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Avatar n tn I've had heartburn for the last 10 years as a result of medication, once my doctor tried me on prilosec but I didn't like the side effects...seemed kind of dumb to get side effects from a drug to treat side effects of my other drugs...But since I started coming to this forum I decided to make an appt. with a gastroenterologist and make sure I'm not damaging my digestive system.
Avatar n tn I have a pain on my right side and upper part of my stomach. I think it's my liver because i've had tests done on my gall bladder. What do you think??
Avatar n tn But for the past year I have a constant dull ache in my upper right side of my stomach under my rib cage. The doctor told me it was a condition known as costochondritis and has me taking Celebrex as needed. But I don't really feel that this is the problem.
Avatar n tn It used to be certain things like salad, certain vegetables would upset my stomach, but now it is literally every time I eat I get a stomach ache which is very painful and I litterally have to use the toilet 10-15 min. after eating.. I have "water" diherea with bits and pieces of whatever I had eaten previously in the day. I have also been awoken in the middle of night 2 times in the past month from a seveve sharp pain under my right breast, almost under my rib cage.
Avatar n tn I have the same upper abdominal ache under left rib but I also feel the pain on upper left abdomen also. I have had every test available except ERCP and everything keeps coming back normal. My doc now is calling it IBS which I do not agree with since I do not have Diarrhea (besides 1 or 2 soft bm every morning) and I do not have constipation. If you every get a diagnosis please post it so that it can help others.
727090 tn?1268842948 I go through bouts of pain like someone kicked me in the stomach 3 inches above belly button extending over upper right side near liver and down my right side. It makes my right side of back ache and its hard for me to eat. I am hungry but eating just a nibble of something makes the kicked in stomach feeling even more intense. I feared it may have been my liver. Went to er and dr only ran blood work to determine if it was hepititis or other liver problems. Come back completely normal.
Avatar n tn It's not really a pain, but like you said a fluttery feeling, as if something isn't working right in the upper right side of my chest. I also have had nausea and weight loss for 2 months. I went to have an UltraSound and they found "a little bit of sludge" in my gallbladder. Not saying you gallbladder is messed up for sure, but it sounds possible.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have chronic abdo pain(upper right side) and it starts at the start of my period and runs till my period is finished. It is debilitating and sitting or lying down doesn't help. Specialists and Dr's have no idea. I have had multiple tests, scans, etc...they all come back clear. Does anyone else have similar pain and any answers I'm despirate for answers and out of money to pay for any please!
Avatar f tn Constant dull ache in left upper qandrant of stomach, I am 39 and have had reoccuring dull ache in stomach very specific in its location, I am scared and feel careless as i ahd the same pain several months ago went are saw Dr and gave me pariet it seemed to go away and she oredered an ultra sound and blood test that I "was too busy" to go and get done and the day i was going it went away.
Avatar n tn I keep getting a dull ache, just under the ribs, both sides, though moreoften on the right - it's often uncomfortable to lie on my right side. It's not usually violent pain, just uncomfortable and persistent and my stomach feels very 'heavy' and almost a smothering around the middle of the chest - sometimes the pain affects my back between the shoulder blades and right shoulder/side of the neck.
Avatar n tn We are both at the end of our ropes! I have a constant, mild burning pain in my right side, halfway down the ribcage. The pain worsens when that small area makes me nauseous after bowel movements and remains sore for hours, even days. I was having bleeding with bowel movements, but the dr. gave me erythromycin to see if it would help my stomach empty faster. It stopped the bleeding, but the side effects of the medicine made me feel terrible! I do have a recurring low-grade fever of 99.1-100.
Avatar n tn I am getting very concerned about upper left stomach pain. It started as a stomach flu, it came and went for about one week. At the end of one week, I got a stomach ache so severe I could barely move. The next day I started vomiting. The vomiting only lasted for one day, but since then I have not been able to eat hardly anything except for toast and bananas.
Avatar n tn My stomach swelled up and I looked 7 months pregnant, ate dinner that night, I felt like a big knot was in my upper right side and the pain started to move to the middle of my stomach and to my left side and the middle of my back. I went to the emergency room that night due to the pain. They took a cat scan and ultra sound every thing was ok, the doctor told me I had a mild case of pancracitis.
Avatar n tn I havv had Gall stones operation (a very difficult and challenging operation at the time surgeon told me) - ever since I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my right upper side - I've had all hte necessary investigations and have been told I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Overlap Syndrome - my gastrionologist states I should have no pain from the liver - I'm mystified as to where this awful pain comes from when I am very weak and vomiting too maybe twice a week - my life is taken up
Avatar n tn He guys I really hope you all find out exactly what is wrong because I have been having alot of this pain now for 9 Months My pain consist of my upper back right between the two shoulder blades,it is mostly on my right side of the upper part of my shoulder blade. I have alot of headaches, pains in my arms, tenderness in the feet, right up the back of my head, sometimes nunbness in the fingers, experiencing alot of pain, feels like there is something in under my right rib cage.
Avatar n tn My father expieriencing attacks of very sharp pain in right side of upper abdomen that goes away and come back under lower rib cage with neusea, pain radiates to a lower back. Blood test is normal except CRP high that sugest inflamantory condition but CT scan of abdomen normal, urine analysis normal, gastro scan normal. He is not dianosed and deteriorating. Is anyone expierience simular.
Avatar n tn After that went on for a while, the lower abdomen pain got better, but then I started feeling a dull ache in the area of my right ribcage and underneath around my waistline area (right side). Every now and then I would jabbing pains (moderate, not super intense) on the right side just underneath my right rib area, but they would only last for a few minutes then go away. This only happened 4 or 5 times.
Avatar f tn Few days ago, i had diarrhea. Seems like i always get stomach ache. After that, i feel pain at my right upper abdomen. it's somewhere below my ribcage. then it got worse and affect my back also. can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn I have been having pain off and on for the past six months in my right upper side. It is not severe and sometimes it feels like it almost goes away, almost. My doctor thought it could be related to bout I had with dysentery while in India. Or something to do with my colon. All my blood work (liver, kidneys, CBC, WBC, BUN) are normal. My abdominal ultrasound (liver, pancreas, kidneys and gallbladder) was normal too.
Avatar f tn For over 2 months now I've had upper right abdominal/side pain that, at times, radiates up my back, between my shoulders blades and to my upper left abdomen/side. The pain first occured after a week of bloating and a weekend of lower back pain. As soon as my bloating subsided, my lower back hurt and after the pain in my lower back disappeared I started to have the pain in my upper right abdomen/side.
484897 tn?1210312774 ribs like a golf ball, pressure across bra line in middle and right side of chest, burning in upper chest and rt. side, sharp stabbing pains that come and go quickly, and occasional burning/pain under rt. arm and in upper rt. back - no "rolling around on the floor pain for hours, though. My Dr. said that she still suspects my gall bladder. She told me about another patient who just had my symptoms, EF from HIDA scan= 50%.
Avatar m tn I would suggest getting a gallbladder ultrasound. Gallbladder symtoms sometimes show up as pain in the right upper stomach or rib, also in your back. So this is an ideal test for you.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old daughter has had a off & on stomach ache for just a little over 2 weeks now. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday 7-14-06 & she said she thought it was acid reflux & gave samples of prevacid. She said we should see improvement in 3-4 days & I could also give her pepto if she still hurts later in day after prevacid. We have seen no improvement & last night I had to give her the pepto. I don't feel I should be giving her both of these meds everyday.
Avatar n tn Does seem like typical GERD as there is no burning in my chest or esophagus, only far right side flank of ribs. Not sure if a stomach inflammation can cause this but my GI says it's possible. Although she was brief as they still need to test the biopsies.
Avatar m tn I too, am experiencing same symptoms exactly, were you to able to get past all those symptoms? I'm 48 drink a lot of beer when not at work pretty much all day, when at work Monday through Friday I drink at least 2-3 gallons of water before the end around 5pm. Then i start pounding beers. But I still get the burning sasention upper right side, exspeccily 5 mins ago really hot made me concern,so i started searching the web site for ideas as to what i am up agianst.
4852898 tn?1360043462 Over the past few weeks Ive been getting sharp pains on my left side, sometimes stabbing across the front just below my breast. Along with it there can be a duller ache down my right side. It is not at any certain time, can be after eating or when Im hungry. I get some nausea. I am euthyroid with graves disease and had my gallbladder removed one year ago. All blood tests Ive had are clear, CBC, thyroid, liver function, complement and inflammation markers etc. Coeliac panel too.
Avatar m tn I just found out I have a compression fracture in my back and I have the same numbness/pain/itching in my upper abs center right right below the v of ribs. It's about the size of a silver dollar. Hoping weight loss and pt will help.