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Avatar f tn When my doctor prescribed this medication for me, he also prescribed a stomach remedy to protect my stomach. Although it may work for some people, it is still wise to be aware of the risks and side effects of taking this and any other medication. With regard to menstrual problems, the healthy eating option as I mentioned previously and taking Evening Primrose Oil does work. It will also curb any premenstrual cravings.
Avatar f tn I get painful stomach cramps that wake me out of my sleep for about 5 minutes when i have diarrhea. I have to breathe and moan it out cuz it hurts so bad.Its been happening about once a month since i think 5 or 6 months..I am now 8 months..l drink plenty water so idk y this happens :-( i hope its not a bad sign...
Avatar f tn For years, my brother has been experiencing what seem to muscle cramps under his lower ribs; he says people have thought he was having a heart attack because of the way the cramps make him clutch his stomach and lean backwards in pain. My father has suggested quinine, but it's unavailable nowdays. The doctor doesn't seem concerned; however, my brother is very incapacitated by these spasms. I read magnesium/calcium suppliments may help; also, tonic water containing any quinine, as well.
Avatar m tn Pepto-Bismol is an over-the-counter drug used for treatment of nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhoea, and other temporary discomforts of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Ginger ale is often used as a home remedy to alleviate indigestion or motion sickness. Hence you can take them and once you feel slightly better you can get antacids and anti-emetics form the pharmacy. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided.
Avatar f tn I put anointing oil on my legs called my Pastor to pray for me. Drank a huge glass of water and (old school remedy) took and ate a spoonful of salt. After that i subsided and i haven't had another like it. Thank God.
354373 tn?1299184526 Hi All! So I'm 6 weeks today......For the past 48 hours I've had such a sour stomach....feels like acid is creeping up my esophagus into my mouth....I've tried everything (I think) that I've seen posted on here - TUMS, milk...Is there anything else? Is this even pregnancy related this soon? I've NEVER had this before so I have to assume it is, but it seems silly this early on.....It kept me awake ALL night last night...I felt like I wanted to throw up just to get it out!
Avatar m tn My hubby started having belly cramps around 330. He just got over the stomach bug and decided to start eating regular again. He had pizza, soda, chocolate, apple, and off and on ginger ale and water. Around 730 at night he was pacing and irritable. He already tried peptones and 6 gas relief pills. Unfortunately it did not work. At 800 I decided to do some research and found that baking soda and water is a common home remedy. At this point he was willing to try anything.
Avatar f tn Im 27weeks and ftm.since 2 days im having severe cramps in my stomach and after that i have to go to toilet to pass loose stool..y is this so..the cramps r to much worried.its the 2nd day the cramps r still there.r the cramps hurtinh my baby too..
Avatar f tn I just found out that I'm pregnant & am 5 weeks. I started getting stomach cramps the past 2 days. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn Normal to get side abdominal cramps all the time. They feel like if I'm sore. Sometimes they feel like the cramps you get with leg cramps. I noticed I would get them during sex, but now I'm getting them all the time and I dk if its normal. I'm 22 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am 24 weeks and I'm having stomach pains like some1 with a running stomach, and for the past 2 week's l was passing out dark stools, l didnt change my diet, is it normal
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm an 18 year old female and I have been on the contraceptive pill (Cerazette) for roughly 18months, perhaps slightly less. I'm aware that side-effects can cause irregular or no bleeding at all (ie no periods) and I haven't had any bleeding at all since I started taking it but this was never a problem as it remained this way so that's fine.
1254356 tn?1269277744 i have cramps going on all through out my stomach, i went to my OB and he said everything was okay. This being my first child and everything all i do is freak out. does anyone else experience these?
Avatar f tn During the day today , ive been getting like cramps in the lower stomach almostlike period pain. My period isn't due for another 2 weeks. I used to be on the pill but i have been off it for about 3 months now. Also the other day i noticed a small about of brown discharge on my underwear!
Avatar n tn I have really bad stomach cramps, and they occur like contractions, even though I am not pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hello I have been experiencing stomach cramps today. I am 33 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else been experiencing cramps?