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Avatar n tn ive never heard of this! Are you sure its not your stomach? Coz my stomach gurgles alllll the time. I get it from my dad and its normal.
Avatar m tn I am 21 and I've had acid relux/ GERD since I was 2 weeks old. My esophagus has been making uncontrollable noises since I can remember. I have visited many doctors and no one has ever been able to tell me what is causing the gurgling noises from my esophagus I have so unlovingly dubbed "Gus". It happens when it is quiet and especially at night. I have tried changing my diet and every perscription and over-the-counter acid reducing medication available.
Avatar f tn "When i don't eat, my belly makes these weird gurgling noises" Your stomach is making these noises because you are hungry. Gurgling noises is not a pregnancy symptom.
Avatar n tn I have constant gurgling and bubbling in my stomach. It gets worse when i lay down, i can feel the bubbles or air in my stomach and it sounds like watery and air moving around in my stomach. then if ive been laying down or sleeping for a while, when i first get up, the gurgling acts up. The gurgling subsides a bit when i sit normally but i can never just lay down and relax when my stomach is acting up when i do lay down. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn my stomach always makes gurgling sounds when i am at say my friend's house or in a quiet room. i am not hungry, sometimes it is before and sometimes it is after i eat. what is it?
Avatar n tn I have been having noises like um... there hard to describe like stomach growls and gurgling. I am 14 and have had stomach problems in the past I don't know if this is aftereffect or something. They have even kept me up at night out of worrying it's something serious.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have gurgling stomach noises all the way down in your pelvis area? It is not normal to me and feels wierd and wrong. What is this?
Avatar m tn Then a month later I got indigestion and bloating a couple of times and excessively loud stomach gurgling and by this I mean seriously not normal, which I have never had in my life before, started. It mainly gurgles after eating or drinking just about anything and will go on for a couple of minutes or more, and then will occasionally gurgle or bubble at other times, like when I lie down to go to bed. Its so loud it echoes everywhere!
Avatar f tn My stomach keeps gurgling constantly. Its been doing this for weeks even when I'm not hungry or nervous. I tried over the counter medicine and nothing helps. Sometimes it feels like bubbles are coming up from my throat but its only saliva. My period is about to start so I don't know if it can be related to pms or not.
Avatar f tn Okay, I've asked a couple ppl. My stomach has been doing this gurgling noise for about two weeks maybe. It's mainly on one side (right), but will do it either or. Any time of day, even after I eat, before bed, and when I get up. After it does the sounds, (almost like your stomach growing but not as loud), lower area of stomach, it will also do this vibrating feel like a muscle spazzing. No abnormal bloating, not really hungry, but eat like I usually do.
Avatar n tn Had gallstone attacks very frequently for11 months in Nov I was in hospital for a week with pancreatitis and am due gallblader removal I the next 4 weeks but past 5 days I feel very sick like morning sickness and really loud noises like gurgling and hunger noises in my stomach but no pain anyone have any idea?
7913021 tn?1418052220 My stomach makes the worst gurgling noises! I think my body is doing the 'cleanse' thing as a preparation for labor but I'm not 100% sure. I have tons of stomach aches & go to the bathroom (sorry tmi) way more than I ever used to!! I really hope something happens soon because idc what anyone says about how to help it go faster, but nothing works! Lol when my body is ready it will happen because I've tried everything for A week now!
Avatar m tn Basically I never feel comfortable anymore because my stomach always slightly hurts and it makes these weird noises like something in my stomach is having trouble moving (or digesting maybe?). The stomach gurgling/noises/popping/movements PRIMARILY occur on the lower right side of my stomach. That is where I hear most of the noises. I feel major pain/pressure in my stomach when I am hungry and the hunger seems to increase the noises.
Avatar n tn is there anyway to stop the gurgling noises from my stomach? they are particularly loud during long periods of silence and it gets very embarrassing. i know part of it is due to anxiety - the more worried i get about the noise, the louder they become. is there any over the counter meds i can take to stop them?
Avatar m tn I stopped the medicine completely but have still awoken to gurgling noises and nausea, at a much earlier time than I usually wake up ( around 6 am when I usually get up around 10). After I get going for my day though it is not unbearable ( atleast for the last few days) its more annoying and distracting. After meals my stomach will be a bit upset but goes away quickly after some very slight acid reflex.
1580672 tn?1298438295 Hi guys i am terrifying right now i cant even type..i've had gas issues way back when i was a kid.. it was all cured..but this is severe.. by the beginning of the new year 2011 I got this severe gas problem in my stomach it was irritating my stomach for 5 days... this time it didnt go away.. my bowels are also messed up..I had incomplete bowel movements which I feel sometimes i am constipated..sometimes it's semi loose and thin.stomach is not bloated or anything..
Avatar f tn I'm worried about everything but I'm guessing this is normal. However, I have been having these strange gurgling noises above the left hand side of the baby. I wondered if it was to do with the digestive tract slowing down due to the baby's pressure. However, this feeling keeps coming and going with mild cramps in my back and it feels like my stomach is constricting. I am not in pain but a tad uncomfortable. I woke up 2 hours ago and can't get back to sleep.
Avatar f tn they both have really loud gurgling noises coming from their stomachs. almost like we do when we are hungry but way louder. is it because they ate something bad?? my male eats no problem,my female is kinda picky, but usually has no problems. all day yesterday my female's stomach was going off and also this morning. now my males stomach is doing the same thing,(right now he is here in the room with me and i can hear his stomach clearly). neither one has diarrea or vomitting. just loud noises.
Avatar n tn I have a history or stomach cramps, diahoerra, on occassions severe stomach cramps, constant wind and at times my stomach makes clunking noises, like something is stuck in my bowel? and is having trouble passing. At times i have severe pains, feels like i want to pass wind but it builds up and it feels like my back passage is blocked. At times i have to crouch over untill the pain subsides. I have sudden diahoerra on occassions.
Avatar f tn When the symtoms begin, I won't be able to burp and gurgling noises come from my throat. I still have stomach pain almost daily, and I wake up about 5am every morning because of stomach pangs that prevent me from sleeping. My bowel movements are normal, but sometimes have a whitest mass of a stringy substance and same substance in my emesis. It has been 2 months since I thrown up and that is the longest period since this first began.
196368 tn?1205377630 Are you eating properly yet??????
Avatar f tn After eating a meal, he doesn't get any pain, but awful gurgling noises in his stomach and flatulence which he is finding very embarrassing at times. He has tried Gaviscon and Pepto Bismol but nothing seems to be helpign him. Can anyone advise something which may help these noises disperse?
Avatar f tn I hate this so much.. does anyone's stomach make gurgling gas noises randomly? it is probably something that i eat bc it doesn't happen all the time but the gas in my stomach and intestines is so uncomfortable and annoying! Im going to blame it on the spinach smoothie i drank for breakfast. How do i get rid of it?!
Avatar f tn It seems like every time I move around while I'm sitting, or every time I lie down, I hear these super loud gurgling noises from my belly/abdominal area. I can't really tell if it's my actual intestines making noise or if it's inside my uterus. I know it's not just my stomach because I can feel it too and when I lie down it happens on the side I'm lying on.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I frequently heart gurgling noises from my stomach. These noises sound like there is some kind of liquid in there because it sounds like a dripping faucet. I originally thought these sounds may be the blood shifting in my abdomen from POTS. But I have since wondered whether they could be from ascites - either from heart failure or cirrhosis. I have moderately high liver enzyme (ALT=79) and probably have fatty liver since I am overweight (5'9" and 220 pounds).
493942 tn?1227912266 But by then the stomach conditions started and associated every little symptom with cancer. Stomach gurgling all the way down to the lower bowel, chest tightness, back pain etc. So I went back to the doctor with my symptoms. He sent me to a GI specialist to get an endoscopy. ( camera down my throat ) The result of this was a mild case of gastritis and evidence of a small hiatus hernia. The doc explained that most of the symptoms I had been suffering were consistant with the gastritis.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if you had any luck with your LPR and gurgling noises. Mine is no better and it is driving me crazy! My gurgling sounds are getting worse and the lump feeling in my throat is out of control!! It is always there except for in the morning when I first get up. Let me know if you found any tricks that might help!
Avatar n tn Hi everyone For a year I've had this stomach issue, which Dr's have yet to diagnose-- anything I eat makes me gassy, bloated and uncomfortable. No pain, no problems with bowel movements, just a stomach that sounds like a sci fi movie, ridiculous amount of noise and can feel pops of gas, and lots of farts. What helps is taking 1/4 of Ativan tablet before I eat, then stomach is calm and bloat is less uncomfortable, though still will fart ( ive always done that though so that doesnt worry me).
Avatar f tn With time it got worst and worst stomach noises would last all day long no matter what I did or didn't eat I could hear my intestines churning away food I could even feel the food passing along I also started to notice stomach noises vibrating on the bottom of my stomach and upper abdominals mainly the left side. I have tried various things like cutting out chocolate, cows milk, gluten, chewing gum, foods high in sugar and fat but nothing has worked.