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Avatar m tn Can it make your actual stomach hurt - well, no. BUT You can experience bloating and a dull ache throughout your upper right quadrant due to pressure on your liver capsule. If the cause is from a chronic infection of the gallbladder, that could maybe move toward your stomach and remaining G-I tract...
Avatar n tn My father expieriencing attacks of very sharp pain in right side of upper abdomen that goes away and come back under lower rib cage with neusea, pain radiates to a lower back. Blood test is normal except CRP high that sugest inflamantory condition but CT scan of abdomen normal, urine analysis normal, gastro scan normal. He is not dianosed and deteriorating. Is anyone expierience simular.
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with a lot of discomfort on my upper right side of the stomach, under the ribs. I wake up feeling normal, but shortly after having a bowel movement, or eating, the ache comes on. I tried two antibiotics, bactrim and cephalexin. Only Bactrim gets rid of my symptoms. I tried two courses: one for 10 days and one for 20 days of Bactrim DS taken twice a day, and both times I was symptom free for the durations of the treatment.
Avatar n tn After that went on for a while, the lower abdomen pain got better, but then I started feeling a dull ache in the area of my right ribcage and underneath around my waistline area (right side). Every now and then I would jabbing pains (moderate, not super intense) on the right side just underneath my right rib area, but they would only last for a few minutes then go away. This only happened 4 or 5 times.
Avatar f tn The first two days were lower stomach pain at first it felt like a pulled and then like a cramp, so I drank so tea and it felt better, then the second day I still felt it again (the pain if minor and it comes and goes). Then the next day I felt it on my upper stomach this one feels like a there something's there but doesn't come out. I've been looking online for answers and I'm freaking out.
Avatar n tn On about day 10 stools started to go back to normal and the pain on right side went back down to just a nagging dull ache. After about a week of dull ache on upper right only I started getting the sharp stabbing pains pains on left the side around the ribs and down the both sides while still having pains on right side almost like a shock .The pains seemed to move around like the first time ,a few times I coughed or would move just right I would get these sharp stabbing pains.
Avatar m tn For about 9 months I have been have upper right/middle stomach problems. I have had ultra sounds, CT scans among other test and all were normal. It seems like the doctor really isn't concerned and makes me feel like it is in my head. This is not a sharp pain but an ache, that really hurts. It comes and goes and really doesn't have to do with what I eat.
Avatar m tn I have had a chronic stomach ache for about 10 of the last 14 days. The pain is located in the upper abdominal region. It s a burning/nagging pain that has been on and off. Stool is loose but going to the bathroom does not make me feel better. I have had such stomachaches in the past, which only last about 2 days. I thought I had a case of lactose-intolerance. I have not had dairy the last 2 weeks, but this stomach ache does not go away. What may it be?
Avatar f tn Few days ago, i had diarrhea. Seems like i always get stomach ache. After that, i feel pain at my right upper abdomen. it's somewhere below my ribcage. then it got worse and affect my back also. can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn The pain goes from sharp stabbing to feeling just like a stomach ache. I also feel pressure right under my rib cage on the right side. It feels like there's a rock in there. The pain has made me vomit a few times as well. Help, please!!
Avatar f tn I'm having severe stomach cramps on the lower left side of my stomach. It hurts so much that I can hardly move and they're not going away. AF finished over a week ago (I'm on CD11). Ever since AF finished I've been having cramps in the right side of my stomach, and in my upper and lower stomach everyday. However they changed sides this afternoon and have become really painful. I've also have a really windy rumbly stomach. Are any of these symptons a sign of pregnancy?
1694901 tn?1317005964 Your pancreas is on the left side, not the right. right side pain is usually gallbladder or appendix. To really look at your gallbladder, they need to do a HIDA scan, which they probably aren't going to do in an ER. You should go to a good gastroenterologist for a full work up. I am concerned that you had diarrhea but ct scan showed you are impacted. You may have a partial bowel obstruction, which could be very serious.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain in my right side at the bottom of my rib cage for the past several months. The pain gets worse after I eat certain foods, and worse when I am sitting down or lying on the right side. When I am sitting it feels like something is squeezing my rib cage very tightly. The pain sometimes radiates to my back and up to my shoulder blade. When I lay on my back I sometimes feel a squeezing, contracting,sensation. The pain is almost always present it just varies in severity.
Avatar m tn I forgot to mention the pain I had at first was different I felt bloated in my liver area as if there was something there the other pain of it numbing and sharp stabbing is different feeling after the pain went away for 5 months I had the numbness occur when the numbness first occured I wasnt able to sleep for 3 days because whenever I laid down it felt like somebody literally stabbed me in the stomach but it only felt like that if I laid on my back or my right side if I laid on my left side of
Avatar m tn Hello everyone! First time posting and I hope I can find some help. A little about me I am a single 30 year old Hispanic male living in the city, not major health issues other than seasonal allergies. I first started getting symptoms in late November of last year. Started out with stomach ache and nausea. Never vomited or had diarrhea. This has persisted until now usually worst in the mornings. Then I started getting real bad headaches which are rare for me.
Avatar n tn I have the same upper abdominal ache under left rib but I also feel the pain on upper left abdomen also. I have had every test available except ERCP and everything keeps coming back normal. My doc now is calling it IBS which I do not agree with since I do not have Diarrhea (besides 1 or 2 soft bm every morning) and I do not have constipation. If you every get a diagnosis please post it so that it can help others.
Avatar n tn It used to be certain things like salad, certain vegetables would upset my stomach, but now it is literally every time I eat I get a stomach ache which is very painful and I litterally have to use the toilet 10-15 min. after eating.. I have "water" diherea with bits and pieces of whatever I had eaten previously in the day. I have also been awoken in the middle of night 2 times in the past month from a seveve sharp pain under my right breast, almost under my rib cage.
Avatar n tn Over the summer I started with a nagging ache right side only (upper abdominal) & I also feel it in the same spot on my back (like it goes straight though). As the months go by, it is getting worse. If I rouse at 6:30 AM, it hurts and I have to try to get into a comfortable spot in bed. After I get up, move around, and eat, I'm fine. No weight loss, yellow eyes, blood in stool or anything. Sometimes, though, I may feel a fullness in that area (doesn't hurt). My GI dr.
Avatar f tn For over 2 months now I've had upper right abdominal/side pain that, at times, radiates up my back, between my shoulders blades and to my upper left abdomen/side. The pain first occured after a week of bloating and a weekend of lower back pain. As soon as my bloating subsided, my lower back hurt and after the pain in my lower back disappeared I started to have the pain in my upper right abdomen/side.
Avatar n tn upper right hand side pain, I have started having sharp stabbing pains in my stomach which stop if I apply pressure, what could this be?
Avatar n tn I have an approximate 1x1 1/2" indented area on my upper right arm (front side) which is pink in color. For several weeks there was not any pain, but now I'm experiencing a dull ache in the area below the indented area and it seems slightly swollen. What could be causing this? (I'm a 63 yr. old female and don't have medical problems).
Avatar n tn I have some soreness on the right side below the ribs and some times a little discomfort around the back, I have never had any serious problems in the past or with kidnesy or gallbladder, I recently stopped drinking coffee I know this sounds weird but could that have something to do with this discomfort?
Avatar n tn I have had a dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen for 3 days now. It has not gotten worse but only sustained. It is not a sharp or severe pain, just a dull ache very low on my right side just above my groin - near bikini line. There is no pain when pressing just a consistant ache. I took pepto because i was feeling bloated but it didn't really help. Normal bowel movements, no fever, no nausea no vomiting.
Avatar f tn For about 3 months I have had upper right abdominal pain, sort of under my ribs. A dull ache. About a 4 out of 10. I had high ALT liver emzymes when i went to the ER about 2 months ago, but those are now closer to normal. The X-Ray and CT scans showed nothing strange regarding my liver, gallbladder or kidneys. The blood tests and urine tests came back normal. The pain is usually worse in the evenings. What could be causing this?
Avatar m tn I would suggest getting a gallbladder ultrasound. Gallbladder symtoms sometimes show up as pain in the right upper stomach or rib, also in your back. So this is an ideal test for you.
5393281 tn?1371094461 No more than 10 seconds later, I felt pain on the right side of my upper torso. Painful, what felt like cramps even, from the right side of my stomach, to under my ribs where it was particularly painful, to under my right breast. I ended up on my knees with my head on my pillow and arms holding my head for about 30 minutes with the pain which bought tears to my eyes. Does anyone have any idea what happened?
Avatar n tn I know from experience exactly what you're talking about. A friend of mine experienced the exact same thing, too. We both ended up getting the gallbladder tests only to find out that the gallbladder was healthy and fine. In short, the answer is: Yes, it is pain from the IBS. If you look at a medical chart that shows the intestines, you'll see how the colon ascends on the right side, traverses from the right side to the left, and descends down the left side.