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Avatar m tn I get severe burning in my stomach, chest pain in the middle of the night, pain down the left side of my arm, nausea and headache when they are acting up.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old son and I have been sick for about 2 weeks now with the same thing,nausea and stomach cramping all the time. The nausea gets so bad that I can not seem to function unless I take the phenergan and some times that does not even work. I was treated for HPylori in 1998 and took all the antibiotics what should I do now?
233053 tn?1321647421 I know exactly where you are talking about and yes pushing on it will give me nausea and make the headache worse. My daughter's will stiffen up and really hurt her. I extended it too far and heard it pop. It hurt for days. My neurologist let me get a cervical MRI because I hadn't had one in years and I thought I had to have herniated a full cervical disc. I was positive it was so bad. My cervical discs were beautiful. I mean they could have been in a text book. It has to be muscle.
Avatar m tn Earlier this evening I was doing the dishes (a very unstressful task) when suddenly I felt the flipflop of my heart, immediately got a stomach ache and felt nausea. The stomach ache went away but the nausea stayed and when I get them bad enough I'll actually get some painful pressure in my chest. Which happened several minutes after I felt sick. Now I'm sitting, the PVCs have stopped, still feeling sick, exhausted, I want to lay down and sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi Have u found solution to your problem yet or figured it out yet Sounds like I have a very similar condition I have constant nausea & stomach ache for about a week ranging in intensity happening at the same time every month which is straight after my period I'm on no medications just the pill which I stopped for a while & made no difference I have had this for about 3-4 years now I've had so many tests with no answers (blood tests, ultrasounds, gall bladder test, camera down into my st
13596572 tn?1431107976 A migraine feels different from a sinus headache or regular headache just like the difference in a stomach ache and menstrual cramps. Two totally different causes AND symptoms!! When you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. You can have a plain ole regular headache that you would rate a 10 and you can have a migraine and rate it a 3. It has nothing to do with the intensity of the pain.
Avatar f tn my 8 year old has been sick now for 7 months now, he was a very healthy boy but has aspurgers [autism high functioning] but then he started getting episodes of dizzyness [ he says rockets of colors and everything racing, this last about 20-30 seconds, then goes into him bent over with terrible stomach pain, resulting in him vomiting, sometimes he gets a very bad head ache, they cam once or twice a week, but now they are coming 4-5 times a week, and now he is getting fatigued after wards, we hav
Avatar n tn five days dtarting this dose i started havin severe nausea when i woke up and git disturbanced_ ache in stomach/abdominal area bloatedness gassy and the accompanying sound effects in the stomach. became progressively worse, spoke to cardiologist he sed to go bak to half the dose. howver, its been almost two weeks and i still have stoamch aching bloatedness when i eat i hav regurgitation and a tight choking feeling in chest and throat area.
Avatar n tn runny nose, headache, stomach ache, watery eyes, scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing, drowsyness hives , blood in throat? what is it?
Avatar f tn but last 3 days ago, he was crying because he has stomach pain, and head ache with nausea plus vomiting.. i thaught it is just a simple stomach ache.. but then, next night, he felt the same and he got a fever about 100.4f.. so i gave him tylenol to lower down the fever.. then my son feel better right after until the next day.. he played like there is no pain on his stomach anymore.. so i thaught he's better.. but then,, it happened again last night.. he had a fever 100.
Avatar n tn Occasionally, like once or twice a day, I get a quick pang of stinging pain in my abdomen. Sometimes, if I press lightly on it, it hurts like a bad stomach ache. I have been making sure that I eat, and the dizziness doesn't seem to be because of any lack of food. I also stay really hydrated during the day and that hasn't changed anything. I take Maalox for the nausea and ibuprofen for the headaches. They don't help that much, but they do a little bit.
Avatar f tn For about three and four weeks, I've been experiencing severe nausea, stomach ache, and headache. I had thought that it was the flu, but no fever. I'm very concerned, and we just started school up, and I hate the nausea, it makes things very hard.
Avatar n tn You had better to see a doctor ,make certain what is the matter, If you have stomach pain,maybe is ecphyaditis . The diseases of Stomach-ache, acidstomach, stomach-bulge etc are approaching to everybody. It is relate to the eating habit and the circumstance of the workplace. Generally speaking ,ecphyaditis is in the right side, Some symptom are nausea, vomiting ,constipation dizziness, headache, weakness ,serious illness will appear fever and other symptoms.
358304 tn?1409713092 Any suggestions to stop the post nasal? Or nausea? A nervous stomach is pretty common with me with anxiety... The bad butterflies in the stomach... But that feeling doesn't always make me nauseous... I should also add, that I've been taking Ativan for about 3 weeks or so.. .5mg I didn't take one lastnight, you don't think I'm having withdrawls do you? It's only a one .5mg a day or sometimes two .5mg a day. That's what my prescription says. 1 to 2 pills a day as needed.
Avatar m tn Stomach pain with headache initially, and feet/hands broke out in rash. Stomach feels bloated as well. eating makes stomach worse so far. Throat feels slightly sore/swollen as well but lymph node looks normal now. I have slept off the headache and for the most part the rashes have gone away but the stomach pain has spread to my lower back somewhat, and legs feel like lead altho i did take some nyquil prior. the stomach pain hasn't gotten much better despite sipping on Maalox.
Avatar n tn Her symptoms consist of becoming very pale, nausea or stomach ache, extreme weakness and fatigue and a left eyelid droop. She remains conscious. SHe has recently been adding headaches to the mix. My question concerns the headaches she has begun having. Her dr. says when a h/a occurs with these other symptoms it is a migraine, not a seizure. I am reluctant to accept that, as she looks the same to me-seizure like, whether she has a h/a or not. How do we sort this out?
200213 tn?1202756699 I have nausea with my anxiety almost every morning and some evenings. It is for sure one of the many many symptoms of anxiety. It usually goes away by mid afternoon. I also get migraines and have nausea with those also. So it could really be from either one. Ask your doctor to run some tests, make sure your not pregnant, and I'm sure she will tell you its just anxiety. If all your tests come back fine try hard not to think something is still wrong.
655242 tn?1229476344 Your story seems to fit into 'cervicogenic headache'. (Headache caused by problem in the neck) However, correct picture can be gained only by taking your full history, and after an examination of head and neck, and the relevant neurological examination. Be glad there is nothing wrong structurally (CT and MRI). Now you have to find out what is causing the headache and other pains, and get treatment for the same.
Avatar n tn Everything that I do is in moderation. Over the years I developed a very mild, lower back ache on the right side and a bit of sensation on my left knee. However, in the last 6 months I have a strange pain in my stomach that comes and goes every couple of days. It is NOT heartburn. And it does not seem to be an Ulcer. It feels in the mid-abdominal to lower abdominal.
Avatar m tn Migraines don't necessarily have to start with a headache - sometimes people can get visual auras (such as halos around lights), a congestion and even stomach issues before the headache strikes. The headache can also cause the stomach issues (very common with migraines to have stomach problems along with it) So, I would suggest in addition to getting his eyes checked, also follow up with his doctor about the possibility of migraines.
Avatar n tn The headaches could be due to rice allergy—either to its protein or to the carbohydrate. Normally the allergy causes nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and rash. Another possibility is that eating rice causes your blood sugar to fluctuate. This can also cause headaches. Though a rare disorder, pancreatic insulinomas should also be thought of in your case and have someone check your blood sugar while you eat.
Avatar f tn who recommended I have a gastroscopy where a scope is put down to stomach and found 2 polyps in my stomach. Now that they are removed Im much better....Dr. has me staying off anti-inflammatory alcohol...and I take omeprazole every morning. I think omeprazole is generic for prilosec (better price) I stay away all spicy foods and am feeling much better now. Just wanted to share my story.
Avatar f tn The other causes could be jaundice if there is yellowish discoloration of skin, food poisoning if the symptoms occurred shortly after taking food, peptic ulcer disease and sometimes cholecystitis and pancreatitis. Headache may/may not be related to the stomach ache. Common viruses that cause cold flu or stomach flu can cause nausea and headache. There may be other associated signs like runny nose, diarrhea, fever, body aches which may be suggestive of a viral illness.
Avatar f tn most frozen dinners (the kind filled with preservatives) make me sick immediately. the intensity of nausea or stomach pain comes and goes and some days i feel fine.. i've been living with this for a while so i often just assume my stomachs going to hurt after eating.. sometimes it doesn't but lately within the past year i've noticed it's most likely it will. i've never considered anything to do with my gull bladder, but if it sounds to you like a possibility i'll try to look into that.
Avatar f tn Cause of such panic disorder mostly remain unknown but in this disorder you may feel symptoms like shortness of breath, feeling of choking, pain in the chest, nausea, stomach ache, feeling dizzy, tingling or numbness, chills or hot flashes, bounding heartbeat or fast heart rate, sweating, shaking etc. even without any underlying disorder. This disorder needs to be thoroughly assessed by a psychiatrist first since this can occur repeatedly and without warning.
Avatar n tn I am taking Pepcid and Prevacid but I don't actually have 'acid' indigestion, just this malaise and headache and DAMNED STOMACH ache that won't go away! I cannot function like this as I'm always exhausted and wondering when my stomach will make me ill at any time. The doctor seems stumped. And now I'm starting to panic and cry a lot.
Avatar n tn I am a fifteen year old active female. I have a constant head ache but it is not a migrane, just like a head ache that will never go away. I also expierence dizziness and blurryness for a few seconds after i stand up sometimes. I recently was rushed to the hospital for extreme abdominal pains, constant throwing up, and passing out. I was rushed into surgery not knowing what was wrong with me.
Avatar n tn I want to say its not a migrane because it feels different. It almost feels more like a injury than a headache. Its on the very top of my head...just to the right.....and about 2 inches down. Before this I have NEVER EVER had headache troubles.. I could go years with only a simple headace that tylenol would fix. I am now on Cymbalta and it takes the edge off so i can at least go to work. Its now a year later and I still have the same troubles and no change.
Avatar n tn • Nauseous, constipation, headache, stiff neck, stomach ache, spinal pain, pain on the back right side of my ribs and only when I take a deep breath, dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision, water eyes almost a feeling of having allergies, pressure in the front of my neck almost feels like I swallowed a marble that is stuck in the front of my neck, slow concentration, feeling of being dumb, comprehension is slow.