Stomach ache on lower left side

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Avatar n tn for the past 3 years I have had a pain in my lower left side. Starting just below my rib and sometimes going down as low as my hip bone. I have had many test and nothing shows up.Recently I had a ultra sound and it showed that I had a cyst on my left ovary 2.5 cm. I do not think that this is the problem. I have been taking medicine for IBS, Prevacid, a fiber substute and nothing seems to help. I watch what I eat and nothing. Some times I awake in the morning to the pain.
Avatar f tn Thanks Michell, It is funny that you mentioned probiotics because I have been eating one Activia (4oz) per day and today I did notice that my stomach ache is a little better. I think I will increase the Activia to 8ozs. and also start on the Culturelle tomorrow. Hope that you will answer this question for me or at least give me your opinion.. I first had an HIV test along with other STD's and Hepatitis thinking that it was 90 days out from the time I was with this woman.
Avatar f tn My husband is having chronic stomache ache on lower left side of his stomach from the last 8 years.It started in his college time when he used to take lots of antibiotics daily for 3 years.He is Lactose intolerant also.He cannot eat anything in hurry or else the stomach condition becomes worse,that makes him think a lot before eating anything.He feels the problem of stomache ache almost daily from the last many years.Endoscopy ,urinary tests are all fine.
Avatar n tn I too have a fluttering feeling on the lower left side of my abdomen - I've had it a few times beforehand but it's only lasted a couple of minutes and gone away. Since yesterday, it's been there constantly - I am overweight, haven't had my tubes tied and my children are 16 and 12. Husband has had a vasectomy, so no chance of being pregnant! It's not painful, it's just a weird sensation which is bugging me. It's also pretty much in time with my heartbeat.
Avatar n tn I have been getting pain in my lower left side during the night. It disappears as soon as I get up. I have been told that this is a spastic colon, but why does it only happens we I sleep at night.
Avatar n tn I'm having lower stomach pain (very low) on the left side (a dull ache). It's worse at night when trying to sleep. It feels very close to my left ovary. In addition, I have been experiencing diarrhea anytime I eat. I don't know if I should set an appointment with my OBGYN or general doctor.
Avatar f tn I have had a weird pain, not sharp, but a dull ache that lasts a few seconds come up from the lower left side of my head to venture to the left side somewhere. Its not exactly retraceable and how many times ive tried i cant repeat it. Some days its not bad at all... Lookin up also hurts the back of my neck, like i slept wrong. (i do sleep at strange angles and sleepin on my stomach doesnt help any) Its not constant at all and isnt a classic "headache".
Avatar f tn Constant dull ache in left upper qandrant of stomach, I am 39 and have had reoccuring dull ache in stomach very specific in its location, I am scared and feel careless as i ahd the same pain several months ago went are saw Dr and gave me pariet it seemed to go away and she oredered an ultra sound and blood test that I "was too busy" to go and get done and the day i was going it went away.
Avatar m tn Lower left quadrant was kind of sore, strange dull ache under left rib and back ache. Well today after one month I was pressing on the original spot where my pain occured in my lower left ab (almost by groin). I heard a sort of sound, that sounded like gas squeezing slowly, or something deflating. After that, my back pain went away completely?
Avatar n tn My skin hurts, I have a head ache and stomach ache, especially a pain in lower left region near intestines. My right ear aches. This has been going on for 4 days. I can't sleep. I also have genital herpes (but I am not broken out) and wonder if this is related. I also got bitten by many mosquitos last week and fire ants and wonder if this is related.
Avatar n tn She had to ride on the very back seat of a school bus for about 12 hours. She easily gets motion sickness. She had a stomach ache and diarehha the day she left to come back home. She has had constant stomach aches just about every day for almost seven weeks. She had blood work and urinalysis done by one doctor and also an ultrasound of her stomach and pelvic area. Everything checked out okay.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old male who considers myself to be fairly athletic and healthy. Sadly, I started having a (left)lower back ache(close to my tail bone, approximately where my vertebrae is connected to my pelvis) back in March of this year. From analyzing my own daily physical routines, I strongly feel that the cause is my bad posture from driving my stick shift car where I had to stretch my left leg far out to reach the clutch.
Avatar n tn It has changed a little but now the pain is like a cramp on my side on my lower left rib withsharper pain on my back.I can't get to doctors(agoraphobia) so you are my only help. Bowels and urine seem to be normal. Vertigo the last 3 days but might not be related. I've had that off and on for 20 yrs. I had a baby 1 year ago. I am 15 pounds overweight. Please help.
Avatar n tn So the pain is on the left SIDE, note close to the center. Woman/man, age ? There's a spleen on the left side under the rib cage, and they are lymph nodes in armpits. There may be infectious mononucleosis, other infections, lymphoma... Would you say some medical history, travels in 2003 (?
Avatar n tn I have pain in lower back on left side, left hip pain, left pelvic pain and pain down the left leg at times. It comes and goes. Gets real bad,(when I put weight on left leg) then can ease up within minutes with changing position. I had similar trouble when I was about 30 but it went away. Any ideas? I am 47 now.
Avatar f tn I notice that the pain comes soon after I chew gum or eat something sugary, or at night after laying on my left side with my face on the pillow. Sometimes I can even be doing nothing and the pain will begin. Unless I take a Tylenol, it takes about 15-20 minutes for the pain to subside. My dentist ruled out cavities, sensitive teeth, and a cracked tooth. Would anyone know the reason for this to be occurring?
1251152 tn?1269606444 The pain radiates from side to side and sometimes it "clenches" if that makes sence. I have not had a pain free day since 1992 (except while using) they have done laproscopic exploritory and scopes down my throat. I have been a test dummy for pills that I cant even pronounce and I'm just tired of the "well we have checked and found nodules and ulcers that can be controlled by pain meds" Thats how I got here to begin with.
Avatar f tn I have had symtoms of tingling only on the left side. In my face, left ear, left arm, leg and foot. These symtoms started in Oct. sometimes worse than others. The Gabapentin started at 300 mg and has increased to 1200 mg then I was placed on Cybalta 30 mg. The symtoms has decreased with all the meds I take but not left me. Before the meds started to work the tingling was always present but with the meds I can feel it but not as strong.
Avatar n tn For the past week I have had the worst, almost stabbing pain under my left breast. I can't even lay on my left side without getting a severe "pinching" feeling. When I take a deep breath and sometimes even when I am breathing normal I get a severe pain in the left side of my back between my shoulder blades. It literally takes my breath away.
Avatar n tn My 3 year old daughter has had a off & on stomach ache for just a little over 2 weeks now. I took her to the pediatrician on Friday 7-14-06 & she said she thought it was acid reflux & gave samples of prevacid. She said we should see improvement in 3-4 days & I could also give her pepto if she still hurts later in day after prevacid. We have seen no improvement & last night I had to give her the pepto. I don't feel I should be giving her both of these meds everyday.
Avatar n tn i had a cyst on each ovary but only got real pain on the left side,with the odd twinge on the right. Ultrasound revealed the cyst on the right ovary was the larger of the 2.When i had my op the found bad adhesions on the left,hence the worse pain.There is also what they call referred pain,where by the pain is felt in different areas of the body away from the site of origin.
Avatar f tn I would appreciate a little feedback from anyone who has experienced what I am dealing with. About 6 weeks ago I started to feel lower right side abdominal pain. It began as just an ache. The next day I had a gyno appointment so I tell him how I feel he thinks it could be an ovarian cyst or endometriosis and sends me for an ultrasound. Had the ultrasound everything came back normal except a small fibroid..
Avatar f tn i too have the shoulder pain on my left side with the burning sensation which runs to my left breast and back to my shoulder blade. ive had xrays and ultrasounds which came back clear, been to physioterapists which seemed to help but going so often gets quite expensive. im seeing a specialist in 2 weeks (which is frustrating because i have to wait even longer with this irritating pain).
1040763 tn?1254949297 Helped me out BIG time. There is chron's disease..typically it's on the lower right side not left..but that's a small chance..usually it happens in the small intestine but you would be pretty sick if that was the case. Usually you have blood in the stool..but sometimes not visible. Could be an infection but normally with infection you have IBS-D. Could be colitis..
Avatar n tn I am having occasional left tyestacle and lower left abdomen pain. It is annoying but not too bad yet. 20 years ago I had a double hernia repaired and the pain was similar. Does anyone recall a relation between hernias and these symptoms?
1827393 tn?1317692417 I accidentally put laying on the right hand side, but I meant left hand side - the same side with the popping. Where is no popping sensation if i lay on my back, stomach or right hand side.
Avatar f tn Ill be 18 weeks tomorrow and I have horrible pain in my pelvic area Try laying on your left side it could just be ligament pain. If not then I'd call your ob or go to the er it could also be a uti that went into your kidneys I've had that early in my pregnancy. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Everyday I have had a stomach ache all the time. The pain is in the lower left side under my ribs. The pain is a cramping pain and sometimes there are sharp pains. 3 days ago my stomach visibly looked strange. In the beginning i thought maybe I had gained weight but my stomach bloated outdated almost like a bung, it has now gone down a bit. My feels a bit stiff. I don't know what it could be because I eat a relatively healthy diet and go to the loo almost everyday..