Stomach hurts all the time

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Avatar f tn t feel hungry your baby is . But I feel hungry all the time all day long . Try eatn something small . If it hurts . With you ulcer . I eat breakfast then through out the day eat little snack . Then eat a good dinner .
Avatar f tn That sounds very much like the pain I had for about 6 months. I had surgery in May to remove two cysts. The pain is not completely gone yet, but it is much, much better. In fact, I just had an almost pain-free period and am hoping that's the way they are from here on out.
Avatar n tn wow u me are just alike i feel the same way with the stomach problems and the non room spinning dizziness kind wierd dizzy the top of my neck under my head hurts alot and my muscles hurt alot feel drained most of the time like your body is going to cut off . this ia a horrable way to live. if ur like me u feel lost and doomed to have to live this way.
Avatar f tn You need to be tested for hypoglycemia and forget about that fear of going to the doctor. Personally i opted for private medical clinic which can be less overwhelming than an hospital and it might be a good choice for you since of your fear of doctors. I don't have any fear of going to the doctor but i had extremely good success with the private clinic in contrary to my experience of seeing a doc thru the use of the ER.
1084115 tn?1385228589 Peppermint Peppermint is an old folk remedy for the treatment of nausea and other stomach upsets, and is used in many medications to relieve stomach problems. Peppermint helps reduce the motility of the stomach and relieve spasms which may contribute to nausea, according to Jethro Kloss in his book, "Back to Eden." You can use fresh or dried herb to make peppermint tea; or for convenience, keep a box of prepared peppermint tea bags in your pantry.
6047529 tn?1380571958 I am 21 weeks and been on the go all day.. finially getting to lay down now my stomach is hurting bad it feels like pressure in my stomach has anyone felt like this.. didn't have this with other two...
Avatar m tn My dog is taking Gabapentin and Tramadol for an ACL injury. He will not eat anything at all and sleeps the majority of the time. He drinks some water from time to time and I've started giving him Pedialyte. I have tried hamburger, rice, chicken, turkey meatballs, McDonalds hamburgers, treats, ground beef.....all of his favorites and nothing. I can set the food next to him and I dont think he even smells it as he has no interest in it at all. Not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn I have Gerd, and IBS.. have had it for years and years. Most of the time, the prilosec manages the Acid reflux. My IBS acts up often but if I watch what I eat, its manageable. The past few months off and on, I get a rumbly stomach, and very gassy at times. But what concerns me is the off and on pain on the upper right side and left side too.. almost under my breastbone, but seems to be upper stomach? Its sharp but doesn't stay all day... off and on...
1095600 tn?1333823007 This will go on all night without me sleeping much if at all. All night my stomach will bubble and churn and growl. I am on birth control, but that never seems to have anything to do with it since I've been sick while on my off week an also durin the 3 weeks I take the active pills. This problem is slowly driving me crazy. Doctors just think its a stomach flu and don't seem to be terribly concerned about it.
Avatar f tn I’m 22 years old and have been having sharp pains on the right side of my stomach, and the pain occurs on the left side and the pain often hurts in my back as well I have had blood work done twice and all my liver enzymes are normal and I also had a CT scan done as well and it came back normal, could something still be wrong with my liver ?
Avatar n tn Is there a eating disorder where people are missing the things that tell you that you are not hungry. Where they feel like they have to eat all the time because it feels like they havent eat for a long time.
Avatar n tn my heart feels like it is beating at a thousand miles an hour all the time day or night yet i am almost asleep. i am light headed all the time. life feels hollow not natural. i have a constant feeling of shakeing yet i look at my arms and they are not shakeing / so i guess that would be a fluttering of my heart over my entire body it is like shaking on the inside.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks, 3 days pregnant and I'm hungry all the time. My stomach is always growling. I've read you should only put on 1-2 pounds in the first trimester. Why am I so hungry this early in the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn hi , iam bloated all the time , my stomach feels and looks like pregnant , im tired , extremely thirsty and constantly get cravings for food, no im not pregnant , i need help cant any more i hardly eat cos it makes it worse and constipated
Avatar n tn Then it started up again with the tightening of the stomach muscles and nausea. I seem to have difficulty swallowing as well, but not all the time. The doctor wants me to try omerprozole and I don't believe that reflux is the culprit. I am 20 years old after all. I had a pelvic exam and urine culture again recently, everything is fine there and blood work for cdc and kidney functions came back normal as well. I am going for a CAT scan now as the next step.
Avatar m tn It feels like my body is shivering all the time and the only thing that helps is walking. I'm always freezing cold and very sensitive to any type of breeze or airconditioner. Also have a rash (3 months) on my Stomach that comes and goes mostly stays. They did two Biopsy on the rash and both can back okay. It's all driving me crazy!!! I've had a MRI of the Sprine & Brain and tons of blood work that all came back fine.
Avatar m tn ok i have stomach nausea and sometimes pain around the belly button and also under the left breast, using the bathroom relieves it sometimes, but i get bad heart burn, and it all started with one morning i woke up and got a real cold coke and as i swallowed it then it burnt n hurt the entire way down and sent a real sharp pain into my stomach, also my stool has become a real light brown, not clay grey or white.
Avatar f tn Anyone else hungry all the time?? I'm 18+2 and I eat & eat &eat and can't get full no matter what I eat.. Is this normal at this far gone?
Avatar n tn t really changed since I eat at the dining facility and they are all the pretty much the same Air Force wide. One thing I notice is that my appetite peaks when I see/think of fatty and greasy food.
Avatar f tn What's "the shot"? If you are talking steroids or synthetic female hormones, you can gain weight. And it would be natural for you to gain weight if you are eating 24 hours a day. What are your TSH and blood sugar levels?
1756561 tn?1314575371 If you address anxiety and the stomach problems start to resolve you can avoid all the tests they would do for a stomach issue. Either way checking with a doctor is a good idea and seeing what they recommend you do.
Avatar f tn Good evening, I am 45 years old female. It's a 1 month that I gave up smoking. It's about 2 months that I gained 5 kilo's and I feel bloated all the time. That's why I gave up smoking. It does matter what I eat I feel bloated. I am allergic to yeast. I eat heathly and fresh foods. I don't know what to do. What blood test should I do or what should I do in general. PLEASE HELP…..
341551 tn?1266980730 My doctor also told me that eating Carbs are really important once your past 20 weeks. I guess we need the energy since the baby is taking all of it! She made it very clear that I should be eating more and more carbs. Which is funny because thats part of what I always WANT! With my meals I always want bread...and than afterwards I want dessert!