Stomach ache for a week

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Avatar f tn They may be stretching pains, after all your body is preparing itself for a baby! And diarrhea around that week is very normal, so is constipation. I'm 9 weeks (almost 10) and I switch between diarrhea and constipation like every other week I swear!!
Avatar f tn At the end of last month I blead light pink for two days then it stopped, a week later I blead very heavy for 8 days. Now last week I started to feel lower stomach ache at first was mild,then it got severe so I went to the doctor who after examimig me diagnosed an infection of my uterus and fallopian tubes on both sides. He put me on a course of anti-biotics. I then started producing milk but it stopped. Now I am finished the course but I still have pain in my lower stomach.
Avatar n tn for the past 3 years I have had a pain in my lower left side. Starting just below my rib and sometimes going down as low as my hip bone. I have had many test and nothing shows up.Recently I had a ultra sound and it showed that I had a cyst on my left ovary 2.5 cm. I do not think that this is the problem. I have been taking medicine for IBS, Prevacid, a fiber substute and nothing seems to help. I watch what I eat and nothing. Some times I awake in the morning to the pain.
Avatar n tn For the last three days I have been experiencing what can best be described as a minor belly Ache. Its about an inch above my navel, and its almost always on my mind. There are NO other side effects, I dont have any nausea, lack of appetite, stool is fine, etc. I did drink a lot of lemon flavored beverages last week, I dont know if that could be a factor.
Avatar f tn I have no appetite and I have to force myself to drink fluids, like koolaide, Gatorade, and water because I always feel full. This has been going on now for over a week straight and is driving me crazy. Of course just due to the withdraw your mind goes crazy and you think crazy thoughts, but this non stop stomach ache has me scared that I have stomach cancer or that something else is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, when can I expect some relief from it?
Avatar f tn Would the pain in my stomach be very painful or could it be a SLIGHT stomach ache that one could still eat? The ladder is my case. Would I have diarrhea along with this pain? Which I do not. Lastly as I stated in one of my notes I thought that I was tested 90 days out from contact but according to this woman it was only 50 days. Would something have shown in the blood work even at 50 days? Not that I would have HIV but that something was abnormal?
Avatar f tn When is it recommended to see a doctor for mild stomach ache? Is it after its lasted a few days or a week?
Avatar n tn My teenage daughter has had a severe headache and stomack ache for a week. Could this be the flu without the fever and cough?
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 year old male I've had this dull ache in my lower stomach for about 2 weeks (at first there was a pain in my left testical but the pain has gone now) I only seem to have this pain when it's on my mind if i'm busy I sometimes forget it's there. I've been to the docters and they've said my stomach feels normal i'm going back next week to do a urine sample and blood test. Do you have any ideas as to what it could be?
Avatar f tn I just started working out a little over a week ago. Jogging a mile every other day, crunches and some ab workout videos. Also started a plank challenge around the same time. After a few days, my stomach was sore to be expected but since then, I've been getting these weird stomach cramps that lasted a few days. All day yesterday, my stomach felt fine until I jogged a mile at lunch. About an hour later, my stomach feels tight right under my navel and there is this consistent dull ache.
Avatar f tn it's been happening on and off for a week.
Avatar f tn No vomiting but I have a constant stomach ache that will not go away. I've tried tums crackers and mints nothing has helped. Im miserable. O have the worst food aversion and can barely eat anything without making it worse. help!
Avatar n tn Stomach ache is not a symptom of an STD. Go to a Dr and have your stomach ache looked at.
Avatar m tn I have just recently found out I have AF it was a big shock to me as I never smoked didnt drink to much and never took drugs ,played football until I was 48. Now 65 Its only been a week now since I cam out of Hospital ,but it seems I get a real stomach pain right under my rib cage If I try to walk to far .It doesn't seem as though I am out of breath to much.
Avatar m tn I have had a chronic stomach ache for about 10 of the last 14 days. The pain is located in the upper abdominal region. It s a burning/nagging pain that has been on and off. Stool is loose but going to the bathroom does not make me feel better. I have had such stomachaches in the past, which only last about 2 days. I thought I had a case of lactose-intolerance. I have not had dairy the last 2 weeks, but this stomach ache does not go away. What may it be?
Avatar m tn I'm a 17 year old male I've had this dull ache in my lower stomach for about 2 weeks (at first there was a pain in my left testical but the pain has gone now) I only seem to have this pain when it's on my mind if i'm busy I sometimes forget it's there. I've been to the docters and they've said my stomach feels normal i'm going back next week to do a urine sample and blood test. Do you have any ideas as to what it could be?
Avatar n tn He would not eat for a day then would eat everything in site and then pace around,drink lots of water and throww up a foamy substance devoid of food, then he would pant heavily and be alright for a week or so. He had an ultrasound done that showed "junk" in his gallbladder,that cleared up. He was ok for a week.symptoms re- occured but he took longer to recover. He had a pancreatitis test that showed positive and was treated for it.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux......For the previous 4-5 months, I had a dull stomach ache, or a stomach gnawing almost everyday.... - I had no idea what was wrong with me,,,,and I almost began to believe that I was crazy.....I was given bloodwork testing for heart, thyroid, cholesterol, liver, diabetes....and Pylori bacteria (cause of ulcers)....all tests came back okay.....most recently had a Upper GI done and acid reflux was confirmed....
1915216 tn?1328425108 Much pain and stomach ache. I have not been taking my multi-vitamin (which has B vitamins), because I ran out a few days ago. I wonder if this is why I am feeling so weak, fatigued and super brain fogged the last few days. Menses alone usually doesn't bring the strong brain fog I currently have. I feel I can barely concentrate on even watching a favorite TV show. My face is in pain, my head, too. It is such a distraction from doing nearly anything.
Avatar f tn hi, for about a week now ive been suffering from lower back ache...its a dull ache across my lower back and comes and goes. i also have been getting more infrequent stomach cramps, im wondering if there might be a link? my doctor did a test of my urine and there is no sort of urinary infection..but i really cant tell if the two symptoms are linked or serperate? i am due to start my period in about a week so i was wondering if perhaps that had something to do with it...
Avatar n tn Had a girl give me a blow job a week ago unproteced. I have been having discomfort in the head of my penis no spots and no discharge. It just feels a little sore and my stream hasnt been as strong. Im also having some stomach issues nausea and abdominal pain and also my skin is red like sunburn but i havent really been out in the sun on my arms legs and face. Could it just be a uti?
Avatar n tn The pain (in my back) is relieved immediately upon sitting down. I rest for a few minutes and then I am able to get up and continue whatever I was doing. Now...I also started experiencing skipping heart beats (PVC's) They seem to have started when the abdominal pain began about a 10 days ago. Does anyone see any connection here?! I am so confused. I had a mild heart attack about 5 years ago and recently saw my dr. (EKG was normal) 1year ago I had a Cardio Scan done which was normal.
Avatar n tn I am 32 weeks pregnant and for the past several days have been having a lot of stomach aches that almost feel like gassy stomach aches, but I don't have any gas. I have also been sore from the inside, like she is squirming too much. I also look bigger so I am assuming I am growing again! I can't tell if I have a little bug or it is just pregnancy gassy issues. I really don't feel sick, just my belly hurts most of the time. It does seem to feel better if I lay down.
Avatar m tn So, as long as my enzymes are within reason, I'm counting the stomach ache as a good sign I'm getting the real thing. I can report that for the first time in 20 years, I get up in the morning without my feet, ankles and knees sore and stiff. They feel like I'm 18 again. If that's a side of the Hep C, then I'd say I'm kicking it's butt! Robert It's more annoying than anything.. and it's pretty much constant throughout the day now. If I lie down and deep breathe, it's eases off.
Avatar n tn I fight through nausea with zofran or phenergan, headaches usually respond to ibuprofen and rest. Still managing to work 3 twelves/week as a charge nurse in a fast paced emergency room. It is challenging though when I hit that wall after 8 hours and all I want to do is rest for an hour or two. I encourage you to take care of yourself, slow down and control the highly emotional situations. (put that baby back where he/she came from--just joking--congrats). You are not superman anymore.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my stomach for over a week now and it worsens after i eat. I have used pepto and it helps for about oh 30min. It's a constant ache and pain. I've actually refused to eat some meals just because i don't want to have to deal with the pain. Can anybody help????
Avatar n tn Some women experience cramping and even spotting with implantation. This usually occurs a week after ovulation. At this time the body also releases hormones. One of these, progesterone, slows down digestion resulting in a formation of gas and a bloated feeling. While cramps during pregnancy are not uncommon, sometimes they can signal a problem. Severe cramping on one side can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.