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982384 tn?1311333837 i had 3 blastocyst embies transferred last monday, jan 3 2010 and felt the usual cramping since yesterday...but it was on and off. is it normal? and if i remember it right i never felt this much cramps from my previous cycles. i even ask my husband about our previous experiences. and not until this morning that i noticed too that my breast is not that sensitive it a bad thing? or maybe it's just that this is my first 5day embies transfer...
Avatar f tn ( Now I am cramping on and off some mild some more painful but my period is not due for another two weeks. What is going on???? Let me know if you figured it out.
Avatar f tn Last night I found pink/red blood when I went to use the bathroom, it was on the tissue, it was small not heavy but not too bad, and with that I was getting period cramps and felt really sickI am 7 weeks pregnant, my aunt and my cousin had lots of miscarriages, then today I have only on and off bleeding not bad and no pain either only spotting but aunt said that is what had happened to her before she lost her baby, she had a quite few of them and was 7 weeks too when she lost hers, I am going t
Avatar f tn Hi my last period was February 1st and this Monday I just found out I was pregnant but I have been having stomach cramps on and off since last everything ok...I have a doctors appointment friday..
Avatar f tn I got them on and off throughout both of my pregnancies. When I don't feel well I don't throw up I get stomach pains and issues. I think it's the way my body reacts to pregnancy and all the hormones.
Avatar f tn I have been having cramps on n off for the last week. I went to the hospital last Sunday and was told I had a bladder infection I was dehydrated and round ligament pains.
10256164 tn?1408981241 You should be fine, my dogs a German shepherd and she jumps on me while I'm standing up and hits my bump sometimes if I can't catch her fast enough. if there's any bleeding or bad cramps I'd go to e.r.
Avatar f tn How far along are you? I'm almost 35w and have been experiencing the same pain. It's constant lower back pain and period cramps but nothing that I can time. it's been happening on and off for a week.
Avatar f tn today the stomach cramps continued and i slept most of the day . i went to the restroom because i felt i had to poop when i tried i felt this big sharp pain that made me lift up off the seat. i figured maybe it was just a gas bubble then i wiped and there was a bloody mucus like stuff on the toilet paper. i called l&d and asked if i should be concerned because its bloody . they told me no unless it gets more bloody or i have close contractions . im still worried and would like some advice .
Avatar f tn 7 weeks and yes on and off cramping. When I do crampi try to take it easy drink some warm chamomile and type to relax as it is just the baby growing!
Avatar f tn ve also been having back ache, sore breasts on and off and have been off my food in the middle of the day for over a week. I really don't want to take a HPT unless I'm really sure I'm having definite pregnancy symptons because I'm sick of being disappointed and hurt.
Avatar m tn The past few months I've had more and more lower stomach cramps\pains. Its right at the belt line, sensitive to touch also. I've noticed if I go without eating I don't have any stomach issues or pains, I was recently on omeprezole for supposed stomach acid, which did nothing. I continue to have pain and have now stopped taking it. My stool has gone from regular solid to now waking up in the morning and 45 minutes in running to the bathroom hoping I don't miss the toilet.
Avatar f tn I'm tapering my 10/650 hydrocodones and I'm getting horrible stomach cramps! Is this normal? If so how long will it last? I was taking 4 1/2 -6 a day and I'm trying to just take 3 now. But the stomch pain is so bad I ended up taking 4 1/2 again today and it didn't get rid of it, just made it more bearable. I don't want to go through this every time I lower my dose... I'd rather just quit cold turkey and get it over with... Help!
Avatar f tn I am 20 days clean from Benzos and ove rthe last 3 or 4 days have been experiencing painful and very un comfortable stomach pains, Is this related to me quiting benzos after 3 yrs of heavy use? Does anyone know?
879694 tn?1272239941 When I was miscarrying I was spotting off and on. It was only when I wiped and that was just sometimes. At sometime through the off and on spotting when I wiped I passed the baby. I had no idea. I didn't have cramps or anything. The sac was still left and I didn't want to wait to see when I would pass that so I opted for a d&e. Some women are different through there pregnancy though. My cousin had bled every month for about a week up until she was 12 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks and for the last couple of days I have had off and on stomach pains. I was gonna mention it to my Dr on Thursday but it didn't hurt today and if i don't feel that pain till Thursday should I still mention it to the Dr . It is 2 different pains there is a sharp pain and then also it feel like in just have a stomach ache.
Avatar f tn I am 15yo and at around 5:30 pm I started feeling sick after getting off a plane. I started getting these cramps which I thought were because of my period which is two days late. I went to the toilet and I was fine so I went back to wait for my suitcase and the pain came back but was worse. I started feeling dizzy, turned pale and fainted. Once I got to the hotel the cramps were still there and diarrhea started to occur.
Avatar f tn I had SEVERE cramps 9 - 11 weeks on and off. I'm almost 38 weeks now, with a healthy baby girl. So, I wouldn't worry! If you start spotting, go to the doctor!
Avatar n tn Definitely get back to me and let me know what turns up on your end. I'm sure your fine but it's good to get it checked out for sure. Sounds like your staying optimistic and you should. Here are a few observations leading up to my really bad day of cramping... A few weeks prior I had switched from dairy to soya. I've stopped drinking soya for now. Is there yeast in Soya??? Not even sure. I also ate a steak medium rare a few days before.
Avatar n tn I am having lower back cramping, sharp pains in my stomach and now heavy discharge mostly light brown with some red. I had a period that was very light then heavy then light again (very strange) i feel bloated and im hormonal..I also feel like there are air bubbles in my stomach. I havent taken a test yet..should I?
Avatar f tn My vitamin D is low as well as some other border line thyroid issues but my doctors advised me that my symptoms had nothing to do with this and my levels were in the normal range. This is a different area but I also have sever stomach cramps right after I eat which causes loose bowels for about 3 weeks and 1 week during menstruation am constipated I do have a goiter but they said it also will not cause my symptoms. I am looking to rescheudule another appt but am switching insurances.
Avatar n tn Three weeks ago, my doctor started to taper me and as of Friday, June 27th I have been completely off of nortriptyline. For five days I had terrible stomach cramps, nausea, and some low back pain. After that I felt pretty good for only two days. The symptoms (stomach cramps, nausea, back pain) have returned and I just feel terrible. I'm just wondering if these symptoms will be going away anytime soon. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn ive been off of the shot for about 7 months now and my periods are still irregular, I have bad stomach cramps every now and then, back pain and my boobs are very sore.
Avatar f tn Its doesnt really feel like cramps but just feels achy in the lower part. I just turned 13wks on sunday and I did feel cramps which I was told was normal at the beginning but they went away around 9-10wks and now for the last three days or so I have been feeling just discomfort. When I google it i just find a bunch of stuff about miscarriage.. Please help! Starting to worry... thanks..
Avatar n tn the tummy cramps are subsiding and now i have the feeling of slight nausea and dizziness off and on, i dont have sore breasts, just headache today... has anyone else had this and is it a good sign or not.. urine hpt is due on the 22nd april as we dont have beta....