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Avatar n tn hi guys on jan 11 i had one min of sexual intercourse with an married woman (drunk) 3 weeks later i have had genital itching stomach cramps and now at 4 months i have a dry sore throat for the last few weeks , i have fatique two, the worring thing is my wife has had cramps in the morning all the time and has fatique no get up and go and told me she has dry sore throat all the time two.
Avatar f tn I had unproteced sex with a partner saturday night / sunday morning and soon after, I felt cramp like pains.. (period cramps) in my lower stomach and a burning senseation in my vagina. I have no pain when going to the loo. Please can you tell me have i got something or am i worrying unnecesarly. It would be a while from I would have had intercourse.
Avatar m tn he gave me erythromycin which gave me stomach cramps but felt alil better .. Now my question is after the doctor gave me the 1st injection the burning on my penis stopped but the clear discharge hasn't stopped even now only stopped on sunday 2nd august but cameback the following day and I also have pain on my right testicle and I haven't hhad sex since then only have wet dreams ....
Avatar m tn Lik i had diarrhea for a lil bit than it stoped an lik i wud have these stomach cramps an it felt lik i lost a lil bit of my weight an lik win i wat myvstomach lik feels empty wat u think cud b wrng
Avatar m tn 2 months ago - I had oral sex with a guy, made out and he fingered me 3 months ago - I fingered a guy and my middle finger started bleeding and was a little cut, made out, and oral 4 months ago - I had insertive sex (he wore a condom and I did too), he came and i did too, oral, making out Today my stomach went crazy (cramps, ab pain) and i have a temperature of 100.8 (a low grade fever). should I been concerned?
Avatar f tn but until yesterday (6 january 2015) i had very light bleeding and later had very bad stomach cramps i had to lay down and even that didn't help. (bare in mind my cycle is 39-45 days. so its atleast nearly two weeks early for me to have my period. or is it?) which prevented me from sleeping well at all last night. woke up very tired and dizzy. today the bleeding is bright red and was moderate in flow. had a bit of clear discharge too.
Avatar n tn he is a known liar...but what im thinkin is that he may have stomach hurts and i have cramps on different parts of my body..and i feel like i have to have a bowel movement but i cant..not to mention my abnormal discharge..but that cam after i had my baby 9 months ago..please tell me that i dont have one..and can you tell you have an std after only 20-24 hours...??
Avatar m tn I am now suffering from stomach cramps, testicular swelling and a sore throat. Is there a risk I could have contracted anything? There was no additional touching of genetalia although I did touch her breasts.
Avatar n tn My bf and i only use my pill as protection. I have been getting cramps in my lower stomach like i am getting my period but still havent got it. I have been very tired the last couple of weeks and have been going to the bath room more (not sure if these are signs or not) i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I dont no what to do??!
Avatar n tn Lately after I have sex with my boyfriend i have very severe cramps in my lower stomach radiating towards my butt...Has anyone only experienced the cramping after sex or is it all the time for you?
Avatar f tn I am one day past IVF and am having lower menstrual cramps. Is this unusual. Did anyone else's doctor require them to have bedrest for 24 hours? Thanks for listening.
369941 tn?1218660374 my period ended dec 26th an iv been havin these weird lower stomach cramps that i thought were from the sex my bf and i had on the night of the i always worrying haha its a habit of mine...and i hate it!
Avatar n tn I contacted the national liver foundation and they tell me i cannot catch hepatitas through having oral sex performed on me but i read other articles that say you can so i am confused. Also my symtoms are Daily nausea,stomach aches and cramps in the center of my stomach,muscle and joint aches,lightheaded,poor apetite,and my stool has changed from typically hard daily to very soft daily,not light in appearance. Any helpfull answers would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I Have Been Having Low Stomach Cramps That Will Last Several Hours Aftee Intercourse.These Pains Are Stronger Than Period Cramps. Does Anyone Have Advice.?
Avatar m tn He thought the knots were from antibiotic or stomach bug. My questions; 1. Did I place myself at risk for an std / HIV from massage gal? 2. Are my stomach knots / ache an ARS symptom? 3. Would my test have been pos if my symptoms were ARS. (test taken over a week after testicle pain and stomach knots) 4. Can I move on with my life and hope my stomach knots disappear?
Avatar m tn She took a pill and the symptoms were still there along now with low stomach cramps. She went back to dr and took another urine test and this time it was clear I guess that's y they ruled it a yeast infection. My questions are would it be possible for her to have these symptoms many months later if it was due to an std. I have never felt any burning or had any discharge. The only symptoms I had were described earlier.
Avatar n tn Someone else in my house had started to get what seemed to be norovirus a day after my indiscretion, and I seemed to get it a day after them but just stomach cramps, loose bowels, fever/chills, slight wooziness, and no vomiting. The day after exposure I noticed a single itch/tingle inside the urethra tip, that lasted a half hour or so, when it was around 9pm. I attributed it to possibly the sanitizer, but it went away.
12446964 tn?1425527425 My bleeding is WAY worse, lots of blood clot like things, major cramps and vaginal soreness when urinating and just in general. Usually my cramps disappear by day 3, this is day 4 and still awful. Midol is not really helping, however, heating pad does help. I have been on multiple antibiotics from a bad UT/yeast infection/Bacterial Vaginosis. I am experiencing vaginal discharge that is white and also quite watery at times.
Avatar f tn Hi, 26 years old female, had 3 sexual partners in the period right before symptoms. Symptoms were vaginal itching, burning, vulvar pain, stomach cramps, discharge(was thick and white at first then recently turned yellowish-brown). 2 months ago I had BV and yeast infection was treated successfully with Flagyl and Diflucan. Was tested for STDs at that point and all came out negative. Have had the symptoms for the past month.
Avatar n tn No I have never had unprotected sex but recently i got something like a cold sore maybe in my mouth and also the bottom side of my toungue hurts. Its probably not cause of this though.
Avatar n tn This past Sunday night, I worked out for the first time in a month at 2 in the morning (LOL just felt like it), and had cramps the next two days. On Monday, I had a sandwich from Subway for the 4th or 5th day in a row, and soon after, I lost my appetite for dry foods and my stomach felt cramped, and I felt like I was going to throw up. Since then, my stomach feels occasional pain, and it is hard to sleep at night when lying down because the stomach pain causes discomfort.
Avatar m tn It's been 1 week now and I don't have those symptoms anymore. I am now suffering from stomach cramps and In my mouth there seems to have evolved a white line across my Gums on in the inner side of the cheeks. Also it seems I am not able to erect my penis as easily as I was before. I have just done full STD testing now (12 day now). Blood and Urine exam. My test should come back in 3 days. I would like to know is there something I can take to stop this please?
Avatar n tn It could be just the water but I had some stomach cramps, muscle pain and headaches. When I got back, I had a few days of really bad diarrhea. The muscle/joint pain, stomach and groin cramping, headaches, dizziness and fatigue has been going on up to now, for about a week. My penis also has a red rash on the tip and it periodically stings a little for a brief second. This began a few days ago. I definitely can't explain this continuous lousy feeling.
Avatar f tn They have gotten harder and my vagina has this fishy smell to it and I dont get wet(in an aroused way) anymore the way I used to. My period is late and at the beginning of the week I had bad stomach pains. They were different from menstral cramps though. I'm tryna wait another week for my period,, because it usually comes at the end of the month, around this time..
Avatar n tn Took one days worth of the Doxy and started experiencing severe stomach cramps and pains. The RN for my case told me it was probably the stomach flu (they were getting 40 new case reports a day of it). She also told me that my urine screen came back CLEAN for STD's, but that there was traces of blood in it. I was advised to stop using it for a couple weeks and see if the symptoms went away on their own since my screen was clear. Finish the doses if not.
Avatar f tn So last night me and another guy had unprotected sex, this morning my stomach was hurting really bad, like cramps in the tenth degree. The pain is so bad that i feel sick, at this very moment the pain is still there but, it only hurts when i stand up or lay down. So what does this mean?
Avatar n tn Five weeks after having sex with this woman I have devoloped really bad wind and bubbling in my stomach. I was also getting some cramps which have started to disappear. The wind and pain is not really in any one place. If I get a bad pain I get the pain about two inches below my navel. When I push my finger against my stomach and jig my finger about I am dislogging wind.
Avatar m tn Two days ago I started getting diarrhea and bad stomach cramps. There's some kind of stomach bug going around where I live so I didn't think much of it, but yesterday and today I've noticed some discharge from my penis. It's that kind of discharge though where you're not sure if it really is discharge of if it's just regular urine and post-ejaculate leakage, or maybe prostate fluid.