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Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone knows if volvulus causes the stomach or intestines to *remain* twisted/knotted or do the twists/knots happen only at *certain times* and then return to normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated--I am very curious about this!
Avatar f tn My stomach is in knots all day long, not sure why, it just is, and it's annoying. Today is really bad, I have had a nervous stomach since I got up this morning, I think it is work stress, I hate my job and hate being here everyday, I seem to be better when I am at home. But from the sounds of it, everything you describe is anxiety. I can relate to each of your symptoms. Are you under a great deal of stress these days?
Avatar f tn over the past 2 year my male pit mix ha gotten large knots which i believe are in his mucles on hs back near his hips tail and lower back they are firm and hard like a muscle but it is very deformed looking i am wondering if it can be cancer or stress knots he is a very high strung dog and gets stressed easily just when he is petted the wrong way could t
Avatar n tn I have no pain which is good It just feel like tightening knots in my stomach. Thank you all!
715004 tn?1309077280 The Dr. examined me and told me that my neck, shoulders and back had so many knots in them that it was as if someone had fired a shotgun at it and everywhere the pellets hit a knot formed and grew. One he lovingly called Mount Everest. He told me, given my history these have been here for MANY years. In addition, my atlas is rotated and "kicked back", too.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I had a bad night last night and had horrible stomach pains I think from stress or a panic attack idk. I felt like my stomach was literally in knots and I was wondering if this was from stress or a panic attack or something else completely different. I'll give you the short version of the story of what happened last night to put all this into context.
Avatar f tn I feel the same way if I do not get a good nights sleep. It helps to take ambien then I wake up feeling great!! Maybe talk with your Dr. about getting something to help you sleep or relax..
Avatar m tn Hi Pinky, try googling this, stomach and sympatetic nervous system, and have a read, the goole the same and add, and stomach knots, I found the one on PTSD a good read, (post traumatatic stress disorder) I think this is you.
Avatar f tn Besides the thoughts of something small being a huge problem or working yourself up to the point of being almost gassy, do other people experience severe stomach pain? Like your stomach is going into knots? I know that I've been thinking about something that really bothered me until I passed the normal points of anxiety and my stomach felt like it was constricting itself!
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing period cramps, knots above where she sits, sharp pains in my crotch and a stomach as hard as a rock when these pains start.
Avatar f tn I told my mom I kept feeling like I had knots/butterflies in my stomach and she said it was the baby moving. First time mom here so I have to ask my momma everything lol but im sure its just the baby moving on ya!
Avatar n tn I have knots under my arm that are very painful and turning black ..
Avatar f tn OK good to hear should be OK:) not sure on rice that was first time I tried it bc my friend told me that helped her! I didn't eat much of it plus my stomach in knots from worrying about eating soap lol but according to her it helps!
Avatar f tn I'm freaking out a bit, I feel so scared to give birth. I can't stop thinking about it and I have knots all through my stomach :( I'm excited to have my baby girl but I am terrified of labor & delivery.. I feel like ima have a panic attack or something, I feel so sick to my stomach now ever since I started thinking about it..
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor, but You may be overbreathing, or experiencing pacs or pvcs (heart flutters). You should be able to tell what it is, and if you think its your heart--you can have it checked out. Its usually benign and very very common. (I have pvcs myself).
14869466 tn?1447439017 The baby is still moving and kicking but it feels so weird and hurts since my stomach is in knots. What can this be?
Avatar f tn My stomach is in knots! I have to be in admitting in one hour for my induction - oh so nervous!
Avatar f tn Sounds like early labor signs have u called your dr?
Avatar f tn it was just a rough prenancy for me) so my question is last night i ate sopes and they had queso freaco cheese on it i tried to take off as much as the cheese i can but i think i may have ate a few pieces of it and now my stomach feels like its all in knots i think i may have food poisoning but the doctors told me i dont its just morning sickness but im afraid it could me something else should i be worried could i possibky get listeria even though i might have only ate a few piexes of cheese or
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks pregnant. I've just noticed a lump/knot about an inch or 2 away from my hip bone, I know most people would suggest a cyst, but I've had a lot of those & it's no where near the same. I also found one about center with the bottom of my ribs & where they begin to open ( sorry I have no medical vocabulary ) neither of the 2 lumps/knots hurt, but once I begin to bend over & stand back up it feels like something it kicking me.
Avatar f tn I just got tested this past Friday and I find out tomorrow. It's killing me my stomach Is in knots I feel sick to my stomach I'm so nervous idk how I'll ever forgive myself if I have something especially if it's serious. I'm praying for a miracle that I don't get that call tomorrow! Any prayers would seriously be appreciated. As for now.. Anyone who has or is going through this..
Avatar m tn I'm not exactly sure what you mean about "fuzzy feeling" but my stomach gets in knots when I'm anxious. I get light-headed, dizzy, tingly sensations all over my arms & legs, and my stomach turns over & over. When I'm distracted I don't feel it as much but as soon as I have down time I'm back to feeling weird. Is that similar to what you're feeling? I don't know what the solution for this is... I'm trying to find out myself.
Avatar f tn Had a 2nd ultrasound today I was concerned my symptoms where not the strongest beyond always feeling like my stomach was in knots no throwing up or food aversions so being 41 and part miscarriage and no other children of course I'm a little panicked I'm 9/5 which it looked like I was measuring 10 wks today the baby was moving all around heart was beating at 160...just over joyed and so thankful to God..I'm here in my life...thanks for letting me share.
Avatar f tn Omg how exciting :) Let us know what your little angel is !!
547002 tn?1219797376 Yes, when my anxiety is at its worst I have to run to the bathroom several times in the morning and my stomach just churns and churns into knots. It is most certainly related to anxiety, for some it's headaches, others its their hearts, and for some a combination of all of those things. Our bodies certainly suffer from our anxiety and seem to work overtime. Hang in there, as you get a better control on your anxiety the trips to the bathroom will decrease.