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Avatar f tn I am a 20-year-old female. About 7 months ago, I began spotting between periods. It would happen once or twice a month, in the middle of my menstrual cycle, and would last 2-3 days. The blood was light brown in color. After this happened a couple times, I went to see a gynecologist. When I described it to her, she said it was normal and that it was because I was ovulating, and that it may have been caused by stress.
Avatar n tn Irregular periods and spotting in between can be a sign of a hormone imbalance. If you are not eating properly and may be anaemic that too can throw your menstrual cycle off balance as too can stress. It was wise of you to do a pregnancy test, because sometimes you can get a light show of spotting. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn i hv dark black spottting without any pain frm 15-20 days..dar iz nt need to wearing tampons,it iz nly spotting...spotting iz stard before period date,m virgin so nva tkpills or gtng prgnet...plz help me...
653388 tn?1227907736 sory if im rambling but i was just wondering if anyone has heard of bleeding wen ovulating... it'd be weird for it to start now though, cause it's never happened before. anyways, lol, any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn which my Reproductive Specialist says might cause the spotting before periods. Also, fibroids or cysts can cause spotting. i would always get it check out. Ask your gyn for tests. It is YOUR body...Now i have to have the fibroid removed b/c it might be interfering with me getting Pregnant. I hope the spotting stops..cause it is ANNOYING!!!
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing unusual periods and spotting in between periods for the last year and a half. I am currently bleeding and have been doing so for over a month now from very heavy to just a little. I've seen my doc about this many times and he recently put my on birth control. (3 weeks ago) This last week I had extreme cramping which on a scale of 1-10 for pain it was a 10!! So now my doc took me off of birth control and is sending me to a specialist (gynecologist).
Avatar n tn My period isn't due for approx 2 weeks. I have never spotted between periods before. for the last two years my periods have been regular to the day. Is this a common after effect of the sponge, is my body just cleansing the spermicide out, or should I be really concerned and get to a hospital? Thank you in advance for any help.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry this happened to you. doctors recommend you let yourself have a regular period before trying to concieve again. You are highly fertile for 3 months after a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Spotting in between periods can be a sign of a few things. Are you on the birth control pill? If so, that can cause mid cycle spotting. Ovulation can sometimes cause a women to spot too. Other things can be STD/STI's, bacterial infections, cysts etc. I had this happen to me for a few cycles and it turned out I had a bacterial infection. My doctor recommended that any time you spot mid cycle and it's never happened before it's best to get checked out in case of STD's or other infections.
Avatar n tn When I started spotting again, and now my stomach is hurting and my abdominal is hurting, curious to know if making love this morning with my boyfriend so soon after the cycle stopped is the problem, because this has never happened before. I've never stopped one full cycle and started back on another within a day later. please advise...
Avatar n tn Now on the 26th i have been feeling cramps and spotting light blood. This happened last mouth also, period was on the 14th normal 4-5 days, then spotting about a week later. last had intercourse on the 20th. My brest are a little tendor, but normal for periods right.?
Avatar f tn This is very unusual as I rarely spot in between periods. Can you explain what might have happened??? My Dr. had put me on a clomid challenge test so I will wait till I get a regular flow to begin the medication. I have called my Dr. to ask the same question and she hasn't returned my phonecall . . . very frustrating. Please help!! Thanks!!!
117065 tn?1280878007 I just thought she would at least ask him since this has happened before after a m/c. I do have to say my OB has been really great since we started all of the testing, he's one of those doctors that will call you back himself when you have a question- I think the problem is the nurse. Thank you so much for your response.
Avatar f tn I just went through the same thing. I had never experienced any "spotting" before and didn't have a clue what counted as "spotting" or "light flow." I had been on the pill for about ten years (on and off) so I was used to being like clockwork. When DH and I started TTC in August I went of the pill (obviously) and then had two long, but relatively stable cycles. Then I went 62 days with no AF and a whole bunch of negative pregnancy tests.
Avatar f tn And my acne is flaring up which only happened a couple days before periods. Please help and guide me in this matter. Bloodwork was done a year ago to check for hormonal imbalance and results were normal. But now i feel my body is shaken up. I really appreciate some guidance.
Avatar n tn my temperature went up, BUT I started bleeding, and after 4 days the temp dropped, and the bleeding got heavier and seems now to be a proper period (I'm currently in the 6th day of bleeding, temperature down to normal). I have had spotting before inbetween periods (3 to 6 days), but NEVER during ovulation. Looks as if my ovulation was interrupted and went into a period.
Avatar n tn I had mid cycle spotting bright red blood on day 17. Have never happened to me before. On day 25 now.
Avatar n tn I am 21, I’ve never had sexual relationships and I’m worried I’m having spotting (5-7 days) with brown blood and clots between periods. I don't think it’s a true period as its only spotting (doesn't even fill a pad) even though it lasts about as long as my real period. My regular periods are moderately abundant with bright red blood , clots and strong claps (enough to interfere for a few hours with my life, not enough to be hospitalized).
Avatar n tn Hi I've only had 1 shot of the depo injection I was ment to go for my 2nd jab on 31st of july 09 but I never went for it I've neva had a period since... I have spotting spells nearly everyday but no proper period I also bleed after sex is this normal after being on the depo only once??
Avatar n tn I m/c on Jun 22nd and it was 9 wks before my first period came!! I had regular periods before my m/c every 28 days but this is my second cycle and it's was 40 days before it came. Has anyone else experienced this?? I really want to start trying again but don't have a clue where my body is at and if my cycles will ever get back to normal.
909952 tn?1242721970 After a bit of inspection and such he assured me he did not ejaculate inside of me. (We've never had this problem before.) I'm quite a paranoid gal (anxiety problem) so we got Plan B anyways and i took it within 6 hours. I had already finished my period about a week before this happened. I took Plan B on April 17th. I did get some side effects, and i spotted about a week and a half after i took it. I was supposed to get my regular period between May 4th and 9th.
Avatar n tn Are you just starting your pills? I had spotting with bc pills and it would last for days like that. It was because it was a low dose pill. Check back with your doc after you finish and get tested for possible STD's also just to be sure. But most likely it's your bc pills causing the spotting.
Avatar f tn s theory is I am in Perimenopause, he ask if I had other symptoms but I don't other then the normal peri stuff; spotting between periods only when I wipe, never a need for a pad, I also have cramping that sometimes goes to my back. My breast always start getting sore after the spotting, so dr. says it is definitely hormonal. Keep in mind you can be in peri 10-12 years before meno. I have only the spotting mood swings sweet cravings crampy, short fused, etc, but NEVER had a hot flash.
Avatar f tn Hello, Main causes of spotting between periods could be due to pregnancy, birth control pills, infection in an area of the body related to menstruation (including the vagina, the cervix and even the bladder). Other causes could be polycystic ovarian syndrome, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone and uterine abnormalities like fibroid and cervical dysplasia.
Avatar n tn I too have had spotting recently which has never happened before. I actually though I was starting my period and It stopped. I am wondering why I got this. I still haven't got my period yet and it's been a week since the spotting. I'm not on birth control nor have I been for a while. I did take a pregenancy test 1 week before the spotting due to cramps and it was negative. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I have been feeling so helpless for weeks. Treasuring the days between spots and feeling crushed all over again when I would spot thinking I would never get back to normal or that there was something seriously wrong. So, you are not alone. I think the acupuncture has been great because it targets circulation around the body and uterus for healing and becoming regular again. It also really helps with the stress of dealing with it all.
Avatar n tn Hello, Im a 29 year old female and I've just started getting night sweats right before and during my period. When this first happened I was Freaked Out!!!! I went to my doctor and ordered a TB and HIV test, and that's because when you google night sweats everything that is fatal comes up first.LOL. And that freaked me out. Thank GOD that the test were negative. Then I started to wonder if it was premenapause. I just dont know, I guess this is more common then I thought.
Avatar f tn I understand there are no doctors here but this is one of my few go to's for advice when I'm unable to see a doctor right away. I've never had any sort of bleeding or spotting before and no, the pill doesn't stop you from ovulating, it helps to prevent pregnancy by thickening the vaginal walls, making it difficult for a fertilized egg to attach and grow (that's how my doctor explained it).
Avatar n tn This never happened before but right in the middle of month that is from Jan 21st spotting started. I know its ovulation time..but couldn't stay went too the doctor got pap done...nothing wrong..i am not pregnant...but I am still spotting which seems quite unusual to me...also i have lower back pain and also pain in the buttocks...I have been trying to get pregnant from the last 2months..Is there anything I need to worry..
889551 tn?1416188083 I have never in my life had this long of a time between periods. The last two weeks, I noticed some brown and light pink cm, so I thought well here it comes! I've had this spotting since then and it's been so light that it never gets on the panty liner, just when I wipe. I took an hpt around the week of the 4th and it was negative. At this point, I'm fairly certain that I'm not pregnant and that I'm just having extremely long cycle.