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Avatar n tn Hope this helps explain the stages, I found this explaination: "The biopsy is graded by two scoring systems. Both the degree of scarring (known as the "stage" of liver disease) and the degree of inflammation (known as the "grade" of disease) are noted. There are four stages. Stage 1 refers to a minimal amount of scarring, limited to an area of the liver known as the portal triad (where the arteries, veins and bile ducts are found).
Avatar f tn 1. what are the stages of liver scirosis? 2. how fast can you get liver trasplant?
1880594 tn?1321164255 I don't think that it's strange that you know have a fear for the effects death could have on you even though you have never been afraid of your own personal death. It's ocd, the content of the thoughts is at times meaningless. The feeling of fear and intrusive thought patterns are the same. I might be completely wrong about all of this so it's probably best you talk to a pdoc. I hope you get well soon.
Avatar n tn are there stages of infections, pancreatitis, liver disease. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/236754'>Connection Between Chronic Pancreatitis/Idiopathic and Liver Disease</a>.
Avatar n tn I already knew myliver was in an acute chronic stage. I was diagnoised with cirrhosis in 1996. I contracted Hepatitis B in 1979, there was no test for Hepatitis C at that time. The doctors stated I contracted the disease in 1979 along with the Hepatitis "B" , due to the severity of my liver biopsy. I have been turned down for any Hepatitus "C" therapy because it may cause my liver to fail with treatment. I am currently on maintenance drugs for the syptoms.
Avatar n tn my father has advanced liver disease and hep.c he is well past treatment or transplant.Recently his dr. put him on meds, to decrese swelling in stomache, his mind went shortly after, he is doing better, mentally but the swelling is back. The Dr refuses any pain or sleeping meds, he says they will do no good but seeing him suffer is terrible, how long can this go on?
Avatar n tn 55%-85% of persons may develop long-term infection 70 persons may develop chronic liver disease 5-20 persons may develop cirrhosis over a period of 20 to 30 years 1%-5% of persons may die from the consequences of long term infection (liver cancer or cirrhosis) Hepatitis C is a leading indication for liver transplants. so you see cancer only develops in a small %. by the way did you know that this thread was from 2003?
Avatar m tn sorry to hear of your plight Will. It sounds to me like your wife is in need of more than reading up on liver disease. One can eat a pound of bacon a day with heart disease also, but we all know what we would call that behavior....crazy. My suggestion would be to consider that your wife is in a form of denial and addiction both...and also is trying to push people away so she can die alone, or drink herself to death. This is not an uncommon response to the news of liver disease.
1201072 tn?1289764191 Let us know how things are working out. And of course if you have any questions about liver disease please feel to ask.
Avatar n tn And some people are regressing several stages w/svr. B/lots of times, it comes down to the kind of insurance you have. The well insured are encouraged to transplant-the uninsured-like me-are discouraged.
Avatar n tn A very wise Chaplin, told a class of young nurses one time, when asked about how to deal with death of their patients. He said God gave some people a warning that they were facing death, others he said had no warning, like in an accident. He asked us which we would prefer, This idea of that choice has followed me since then, as a young nurse I decided I would want to go with no warning.
Avatar n tn I have been told by my Dr. that I am in the begining stages of cirrousis of the liver do to haveing Active Hep B sence 1997. I have been on Epivir for two years plus had kemo and rads for Hodgkins cancer during the last 3 years. I am starting to feel very sick and in pain. I got a list of my CBC's and what sticks out is that my white cells are at 2.2 and dropping. The Dr. is doing nothing for me and now I am getting very ill.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what the Stages of Cirrhosis are?
Avatar n tn There are several stages of cirrhosis, I doubt they will do a biopsy at this time due to the condition of his liver. The meld score is an attempt to determine the amount of time he has left. Until he can receive a transplant they can prescibe meds that will lessen his symptoms. The Enulose will reduce the ammonia levels in his blood which will help him think more clearly. Alcoholic Hepatitis is different from the Viral Hepatitis we have on this forum.
Avatar n tn My x has end stage liver disease, Hep C and is a diabetic. He is definitely at the end stage with no hope of a liver transplant. He is currently still taking Methadone. He is swelling up, his belly is as big as a 9mth pregnant woman. He is having blood transfusions and having the fluid drained now once every two weeks.
Avatar n tn God bless you for your devotion to your sister. The end stages of liver disease are difficult to hear about- but important to know about. I'll pray for you and your sister. My pain management for neuropathic pain includes a drug called Neurontin. I don't know whether part of your sister's pain is neuropathic, but if it is, you might want to discuss it with the doc.
Avatar f tn The usual diuretic regimen for ascites consists of single morning doses of oral spironolactone and furosemide, beginning with 100 mg of the former and 40 mg of the latter. Hair failing out is not a symptom of liver disease unless you mean you are losing body hair and not the hair on your head. What do you mean edema up to your neck? Edema typical manifests itself in patients with advanced liver disease as ascites (abdominal fluid) or fluid in the lower extremities, legs and feet.
Avatar f tn HIV does not cause cirrhosis perhaps she is also coinfected with a form of hepatitis that can cause liver disease and ultimately cirrhosis after many decades of infection? Only a liver specialist and properly diagnosis the cause of her illness and if treatable treat it or at least manage some of the symptoms.Unfortunately there is a point at which the cirrhosis is irreversible and the option to continue living is a liver transplant.
Avatar n tn When you are at stage 4 you are considered to have cirrhosis of the liver, end stage liver disease. That is a little word that can mean all kinds of things. My husband was stage 4 grade 3, however, he is not haing any other problems. Yellowing of eyes and skin, swelling, ascites, bleeding. Hubby started started treatment 25 weeks ago with a 2 million viral load. At 19 weeks he had �59� little suckers leaft. We are waiting for his 24 blood results.
Avatar n tn An addict would destroy a new liver in no time, the disease of addiction has proven itself in countless others to be stronger than organ transplants.
Avatar n tn I have end-stage liver disease--cirrosis, with chronic hepatitis. As my disease becomes more and more debilitating, several friends and family memebers have offered to be live donors in order to help me. Besides blood type compatibility, are there any other areas of compatibility that should be tested or considered? I do not wish to waste anyone's time. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, I am the oldest daughter of a 62 yr old lady with End Stage Liver Disease. She has been on a transplant list for over a year. Her condition is complicated with diabetes (she has had for 20 years). I feel like a yoyo... She is on the list as long as she is stable,,but she keeps developing infections and then is inactive. She has had 3 hospitalizations this year... 2 within the last 4 months. Each put her in ICU and twice on a vent. She is getting very tired..
Avatar f tn F0 = no fibrosis F1 = portal fibrosis without septa F2 = portal fibrosis with few septa F3 = numerous septa without cirrhosis F4 = cirrhosis The activity, which is the amount of inflammation (specifically, the intensity of necro-inflammatory lesions), is graded on a 4-point scale from A0 to A3. The activity score indicates how much inflammation there is and is an indication of how quickly the liver disease is progressing.
Avatar f tn There are 4 stages of liver disease and Cirrhosis is the final stage also called end stage or cirrhosis. There are many manifestation of cirrhosis and these are just a few. Confusion, delusions, hallucinations, anger, yellowing of the skin and eyes, tremors, fluid retention, bloated belly, edema (fluid in the extremities) itching to name a few. Once the liver becomes scarred from abuse it loses its ability to filter toxins from the body.
Avatar m tn We are at a complete loss. My dad has end stages of chronic liver disease (fatty liver) and has been in hospital for the last 6 weeks. It has been a roller coaster ride and continues to be. Over the last 5 weeks, he would be good one day and confused and not with it the next. On Sunday, he took a turn for the worst and was completely bedridden, did not eat or drink fluds and slept the whole day. It was decided we would take him off his treatment and commence palllative care.
448147 tn?1269821687 In addition, my mother continues to have the "flare ups" of hep c during her final stages. The symptoms (in addition to whats listed above) are sores, itchy skin (from toxins) hair loss, fever (sometimes infection) and flu like symptoms. oh,, her body does produce any white blood cells or red blood cells (she takes meds for that as well) she also has no immunity. she cannot be around grandchildren.
Avatar f tn I hear you my husband also has cirohosis of the liver and the doctor told me he is at the 3rd stage...he now has joint pain all over his body his ankles swell up his legs and knees always in pain, same as his stomach and lower back...i feel the same as you and for your son. It's hard i do alot for him and take care of him with lots of up's and downs and no thanks.