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Avatar m tn Hi, exposure to cold weather can cause stiffness of the neck or any muscle for that matter. But if the stiff neck is associated with runny nose and cough, its most likely that the symptoms are due a throat infection. The pain can also be due to lymph node enlargement. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Ill list my sypmtoms 15 days past possible infection Very very very small sore throat 16 days, woke up with a stiff neck, felt very tired, sore throat still the same, shoulder felt weird, kind of sore feeling 17 days stiff neck still there, shoulder got better, runny nose, a little cough, sore throat still the same;really small 18 days coughing heavy when i wake up, still a little tired after sleeping, stiff neck almost gone, shoulder feeling almost gone, sneezing 19 days; thigh area, the
Avatar n tn upon arriving back in minnesota my neck became very stiff, and although i stopped smoking (i smoke roughly a cig or two daily) after the scare of the chest pains, i shared a cigarette with my friend, and woke the next day with a bad sore throat. my neck then became extremely stiff, as did many of my joints. it has been three days since i got the sore throat, and it seems to be getting better.
Avatar n tn It will go away with meds for a few hours, but I do not want to keep taking those. I also have a sore throat, and stiff neck. This is all on my right side for the most part. I forgot to mention in the doctors post that I have wisdom teeth coming in, which could somehow be related I suppose. I do not have any dizziness/vertigo/vomiting/nausea/upset stomach/muscle pain nothing but a sore throat, horrible headache, and stiff/hurting neck.
Avatar m tn my neck was incredibly stiff, swollen lymph node on my neck, sore throat etc...I went and played some bball and took my mind off of it and now my neck is perfectly fine. It's all in your head man, and the stiff neck is definitely due to sitting at the computer with your head craned and looking at stupid HIV ****.
Avatar n tn upon arriving back in minnesota my neck became very stiff, and although i stopped smoking (i smoke roughly a cig or two daily) after the scare of the chest pains, i shared a cigarette with my friend, and woke the next day with a bad sore throat. my neck then became extremely stiff, as did many of my joints. it has been three days since i got the sore throat, and it seems to be getting better.
Avatar n tn I had a sinus infection that started out as allergies that I went on an antibiotic for the same day I came down with the stiff neck. I am pretty certain the meds did not cause the stiff neck but I am thinking more about the virus thing because my immune system was down. I have not been sick for over 30 years so this is very strange for me. If anyone else has had a similar situation I would love to hear from you!
Avatar f tn I was sick about a week ago. I got a cold sore, was achy and tired, and had sinus pain. I had a doctors appointment for an unrelated reason and the doctor noticed the glands in my neck were swollen. I pretty much shrugged it off and witthin a few days I was feeling better.
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Avatar m tn I have a real weird pain/tingling feeling in my arms, a stiff painful neck, a headache, stomach pains, sore throat, runny nose and occasional chest pain. The arm pain, neck pain and headache come and go and I can go for hours without feeling them however the sore throat and runny nose is more frequent.
Avatar f tn 2 week - headache, unwell feeling stiff neck, 3 week headache unwell, stiff neck, 4 week -headache, unwell feeling stiff neck, 5 week stiff neck, 6 week stiff neck, 7 week stiff neck, sore throat, white spot on tonsil and stiff groing, 8 and 9 week same thing with off and on sore throat. does this sound like typical symptoms. tested neg at 2.5 weeks.
Avatar m tn (incident is now 2 weeks old) I have a feeling of swallen glands in my neck, under my arms (armpits are sore) and groins (sore groins also) My muscles are aching in the back of my arms (triceps) my chest muscles are sore and having slight twitches, i have a slight sore throat and a persistent cough (frog in my throat) I have had slight sweats (lasting only 10-15 secs) but no fever. My joints are aching and my back is stiff.
Avatar n tn I am 41 years old in good health besides being overweight. For the past 4 or 5 days I have been having pain from my chin down thru my colar bone..and sometimes down my arm a little. It comes and goes. And the pain is very minor. I can't tell if it's just neck or what..My neck is sore if I try to bend it.. I also occasionally feel some pain in my chest on the left's very minor also.. Also, I sit at a computer all day for I sometimes get a stiff neck fromt hat...
Avatar n tn have bad headache pain in middle of forehead, in eyes and both temples and also comes from the bottom of my neck, the neck is painfully sore andd very stiff tried everything and no relief..Pharmacy said I should go to emercency because migraines don't have stiff painful necks, don't know what it is just know I can't lift my head up much due to the pain, even have upper back pain feels like I been hit with a truck .
Avatar f tn ) so he is sending me to a general surgeon next week. I also have had a stiff /sore neck and pain in lower spine for several months and an enlarged something on the back left side of my neck, close to spine, beneath hair line. More of a large mass than a lump, if that makes any sense. I went to Othropedic Dr to rule out a skeletel problem. He said that other than normal degenerative disease, neck and back look fine.
Avatar m tn 4. My girlfriend recently experienced a sore stiff neck (which as it came and went I attributed to a muscle strain) which had also caused a headache. Is this consistent with ARS? (I worry if I put her at risk) A stiff neck and headache can be part of the ARSD. PErson who are worried about the ARS should be tested- most (over 99%) find thathtey are not infected. 5. Is hands with vaginal fluids touching a hand with cuts (not bleeding) a risk No risk. 6.
Avatar f tn At that point 10-12 weeks, also started to have a feeling (till today and becoming almost constant) of having my neck a little sore ... (not my throat, I mean it has nothing to do with the kind of sore throat you get when having for example the mono).. just my neck... kind of stiff neck.. and a mild felling of having something stucked in my esofagus (not in my throat, as the feeling is exactly were the neck meets the chest, like where the tyroid gland is, like a mini-goiter) ..
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm worried to see hiv symptoms coming day by day. I happen to kiss a gal who is from zambia(africa) and kissed for long time..after two or 3 days i got symptoms of sore throat and mild fever..i happen to see my lower lips turned little dark brown on left side of lips..i hadmild fever for 4 weeks around..second week of fever, i had blood in stoll for around 3 days..consulted GP and gave only paracetamol..i tool around 2 packets of paracetamol and still temparature didn't reduce..
237053 tn?1258828426 Maybe it is just coincidence, but very strange. I had had the slight numbness in my toes and the stiff painful neck shoulders prior, so I thought a massage would do me good. NO! The next day all everthing got worse! That weekend I ended up in the ER due to weakness, numbness, and dizziness. Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.
Avatar n tn hello every body i had a possible hiv exposure on 6th of jan, 2008, and i got all ARS symptoms during the past three month, including persistent sore throat (two months), rash and spots on thighs, arms, chest and neck, a stiff neck, spots on the back of the throat and tiny yellow spots on inside of my cheeks. I went back to India from Canada in Feburay and got test at 6th and 8th week (Elisa thrid generation) and both test came back negative. On Ist april i.e.
Avatar n tn I do not know if this is a sign of depression. I am not sure what you mean by "rice crispy feeling" but I am assuming that you mean it is either crackling or popping when you move it or it feels like there it has little stones in it. My thought is that you may have a very stiff neck caused by muscle tension. Try gently stretching your neck forward and to the sides and also rotating it around in circles (both ways).
Avatar f tn My neck has given me trouble since the accident and symptoms would flare up in the form of a very stiff neck. At times my neck was so sore and stiff that I could not lift my head off of my pillow. The stiffness would last a few days and everything would fine again… for a while. Six months ago I had a severe flare up and my index finger and thumb on my left hand went completely numb.
Avatar m tn I have sore throat and stiff neck 8 week after possible exposure (vaginal-condom broke) lasted for 2 weeks,also very bad taste in mouth from last 2 months.Tested for hiv 1/2 at 12 weeks after exposure came back negative.I always feel tired and muscleache and sometimes headache.Can it still be because of HIV?