feel the bulge from knotting up. I also was vomiting blood and bile on occasion. Now they suspect gall bladder issues instead. A few good supplements you may want to try are Iberogast (found on amazon) and Triphala. Helps a lot with either condition. You might also look into some good digestive enzymes and definitely probiotics.
Avatar n tn My cramping occurs on the upper left area of my abdomen when doing crunches or everyday movements that simulate that of a crunch. Not only can I see my abdomen knotting up in that area, but I feel if it does not stop, I will literally die! I hate that I can't do many crunches, but it's just not worth the agony. I have tried to slowly increase crunches, but that doesn't work for me either.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old male who came down with severe abdominal cramping that radiated up to my back on my left side around thanksgiving of 2008. I had no insurance so I went to the hospital. I was having trouble passing bowel's and eating. The doctor there had blood work and xrays drawn up.
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1767141 tn?1313682074 Just had a 24 hour pulse ox and watched it go down to 89 while I was wide awake in the daytime. My pulse also goes up about 90 pts when I get up and move around and I tire very easily. Blood work etc is fine. As far as anyone knows positional sleep apnea, not sleeping well even on equipment/oxygen is the only thing wrong with me. Thanks and HELP!