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295767 tn?1240191914 Rmarie - When I had my debulking surgery, it was a total hysterectomy. The cancer had spread to my stomach lining and lymph nodes, but my onc/gyn told me he removed EVERYTHING to the mm. Why, if this is ovarian cancer, would it rear its ugly head again when you have removed all female organs? I guess I just don't understand when people say they had a 2nd or a 3rd debulking surgery. I guess this is to say that there are tumors resurfacing else where in the body? This disease is HORRIBLE!!!!
Avatar n tn My father is infected by adenocercinoma (cancer) in his stomach(prepyleric area).this in moderate stage and well differentiated. I showed the report to several doctors.All of them advised me to do surgery.My father is suffering from digestive problem last four months and constipation for long time.He has no diabetic and heart is in good condition.We did diagnosis couple of weeks back and confirmed about the cancer.Should I let my father to go for surgery first or Chemotherapy than surgery?
Avatar f tn m huband had stomach and esophagus cancer. he had an operation that out half of his esophagus and 1/3 of his stomach. he was followed up with radiation and chemotherapy at the same time. it like to have killed. you need to make him keep fighting. when he couldn't taste food and didn't want to eat because of it, i bought a big bag of fire balls which brought his taste buds back. let him rest some, but not a lot. i made him get up and move around, doing things that he always liked to do.
282804 tn?1236837191 I had only been in remission 6 months when I was told it was back again. Second CA125 came back yesterday and it is up from 8.5 to 40 and now 61. Has anyone gone through this short of a remission and lived much longer. I am still weak and chemobrained from my last round. I was very upbeat and positive through my first round but I am still so tired I don't know how well my body will take this. What's the best way to prepare for a second round so soon? Dr. will be using Gemzar/Carbo.
741900 tn?1235164218 Can a person with Lupus really go into remission? After 22 years of having SLE my doctor told me last week that I am in remission. What does that mean? Will it flair up again? Has any of you been in a remission? What dosage of medication were you on when it happened? I want to be happy and excited but I don’t want to be disappointed either. My dosage right now is 4mg prednisone, 400mg Plaquinel, 125mg Imuran. Would love to hear some input.
Avatar f tn my friend is suffering from ovarian cancer stage 4 she didn't go for chemotheraphy before and now her stomach is too big. its like she's 7months preggy. her age is 50 something. before she got this ovarian cancer she had an breast cancer when she's i think 40 something. is it possible for her to recover? please i need an answer thank you!
Avatar f tn My friend has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer, stage 4 that is inoperable. It has spread to his diaphram. The doctors have recommended chemo-someone else suggested a clinic in Texas has been successful in remission. 1. Is this possible? 2. Do you advise chemo? He is 60 years old and before this was in excellent health-goes to gym 3 times a week, eats well-veggies not much meat.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for rectal/anal/colon cancer to grow? I understand it's a slow growing cancer, but should I be concerned that this could be cancer? I realize that you can't tell me for certain, and I am following up with my GI doctor. Just wondering if the likely hood is high for a cancer given that I had a normal colonoscopy 2 years ago?
Avatar f tn Picture a shot gun being shot blast and little buckshot particles going in every direction. This is what Ovarian Cancer does. The cancer pieces are too small to be seen on a CT. They can spread all over the abdomen. The best hope is the debulking surgery she had and six chemotherapy sessions usually of Carboplatin/Taxol. This is not like breast cancer where you take out the cancer, have radiation, and chemo and you can be done for the rest of your life or a long time.
Avatar n tn I've been having those symptoms,and my doctor has told me it was an ulcer.It can cause your stomach to burn.Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.
Avatar n tn my dad had two bouts of stomach and colon cancer but has benn in remission a year now. He spiked a fever on and off of 103, disoriented, shaking, yellow skin, was rushed to the hospital. They found a gall stone on the scan and are testing the liver for possible lesions. Is this gall stone or is it liver cancer?
Avatar n tn Had a complete Hysterectomy, removed my omentectomy, fatty padding for bowels, also the fatty padding for my stomach, and lymphadenectomy, cancer cells found in omentectomy, fatty padding for stomach and in 13 of my lymph nodes in my spine. Recently I'm having headaches like crazy never had before, also nausea and lost of appitite but no weight lost, having problems walking, and bad back ache. Any suggestions or thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn My sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3C in July last year. She had a full hysterectomy and chemo for 6 months and came home to Fiji well. Two weeks ago she had another check and her tumour markers are very high and she has retained fluid in her stomach which the doctor is wary of draining due to infection, bleeding etc. I am seeking a second opinion as there must be treatment that can stall this.
4384361 tn?1400001830 In the meantime, my six month wait for bariatric surgery is nearly complete and my surgeon recommended a endoscopy to check out my portal vein prior to surgery. I had it done yesterday and she found possible cancer or an ulcer in my stomach. Doing my own research I've pretty much ruled out an ulcer so that leaves me with cancer. The biopsy is due back in a few days so I should know this week. I'm guessing lymphoma since that is related to the immune system.
Avatar f tn About five years later I had developed ovarian cancer. It was attached to my bladder,intestines,also my stomach wall.Surgery was done, and all cancer was removed. Dr. put me on a cemo "diet" of Etoposide,Bleomycin & Cisplatin. That is over with for now. I have been told this is a re-accuring cancer. How soon on average does this cancer return? I am 59 yrs old.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, there are many types of epithelial ovarian cancer in terms of how the cancer behaves. These cancers may all look the same under the microscope - example: a grade 3 serous adenocarcinoma. But some are easy to remove surgically. Some melt away with chemotherapy. Others go into remission but recur within a year, others go into remission and do not recurs until 2 to 5 years later. Finally others never stop growing no matter what w try.
Avatar m tn My father has just get a diagnostic of stomach cancer..Right now he is at the hospital waiting for a surgery, but the doctor said maybe his cancer cannot be removed by surgery, then does that mean he is condamned? Or chemotherapy can still cure him? Im really scared.
Avatar n tn Hi, My mother is 72 years old and has stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Her PET Scan showed it in the hip bones, between the lungs, and a little on the liver. She has recently been hospitalized with pneumonia, and now has very distended stomach (looks like she is having triplets!) Her legs are swollen also. I am living in Texas and my Mum is in Ireland, so I am trying to figure out when is a good time for me to go home. How does this disease progress?
Avatar n tn Hi there, My mom,54 years old,has been found to have Ovarian cancer 4 years ago, when she went under hysterectomy for abnormal bleeding. No CA125 had done before the operation. both ovaries were involved as well as bladder, no ascites, no other involvement. She had a full chemotherapy course before her second look operation, were omentum was removed because of its involvement. Her sencond course of chemo started soon after wards.
Avatar f tn I eventually went into full remission only to be rediagnosed in 2010 with completely unrelated rectal cancer id just turned 30 and I do not have the hereditory kind. Im happy to answer anything but im not here to scare monger most of you especially the teenagers will not have cancer I was just very unlucky however I am proof it can happen......
Avatar n tn From January through March I was treated with HEAVY chemo and radiation (no surgery) and the last two CT scans have showed that the cancer is in remission, for which I am very thankful. However, what little I have read about this particular cancer is that it is a very difficult cancer to cure unless caught very early, and that gives me little hope that the cancer will not recur. If anyone has questions about my experiences, I will be glad to try to answer them.
1506428 tn?1290117104's the deal...I'm 20 years old and I think I have colon cancer. Now before you roll your eyes and immediately start throwing statistics at me, hear me out. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was 15 years old. I have been on Remicade for about four years and recently the effects seem to be diminishing.So, I went in for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. They found three small polyps in my cecum (1-2mm) and one mid-sized polyp in my mid ascending colon (6-8mm).
Avatar n tn Cancer went into remission in April of 2001 and to date I'm still cancer free. Another web site that is good for ovarian cancer info is NOCO National Ovarian Cancer Organization. there are many great forums that is provided by searching the web but there is nothing like folks right in your own area. Please don't hesitate and be persistent another good thing is a PET which is a scan like CT. Here is another great site to help you also:
Avatar n tn Another thought came to my mind afterwards. She died of cancer with liver mets. They did not know where the primary was. She was diagnosed and gone in 10 days. When she was in her late 30's she had and hysterectomy and an oopherectomy for possible ovarian cancer. They findings at that time were negative. The doc did leave her a piece of one ovary so she would not go through surgical menopause. could this have been ovarian cancer now that spread to her liver?
Avatar n tn Hi , I was diagnosed with1a clear cell ovarian cancer in april 2005 ,I had 6 cycles of carbo / taxol which finished in oct 2005 . I was told that there was no tumor but pathology found cells only and it was my choice wether to have chemo or not . I was told that the cancer was caused by the endometriosis that i had .i also had 16 large fibroids and 2 complex cysts . I had a total hysterectomy but no lymph nodes or omentum removed during surgery .
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my Mom. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer on April 18, 2006, with metastasis to the diaphragm and lining of her right lung. She completed 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol and her CA-125 levels were low enough for her to be in so-called "remission". Her cancer returned 4 months later. She has been on chemotherapy since. She's had allergic reactions to a certain chemo (not exactly sure which one).
Avatar f tn My mom has been healthy other than carrying extra weight around her stomach and a snoring issues which is probably due to the cancer. I'm really worried, my mom is one of the strongest people I know, having lost both her mother and brother to colon cancer as well as losing her father and sister too young, who were both about her age at the time. I'm leaving for college in about three weeks but I want to be there for my mom during her treatment.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you have to go through this. I know it is scary. Ovarian Cancer is considered a Chronic Cancer. Some women are lucky and have long remissions. With Ovarian Cancer it spreads through out the Peritoneal Cavity. So it can go to the out side of the bowels, the liver, the spleen, the diaphragm. It can be so small at first it is picked up by the CA125 but not a CT Scan. It has been there awhile if it shows up on a CT.