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Avatar n tn I have a hard time eating almost anything anymore due to the way the food reacts after eating. My stomach growls so loudedly everyone hears it...It is most embarrassing, not painful but embarrassing. I have loose bowel movements also. Does anyone know what this might be and what I can do to releave it so I can eat like normal people again.
Avatar n tn i felt it was not normal coz i normally get very bad painful ones but this time it just bled. i have heartburns,belching, bloating,headaches, grumbling stomach, feel like what ever i eat gets stuck in my throat but i never threw up, frequent urination, vaginal white discharge since the bleeding stopped. i thought i was pg in july, but hpt came up negative twice. so i don't wanna assume i am pg. so all i am asking is, does anyone have any clues as to what this might be??
Avatar n tn I am 17 weeks pregnant and i have quite a bit of gas. i've noticed my stomach and intestines are making a lot more noise. Grumbling sounds etc. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
Avatar n tn and through out my entire stomach i get terrible waves of pain, and my stomachs slightly bloated. and also i get cramping in my stomach.
Avatar f tn I've had severe upset stomach and nausea . My tummy aches and feels horrible all the time. Is this ok ? Should my tummy hurt this bad and is diarrhea ok? Sorry tmi .. I'm 10 weeks today have a dr appt Wed and a scb w/ complete bed rest ugh!! I can't sleep and just hear my tummy grumbling all the time .
Avatar m tn I have it today, sharp pain, since this morning, alittle nausecious nothing i would normally be concerned with except for the stomach pain. i did some heavy lifting over the weekend and lift my 90 pounds dog daily , maybe i pulled something or would anyone think it is more serious like appendicitis?
Avatar n tn It leaves as fast as it comes and is intermittant all day. I have stomach grumbling, little bit of gas, bloating which may go down a little further. This is all on the mild side, no severe pain. It is just noticeable enough to cause a little discomfort.It could last a few minutes or be there all day. It always seems to go away at night. This all seemed to start with anxiety problems.
Avatar f tn Ever since I got my male kitten I have noticed that every so often he gets a really gurgly stomach. When they have been to the vets for vaccination's I have mentioned it and they have said its probably gas but surly gas would go away? He sometimes has runny poo's as well but not necessary when he has a grumbly stomach and he is the only one of the two who has been sick.
Avatar f tn But for 2 days i feel specific grumbling right above my naval and im scared it is Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. The funny thing is that i just got Abdominal CT and Ultrasound 3 months ago and everything was normal. I just cant help but think what if it is happening even though i know i am very gaseous right now, but most of the symptoms are very specific to that part of the stomach i am scared.
Avatar n tn nausea and feeling of vomitting after eating 2. constant feeling of hunger like grumbling of the stomach and acidic feeling of throat even after I eat. 3. gas 4. I get hungry much faster and I never feel full. 5. Some pain in the upper abdominal area the doctor diagnosed it as "gastritis" and asked me to buy maalox over the counter and so I did.
Avatar n tn Taking deep breath causes pain. Entire stomach feels bloated. Lots of gurgling and grumbling noises all the time. Tender to touch. Relief: Eating up to 30 minutes then starts again.
229172 tn?1189759436 I just had my Gastric Emptying Scan, and actually, part of the way through it, I woke up and heard my stomach grumbling horribly. And was starving after it. So I'm stumped... I kinda wish we could wave a magic wand and make all our troubles go away...(especially those patients in the hospitals unable to eat or live their lives) The other thing is, sometimes when I get nauseas, eating makes it go away. OR at times I get so nauseas from not eating, that if I eat it makes the nausea worse...
Avatar f tn On top of that, I've been getting bouts of burning in my stomach. I mean all across my stomach below my belly button and my insides there just feel really warm (if that makes sense lol) with some stomach cramping. Additionally, it feels like there's something under my ribs, mainly on my left side but also my right. This isn't particularly painful, there's a little bit of pain if I lay on my side, but nothing major, it's more so just annoying.
Avatar m tn I was taking the Golytely to prepare for a lower Gi barium exam but i could not finish the cleanse regimen due to nausea and not being able to take the solution, later that night i got home and felt horrible i had heart palpatations my mind was racing, i was getting stomach grumbling all night, and having to go to the restroom just to release the Golytely fluid only dark brownish stuff would come out and only a little at a time like half a teaspoon and over and over every 15-30 minutes.
Avatar f tn Within the past few years though my stomach problems seem to have gotten worse. I have sever pain in my upper left stomach right under my rib cage, which is accompanied by gas and grumbling. The pain sometimes radiates to my left side and lower back. I don’t smoke or drink, but I do drink coffee every morning. I went to a gastroenterologist and was put on omeprazole, which helped with the acid reflux but seemed to make the pain worse. He did a gastroscopy, which came back normal.
1535353 tn?1292712686 I would believe her that she does have a stomach pain and definately take her to the Doctor for a check up, what part of her stomach is hurting, is she constipated, or have any other symptoms ?
Avatar f tn My 14 year old daughter has had constant stomach pains in her lower right side since the end Jan 2009. It came on very suddenly as a sharp pain. She was admitted to hospital with suspected appedicitus but sent home again. Several admissions later and all sorts of tests have revealed nothing. Blood/urine tests have come back normal. She's had 3 ultrasounds - again they were normal.
Avatar n tn Ever since about a week ago, my stomach has been making constant grumbling noises, even when I have just eaten. At first I thought it was just gas, but the grumbling has continued for several days. I know this problem isn't as critical as other people's problems, but it's very embarassing and I want to make sure it isn't a sign of a serious illness. Please help!
Avatar f tn For the last week I have had really bad stomach ache, and diarrhoea and headaches, feeling dizzy. My stomach feels like it is hungry, it makes grumbling noises, i get waves of bile coming up. I never usually eat before say 10am but get up at 6am, this problem is starting at about 4am in the morning. I end up sitting on the loo with diarrhoea for most of the morning. When i can face to eat something it does feel better.
Avatar n tn Fast forward to the last day / return day, I didn't have too many issues. Stomach was grumbling but unfortunately my stool was still very loose. Upon returning home we were all a bit ill, me more so than all. We stopped at a local sub shop for a bite to eat before returning home from the airport. That evening my daughter was in pretty bad pain, and I appeared to be getting diarrhea worse. The next day - I had diarrhea that was pure water.
Avatar m tn Within an hour or two after the worst of the swollen, irritated sensation has passed, there's a lot of grumbling throughout my body. A lot of it lingers in the stomach, but I have felt it in the intestinal region, as well as up around the gallbladder, or upper-right chest where I complained about the original pains. I now cannot lay on my front side at night, because this region will go entirely numb after laying on it for too long.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone I'm just wondering if anyone wants to participate in answering the question how does one distinguish between a stomach problem and what could be a heart problem. Firstly i agree that it is important to have all regular medical checks done. After that though, when you are alone at night and have to make a do you do it? For the last few days i've been a little off my food, with transient indigestion (like a marble has been swallowed...
493942 tn?1227912266 I had one cup of teain the morning, and one glass of OJ at lunch and my stomach was a grumbling mess for the rest of the day. Funny thing is though, I have no real pain from my stomach.. Just really over active all the way down. No problem sleeping and my stomach is fine until about 2 hours after waking. This is when I start thinking and worrying about it.
Avatar n tn Ever since then i can barely drink water and any food just gets my stomach grumbling and twisting. However, after a couple of hours the feeling wears off and I just feel tired and out of energy. Please help, as I cannot really eat anything!!!
Avatar n tn I try to squeeze it out and only a hard stool comes out. 5. The sweating stops and the stomach cramp subsides. I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar m tn I was taking the Golytely to prepare for a lower Gi barium exam but i could not finish the cleanse regimen due to nausea and not being able to take the solution, later that night i got home and felt horrible i had heart palpatations my mind was racing, i was getting stomach grumbling all night, and having to go to the restroom just to release the Golytely fluid only dark brownish stuff would come out and only a little at a time like half a teaspoon and over and over every 15-30 minutes.
Avatar n tn My symptoms include nausea,bloating,abdominal uncomfort to mild pain,constipation,diarhea after eating salads or fresh vegetables,constantly tired and feel drained,loss of appetite,loss of libido,panick attacks,headaches,trouble sleeping,constant gas and bloating,grumbling noises in abdomen that are constant,and basically feel sick all over. I'm normally a very happy and energetic person and this has really changed me. Its causing stress in my relationship as well.
Avatar n tn for the past week I have had olive green stool. alittle grumbling in stomach,go about twice a day.