Stomach cramps on and off

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Avatar f tn I got them on and off throughout both of my pregnancies. When I don't feel well I don't throw up I get stomach pains and issues. I think it's the way my body reacts to pregnancy and all the hormones.
Avatar f tn Hi my last period was February 1st and this Monday I just found out I was pregnant but I have been having stomach cramps on and off since last everything ok...I have a doctors appointment friday..
Avatar f tn ( Now I am cramping on and off some mild some more painful but my period is not due for another two weeks. What is going on???? Let me know if you figured it out.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm 18 weeks today and had terrible stomach cramps last night like twinges. Is this normal? It's eased off this morning. I've had people say baby could be in awkward position or first movement I can feel but isn't it meant to feel like butterflies not pain???
Avatar f tn idk but im a 11 year old male and two days ago in school. my stomach aches where off and on like they were on for like 30 seconds and then gone then back again I've had flu medicine and Tylenol and whet ever helps you.
Avatar f tn it's been happening on and off for a week.
Avatar n tn ( After a weeks time my nausea had stopped and my breasts were on and off with the tenderness. I started to feel lower back pains too? Since I had not started to bleed or anything my doctor suggested the D&C. Thanks for your support!!
Avatar f tn today the stomach cramps continued and i slept most of the day . i went to the restroom because i felt i had to poop when i tried i felt this big sharp pain that made me lift up off the seat. i figured maybe it was just a gas bubble then i wiped and there was a bloody mucus like stuff on the toilet paper. i called l&d and asked if i should be concerned because its bloody . they told me no unless it gets more bloody or i have close contractions . im still worried and would like some advice .
Avatar n tn Basically, the next morning I either have diarrhoea or just general loose movements. This is associated with stomach cramps that on occasion can wake me up. These cramps can occur throughout the day and because of this I constantly worry about whether I will be able to find a toilet. I also find this very embarrassing so I often avoid certain situations, especially if they involve going somewhere in the morning.
Avatar f tn 7 weeks and yes on and off cramping. When I do crampi try to take it easy drink some warm chamomile and type to relax as it is just the baby growing!
9310208 tn?1410862885 You'll cramp on and off throughout your entire pregnancy.
10148974 tn?1408261919 You will have it on and off during the rest of your pregnancy thats just your urterus stitching for ur lil one I still have them and im 6 months
Avatar f tn Hi lady's. I'm almost 12 weeks and I've been having cramps and a lot of bloating on and off. This will be my first baby. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks too, and I've been getting cramps on and off.
Avatar n tn Im around 5w4d give or take a day or two but ive been cramping off and on for the past that normal they arnt bad but definitely noticeable....
Avatar f tn Hello all, just found out I'm pregnant and have really bad stomach cramps over the past few days. I can only describe them as similar to period cramps but with no period. Has anyone else felt like this. First pregnancy so not sure what to expect and what's considered norm?!
885551 tn?1241263001 Hi thanks for ur reply im so worried in my last cycle i never exerienced any symptons and it didnt work so im trying to be positive but its hard xo The cramps feels like me period i keep going 2 the toilet 2 check incase I am bleeding so worried sun cant *** quick enough xo
3588173 tn?1357320784 Im 33+4 and today ive been having on and off cramps in my lower belly and back. They aren't super painful but noticeable and when I feel my belly its sometimes hard but not as hard as it usually feels when I get bh. Are these contractions?
Avatar n tn 30 last night. I have been feeling fine ever since so I have no idea what caused them - must be some nasty effect of the chemo. A&E was full of drunken football fans dripping blood everywhere - nice! Besides that I have had a terrible day at work - I think the chemo is killing my brain cells and I seem to be forgetting things and dropping 'the balls' left right and centre - ahhhhhhhhh!
140844 tn?1204945253 Im having on and off period like cramps but nothings coming on im also beem hot and its just the same symptoms for the last couple of days
Avatar n tn I am 4w5d pregnant with my first baby and am having cramping on and off. Last night it was more than usual, I'm scared it's a bad sign or that I'm going to lose the baby. Is it normal to have cramps? If so how extreme before it's really worrisome?
1523981 tn?1311322195 I posted a few weeks ago about pressure feeling in my lower abdomen but tonight its not the usual feeling a get. I have some lower back pain which has been on and off the last few weeks but now I have the lower back pain along with cramps. I am 26 weeks is it normal to have cramps right now?
300926 tn?1253586116 I've had cramps on and off since I found out that I was pregnant. My RE said that more than likely it's my uterus stretching to make room for the baby! Is this your first pregnancy? I'm having trouble with my bowels as well.
1284522 tn?1291845984 I would first of all like to start by saying that i just had my period june first threw the sixth. It is now june 20th and i am having on and off period cramps.Last night me and my fiancee had sex and it just didnt feel right. I was having the cramps again and it was pressure on my lower stomach. does any one know what this could be from? I also had a lite lite lite bloody discharge looking stuff when i wiped after the sex as i always do because he comes inside me.
Avatar f tn If your having irregular periods that could be a problem. For the pain of cramps I've heard of drinking warm milk or placing a warm compress on the lower part of your stomach below your belly button. You could also try taking a warm bubble bath not only will it take your mind off the pain a bit but it will probably help to ease muscle cramping. Here is some advice from To relieve menstrual cramps, you should also: Rest when needed. Avoid foods that contain caffeine and salt.
Avatar f tn I'd been told that it slows down during pregnancy so if it's slowing down at night too maybe thats why I get crampy? Really confused about this. Oh, and the cramps are gone pretty much right when I wake up, and don't come back until i have to poop again.
Avatar n tn After that she has been suffering with ongoing stomach cramps - she had cramps and then a loose bowel movements for a few days and then it seemed to switch to her having cramps and no bowel movement. My doctor suggested I giver her 1 tsp of Senokot (a natural laxative) at night. I was concerned that it would trigger diarreah again and he said this dosage would not. Sure enough, the next morning she had a fairly substantial bowel movement but then loose ones - all with cramps.
Avatar f tn yes i had sex while have cramps, and now my cramps occur again and sometime stop but its not like worse 3days aGo..its occur but not really feel bad. what is this?