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Avatar f tn Of course just due to the withdraw your mind goes crazy and you think crazy thoughts, but this non stop stomach ache has me scared that I have stomach cancer or that something else is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, when can I expect some relief from it? The stomach ache is more just below my boobs in the middle between my ribs and it feels like I have a ton of food or bricks just sitting there. Is this normal when going through this?
5421936 tn?1378852747 No other symptoms. I woke up today...stomach ache, headache, body ache, throwing up, diarrhea. Can't keep nothing done. No food, ginger ale. My hubby came home and now he has it. Ughhhh I hope this passes like...tonight. I just ate some applesauce and a few saltines and sipping Gatorade. Being 9 months pregnant and stomach flu is not fun at all.
665587 tn?1265950524 I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this or not, but here goes. My husband is laying in bed with severe stomach pain and refuses to go to ER...he says "it's the stomach flu...eveyone has it" My concern is this...he had this for 1 day in November, another on Christmas day that lasted 30 hours, and again woke him up at about 1 am and been hurting since. Now he says it's getting better. The only other symptoms are nasea, no diarrahea, no fever............
Avatar m tn I don't know which of the many possible stomach problems it could be or if it is multiple but I'm going insane with whatever symptoms I have. First of all, when I was a child, somewhere between five and eight, I had what I suspect was the symptoms of Crohn's disease. The way I explained it them is it felt like I was trying to pass a spiked mace through my stomach (intestines) and the only thing reasoned by the doctors was that I could have an infection between my small and large intestines.
Avatar f tn ( The only thing I could keep down was Gatorade. That's what triage nurse at the drs office said to try. She said that or gingerale but can't stand gingerale. I couldn't even keep water down. Gatorade does a good quick job at getting those electrolites back up. On tuesday I just took eating light and slow. And had the runs all day tuesday. Wednesday I was back to normal. I did get scared because I didn't feel baby move since early Monday morning. But felt baby late Wednesday night.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I got little sleep so I took anap when I got home, woke up early, went to my race, ran, came home and napped for another 4 hours. I can't make it through a day without a nap. I dont know if this is attributed to my stomach ache, but I've been having a sorethroat. I have no idea why my stomach hurts so much all the time. Could it be a bacterial infection?
Avatar n tn I've been in bed for 4 days - Loose yellow stool (sorry for the graphic details, but I want you guys to know EXACTLY what is going on) - Stomach cramping like a gnawing sensation - Warm baths and laying on my stomach helps a little - Loss of appetite - NOTHING tastes good except Gatorade/Water/Popsicles (Just trying to stay hydrated) - Today is day 4 and I have a little nausea - Feel like everything is resting in my chest - Body aches, like my whole body, muscles just ache and are sore I have
136986 tn?1232403430 try to settle stomach w/ sipping equal water/lime gatorade mixed, balance electrolytes. You're not keeping many nutrients in you if you have diarrhea. It sounds like it's running down & you should be better if you can settle the stomache spasms. If no fever/eat soda-crackers/ nibble sm-lite bland, you'll survive. If still going off/on, go to Dr. Try to stay hydrated. Avoid fatty/spicy/heavy foods. Been there. No fun. Gd-luck.
Avatar m tn Even if it was, I take alka-seltzer for it, and it goes away. I've got a stomach ache from exercising before tonight. This hurts a lot. I'm going to go out on a limb and take a guess. I think the pain is caused from not doing a proper "warm down." Doing intense physical exercise and then suddenly stopping might be harder on our bodies then we realize.
Avatar n tn Based on what I've studied and have been told, the most likely culprits are gastroparesis (very slow emptying of the stomach) OR gall bladder disease. It is true that when your stomach retains its food load an excessively long time, the contents can somewhat "ferment." I also have been told that bile typically tastes sulfuric. So, I am no closer to reaching a conclusion.
Avatar n tn It was the same sort of feeling i would get after a really long 2 hour jog or something, the same sense of exertion - but i hadn't done anything. I had a strange uncomfortable full fulling in my upper stomach. I was also having ectopic heart beats. I went to a doctor that day i felt so bad, and he sent me for an immediate heart echo cardiogram at the hospital. This came back normal. As i was leaving the camp a few days later to go home, my doctor recommended seeing my home gp.
Avatar n tn The doctor did say it properly isn't the best thing to use but its worked for 5 wks so i'm gonna continue use it. I still get slight stomach ache and feel a bit odd when i have a bowl movement but nothing like before.
Avatar n tn I have had bad stomach pains last 2 weeks, always dizzy, almost fall asleep driving because I am so tired, neck pain and my ankles and feet ache. I have headaches through out the day. I only was vomitting on one day, but I am nausous every day. Also, I normally eat a LOT, and I have completely lost my appetite, I have no desire to eat. I also get very bloated after eatting. I am 24 female and very active I go to the gym 4-5 times a week.
Avatar f tn You can also give her OTC pain killers like Tylenol or Motrin for relief from stomach ache. In the meantime schedule an appointment with her pediatrician because she may need a course of antibiotics to clear the infection if it is confirmed.
Avatar n tn I've been in bed for 4 days - Loose yellow stool (sorry for the graphic details, but I want you guys to know EXACTLY what is going on) - Stomach cramping like a gnawing sensation - Warm baths and laying on my stomach helps a little - Loss of appetite - NOTHING tastes good except Gatorade/Water/Popsicles (Just trying to stay hydrated) - Today is day 4 and I have a little nausea - Feel like everything is resting in my chest - Body aches, like my whole body, muscles just ache and are sore I have
Avatar f tn Did you eat turkey? Nothing has made me sick except turkey! I'm Canadian so our Thanksgiving was in October, 3 different times I ate turkey the exact same thing happened. I had just a little bit, I never really liked turkey that much... But I was almost instantly bloated with a bad stomach ache, gas & a gross taste in my mouth, plus these disgusting burps... It took a couple days to go away.
3126253 tn?1345387721 My stomach had a lot of pain and I had the worst head ache. Just drink a ton and take it easy!
Avatar n tn You have to stay hydrated though or you will end up in the hospital. Ginger ale is good for calming the stomach, Gatorade or something with electrolytes.
Avatar f tn Today is day 9.. still sick stomach and legs and back ache.. when will it end.. still going strong just aggravated with those 2 things.
Avatar f tn If you are in pretty good health, you may want to try and increase your fluid intake, but not soda or coffee. Try water or Gatorade. Gatorade would be better because of the electrolytes they put into your system. If you do have the early stages of a uti, this should rinse most of the infection away and you should feel much better in a couple of days. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Almost anything I eat now gives me a burning feeling around my entire stomach and heartburn. It even hurts when my stomach is empty. A few months ago I also started getting hives on the front of my arms around the elbows. This is what got me thinking about allergies. I eat pretty much the same things all the time but powerade was the one 'new' thing in my diet. I've been off it for 4 days now and think I might be starting to feel better.
375562 tn?1199560217 Really bananas do help, also stay hydrated..the dehydration will make muscles ache and make rls worse. I drank Gatorade and a drink called FUZE; there are several different kinds, Energize has amino-acids and lots of B vitamins. Also pomegranite juices have lots of good stuff in it that helps. Taking vitamin supplement pills kill me, I have stomach issues, so eating lots of fruit and veggies and drinking lots of fluids is how I got through it.
4376155 tn?1355239078 About an hour later I had a slight stomach ache and just thought I had to go to the bathroom.. sorry if this is TMI.... I went to the bathroom and have diarrhea. I also am getting pretty bad cramps.. they are not contractions. I am drinking Gatorade but have no appetite. Im not sure if I caught a bug or these are signs of labor? The baby has still been active all day. This has been going on for about 6 hours now.
6954086 tn?1398699555 I'm real picky about the flavored water and plain water so i drink gatorade it helped when i had a stomach ache also
Avatar f tn so i will be 12 weeks Wednesday i am having dizziness blured vision heart burn a little bit of a head ache and trouble breathing im concerned what could all of this mean
Avatar f tn I went to sleep and woke up with the same feeling added to head ache, dizziness, and blurred vision. Last night I checked my blood pressure and it was constantly rising with an elevated heart rate. I called my local hospital, which we don't have an obgyn here, so my doctor is in another city, but anywho, I called and spoke with a nurse and she told me this was typical pregnancy symptoms. For me to get a ginger ale and take zofran.
340970 tn?1198023370 Ice cream is great for tummy ache, by the way. And quit drinking gatorade. Milk, water, or ginger ale is better. To keep your strength up, scrambled eggs with cheese goes down real easy. You need to visit a family physician, if you haven't already, or go to the local county clinic as a walk-in. Since it's the weekend, you could also go to the ER of the hospital in or near your town. Doctors can examine your throat, offer treatment to make it feel better.
Avatar f tn Mine gave me a stomach ache and wanting to throw up. But other then that. It was fine e!