Stomach cramps that won't go away

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Avatar f tn Cramps can be a sign of a miscarriage, yes. But they won't cause a go to the er and get checked out, couldn't hurt anything and it will put your mind at ease to know baby is okay.
Avatar n tn (Although the first day was the really rough one) Here is some real tips that won't hurt you unless you are allegeric to over the counter meds.. Please check with your mother for allergies and have her read this forum before preceding with any care. 1) If you know the day of your period then take IBUPROFEN 400 mg (2 Tabs) immediately. A doctor can prescribe you heavier doses and you REALLY NEED to tell him or her to get that regimen started. IBUPROFEN is the king of all cramp killers.
1523981 tn?1311322195 I have some lower back pain which has been on and off the last few weeks but now I have the lower back pain along with cramps. I am 26 weeks is it normal to have cramps right now?
131817 tn?1209532911 I have been up most of the night with stomach pains and cramps, constipation and gas. Hours later it turned into diarreha and blood. Now it just seems to be blood every 1/2 or so. When I stand up it really feels like I have to go and then just blood. Like a tbs or more of blood. I have checked the web, found Crohn's which my dad had, IBS and hemoroids. Seems to much to be 'roids. I am sure my diet lately hasn't helped.
Avatar m tn gave me Nexium yesterday but I wonder if I should have received some antibiotics instead. Now when I eat them I get massive cramps that are very painful and won't go away unless I take a few acidophilus pills. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn i am experiencing IBS type pain but the trouble is that these symptoms don't come and go they have been constant over a month, i have trouble eating and digesting any foods with anti-spasmodics, acid reducers, digestive enzymes or eating small amounts of food. i have also begun to eliminate both gluten and dairy from my diet to see if that helps but so far the symptoms haven't changed. as far as more serious conditions like colitis or chrons, i doubt it.
Avatar n tn As I said, I recently had a bad lip sore that would not go away. One of the clues of this stomach sickness being related was the pain in my cheekbone and the tingling in the belly that signalled the start of it. I remember it distinctly even though it was the first of August....I remember where I was standing when it happened. Unless you think I was miraculously cured by those praying for me, you would have to realize that viruses tend to leave the body as quickly as they start.
Avatar n tn I am in shock that there is so many people out there that are having the same issues I am.. The stomach cramps are terrible, the burps are gross and running back and forth to the bathroom is draining. All the doctors can tell me know is that I have IBS. Before I had removed my gall bladder in 2006 that was the favored diagnosis. By the way they wouldn't have found my gall bladder needed to come out if it wasn't for the nuclear scan..
Avatar n tn Hello All! At last, an update from a post of Sunday, May 07, 2000. This will be followed by two more. If you have not read my post of 5/7/00, I suggest doing so and then returning to this one. My previous post explains the symptoms I experience, in detail, and may be a helpful way to compare your own, especially if you have no idea what this is and what is happening to you!!!
Avatar f tn Hi lady's so I am only about four week pregnant for my first time, I been cramping for 8 days now and dr. Won't see me until June the 20. I'm concerned About my pregnancy, I am so excited but at the same time scared. Any advise.? Also did your dr. See you right Away?
1388357 tn?1280193093 If the insurance won't do the CINE..if your NS is content that the CM is causing this, then couldn't they just go ahead with the surgery? Where I live, there is no CINE but my NS was convinced just by the MRI and the crowding near my foramen magnum...and he was right!
Avatar f tn I won't miss the back pains lol.
Avatar m tn So try that if you haven't already.
Avatar n tn It is the course of Diflucan daily 100mg a day for 10 days that made that taste go away! Then just a couple of weeks after starting antibiotics again, here comes the nasty taste. And I take massive probiotics, am otherwise pretty healthy..but this nasty sickening taste is going to drive me INSANE, it is SO disgusting. My husband says it is not my breath, I breathe on him to check it all the time. No, it is coming out of one side of my nose, and it feels like a puff of heated smelly stuff.
Avatar n tn The stomach ache and cramps won't go away. I wake up to it and go to bed with it, I have been having regular bowel movements and just been tired. Does anybody have any idea what this could be, I am scared it could be something really bad..
Avatar f tn However I now have bloating, a feeling of real pressure in my recturm and a pain in my right side that won't go away. I also have frequent episodes of stomach cramps and diarhea and am increasingly worried that htis is something more sinister than IBS. Coudl someone hel[p please?
Avatar n tn for the 1st and that was the soonest I can be seen. I want it to go away. I'm scared it won't. I think I'm getting anemic and that might explain some of my severe exhaustion etc. But it's been 8monthes almost 9. Know one told me this was a possible side effect.
86075 tn?1238118691 sure, they ordered a pediatric scope for you, extra soft and flexible. Whaaat, isn't that to, it's long, but smaller in diameter....won't it crinkle up if it's so soft....yes, but they use a wire to stiffen it if necessary about sterilizing that thing, I just got over hep c... well you get the picture. But I was thinking...I just had a PCR, and it was neg. In 3 month I have another, and it better be neg, or I'll ask Mikesimon to open his law office again.
Avatar m tn Hi, I get a very bad stomach ache and stomach cramps sometimes after eating fruit. It comes on around 3-4 hours after eating it and then gets progressively worse until I am finally sick. It is usually around 9 or 10 hours in to it before I am sick. Once sick, the pains start to very slowly ease and I feel generally much better. I have had an allergy test and am not allergic to fruit.
Avatar f tn I don't want to freak out or make a big deal about things since I heard that having cramps is normal. My thing is I keep waking up at midnight or 1am every single night 27th painful cramps that won't go away unless I take a hot shower. This has happened every night for a week. Two days ago the pain was so bad that I was dizzy and sweating and nauseated. Is this normal? It only happens around that time and it wakes me up.
Avatar n tn i posted a bulletin earlier about me hoping im not pregnant and having weird stomach pains... now the stomach pains have turned into cramps and the fluid that comes out of my vagina is now blood... not alot but im still concerned because my period just ended august worried, people told me before it could be stressed but im not stressed anymore because i've been told that i cant be pregnant because of my cycle and i still had about 8-10 days until i was fertile so now im really confused..
Avatar n tn possibly GERD...Reflux, best get seen by doctor won't go away without help...could have H-Pylori virus which will need an anti-biotic, zantac and or prilosec...
Avatar f tn If that feeling of cramps gets stronger and close together with timing between them, go to hospital because it's baby time
Avatar f tn I've been getting severe diarrhea like cramps for 2 days now. I never go to bathroom with these cramps but they seem to be gettin worse. I'm very gassy with them tho. Is this normal at 33 weeks. Nd has anyone experienced this? I have had 3 children but my contractions were never cramps. I have had bad achy constant back pain for over a week now but my dr chalked it up to be a pulled muscle without checking me or monitoring contractions.
10421138 tn?1425527800 It'll be like you peed, but you didn't. When that happens, go to the hospital right away. Another way it might happen is contractions. I'm sure you've been feeling "fake" ones, but these will be the real deal. Your back will hurt, you won't be able to sleep... Once they get about 5 minutes apart, for a while, go in to the hospital. Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly.
1977983 tn?1328211793 Constent back and upper abdoman pain that won't go away no matter what you do, followed by contractions after a few hours to a day. But, keep in mind, it is different for everyone. Good luck, and congradulations.
Avatar n tn Well, I don't need to worry about getting pregnant bc sex is the last thing I think about right now, I just want my energy back and the lower abdomen, bloated, constipated feeling and cramps to go away. I too am hoping that it dissipates with time. But if you have never given birth you MUST get the softener, MUST take 800 Mg Ibuprofen PRIOR to the procedure and MUST have someone drive you home. I was a danger to mankind.
Avatar f tn but telling him I wanted to... and he said it was really silly b/c it won't be accurate. And, that I shouldn't go by all these symptoms or non-symptoms... He's right!!! But, it's weird. So I'll wait...maybe till the night before or day of. Although, if a HPT is negative, I've heard sometimes blood tests can still be a BFP. So be careful... hope for the best, but prepare....