Stomach hurts when i eat

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Avatar f tn So I try not to eat so much. As time when on, I didn't want to eat when I am out because I didn't want to get stomach ache. That's when the food phobia started out when I'm out. Then all of a sudden, I started having anxiety problems and then I had stomach ache each time I'm nervous.
Avatar f tn I'm only 16 wks and I've had to change my eating habits these last few days cuz I get this full feeling like my stomach is sore as well when I eat normally, so now I'm eating smaller portions and that feeling went away. just another pregnancy woe...
Avatar n tn Hello my stomach is swollen and hurts every morning before and after going to the bathroom and before and after I have breakfast until after noon it feels like if I had an alkaseltzer inside, like burning and effervescent sensation plus swollen pain
Avatar n tn Most of the time, the prilosec manages the Acid reflux. My IBS acts up often but if I watch what I eat, its manageable. The past few months off and on, I get a rumbly stomach, and very gassy at times. But what concerns me is the off and on pain on the upper right side and left side too.. almost under my breastbone, but seems to be upper stomach? Its sharp but doesn't stay all day... off and on... could this be from my meals and the acid reflux?
Avatar n tn Turned out it wasn't acid related anyway, but I'm just saying that it is important to continue them just in case it actually is an acid problem and give them a fair shot, even when you are feeling so discouraged. I didn't think to stop drinking coffee, and I should have. Also I should have avoided high-fat foods, but I couldn't tell that because it seemed I had no appetite for anything.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm a 15 y/o male, I've been experiencing the following symptoms lately Indigestion I have also lost my appetite for almost anything My stomach hurts (After meals and when I'm hungry, it hurts too much) My Abdomen hurts My left chest hurts (The pain radiates from the area in the chest to my back) I have shortness of breathing I am overfatigued too easily I've also lost a considerable amount of pounds in the last two weeks alone Headaches and Nausea My vision blurs often too Can anyone help
Avatar m tn Protein molecules are huge and difficult for the stomach to break down....when I was in days 1-4 of recovery I tried sipping protein shakes, and OMG, it was a horror show. Bananas are good, and they have potassium. Piping hot chicken broth, pasta, maybe some dry toast or an English muffin. Baby your stomach. I had a heating pad on mine 24/7 for the first 16 days.
Avatar n tn There is no sign of constipation or vomit. Few days back I was taking azthromycin . It ony hurts at one particular place (thats when i press it ) What could it be ?
Avatar n tn im having the same problems, and they have not been able to find the problem, I do however, have servere GERD, so you should try to stay on a strick GERD diet and strong acid reducers daily, and NO alcohol, (i no it's awful, but necessary). my pain is more on my right side than in the middle. and my stomach hurts when i eat as well now. i keep losing weight, thats my new symptom.
Avatar n tn i don't have dirareah but when i go to the bathroom it hurts, also sometimes i get super dizzy to the point i cant stand and i have to sit or else ill faint. Also i get super hot and than the next second i get really cold. i get fevers alot but not to a really high number. does anyone know what i could possibly have cause the gastrointerologist i went to just precribed prevacid and it doesnt do anything yet she doesnt know what i have either - anyone ??
Avatar m tn So me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex yesterday and after we did it my stomach been hurting like crazy .everything I eat makes my stomach an the lower part of my back hurts when I lay doe ! I really don't know what's going on ...
Avatar n tn Starting happening about 4-5 days ago, after I eat I seem to be getting these stomach aches. Last for 1-2 hours or so. It is bearable, but leaves me wondering why? I haven't changed my diet or anything, not sick in any other way. I am 29 and in pretty good health. Is this some kind of stomach flu?
Avatar n tn I was taking too much Levo awhile ago and went thru a week of reflux hell too. When I took the Cytomel and my stomach started that's the first thing I thought.... oh no, reflux hyper symptom (even though it's such a small dose), like before. I gave up on the generic Cytomel yesterday morning after 11 days. My stomach was so uncomfortable I was up all last night. Tonight my stomach is finally getting back to normal. I've said it before and I'll say it again...
Avatar n tn When i eat late it my stomach hurts a lot around 6:00am when i wake up and it hurts for around 2 hours then i use a heating pad then i sleep with it on my stomach then when i wake up it does not hurt so i was wondering what could it be and i am 15 years old to.
Avatar f tn also when i wasn't eating meat i wasn't really eating anything but thats cause i didn't feel hungry i only ate dinner but not all of it. now i have the problem that when i eat i feel sick and when i start to feel sick i stop eating. i don't know what to do i have also been getting head aches across the eyes, very tired, of balance when i stand up and my eyes sometimes seem like there moving when I'm not. PLEASE help I'm scared that somethings wrong cause i have had problems before.
Avatar m tn It hurts worse when I'm getting hungry but scared to eat to much cause I been getting this feeling that I need to throw up everyone I eat a little too much. I used to be Abe to eat rice and pasta but now can't seem to digest it. It seems to get stuck around my upper rib area and then I eventually end up throwing my dinner up. On June 1st I weighed 203. As of today, October 19th, I weigh 162. I am lost because I have never had stomach problems in my life. Please help me.....
Avatar f tn Just about 25 days ago my dad died got very stressed and since about a week ago I have felt a throbbing in my stomach and when i eat anything solid my stomach hurts and i get tingling in hands and feet and real bad gas and headaches some times pain in my rib cage on both sides. I am hungry but cant eat.
Avatar f tn Heck, maybe I'm just constipated but darn, it's never hurt like this before. This is some crazy stuff. And like I've said before, I have a very small stomach in the first place. I only eat about a cup and a half of food at a time because I can't contain much more than that. I don't know why this is, but maybe it's also related. Alternatively, I could have excessive acid like my mother, who had her gallbladder removed when she was somewhere around my age, maybe a few years older.
Avatar m tn Today I have had this uncomfortable chest pain and it hurts when I lay down. Its not quite heartburn but I do have a shortness of breath and feel a little dizzy. What do you feel this could be? I understand that me panicking about whats wrong with me certainly doesnt help.
Avatar f tn - did I ruin my stomach? - normally I would smoke pot to eat but I kicked that to.(same time) i also quit bews after 15 years, just three weeks ago) - suffering from depression my whole life. - Kind of a body shocked I would guess. - my wife is worried about my stomach. Tends to think I have a flu as well but I know its the meds. - should I take anythror just keep plugging along? - I have eaten close to nothing since 4 days. - can't sleep so I thought I'd post.
Avatar f tn Then my stomach started burning every morning.So I have to eat something as soon as i wake up because of the burning. Now i can't eat nothing! even a peanut will make my stomach ache, bloat up and nausea!. Its a horrible pressure/bloating/pain. It feels like my heart starts bitting faster and i start feeling sick. I can't pass gas (neither exit) My stomach takes about 3-4 days to be able to digest food. and If im lucky i go to the bathroom once a week.
Avatar n tn I have never had a really bad stomache ache like this before and the yeast infection med said that if you are having severe stomache pain not to take the meds. I took them anyway am I in trouble What can this be? I am scared and I cant eat or drink anything what do I do?
Avatar f tn It has nothing to do with my body image. But every time I eat, I get full very quickly and if I eat until the point that my stomach hurts (still not enough to finish an adult portion at any restaurant), more often than not I will throw up because there just isn't enough room, I guess. I have never been a big eater.
Avatar f tn I notice yesterday I went to eat an then when I came home all night my stomach hurted and iys till hurts like in the middle on my stomach sould I go to the doctor and my legs too they hurted really bad all night I dond knw if is normal o what ftm.....
724471 tn?1237917600 I just want to be 105-110, but when I start gaining weight I keep gaining weight, and when I start losing weight, I keep losing weight. I can't do anything in moderation.
Avatar m tn 27, no insurance. Family history: Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, depression. Personal history: depression (untreated), anemia & cervical cancer. My normal wt.:102 been loosing wt. 2 months currently weigh 89 lbs, have no appetite, sense of taste gone, & food seems to turn to mush & will gag me unless I spit it out. Was told I have celiacs but NOT tested, un-able to follow gluten-free diet. Often become nauseas/have stomach cramps after I eat.
Avatar n tn It all started when i got a spider bite on my hand, the doctor gave my some antibiotics. That day i didnt feel good, my stomach was hurting, i couldnt eat, and that night i couldnt sleep. Once all the medicine was gone, i thought i would be able to sleep and eat. I still cant sleep or eat that much. i went back to the doctor and everything he has perscribed me has not worked. I have a feeling that i am going to puke every second and my stomach hurts plus a really bad head ach.