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Avatar m tn I am 28 yr old men I have stomach gas problem . It's start in 2010/04 when 1 night I had full bottle of whiskey. That night everything ok next morning I wake up while going to work I had mother drink 300ml after 1 hr of mother drink I had break fast about 7:30am soon after I start feeling dizzy and heart beat gone up my hand shaking and I went to emergency in kogarah. In hospital after few hrs I feel ok they just keep me under observation for 5-6 hrs send me home with vitamin pills.
Avatar n tn I have been in pain for the past 24 hrs feels like a heart attack but on the right side? I can't pass the gas that is built up inside my stomach. Feels similar to after a laparostomy? Not sure if I spelled that right. Nothing I do are take helps very very bloated. My cycle is on and I missed a month of pills so not sure if this is realted? Please help?
5032690 tn?1362601320 I went to my GI doctor, and they wanted to do a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy. The doctor said it would pin point the problem. I am always taking gas pills, antacids for acid reducers. I did go to the er once, and had a ct scan done of my abdomen, but they didn't find anything. I am still having issues. I thought of writing a food diary to see if it was a certain food, but it doesn't always happen. This is making me regret having the surgery. Does anyone have any idea or advice? Thanks.
Avatar m tn The procedure to check-you-out is named Upper GI Series. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining, and can keep your stomach in pain that surely affects your bowels and constipation. In the meantime, I can offer some suggestions to maybe work on your constipation. Buy from a supermarket or pharmacy, two mineral-oil enemas and a regular enema. Use one mineral-oil enema at a time to judge whether it helps. If not, try the second enema.
Avatar f tn went to the dr yesterday, she said the lining of my stomach is inflamed and gave me pills for it, then more antibiotics for my kidney infection and referrals to get 2 ultrasounds and took my blood.
2001101 tn?1331498340 Please help my stomach :( anxiety all day making my stomach ache like im going to be sick. any tips or advice on how to ease a upset stomach caused by anxiety ?
Avatar n tn There's also a Maalox/Gas-X combo product out there... the Maalox helped with stomach discomfort and prevented more gas from starting, and the gas-x got rid of what was already there. The gas pains suck, but hang in there! They do get better~!
Avatar f tn Everyday for the past 5 months, I feel like gagging after I eat because my stomach gets filled with gas. I have trapped burps; they come out bit by bit, but it takes hours; I feel like I can't make correct bowel moments. I've been taking prilosec because my doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux. This was 6 weeks ago. I still have the same symptoms, even after eating more healthy. I'm becoming desperate. The pills are making me have odd dreams, I get nervous often..I just want relief.
Avatar m tn Told me to do deep breathing exercises to try to relax tense muscles in my stomach that are causing me problems with food and gas that feels trapped in my stomach until I am able to burp. They also told me not to talk during meals as I could be swallowing air during this time that makes the problem worse. Hope this can help you.
Avatar n tn I still have the gas problem and I can still feel the pain throbbing in my lower left side once and a while. I drink 1 gallon of water a day and when I take gas pills it seems to work. Also, when I use the bathroom the pulsating pain goes away for awhile. What could this be?
1095600 tn?1333826607 I had stomach cramping, bloating, constipation, and food aversion. It went away within a day or so. My problem now, is its been a week and I'm still having issues. With gas. It wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't so terrible!! The best way to describe it is this (sorry a little descriptive). It smells like something crawled up my butt and died. I'm not even kidding. It's just brutal and embarrassing. I've not had any changes in my diet since starting the BCP or anything.
Avatar m tn So I've had uncomfortable, sometimes painful stomach gas for several months now, usually two or three times a week. It usually hits at some point between noon and the afternoon, and lasts 4-6 hours, sometimes longer. Yesterday, though, it lasted a very long time, and was still noticeable when I woke up this morning.
Avatar n tn Now, I have continious stomach gas irrespective of what i eat or whether or not i eat at all. This stomach gas will get so bad that it will fill me up with so much gas i feel like my stomach/(bladder?) will literally explode. It is just an awful thing to have to deal with day in and day out because it bothers me for 18 hours out of everyday. Now this is what was done to try and treat it: I had an endoscopy and biopsy of my stomach lining. Nothing was necasserily determined.
Avatar n tn Im suffering from a stomach discomfort for nearly 5 yrs. My problem is that my stomach is constantly bloated/rumbly and filled with gas. No Pain however. I had a colonoscopy, barium anemea and a few other tests but doctors could not found anything although earlier blood tests had shown a yeast infection for which I received medication. I tried changing my diet on numerouse occassions without succes.
Avatar n tn First it is entirely possible to get afib via gas bloat and other stomach and digestive tract disorders. If your stomach and digestive tract is as described then you must have inflamation. All this inflamation and bloat and gas will push up on your diaphram and surrounding areas and cause great discomfort and pain but also can press upon nerves.
Avatar f tn Im posting this in hopes that somebody out there is going through the same thing as me and has found a "cure"! I get heart palpitations and episodes of afib from stomach and intestinal gas. Been to the doc, heart is fine, blood work is fine, blah blah blah. Been reading FAR too many posts where Dr's do NOT believe that there is a connection between stomach issues and heart rhythm and Im starting to get VERY frustrated.
Avatar n tn Referring to your post regarding A/Fib and bloated stomach/gas, I too have had the same experience. I believe it is a mechanical effect in that the gas inflates the intestine which in turn pushes on the vagus nerve or the bottom of the heart and triggers the A/F episode. The sensation is located under the left rib cage not in the chest. I can also induce A/F by swallowing something very cold on an empty stomach. This freaks out the nerve and the A/F proceeds.
1144520 tn?1277119201 I have tried activated carbon and instead of reducing my gas it multiplied by 10X, giving me the worst case of stomache gas EVER. I've spent half the night pushing my stomache downwards because the pressure of the gas was so strong it felt like it was going to push my stomach through the diaphragm and give me a severe hiatal hernia. I wouldn't mind stomache gas if I could burp or fart, but i can't. It just stays in the stomache for hours, which results in heart rhythm problems!
Avatar f tn If you are planning to get pregnant you can stop the pills. A woman can conceive any time once she is off pills. If you still have any doubts it is best to consult a gynecologist and get your doubts clarified. Hope it helps. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar f tn i was cleaning the bath tub the other day and i stood up and my lower back on the bottom right started to hurt. that was almost a week ago. today i've had cramps in my lower stomach that kind of hurt. it feels like i have to poop a lot but when i go to the toilet it's very little. i take sleeping pills a lot because i have a hard time sleeping. i am over weight also. im female and 24 years of age. i've also had fluttering in my stomach as well.
Avatar f tn I started the pills with no problem but around day 3, I start enxperience gas. It started in my stomach and then to my chest. There were a couple of nights I could not sleep, I had to sleep sitting up. I've missed work b/c of not being able to sleep at night. A week after starting the pills, I went back to the dietian for a check up. I explained what had been going on. She then instructed me to take half of a pill instead of the whole, to see how that will work.
Avatar n tn For about a week now I've noticed I've had allot of gas. It's embarressing. But the last couple of days the cramping is getting worse. I sit at a computer at work and sitting is defently the worse (yes I know my spellings terrible, its late, and I'm hurting) I took two gas relieveing pills today and pain meds and the pain was still bothering me. The cramping is in the front and on both sides. I have a slight fever but nothing ER worthy.
Avatar n tn I also chew peppermint gum and at times when I'm chewing I get that feeling and my mouth begins to water and I begin to dry heave. I have quite bit aof gas and once I belch or pass the gas the nausea subsides for a moment. Any suggestions anyone? Because I don't know what to do. Help!
170935 tn?1225374676 Here's some good info on possible causes for the gas and stomach problems. I've been having gas and PVC problems as well. [url=
1427124 tn?1284247534 It's anyone's guess what is causing your symptoms. I would get checked for overgrowth of candida or h. pylori( bad bacterias that cause digestive problems). If you give a stool sample, you can be checked for that, or also for other microbes or parasites that could be present.
Avatar f tn In addition, acidophilus pills and digestive enzymes will help your stomach to reduce bloating almost immediately. Just make sure that you check the labels to make sure that they are vegan pills and do not contain eggs or milk. All of this may not put you at 100% but it will help and you will see results immediately. As for Doctor care, look in to seeing a Functional medical Practitioner if you can afford it. Good luck. I know how difficult it is having this disease.
Avatar n tn I imagine the swelling you have is of course because your guts are full, and as the waste breaks down, it'll give off gas. An alka seltzer will help get the gas out of your stomach, and it'll also make you feel more comfortable. The only other thing I can think of about shingles is it does cause a paralysis of some kind... could be if it's near your abdomen, and once the shingles goes away, your digestion will improve, but I am not an expert on all that stuff.