Stomach ache with strep throat

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Avatar f tn Last week I got back from a month long trip to Malaysia and since being home I've had terrible stomach ache and discomfort after eating. I thought it was just indigestion due to the change in diet on coming home - i.e. much richer food, but now I'm worried it might be something else. I'm also now starting to feel a sore throat coming and I'm a bit worried these could be malaria symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have never experienced such extreme pain in my throat before. It started with fever, extreme chills, headache, joint ache, and then finally the sore throat with itchiness in the torso. I know have small, hard bumps in my neck area and up into my head. From what I have been reading, what little is out there, I have decided I am not fooling around with this, and will see a specialist for ears,nose and throat.
Avatar n tn Strep throat has many symptoms...most obviously, the sore throat. It can be red, with white "pus" pockets. Or, it can be red/irritated, with a series of tiny red dots on the uvula (the part that hangs down in the back of the throat). 2nd, you can have extreme upset stomach, accompanied by vomiting, and 3rd, you can have a head ache. My kids, for example, rarely get the sore throat. They always throw up...and their throats will be red, but doesn't hurt.
Avatar n tn But you can always go to another doctor like a dermatgoligst to see what type of rash it might be. Also as for being diganosed with strep, my niece had strep throat for months on and off going off and on antibotics. My sisters doctor made everyone in the house get tested for strep. My brother in law was tested positive. As soon as his strep throat cleared up my niece did not get it again it finally went away.
Avatar n tn This time it didn't go away and so I saw my ob/gyn. She took a culture and found strep B, which has nothing to do with Strep A that creates strep throat. She said she could give me antibiotics to make it go away but then I would get a yeast infeciton from the antibiotics and then we'd have to use another cream etc. She said just to let it ride it's course. Now it's been three and ahalf weeks and it's better but not all healed.
189019 tn?1195519853 Is your neck really ache and feel sore? If so I had strep throat (not while I was pregnant) I had never had it before and my neck and back hurt I was sooo achey I felt like I had been in a car accident. I dont know if this is helpful or not, I just thought I would let you know.
Avatar f tn He will also want to make sure the infection she may have gotten from the bloodstream isn't necessarily anything too unusual, so he may want to draw blood and send it to the labs, in case she has something like strep throat or whatever, with the kidney infection secondary to that.
Avatar n tn After about 3-4 days of being together with a lady i got a throat problem, I did not have a sore throat, it was more like swelling around neck, neck glands were swollen and I had a really bad case of swollen uvula and some redness around it with some small white patches. I am typically non-drinker and do not smoke. But on holidays, I did have around 5-7 tonics each night going out.
Avatar n tn I am now left with a scratchy throat and a constant dry cough. My vocal cords seem to be very irritated. I get worse if I talk a lot. Additionally, I can't eat certain types of food anymore, such as anything with a sweet icing such as a glazed donut or anything spicy. I don't normally eat sweet stuff, but I occasionally have dessert after a great meal. Those types of food will send me into a coughing fit.
Avatar n tn and in my progression where a fading cough and soar throat gives way to muscle ache that has lasted some 4 days now. And what can I do to treat it and feel better soon. I am feeling fine except for the occasional fatigue/headache and constant muscle ache.
Avatar n tn He had a bad cold in July 2006 and ended up being on anitbiotics again over the 4th of July and then again at the end of July. About 2 weeks ago my 9 yr old daughter got strep throat with a very high fever (103+) and stomach pain, nausea, aches and everything, was on anitibiotics and is fine now. A few days ago my son started getting a slight fever (99-100), sore throat, stomach ache, etc, but I though he might get chicken pox since they are going around his school.
358304 tn?1409713092 Any suggestions to stop the post nasal? Or nausea? A nervous stomach is pretty common with me with anxiety... The bad butterflies in the stomach... But that feeling doesn't always make me nauseous... I should also add, that I've been taking Ativan for about 3 weeks or so.. .5mg I didn't take one lastnight, you don't think I'm having withdrawls do you? It's only a one .5mg a day or sometimes two .5mg a day. That's what my prescription says. 1 to 2 pills a day as needed.
Avatar f tn I have made scratching noises with my throat my whole life in order to deal with the itchyness of my throat. I'm 26 now and over the past year my throat has been a constant troublesome irritant. I make horrible scratching noises during the night which is very embarassing. I even wake up unable to swallow as if I have a huge dry lump in the bottom of my throat. It takes me quite a few times to swallow to make the dry lump feeling go away.
Avatar n tn ( Starting with the bloating or slow emptying stomach, then the foul sulfuric burps, massive watery diarrhoea etc...ending with the vomiting of bile and an instant feeling of having then 'got it out'! *phew :)* I have always being sensitive to certain foods so I designed a specific two week exclusion diet that really works to address which foods trigger.
Avatar f tn 3 nights ago the same thing happened but only in my left arm from the shoulder down. Then 3 days ago I noticed a red blotchy rash all over my arms, chest and stomach. It did not itch at the time and died down after a couple of hours. Since then it returns at odd occasions but has not returned to my stomach or chest but moved to my forearms and today on day three my feet and calf muscles and hands.
Avatar n tn A colonoscopy and endoscopy show everything is fine except for reflux with no damage. Fast forward to October 2008. My ache in my bones is back, along with joint pain in both arms, hands, legs, feet, and even my toes and fingers. I have trouble walking to the cafeteria and back without pain (feeling severely out of shape, although I am) My blood test reveals an elevated c-reactive protein count, sed rate of 45, but still negative for rheumatoid factor (9).
Avatar n tn And the first time I consumed any in eight years, it was an accident, had half of a mint Brussells cookie, and a stomach ache for a good twenty minutes. Anyone else here that *look* when you tell others you and mint don't get along? Care to share your symptoms? Your coping/mint alternatives?
Avatar n tn My 13 year old daughter went to the Doc but saw an NP recently because of a lingering stomach ache after a bug. They gave her Prevacid which seems to have worked. However, during the appointment, the NP mentioned that her tonsils were big. They have always been big. She had repeated bouts of strep as a small child and the tonsils never went back to normal after. She has been healthy since except for the occasional sniffle.
393685 tn?1425816122 My husband is very supportive, but I just feel that he would not want to be with someone struggling with hair loss. I dunno. Hopefully my hair grows back where it has thinned out. Thanks for putting this ? out there.
1797925 tn?1341099804 To my knowledge I'm not lactose intolerant, but I had to stop eating cheese during my GS7977/GS5885 trial. The first few weeks I had stomach upset with one day of gripping pains. A friend advised me to give up dairy so I did just as a fluke, and bingo, my headaches and digestive problems went away and I had no other side effects. UKGirl55 had to stop at week 14 due to extreme nausea and stomach upset. They did not have this exclusion listed on my trial.
Avatar f tn Its been 3 days of a fever, rash not as spread out as yesterday but very red in specific spots and her bum is red with a little flacking. Is it possible for her to have Scarlet Fever without having strep throat? Should I ask for a second opinion at the doctors office. She didn't take a full look at her rash, just a simple press of the fingers on her stomach.
Avatar n tn sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fluey feeling- dizzy, woozy,tired,stomach ache,mouth sores,slight fever and chills. One also has a persistent cough for these years and the other had white spots on her throat for months last year. I also have vibrating legs. A homeopath diagnosed strep and the remedy seemed to work at the beginning only but not for months. The symptoms are there for 2-6 weeks and gone for 2-8 weeks at a time typically.
Avatar f tn I've been really sick for about a week. Started off with a sore throat and head aches and now im having sore muscles, nausea, diahrrea, stomach ache, a really bad cough but im not coughing up anything, and feel exausted all the time for no reason. When i went to the doctor, they told me i have a sinus infection.
464237 tn?1315674393 Extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep can cure, blurry vision, racing heart. It started with what we thought was strep throat. I actually was the one who had him tested for mono and EBV cuz all the drs were no help and still are not. From everything I have read the only hope to recover is pure diet, vitamins, tons of virus killing herb, water, light exercise and lots of sleep. My son works full time but come home and sleeps then sleeps on the weekends.
Avatar n tn Tonsillitis (another throat infection) is the illness that you don't get when you don't have tonsills, however, anyone can get strep throat. Actually, some people have strep and don't exhibit signs of a sore throat, at all. Stomach ache/nausea and headache are other indications of a strep infection. However, if the tonsils stay inflamed and swollen, that may be why she gets sick more often.
Avatar m tn Hi astroturf I would also describe myself as anxious and a worrier I'm not on any meds I do clench my teeth and grind them at night I have a TON of floaters, since I was a kid I have migraine with aura I cannot see the spots in the dark, unless I'm watching TV or on the computer etc They are most noticeable against light backgrounds, the sky and when glancing at anything with contrast. horizontal blinds and lined paper are awful.
Avatar n tn ))) Good Luck and please let me know how hes doing. PS Margy is right strep throat you can get a rash usually on stomach and also stomach ache is a symptom and of course sore throat he would need antibiotics for this any fever?
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar f tn She has very odd symptoms that all started after the first time she had strep. She ran a low grade fever for several wks after the strep. Her white blood count spiked. Then came back down. She has odd pains going through her arms and legs-she can't explain if they are in her muscles -sometimes the pain is in her joints. The odd thing is the pain comes on suddenly, very intense and only last for 2-4 min. She also has sever stomach pain.