Stomach cramps on right side

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Avatar f tn I'm 2 months in my first but i have light pain on my right side idk if it's normal but me and my boyfriend got in a argument yesterday could something be wrong with my baby!!
Avatar m tn I have pain on my right side that started just to the right of my belly button. I do not have a fever, but the cramps wake me up at night. The pain started 3 nights ago. I am worried. :( I called for a doctor's appt. but they cannot see me until Monday. I am worried and wondering what this could be.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your sciatic nerve when you gain weight it starts to hurt on the right side kinda by your butt but right above it. Drink water there isn't much you can do. It will come and go. But after pregnancy it should completely go away.
Avatar f tn My doctor seems to think it may be a stomach ulcer, although she has admitted herself that’s shes not overly sure what’s wrong. I’m now 3 months later and still this pain on my right hand side and under my ribs remains. Just wondering if any of this could be IBS related? It’s not a condition I know too much about.
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm 9wks +2 and today I experienced some cramping on my right side. It was pretty sharp and only when I'm on my feet, there is no bleeding or spotting so that's great. So I decided not to go into work today bcuz I stand on my feet all day and didn't want to take any chances. I guess I'm wondering if that's a good decision...ftm btw.
5739386 tn?1378836460 My doc said to sleep on my sides not the back..
5393281 tn?1371094461 No more than 10 seconds later, I felt pain on the right side of my upper torso. Painful, what felt like cramps even, from the right side of my stomach, to under my ribs where it was particularly painful, to under my right breast. I ended up on my knees with my head on my pillow and arms holding my head for about 30 minutes with the pain which bought tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what happened?
Avatar f tn Yea its just their is a main artery that ribs the right side so it decreases blood flow to that side and baby a bit I guess. I sleep mostly on n left side but toss and turn.
11970398 tn?1443134602 I know that sleeping on ur left side is best and sleeping on ur back is a no no but i heard sleeping on ur right side can cut of blood flow to the baby too and when i lay on my right side my son moves and kicks way more im worried thats his way of telling me to switch sides
Avatar f tn Im 12weeks pregnant and everything has been going smooth, but ive noticed that im getting werid cramps only on my right side. I havent had an ultra sound yet cause my hospital is lagging on my appointment. But have anyone gone through this? What did the doctors tell you? Please answer !
Avatar f tn I'm having severe stomach cramps on the lower left side of my stomach. It hurts so much that I can hardly move and they're not going away. AF finished over a week ago (I'm on CD11). Ever since AF finished I've been having cramps in the right side of my stomach, and in my upper and lower stomach everyday. However they changed sides this afternoon and have become really painful. I've also have a really windy rumbly stomach. Are any of these symptons a sign of pregnancy?
952660 tn?1258680874 I have been having severe off and on lower right abdomen and lower right back pain for a week or so, it is getting worse, and recently has been waking me up. I am extremely tired, and have a bad headache. Some pain when urinating for three days, and pain after eating. I have had a very slight or no fever the entire time. I lost my insurance a few months ago, and can't afford a lot of tests. My stomach seems quite bloated also, I have a family history of ovarian cancer, it scares me.
Avatar f tn so do i. i don't mean to but i wake up on my right side side and it cramps bad. i don't know how to keep myself from doing it.
Avatar f tn I did go see a pharmacist today (wanted some advice but was unsure if it required a GP appointment (usually made for the next week anyway) and she said that stomach cramps are not mentioned as a side effect of Cerazette and said that if they don't go away in a few days I should see a GP and if it gets worse over the weekend to go to the emergency doctor at the hosptial.
Avatar m tn A couple of days ago i started having pain on my right side just below my rib and under my rib. what are some things that could cause this?
1660049 tn?1326089018 s the pain has been more like really strong period cramps, not really one one side but all over the front. I really hope that when you go back your hcg has risen. It may be too early for her to see anythig on ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm 23 years old and ever since I first got my first period I've had menstrual cramps on the right side of my lower abdomen. I've never though much of this, until recently when I realized most of the women I know say they feel cramping on both sides, or just on the lower abdomen.
Avatar m tn I have occasional stomach cramps it lasts about 20-30 minutes per attack happening several times per week but lately daily. It usually is in my lower quadrant of my abdomen on my center to left side. I break out in sweat as I sit on the toilet thinking I need to use the toilet. I can hear gurgling in my stomach and occasionally have gas. Some times it is accompanied by diarrhea, sometimes not. When I feel like I go to the bath room I feel as though I am giving birth through my back side.
Avatar n tn Am 10 weeks and I was just wondering is it normal to have stomach cramps, just worried due a previous ectopic and mc.
Avatar n tn I have horrible pain right side stomach and partial back pain. For 2 months i have either direaha or nothing. anything I eat causes some form of problems had ultrasound, ct, blood tests all came back ok of course but none the less my side hurts. If anyone has any advice or suggestions !!!!!
Avatar f tn Th bottom wasn't getting tight it was my upper part of my belly like right under my boobs
Avatar n tn The reason is that the substances which cause the blood vessels to dilate are blocked, retaining blood within the penis. The onlt side effects occur when you are on an opiate and experience withdrawal when taking naltrexane.
5518191 tn?1370138175 so i have cramps only on my right side...its not like really bad, its just annoying. are cramps on just one side normal?
Avatar f tn Normal to get side abdominal cramps all the time. They feel like if I'm sore. Sometimes they feel like the cramps you get with leg cramps. I noticed I would get them during sex, but now I'm getting them all the time and I dk if its normal. I'm 22 weeks.
Avatar f tn what i mean is that the same place it hurts in my right upper side chest it hurts on my right side upper back its like the pain is in same place back and front " i have been getting this pain on and off for abt 4 weeks and recently for 2 days i have a sore throat , burning pain in throat and ears and goes down to stomach but no stomach pain ,swallowing is painfull , what can this be and is this something to go to the doctor abt or do i needto go to the emergency room for this .
Avatar f tn I had cramps everywhere lol. My doctor told me not to stress thst it is ligaments stretching and your body adjusting.