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280234 tn?1532986249 I am 39f. I had my colonoscopy done 2 years ago because I had the same things going on. Found 2 polyps, 1 was 5 cm. the other was 3cm. Both benign and was told I had to repeat the colonoscopy in 3 years. I'm going in to have a endoscopy (stomach) looked at. My GI doc said I have IBS. I've had this for years and pass blood every few years. Just make sure you eat plenty of fiber and lots of was. Low fat diet. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Hi i'm 23 years old and i'm worried i've got stomach cancer as i've read a lot of things on the internet about it.
Avatar n tn The only way to find out if you have colon cancer is to have a colonoscopy. I had 1 last fall, and the dr. found a polyp too large for him to remove. It was about 1" in diameter. I don't want to scare you but I didn't have any symptoms at all. The doctor said if I didn't have it taken out in a couple of years it would be cancer. I'm 50 female no family history of colon cancer. I had hemeroids and alot of bleeding from them.
Avatar m tn Whats the chance of me getting colon and anal cancer??I will be 30 September 20th 2011.Dont have any cancer in my family from what my mom says.I dont smoke.I drink rarley now.I workout once in a blue moon.
Avatar n tn Cancer symptoms literally range all over the place, depending on where they spring up. In general, though, you lose weight. Since you're gaining, I'm thinking you don't have cancer. The skin color isn't a good indicator of health/ill health, in general, unless you're talking about jaundice (pronounced yellow color). You're young and exercise frequently - doubt if you have cancer of any sort (would be HIGHLY unusual). Do you take any supplements?
Avatar m tn Although I am constantly bloated, I am not fatigued, or have any pains. In addition, no one in my family has cancer. Could one have ovarian cancer without pain or weight loss?
Avatar f tn How possible is it to get ovarian cancer in a 22 year old female? I heard its really rare when your younger Bloated stomach( gyno didnt even believe no pregnancy until pee test), naseaua and vomiting every day, brown discharge between periods, very heavy menstrual bleeding, random black tarry periods, periods last for 10 days every two weeks, frequent urination (that could be possibly from chronic unfelt utis according to doc,), severe debilating lower back pain and front abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Diverticulosis but I have not been able to get a colonoscopy. (Financial reasons) I have severe stomach pain and have dark purple and sometimes bright red blood in my stool. My stool is never normal. It comes out like pebbles and it looks like it has a layer of fat/oily or clearish white substance that incircles each pebble. I have had hernia surgery and have had 2 feet of intestines removed. Could you give me some insight please before I go to another Dr?
Avatar n tn As I have told you before, it is incredibly incredibly unlikely that you have stomach cancer. You are young and that lowers your risk a lot. You say you have every symptom of stomach cancer, but all those symptoms are also every symptom of many other conditions. And it is much more likely to be something else besides stomach cancer.
Avatar f tn My family immediately went into action because, unknown to me, ovarian cancer runs in my family. I have a great-aunt who died on my mothers side and every other female since has had hysterectomies after pre-cancerous cells, tumors and solid cysts were found. On my father side my aunt became infertile at a young age due to pre-cancerous tumors on her ovaries and had them removed at age 30. My grandmother also had to have a hysterectomy for the same reasons.
Avatar m tn I am terrified that I have cancer like esophageal or stomach cancer, and I have read that lung cancer can start with dysphagia and reflux. I also read that bulimia is linked to esophageal cancer, and I have been bulimic for some years on and off until recently. I also like to drink hot drinks which is linked to this type of cancer. Doctor not worried becaused I'm young, but Im getting panic attacks and constant worry as I have a new baby and partner that I love.
Avatar m tn Did your doctor refer you to a Gastroenterologist? This should have been the first thing he did, and now it's imperative that you see one since this is their specialty. Don't get caught up in this being cancer as there are many other causes things that can cause your symptoms. See a GI doc so you can find out what is going on and get peace of mind.
Avatar n tn My father is infected by adenocercinoma (cancer) in his stomach(prepyleric area).this in moderate stage and well differentiated. I showed the report to several doctors.All of them advised me to do surgery.My father is suffering from digestive problem last four months and constipation for long time.He has no diabetic and heart is in good condition.We did diagnosis couple of weeks back and confirmed about the cancer.Should I let my father to go for surgery first or Chemotherapy than surgery?
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old and lately ive been feel noisier having back pains, watery discharge stomach craps and pains on my lower stomach just want to know if I am at risk of civical cancer
Avatar n tn Yay Peek!!! LOL!! I just want to add one thing to what you said. "Puker dogs" are also more prone to bloat than dogs who don't puke. Basically, some dogs are just more prone to forming stomach acids than others, and in these individuals, the buildup of the acids makes them sick and they puke. By feeding them several small meals a day, the stomach acids have actual food to digest, so they don't just sit there in the stomach with nothing to do but make the dog sick.
Avatar f tn It usual shows up in women in their ealy 40s to 50, most commonly. I am 47. I think average age is higher for other types of ovarian cancer. At your age ovarian cancer is extremely rare. My advice to you is just to take good care of yourself. Get your annual gyn exams and pap smears. They don't show ovarian cancer, but they are important. Don't worry so much. Just enjoy your precious life.
Avatar n tn I'm 45 and had a colonoscopy today. My family does not have a history of colon cancer but recently I have had admonial pain, bloating and some minor rectal bleeding. I wasn't really worried but for peace of mine I had it done. The actual procedure was only 15 minutes. I don't remember it at all. I remember being wheeled into the exam and then I woke up in recovery. The GI said I have hemorroids. It is true, the worst part of the colonoscopy is the preparation the day before.
1392168 tn?1280074408 You are very young to be a candidate for the more sinister diseases such as colon cancer unless there is a history of colon cancer in your family.
Avatar f tn Occassionally i get this flutter in my throat right at the opening in the front where the 2 ends of your clavical comes. it is wierd and doesn't last for long. it is kind of like the feeling you get when you are on a roller coaster and drop from a big hill. i got one about a month ago after i ate chinese it lasted a little longer than usual and i just got one today. i had eaten a muffin about 45 minutes before i got it. i head on tv that this was from stomach issues but is it?
Avatar n tn Although you are quite young to have developed colo-rectal cancer, it is not unheard of in young people, especially those with family history of the disease. Please speak to your doctor about your grandfather and your symptoms and ask for colonoscopy. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Statistically, the risks of having colon or rectal cancer in someone as young as you is very low but probably should be investigated by colonoscopy. FOBT does not have any diagnostic value in your case. Ask for a referral for a colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I am involved with a small scleroderma group and we have had about 11 deaths to cancer with scleroderma. My sister also had scleroderma and ended up with lung cancer. The doctor is talking about treatment if i get any closer to cancer. I am not sure I am posting this in the correct place. I am not so good with the comp.
Avatar n tn how injections work in treating stomach cancer? If the person is young and otherwise healthy that should make the longterm outcome better? The information I've read is limited. I want to know directly from a person or professional how it all goes down.. I want to know everything.
Avatar m tn I am a 42 year old male about 50lbs over weight and I have been working with my doctor since 2/09 to address Accelerated High Blood Pressure. I continued to have symptoms of Accelerated High Blood Pressure after being prescribed an aggressive medication regiment. I was then referred to a Internal Medicine Doctor who changed/reduced the proscribed medications. During a office visit we discussed abdominal discomfort I had been having.