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Avatar f tn Hey lady's, I have some quick issue I wanna discuss, on Thursday I was throwing up Chinese food that I thought teased a little funny while my boyfriend was injoying it, but that's not the bad part I was throwing up all day like crazy that I ended up at the ER I was having these horrible pain in my stomach and I had cramps im 8w4d and im not eating because the only think I can do is drink water, please help im so worried for the baby
Avatar f tn The last two times my boyfriend and I have sex with a condom I end up getting really bad stomach cramps and throwing up a few minutes later. When we don't use a condom I'm fine. I was planning on going to my doctor but I thought I'd ask your opinions first.
Avatar n tn last night I had really bad cramping and I felt like throwing up, which never happen. Now, this morning I usually feel my baby move and this time I did not feel her like before. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and there had been times when I had not felt my baby move and I go to the hospital to het a NST and they tell me that everything is fine with the baby. has anything like this ever happen to anyone? Please anything will help me, I am going crazy!
1802044 tn?1316007025 omg, I was so sick throwing up, ended up at the hospital, they didnt believe i had a prescription so had to call my doctor, yadda yadda ....It was the worst feeling a person can go through so I applaud you for making it.......way to go.....Right now, I'm going on a reduction plan with my doctor instead of cold turkey as they are still trying to find the right non-narcotic to manage my pain. The other thing is my blood pressure goes crazy when I'm having problems so they monitor that......
Avatar f tn my dads been throwing up since this evening, he said after he ate supper and went back to work his legs started to feel weak, then his stomach began to feel like he needed throw up, hes been throwing up every once in awhile since 6 this evening & its now 8:30pm. ?? any idea what could be making him throw up?
Avatar n tn my mom has a bad stomach ach she cant get up at all alot of pain she has a bad cramp and she feels like throwing up help she is in alot of pain
Avatar n tn My dog just started throwing up a yellowy brown fluid and is whining. He doesn't have any injuries, we don't believe he got into anything but he's whining like he has cramps or something wrong internally - What do I do???
Avatar n tn I wanted to let you know that I am experiencing the same thing today EXCEPT there is no throwing up - just severe diarrhea and stomach/abdominal cramps (along with those nasty sulfur burps). What I have may possibly be giardiasis, a single cell parasite that lives in feces. Contaminated drinking water is the major cause of this. What I wanted to say was, 23 years ago I lived in Arizona and had the same problem.
Avatar f tn I'm not throwing up either, but I have constant diaherra after trying to eat something. I have horrible cramps in my stomach that come and go without warning. I've been trying to keep dehydrated. I'm not under to much stress and I don't think it's from anything I ate. Any suggestions on what is wrong with me? Please help I can't take anymore of this.
517547 tn?1234922026 i feel so crappy today. i had to go to the hospital yesterday, i couldnt stop throwing up! it was horrible. they told me it was just a "bug" and go home and get some rest. although i feel a little better today my cramps are still pretty bad. i am looking forward to starting my 3rd round of clomid tomorrow! hopefully it will be our month! i am trying to stay positive.
Avatar n tn They let us out a week later and things have not improved very much. They throwing up is now just spit-up but his cramping is horrible and it only happens after he eats. They put him on a formula called 32 32A and we have to add the sugar into it.he only gets 3% of sugar. While in the hospital, they made him go 24 hours without eating (only had an IV). That was the best night every. He didn't spit up or cramp. The minute they tried formula , it all started again. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Everyone was nauseated and throwing up some even had a fever. I never got the fever just throwing up and nausea and then more nausea for like 3 days and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I got the eggy burps and it has been a constant like every 5 seconds. That icky burp taste and smell is killing me and it has been like 3 days now. I do have extreme gas and bloating and I am also farting a lot. There is a terrible rumble and gurgle going on in my gut.
Avatar n tn The Upper GI revealed I have a hiatal hernia, which is when your intestine busts through your stomach wall. This is a result of violently throwing up. How nice! I also have a 'pouch' on my small intestine that looks like a pizza crust bubble, simply from a lack of fiber and poor nutrition (and probably caused from the vomiting). These are results, or damage, from whatever the cause of my digestive troubles are, and will heal in time, so my doctor is now sending me off to have an endoscopy!
Avatar m tn I've been eating soup, toast and small amounts of chicken. The pain is on the left side of my stomach up near my ribs. I also feel it in my back. The only times I've thrown up was when the pain was real bad. I am 31 and pretty healthy otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn But again, I don't know what you are experiencing. Do you feel like throwing up before a social event or work or school? Soothing yourself with tea, or any relaxing help.
374249 tn?1208011946 I ended up throwing up and had diarrhea. I also took tums but they did not help. The rest of the say I was fine after throwing up. I didn't think much of it. The next day (I can't remember if I took advil or not) I began to have the same symptom. It seemed to be fine while I was sitting still but when I would move around it would begin to act up. I didn't throw up and it eventually went away. I had diarrhea that day as well. The next day I had no symptoms except diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Hello! My boyfriend has been throwing up for about the past 3 hours now, every 20-30 minutes. He's got the chills and sharp stomach cramps. This has happened to me before (a few times actually) and I can just wait it out and be fine in six or seven hours. However, his temperature when he first started getting the chills was 99.7. Over the last hour and a half it's dropped first to 97.6, then to 96.9, where it has stayed for about the last 20 minutes.
Avatar n tn List of sulphur-free foods: (Avoid them and this should stop sulphur gas). -Garlic, onions, and all of the allium family -Grains with: --- methionine: corn, sunflower seeds, oats, chocolate, cashews, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds (in that order). ---cysteine: oats, corn -corn -Legumes, including carob and jicama (alfalfa: MSM) -Red meats -eggs of chicken [of duck maybe less so?] -Nuts & seeds -Broccoli and all cole-family (brassica) vegetables.
Avatar f tn woke up 5 am bad cramps .slight bleeding and throwing up idk if the slight bleeding was from sex ..throwing up bc cereal. .has cramps bc constipated. It's been 5 hrs later. Still cramps nor as bad esp if I don't move and just little throwing up.
Avatar n tn cook up some plain brown rice. Lightly steam some fresh broccolli. Tear the chicken up into pieces - throwing away the skin (this is enough chicken for 2 dinners). Take the cooked brown rice and let it cool down a little. Stir fry it in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil with sea salt and black pepper. Add the chicken strips and steamed broccolli near the end. Eat.
Avatar f tn Whenever I would eat I would immediately start getting stomach cramps (horrible) and then go to the bathroom (throwing up and the other!). It lasted 3-4 days. Very bad. Now I am better. Maybe you have a bug.
Avatar f tn So I thought I was nauseous do to too much mucus in my stomach, if is the case then usually eating would help or if I end up throwing up, that would cure it. But it didnt. I ate and ended up throwing up twice and still felt ill all day. But ive been having cramps on my left aide. I googled it and a lot came up with pregancy. So here is my information about my menstrual cycle. Last time I have sex (unprotected, but on birth control) its was 2-4 days before I started my period.
Avatar f tn I Ben having bad stomach aches I hate throwing up. so I force it down and luckily I don't vomit but I get reeally close to it. I have been cramping but I had my period a week ago which unusually lasted 3light days..I have sudden headaches and sometimes I cry or get mad for no reason what's wrong with me??
Avatar f tn The day I got my period and I was ready to go to sleep I got some moderate pain in my stomach from period cramps. So I tried my best to fall asleep and finally did. When I woke up I was pain free and felt great. But an hour later I was beginning to have moderate pain again. Another hour later I was having severe pain and going to the bathroom frequently. I was crying because no position changed the pain in any way.
1043607 tn?1253240417 It hurt in my stomach sides back . I then threw up and went to the er. I ended up passing a small stone. I was freaked out thinking I had ruptured my bowel or had appendicitis since it did not really hurt where the kidney was so it can present this way. It could possibly be that or something going on with your intestines or maybe endiometriosis. I would start at the primary doc and see if he can do some tests .
Avatar n tn my stomach cramps reallt bad after i eat i have indigestion, and i have to go to the restroom and can not hold it no matter where i am. igo to the restroom with dirreha and it is real watery and loose. i go 3 or 4 times before i get relief and my stomach still hurts a little. i have a pain on my lefy sid that goes into the back area. i get sick at my stomach also.
Avatar f tn Edg's, colonoscopy's.. The whole throwing up acid thing, and indigestion. Chronic pain mostly all the time. That has been the only thing the doctors are sure of. Everything else is just now coming up along with the seizure dissorder.
Avatar f tn Last Friday i started throwing up couple of time a day and now today. I haven't stopped throwing up. I don't have diarrhea no cramps or chills or ache or fever.
Avatar n tn I had the Merina inserted on my 41st birthday. The first one defaulted and I have had 2 children. The pain was almost unbearable, I almost said "forget this" noise. So the second one stayed in place but I Have cramps that go up into my back. My doctor said it was "normal" but none of her patients had ever complained so I felt like a total loser for complaining about them. Well, here I am 41 days later and it still hurts, I'm still bleeding.
Avatar n tn I have experienced all this throughout the course of 4 days. Today's is just diarrhea and stomach cramps...yesterday I was throwing up and I have not had a fever...body chills are normally at night...ugh too much for right now.