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Avatar f tn When you begin dating, if someone really likes you, and isn't just dating you to 'have someone,' they will accept your farts, no matter how stinky. Can you imagine a world where farts ended relationships? There'd be a lot of lonely dads in the world. (I've never met a dad who didn't fart loud and proud) That said, like the others, I do encourage you to revamp your diet and see it that helps. Any of those solutions offered above sounds easy and worth a try.
Avatar f tn -) But you must mean different or worse than normal. When I had an intestinal infection a few years ago, my gas and stools were pretty disgusting.
Avatar f tn With a smirk lol he calls me a fart sniffer cause when I laugh at our farts I tend to sniff while I laugh lol I cant help it, he says I have old man farts hahaha
Avatar f tn Makes me feel like a mom already... Ftm 22 wks. Oh and probably tmi but stinky farts lol I've never been a gassy person until being pregnant.
767148 tn?1257306151 Im bloated, and often feel like i have not completed my bowel movements which are frequent, pretty stinky farts, fatigue, soreness of joints, also a weird itchy/dry feeling in my ears. All along with this annoying itch in and around the anus. At times it feels itchy along my inner thighs and groin under the skin. weird huh?
Avatar f tn her first week she was on enfamil and did great pooped after every bottle no spit ups no gas now she is on gerber cause thats what wic covers and she only poops once a day stays gassy doesnt seem painful but it is very stinky to the point where i think she needs a diaper changed and all she did is fart and has started spitting up not enough to be really concerned about though my concern is only one poop a day and the gas.
1225178 tn?1318984204 Foods such as cauliflower, eggs and meat are notorious for producing smelly farts, whereas beans produce large amounts of not particularly stinky farts. See: I hope your situation improves Diane.
Avatar f tn Lol, if in doubt, let it out! Farts are like kids, u can only tolerate your own. I catch my husband with some beauties! Ive had to suffer him the last 11 yrs,its payback time!
5864964 tn?1378857785 ball z and I let it rip! I kept a serious face cause i didnt think it was that bad but outta nowhere he says calmly" how can you sit there and act all innocent after you jus tore a hole in the couch" i fell over laughin. any ideas how to get rid of it? (no matter what i eat i still get gas) Anyone else have stories?
1489197 tn?1300978168 Hello...I have a concern about my boxer/lab mix...She CONSTANTLY farts and it's gaggingly stinky. I have no idea what to do about it...Probably every 10 min she will fire one off and its loud just like a human fart and 20x as stinky. Does anyone have any remedies as to how to get her to calm it down?
1098760 tn?1266451497 no infections, shaved to the skin, healthy. bathed, not a farts issue. none of the typical obvious questions. what I wonder is if its because hes Still Intact? He didnt always have this Stink, thats going to force me to get rid of him if I cant make it stop. My allergies getting worse to him. this is nuts.
3763041 tn?1354909851 ) but I understand that its one's preference to be private.. but its something u could make fun of as a couple..
148691 tn?1260198503 Dude, I swear.... my PEE is HORRIBLY stinky!!!!!!!!!!!! and believe me, i don't have a UTI! and I drink plenty of water! have any of you lovely, and adorable ladies have world war 3 happen when you sit down on that toilet as well???? Gosh! the best part is in the morning when i feel sick and gotta pee really bad!!!!!
Avatar m tn I started college not to long ago and already sitting in class is HELL! the crazy thing is I dont even smell my farts but I know I'm the stinky one because I had people tell me I stink not to mention the stares and rude comments people make, classmates can be really cruel.. I sometimes walk out of class because I dont wanna cry in front of my classmates and Prof. I have tried everything to cure my problem.
3138931 tn?1350943918 I bet it was embarrassing I would be to..
Avatar n tn The prostaglandins (substances that cause the muscle contractions that push out the menstrual blood) can cause intestinal spasms. This can cause bloating, flatulence, and an increased number of bowel movements. If you start taking Advil or Aleve the day before your period starts, it'll cut down on prostaglandin production, and should reduce your symptoms. Taking Gas-X and/or a half-dose of Imodium AD may also help.
Avatar n tn I feel slight nausea since Sunday and as always sore bbs. Had to buy new pants cause my tummy is starting to grow too big to button pants comfortably! I feel great. My appetite is huge! Hope everyone else is doing well, if not, maybe talking about it will help!
Avatar n tn However, sometimes the balance is off and you get too much bad bacteria and not enough good. The things that feed the bad bacteria (and cause gas) are sugars. All sugars, including fruit. And all fermented foods like beer, wine, vinegar, etc. Try going to a candida (that's what the bad bacteria is some times called) web site and reading about the foods to avoid. Then, avoid these foods and see how you do.
Avatar n tn i was so exhausted that i just clipped his lead rope to one side of his halter and tied the other end to the other side and mounted him way out at the VERY FARTEST POINT (thank god for the big rock, for a mounting block, he's 16.2 )in the paddock and rode him back cause there was no way i could have walked....he was sooooo good....even though the other geldings all started to gallop and get excited about all this 'newness' he countinued at a walk for me......right through all of them...
85135 tn?1227293372 Is that true about the diabetes? what type did you have one or two?
306245 tn?1244388567 For example, people who can hold their farts in company. You try not to belch. If you sneeze you quickly check to make sure there isn't any mucous on your face or hands. You don't take off your shoes right next to someone if you fear your feet might be sweaty and smell. I don't believe any of these are related to anxiety, but rather, a heightened sense of not offending others. A rational, real concern that others might be offended.
Avatar n tn I get diarreha from my crohn`s disease almost daily but this is different. My belly 2 days later is still bloated and now I have rotten farts and diarreha is slowly going back to normal, lol. well at leat i hope so my stomach just made a bad noise, lol.My husband loves it when i get this, lol. he doesn`t have to even ask. He can smell it before I can even tell him I`m having an episode. No doctor seems concerned or can even give a clue of what this is.
1035252 tn?1427231433 but OMG that boy can put out a stinky fart. I'm asking his ped about it on the 23rd because I know that stinky farts can sometimes indicate lactose-intolerance..but he doesn't actually spit-up anymore so I'm wondering if he has another digestive issue....but it's not serious if there is one so I guess I'll find out on the 23rd lol. I just wanted everyone to update on their little prince or princess so we can catch up on how everyone's been doing! How are everyone else's little angels?
Avatar m tn My farts are very foul in odor, and I see a connection between the smell of my farts with the intensity of the bad odor in the nose. The less farts and/or better smelling the farts are, the less smelly the air that comes out of my nose is. I am healthy and exercise. Also, when I don’t think about the bad smell, it goes away. I also stay very calm and sometimes the smell goes away.
Avatar n tn While I am waiting for a dozen tests to come back, telling me hopefully what is wrong with my gut, I have done pretty much the same as you, eliminating what I thought were offending foods. Nothing worked, carried this big buddha belly around, growling and gurgling, and stinky little farts. When I got the results of a small bowel study, suggesting changes compatible with celiac, I jumped the gun, went on a gluten free diet and hit the jackpot.
Avatar n tn You girls are so funny about not pooting in front of DH!! Well, you know pregnancy farts are stinky, so to pay back my DH for all his nasty ones BEFORE I got preg (you know guys think it is so funny to gross you out with that stuff) I have been letting it go under the covers (he sleeps behind me) and then casually acting like I need to turn over and fluff the covers. Hope this makes him think twice about it once I am done being pregnant!
Avatar m tn I can rememberf the day like it was yesterday, i was sitting in health class and all of the sudden i started getting this gas that i couldnt stop, not loud like obvious farts, just like silent slow seeping gas, that i cant seem to stop no matter how hard i try. This happens when im around people (especially girls) , like if i have to sit infront of people in class or something it gets really bad, This is so terrible to have at my age, i feel as if im being robbed of my Golden years.
Avatar n tn On the other hand if there is a fix that works very well ( charcoal pads dont work as they claim to, I have tried them for a long time and then given up. Plus they cause rashes ) it would avoid all the lost time and oppurtunities both at work and social life. For some problems, we need to think and decide what approach is best "It's easy to grow a tomato, but nearly impossible to manufacture one.
1035252 tn?1427231433 LOL I'm serious though Grey is sooo gassy. He doesn't get stinky gas so I know it's not my diet and I know it's not the formula when I supplement...he's just gassy, and he farts when he does blinking, *fart*, breathing *fart* lol. He's a champion burper too... This sounds so cliche' but I saw the Tommee Tippees in a magazine and decided they looked interesting..when we got to Babies R Us they had a huge display right in my could I resist?