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1649757 tn?1301502977 I have been having all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, starting with the swollen stomach a few months ago and now I am having the urine thing, stomach pain at night and back ache on and off, amongst other things. My doctor took blood tests and the results were clear, ( for what, I dont know). She put an order through for an ultra sound scan, but I have just found out I am going to have at least a 6 week wait!
Avatar f tn Six months is a too long time and you should have got evaluated by now. Stomach diseses, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer all can lead to nausea and loss of appetite. Do you also have yellowish discoloration of your skin, eyes and urine? That could be due to gall bladder disease or hepatitis. Eat small healthy meals. You need to consult a primary care physician. He will further refer you to a gastroenterologist.
Avatar f tn I also probably should have mentioned that we have a family history of stomach cancer and stomach ulcers, which is also what got me to thinking this. My diet, when I do manage to get it down, is good - no worries there. I do not smoke, and drink alcohol occasionally. My specialist told me about an endoscopy but he said he didn't think I needed one, so instead, told me to wait. Do you really think it's worthwhile going back?
Avatar n tn Then they did a scope in her stomach that showed cancer. So they determined the cancer started in her stomach and was a rare fast growing agressive cancer already in stage 4. She had heavy rounds of Chemotherapy for a few months and they did another CAT and MRI ( idk why since they couldn't see her type of cancer and tumors from the MRI and CAT previously) they did not see any tumors in these scans after chemo but she was getting worse and vomiting 7 or more times daily.
Avatar n tn Vague but persistent gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, indigestion. Frequency and/or urgency of urination. Any unexplained change in bowel habits. Abnormal postmenopausal bleeding. Weight gain or loss. Abdominal swelling and/or pain; bloating and/or a feeling of fullness. Pain during intercourse. If vague symptoms persist longer than 4-6 weeks, insist on a thorough rectovaginal examination.
Avatar n tn They did tell us that the polyps are not the kind that cause cancer. However he has a family history of cancer, mom dad and brother have all died from cancer. There are so many of the polyps that cover the entire stomach, the surgeon and gastroenterologist both feel it would be to dangerous for his to have the total stomach removed. He is having a hard time eating because not matter how little or how much he feels nausea and full, he is tired all the time and is anemic off and on.
Avatar f tn ve had symptoms for nearly 9 weeks now and getting seriously fed up as it is affecting my daily life. Been to the doctors 3 times and had 3 different blood tests, most recent tests have been normal. Last year, I had an operation to remove my appendix and I had some pain similar to stomach pain I'm having recently but it disappeared last year after a couple of weeks.
Avatar n tn Abdominal bloating/ feeling full Loss of appetite /weight loss Weight gain that is unexplained Constipation and/or any change in bowel habits Heartburn / Indigestion Lower back, abdominal and/or pelvic pain Fatigue Pain during intercourse Bladder or other urinary problems Change in menstrual cycle
Avatar f tn If your only symptom is stomach gurgling, i wouldn't worry about cancer. My guess would be something like you're not producing enough digestive enzymes, or possibly have too much or too little stomach acid. I would try 2 things; a digestive enzyme before you eat, and a probiotic (7 strains 10 billion or more cultures). If you have a fairway or whole foods nearby go there and someone will be able to help you pick these things up.
Avatar f tn t afford all testing involved to find out what is wrong. Symptoms are slight nausea, stomach/pelvic gurgling/growling, pelvic pressure/discomfort/pain (almost all the time). Symptoms seem to lessen a bit when I go to bed. I have had some rare diarrhea episodes (of which I never have had in my life). I had a pelvic ultra sound because of these symptom and the results found nothing.
Avatar n tn She was advised today by the local GP that he needed to do cancer tests as the results were cancerous. It does not make sense. My mother & brother died of cancer and little brother has prostrate cancer. She also has this huge lump that appears on the side of her neck just below her ear when she eats causing a lot of pain and remains for a few days.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. Goodman and all the forum readers, My mom had a recurrence of ovarian cancer in Jan 2007. There were 3 small tumours in the stomach cavity, "outside" the stomach lining. She did chemo again, but it didn't help much, the tumours got a little smaller but were still there. She was offered to take part of a clinical trial and had her first treatment last Tuesday.
Avatar n tn Not necessarily. Stomach cancer can often have negative blood work (except you may be anemic). However it is much much more likely that you have something like an ulcer causing the black specks. Stomach cancer is very rare! How old are you?
Avatar m tn he asked about my stress and I told him I was worried I had stomach cancer because of my sour stomach and lack of appetite. he mentioned that at my age it would be very, very low. He said the lack of appetite is more for people 40 or 50, then it is a warning sign. He told me I was fine, onlything wrong with me since I wasn't in any real pain (minus the general picks and pins here and there that come from Chron's disease) and only had a low grade fever (99), that I was fine.
Avatar n tn My father is infected by adenocercinoma (cancer) in his stomach(prepyleric area).this in moderate stage and well differentiated. I showed the report to several doctors.All of them advised me to do surgery.My father is suffering from digestive problem last four months and constipation for long time.He has no diabetic and heart is in good condition.We did diagnosis couple of weeks back and confirmed about the cancer.Should I let my father to go for surgery first or Chemotherapy than surgery?
60505 tn?1313946644 "I am a 46yo (white) female, I have been checking statistics for stomach cancer and I do see as a female and with my race the odds are very low. For the last 2 months I have been getting stomach "pain" more uncomfortable than pain,along with a feeling of "fullness" sometimes with a sense of nausea. No weight loss. I would say I have been getting indigestion and reflux for as long as I can remember.
Avatar m tn I am very disturbed that the discomfort is not going. I have made 4 trips to the doctor and he is not worried. Do I have stomach cancer ? what should I do now ?
Avatar f tn Anyway I have had terrible bloating for 6 months when I eat. Blood tests were taken in December 2015. My appt was late January and the Dr said I was stage 4 and needed to get on Harvoni asap. Next thing he sent me for a Esophageal scope and no varices were found. Then I had CT scan this week. The results said I had no cirrhosis, no ascites etc,etc and everything was normal. The resukts were on a pdf file that was sent to my email.
Avatar m tn of gallbladder, hida scan, blood, and stool tests including fat (not 72hr one, nobody seems to want to give me that all thou I requested it) all these tests were normal. upper endoscopy with biopsies only showed mild gastritis and gerd. I take nexium for acid and generic librax for stomach gurgling. I can't stop fixating on my pancreas but my drs. don't seem concerned about my fears and tell me probably ibs even though I normally go once a day and rarely have diarrhea or constipation.
Avatar m tn with all of these tests wouldnt they have seen if something serious was causing my symptoms? I worry about some type of cancer, but if cancer was causing symptoms wouldnt some test have seen it?
Avatar f tn But I am concerned about five years of GERD combined with three upper GI swallow tests producing cancer in my esophagus. What are your thoughts on that?
Avatar m tn With 17 I underwent Billroth 1 surgery which is a partly resection of the stomach. Like tumor/cancer surgery just without having had a tumor. The surgery needed to be done otherwise my stomach would have perforrated. I'm sorry for my vocabulary and grammar - I'm not a native speaker. I'm from Germany.
Avatar m tn My question is with the tests i have had can i safely rule out any cancer of the organs in my abdomen (pancreas, stomach, liver ect).
Avatar m tn I'm a 29 year old male and I was just curious if anyone knows. I've had a mild stomach pain for about a month and a half, it's always only in one location at a time but it travels from left to right to my upper abdomen. Lately it seems to be more localized on my left side just above my hip bone and has over all gotten more and more mild. At times I don't feel a thing.
Avatar n tn now when i eat i feel the food sitting in my stomacn and the gasses and the churning and the discomfort and the bupring is making me so depressed..i a hoping this is not cancer because my uncle died of cancer 7 years ago but im only 28 today i went to the doctor..they did a blood test, urine test and they did a stool test..i am waiting for the results..