Spotting between periods never happened before

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Avatar f tn I am a 20-year-old female. About 7 months ago, I began spotting between periods. It would happen once or twice a month, in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and would last 2-3 days. The blood was light brown in color. After this happened a couple times, I went to see a gynecologist. When I described it to her, she said it was normal and that it was because I was ovulating, and that it may have been caused by stress.
Avatar n tn Irregular periods and spotting in between can be a sign of a hormone imbalance. If you are not eating properly and may be anaemic that too can throw your menstrual cycle off balance as too can stress. It was wise of you to do a pregnancy test, because sometimes you can get a light show of spotting. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Spotting between periods could be caused by uterine polyps. You should ask your gyno to do an ultrasound to rule that out before you get the IUD. The IUD helps for bleeding but only if your uterus is clear of polyps and/or fibroids. Otherwise you'll still have bleeding issues anyway even with the IUD.
Avatar f tn Do you have irregular periods? I did this before I was pregnant and I would start again but I had very irregular periods.
Avatar f tn The breast tenderness and headache are probably related to the hormones released around your period. Spotting between periods is not uncommon, but since you seem to spot regularly I would recommend mentioning to your doctor. If you are concerned about conceiving, ask your dicot if there is any reason to test your hormone levels. Good luck.
Avatar f tn im the same, i had it 4 years ago and never bled had a break for bout 14 months and this time i have loads of spotting and periods, my doctors sending me for some tests and im a bit worried, see your doctor, my health visitor warned me before i had the needle just because my periods went 1st time doesnt mean they will this time, i cant take the combined pill so i have to put up with it
Avatar n tn over the last 10 months my breast get really painfull a week before my period which i never had before and is slowly increasing.i have a child from a previous relationship aged 4 yrs but still have milk in fact i was producing milk 6 months before conceiving. do you have any insight or advice on my above query as would like to know the chances of conceiving.
Avatar f tn I spotted for the days in between periods. What is this? I've never had this before.
705947 tn?1228849793 Why am I spotting brown between my periods? I think I might be having a miscarrige. I was 55 days late last month but I had a 4 day period and now 16 days after my last period Im spotting brown.
Avatar n tn I too have had spotting recently which has never happened before. I actually though I was starting my period and It stopped. I am wondering why I got this. I still haven't got my period yet and it's been a week since the spotting. I'm not on birth control nor have I been for a while. I did take a pregenancy test 1 week before the spotting due to cramps and it was negative. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn However, a week after my period ended I began to bleed again. I know this can be normal but I have never really spotted in between my periods and I'm on day 9 of my "second period" I guess you could say with no signs of slowing down. The bleeding has been more moderate than heavy but at what point should I go to see a doctor? What separates normal spotting from excessive bleeding?
Avatar f tn Thank you. I understand it better now. I'll keep you posted. How do I know the difference between spotting and a period. Because I don't know if it's my period or I am spotting?
Avatar f tn Mine started in January, the whole month, but only with spotting. But this month, starting 3/15, I started spotting. And today I am bleeding but not heavily with some small clots. I am not on any medication just multivitamins. I do work graveyard shifts as a nurse and thought it could be stress or not eating right. Someone please help in answering our questions. I can't explain not having intercourse with my husband because I am having this problem.
Avatar n tn I ,too, have alot of spotting with discharge between my cycles. I do have a cyst on my left ovary associated with pcos. I'm am on metformin. I know they cause irregular bleeding. What I don't understand is why I am spotting the same time every month. I've read it could have alot to do with the changes in hormones. I've also heard some people spotting just before or during ovulation.
Avatar f tn I'm bleeding a lot enough to put two tampons in just today and I'm not supposed to get my next menstral cycle for another 14 days this has never happened before....I've only had a little spotting here and there before never like this. Should I call my gyno???
Avatar n tn its very normal to spot on birth control.