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212161 tn?1599427282 hi and thank you for taking te time, my father in law was just told he has stage 3 colon cancer. they are going to do surgery monday. what are the chances for him, hes 85. and whats the chances its not spread with stage 3 , sorry i know nothing about the stages so just wanting to know if stage 3 is bad.
Avatar f tn I had colon cancer & surgery which was successful. I had 6 months of chemotheropy. There are 3 remaining lesions on my liver - which shrunk after chemo. I have been told to do more chemo. However, I cannot. I am looking for alternative. I am aware that there are herbs to get rid of any tumers - cancerous or otherwise. I would appreciate either a rec oriental practicionar or another way to go. Who or what do you suggest? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Colon cancer is slow growing, so this has been coming for some time. Now that you have been diagnosed you will undergo "staging" which means a lot of different tests to determine the stage of your tumor. Then, typically your case will be presented to a tumor board which is a multidisciplinary panel of speciailsts who will determine a course of treatment for you.
Avatar n tn But I remember at the time nearly having a heart attack over Stage 3. Stage 4 is when the cancer in the colon has spread outside the walls and goes to other organs. So, yes, she has Stage 4. I can only guess why you ask, that perhaps you're thinking since it hasn't gone to the lungs or liver, it's not as serious. But once the cancer goes anywhere beyond the original site, it has to be considered a scary situation, to be sure.
Avatar n tn My 49 year old SIL has ovarian cancer. She had early stage breast cancer last year, tested + for BRCA 2 and they found the ovarian cancer during a routine PET scan. She's had a full hysterectomy and has just started 2 types of chemo. I know that one is through a port in her chest and the other will be through her stomach and she'll be hospitalized for that one. Her CA-125 was 3748 at the time of surgery.
Avatar m tn i hate to be of annoyance but does an advanced stage colon cancer (stage 4) have additional symptoms to what i have now?(assuming the worst case) i am normally a strong person, i just can't help but be so anxious. seeing the specialist asap.
Avatar n tn Colon cancer does not develop overnight, it can take many years to go from stage 0 to stage 3 or 4. Whether you have symptoms or not, I would go ahead and get checked to be on the safe side. I'm so sorry to hear about your dads diagnosis.
20846676 tn?1533691015 I forgot to mention that my blood pressure stays within the stage 2 hypertension stage without taking BP medicine. I have kept myself healthy and didn't mention I am very muscular, I am 6' 1" and way 260 Lbs but only have little chub lol. I'm just trying to give all the info I can about this.
Avatar n tn s when the cancer starts to move- so it might be in the tissues near the breast (for example my grandma had stage 3 colon cancer and the tumor was on part of her bladder and vaginal cavity); and stage 4 which means that metastasized. This means it traveled from where it originated, in my grandmother's case her colon, to another part of the body. So, again- my grandma had tumors all over her liver, intestines, several lyphnodes in her groin area, and on her bladder.
Avatar f tn At this point the surgeon probably has more questions than answers. Your mother can expect him to order a lot of tests, bloodwork, CT scan, PET scan, perhaps (depending on the location of the mass) a sigmoidoscopy. These tests are necessary for staging the cancer, and can take a few weeks to complete. Once the cancer is staged, the case will be presented to the tumor board for multidisciplinary review, and a plan of treatment will be determined.
Avatar f tn t help now but the vast majority of colon cancer is preventable if primary care physicians would only insist on standard screening studies.
Avatar f tn My Dad was diagnosed with Colon Cancer/Stage II at age 81. After a colonoscopy, they found a large cancerous mass that needed removed asap, so he was in surgery two weeks later. It will be one year, June 18th since his surgery and considering some post surgery complications due to blood loss and other health issues, I can only say that he's had a long recovery compared to most others.
Avatar f tn I had a relative who never went in for physicals, unlike your husband, and when he got blood and indigestion symptoms he finally relented and went in, his colon cancer was at Stage 3, he underwent surgery, chemo and radiation, years of followup, and even tho his Stage 3 was serious, he's a 15-year survivor with no further problems, other than occasional constipation because they removed some of his colon. I hope all this info helps you cope.
Avatar f tn My sister, 57 years old, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. We received 2 independent opinions, both said the same. Both said my sister is not a good candidate for any treatment options because she is confined to a wheel chair. She is a very strong person with no heart problems. What can you recommend, and what can we do in the meantime to help her? I know the statistics are against her.
Avatar f tn They have drained the fluid from her abdominal cavity (two times). I asked about the cancer and they can not stage it beyond stage III because she never had her debulking surgery and as yet, the cancer has NOT been addressed at all. I suggested to the doctors that the cancer is not sitting there waiting for them to figure all this out. During the emergency surgery, he removed tumors from her colon.
Avatar f tn My wife had stage 4 colon cancer. She went into remission because of Envita’s treatments. Nutrition is a factor and immunotherapy is so important in fighting disease. Traditional centers weren’t cutting it – they never got to the root of the cause of my cancer. She was told taking vitamin C was not advised – basically they didn’t know what they were talking about. Most centers only take a limited approach to cancer but Envita helped build her immune system back up to beat her cancer.
Avatar f tn They said there was no need to biopsy the lymph nodes but everything i read is that that is how you tell the stage of the cancer. Can anyone tell me what stage this is in based on what was done in the surgery? It was a devistating diagnosis because we all went in with the notion that there was no cancer. How long will she have? The general surgeon said that we needed to wait for the pathology that takes about 3 days. We can't wait 3 days to know what to expect!!
Avatar f tn My husband has just been diagnosed with Colon cancer on Wednesday, his surgeon wanted to admit him right away but stated he needed more testing before surgery. Is having a chest xray and CT scan normal testing before the surgery or should I prepare for news that the cancer has spread. I need to know because I don't want to be too upset when we meet the surgeon again this Wednesday. Any help I would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn   He is undergoing treatment of Rectal cancer Stage II. Chemotherapy has been completed.  Now Radiation is started this ll remain continue for 6 week.  Doctor said that after radiation he ll loss fertility. He ll not become father.  We have plan of his marriage after treatment of cancer. Please need your advice. Is there any way to bring back fertility or is this infertility is permanant?
Avatar n tn my husdand has colon cancer cea level was 134 went down to 7 with cemo now it is 3 the dr told him to come back for 3 month is that good
Avatar n tn My dad is 78 and recently diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer...1 out of 26 nodes were positive, do you think taking treatment will be too hard for him?
Avatar m tn t really give specific data for optimistic people, but I would say that chemotherapy seems to be improving outcomes of some stage 3 groups more than the stage 2 groups (so for some cases, it may be better to be stage 3 than stage 2), hence chemotherapy is a good step to consider. And people with a positive attitude tend to do better than people who will be so negative as to see only the side effects of the treatment they are undergoing. I wish your friend the best. Stay positive.
447161 tn?1262923084 Surgery is also a possible treatment for colon cancer and this is supposed to be effective as long as the cancer has not spread. I underwent a total colectomy almost five years ago - not for colon cancer - but for torrential diverticular bleeding. I described it to another Medhelp patient who was interested. Log on to:- I think that you should ask your specialist whether surgery is an option.
Avatar f tn My mother had no side effects after the operation and your mother will go straight onto chemo. That is such a worry that she has colon cancer at the same time, my mother had colon cancer as well but that was 20 years ago. Tell your mother to remain mentally strong so she can fight this, my mother meditates every day so a positive outlook is very very important, please let us know how she gets on, my prayers are with you.