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Avatar f tn Mastitis is common when women are breastfeeding ,but Inflammatory breast cancer is a very rare type of cancer that would usually present with rapid, unusual increase in breast size, redness, rash, persistent itching of breast or nipple, stabbing pain, feverish breast, swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone, nipple retraction etc...
Avatar f tn Last night was the first time that it didnt send a shooting pain down my legs and stabbing feeling in my upper back! I knew it would get better, im on child #2, but i did forget how painful it is! But dont give up! Its a wonderful thing if you can do it.
Avatar f tn now i have these huge bumps around the nipples and those are also normal as well. i know it ***** but you just gotta stick the breast pain out theres not much they can do for you trust me i have begged for meds from my doc lol. and congrats on your baby i wish you a healthy and wonderful pregnancy.
8534099 tn?1410962115 Im on day 12, and its getting better. Just last night, the pain stopped shooting down my leg and stabbing me in the back! Yippie! Good luck!
1280088 tn?1432049934 hello, Im having this sharp cramps in my breast and in my stomach while breastfeeding and when not breastfeeding what is this? Is this normal to have cramps in breast and stomach.
5587438 tn?1370416937 Hi, Inflammatory breast cancer is a very rare type of cancer that would usually present with rapid, unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, persistent itching of breast or nipple,a lump or thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast, swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or nipple retraction. The skin of the breast may also show the pitted appearance called peau d'orange (like the skin of an orange).
Avatar n tn I am a 30yr old female who has not had a baseline mamogram yet but have been experiencing real sharp pain in my left breast today. Upon that I did a self breast exam and feel a hardened mass at the top of my breast. What could this mean? I have also been experiencing headaches for the last week and have been extremly tired the last week as well.
Avatar m tn I have been getting pains under my ribs and it has been going through 2 my back a couple of times now sometimes I get out of breath because of it. not sure how far on I am yet got the midwife on Tuesday .
Avatar f tn Have you ever felt a stabbing pain on your breast that last like 2 seconds but it actually feels like someone is stabbing you on the side under your breast????? I had experienced that and my 14 year old have felt it as well. I heard that it happens because one of your cyst is exploding!!!!OMG!!! Am I going crazy?
Avatar f tn I have a pain by my right breast, feels like heart attack but on the wrong side. Its a sharp stabbing pain. I have had it for 2 days now and it isn't getting any better. I think Indigestion but getting concerned now. It is behind the right breast but my breast isn't hurting at all.
8778737 tn?1413827423 Breast feeding can be so painful when we start out, I breast fed my son exclusively for until he grew out of it... The pain wont last forever and it is well worth it. Hang in there <3 There are nice gel nipple pads that I loved but they are expensive from the mercy mall, also la leches league sells similar pads along with lanolin (like vasaline) to help with pain.
Avatar n tn Had a baby 10 months ago not breastfeeding. Got my period a week ago. had the pain before and after. No history of Breast CAncer in my family.
Avatar f tn ) Oh the pain of breastfeeding is different than the pain during pregnancy. And I'd recommend a warm compress for now and any moisturizer should help with the itching hopefully.
Avatar f tn Once the pain stops* so sorry
Avatar f tn I breast feed for six months,its hard at the start and it does hurt a bit but hotish flannels over the breast when u rest i found to help stop the pain,and the pain was worth it,breast milk is priceless when breast feeding it gives u one to one bonding time with ur little one they grow up so fast so enjoy every minute u can just the two of u, all the best and just remember to stay strong :)
11970398 tn?1443134602 I had my son a few days ago, i just got out of the hospital this am, i had no complications but ive noticed i have pain in my chest(heart area) when i feed him, anyone have this?
Avatar f tn They sell this jell I cant remember whats its called but it sort of helps out. It is very painful I remember the pain when I first breast fed! It was horrible and I wasnt producing enough milk so I would breast feed her on both sides yhen give her 2 oz on formula. It gets better its not always painful Im sorry you're going through the pain. Go to the store and look at all the baby area for that cream.
1024058 tn?1251941633 first of all,you should know the left breast stabbing pain can happen in term of mastitis and the heart attack diease.if you are the female ,and you left breast swoln that is may be a mastitis if your left breast have not swoln,that is the question of cardiac diease .now you can make a examination for yourself,use your hand touch you left breast if you feel painful that imply is the diease of the breast .
Avatar f tn I have been being treated for a rotator cuff tear. Stabbing pain, unable to sleep on that side, when I raise my arm my breast hurts also. I funally went for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound where they found a large solid spiculated mass in my breast. This was last Friday. Saturday the dr called to apologize and blurted out that is was most likely malignant cancer due to size, shape and my description of the pain going into my arm.
Avatar f tn Support her body with your left arm and hold her head with your left hand to latch her on to your right breast. You have total control of her head. With your right hand move breast and brush your nipple off her lips. This should stimulate her to make a big wide mouth and when she does push her head in so she takes a big mouthful of nipple and breast. It takes practice! Keep doing it until you get it right.
Avatar f tn They have some nipple numbing cream... it is very hard the first few days to breast feed... take warm rags and sit them.on your breast... that helped me.
Avatar f tn I never had any pain with my first. My second is 6 weeks old and I haven't had any pain this time either. So it won't definitely be painful, but it can be. My sister in law had a lot of pain breastfeeding. It is better for you and the baby. You'll pass on immunities and it can help with hormones and losing weight. It's also much cheaper and more of a bonding. HOWEVER, formula is also healthy and you can certainly still bond with your baby if you use a bottle.
Avatar f tn Breastfeeding does not hurt if you are doing it correctly. The lactation nurse at the hospital will help and there are lots of support groups- go to them!! You can rent a breast pump from the hospital and it's 1/2 the price of buying one.
Avatar f tn Hi guys for about 3 weeks i have had a stabbing pain in my right breast. M breast is really painfull ive had to stop wearing a bra. The stabbing paing pain is not constant but when i get it it is really painful. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant ive contacted my midwife and she seems to think its ot pregnancy related. Ive also checked myself for any lumps and havent found any, but i am really worried as it could be something which may affect the life of my unborn child.