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Avatar n tn Well I've been on the pill for awhile and haven't had any spotting in between periods... I have been under some stress though.. my parents just told me they were getting a divorce... So its been pretty hard on me. But then again 2 days after they told me that I had sex... So it could be anything.... My spotting has been going on constantly for a week now.. I am starting to get extremely paranoid.... I am getting a test tonight and hopefully all will turn out well!
653388 tn?1227907736 Well, kinda embarassing, but i just went to the washroom n noticed that i have really light spotting. I'm at day 14 in my cycle, so i was just wondering if it could be associated with ovulating. I haven't had sex since june n as far as i no i had my last period, though it was lighter than normal, and i took a test the day after my period was due last time cause i was late, but then i thought i got it. sory if im rambling but i was just wondering if anyone has heard of bleeding wen ovulating...
Avatar n tn im very young and i dont know the difference between spotting and my period i used to get it just at random and now for two months i have got it on the 5th and my periods used to last 7 days and now they only last 3, they are still heavy and a dark red but i dont know if they are now spotting or if my body is just changing , please help me figure out what it is and find out if im pregnent or not....
Avatar f tn Late last night I got some spotting, very light, and that has continued today with light cramping. I never get spotting between periods and it's making me a little nervous... What could this be?! Thanks for any help!!!!
Avatar f tn Hello there, Ovarian cysts can cause abdominal pain and spotting in between your periods. Birth control pills can cause many side effects.Nausea, weight gain, dizziness, headaches are few of them. These side effects are common in first few months of use. If the symptoms are severe and persistent it is suggested to consult your gynecologist. I sincerely hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn I can't believe they have it as a form or birth control. I hope your periods subside. Mine are normal after coming off of it. I hope you can talk to a doctor about what you are going through. Don't let them tell you its normal. That is just crazy. They told my friend that and then put her on the pill to control the bleeding. Just so you know the pill for my friend did control her period. She got it once a month for a week. On time every month with normal blood flow.
Avatar n tn After my period starts, though, the nausea goes away within a day or two and the rest of the month is nausea-free. I should note that my periods are more "normal" now that I've eliminated the food I'm intolerant to...and I've lost a lot of weight, as well. Lastly, I drink peppermint tea with a pinch of powdered ginger, and sweetened naturally with a few drops of stevia extract (you can also buy it in powder form - but don't use much!
1056611 tn?1254483241 I mean if you have heavy periods in the first place and then have medium bleeding/spotting whos to say it isnt implantation bleeding. Then you have the women who have light or medium periods and could experience just a spot here and there and it be implantation bleeding. I know im talking to much hehe.. so I'll go on this note. Dont always take to heart what other ppl say you should and shouldnt be having. I started taking fertility blend day before yesterday just incase im not pregnat..
Avatar f tn Implantation bleeding, low thyroid levels, stress, injury to the vagina, hormonal fluctuations, and undiagnosed vaginal infections all can lead to bleeding between periods. Some women also bleed slightly during ovulation which may be normal. I will advise you to consult a gynecologist and get the cause determined. Pregnancy is possible but the chances could be less if you have been using any birth control method. Do write to us again. Best of luck!
147932 tn?1226969710 THEN just over a week later I started having migrains and nausea and on 1/22 I started spotting with this brownish mush and little bit of blood. The whole day I felt extremely ILL, I noticed that everything that smelled made me feel so much worse. I was at dinner, first off the restaurant smelled bad to me. The food didnt taste normal to me, I went into the bathroom to be sick but nothing happened and I had to get out fast because the bathroom air freshener was waaaay too strong!
Avatar n tn When I had my 1st ultrasound at 5.2 wks I thought I was 8 wks but my periods weren't regular and when they measured the sac (no baby yet) I measured at 5.2 wks. Well, ever since 4 weeks I have had brown spotting on & off. It has never increased in amount and hasn't changed color. Sometimes it will disappear for a whole week and then come back on and off. I'm a bit worried about it but I don't have another appt until June 5.
Avatar f tn Nausea, bloating, headache, changes in appetite, weight gain, tiredness, swelling, acne, hot flashes, breast tenderness, or irritation/pain at the injection site may occur. Vaginal bleeding between periods (spotting) or missed/irregular periods may occur, especially during the first few months of use. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Your periods may stop completely after you have been receiving this medication for about a year.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have experianced heavy bleeding,, spotting, non ovulation, and had three periods in a month, ranging from heavy to light, from brown to red bleeds. I have never encountered these changes before, I am 35 and have had three healthy children. I keep getting lower back pain and nausea running consistent with the ireegualr bleeding and spotting, and my moods are erratic. I initial thought maybe menapause? However, my GP did a full blood count, FSH & LH and all is normal.
Avatar n tn which my Reproductive Specialist says might cause the spotting before periods. Also, fibroids or cysts can cause spotting. i would always get it check out. Ask your gyn for tests. It is YOUR body...Now i have to have the fibroid removed b/c it might be interfering with me getting Pregnant. I hope the spotting stops..cause it is ANNOYING!!!
Avatar n tn I have had this problem for about four years now. It started off as light spotting between periods and has progressed to continuous bleeding or spotting all the time. I've tried several different birth control pills and none stopped the bleeding. I'm off birth control pills now. I was taking prozac for the past four years and recently stopped taking it to see if that was causing it (maybe hormonal). I had one glorious week of no spotting or bleeding, now its back to bleeding all the time.
Avatar f tn My LMP was about July 17th, 2007 and it is now September 23 and I have not had a period since. No light bleeding, no spotting, nothing at all. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex (using withdrawl) and I am not on any form of birth control. I took an HPT a week after my first period was missed and it was NEG. I took another one about two days later, it was NEG. I took another one right around the time of my second missed period and it was still NEG. What is going on with me?
Avatar n tn I am having lower abdominal slight cramping as well. I never spot between periods nor do I ever have cramps. I usually am like clock work. So I am starting to worry. I bought a home pregnancy test and will take tomorrow morning as the test recommends. I will post tomorrow and let you know. I'm trying to stay positive as I have read that this type of spotting does occur during implantation. Sorry not much help but lets keep our fingers crossed.
Avatar n tn I missed my period on the 05/08, but i have had cramping like mensutral pains with no blood only a tiny bit of pink spotting when i wipe. Spotting lasted for the days that i should have had my period then stopped. Now today i feel more like i could be pg, but again spotting when i wiped once. I had what looked almost like a mucus plug on the 10th (sorry TMI). I took a test on the day i was supposed to get my period and it was negative.
Avatar n tn And today i woke up with only tan spotting. Someone help?! My periods are usualy five days to a week long! Could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if it's related but i have had slight changes with my menstrual cycle as well such as cramping and spotting between periods and changes in the periods themselves. I have gained a little weight and although im not eating much at all during the day i still remain slightly over my usual weight. My doc has done a pelvic exam, pelvic ultrasound, cbc, checked my thyroid levels, checked for an allergey to gluten, and today i just got my results back from an abdominal and pelvic ct scan..
Avatar n tn Right after I found out I was pregnant two months ago, I started passing bright red blood, but just spotting. It rarely ever makes it to my underwear, but is there when I wipe. I had two transvaginal ultrasounds at six weeks. I have heard the baby's heartbeat twice since then (last time was yesterday) and I am now 14 1/2 weeks. My doctor put me on pelvic rest back at six weeks and since I have been spotting every five or six days, my husband and I have chosen to keep me on pelvic rest.
Avatar f tn The side effects associated with Seasonique are similar to those of other birth control pills, including bleeding or spotting between periods, nausea, breast tenderness and headache. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have always had regular Menstrual cycles right from my periods beginning when I was 11. I really need some advice and any input would be helpful. I had a period on the 7th November and had sex twice inbetween the 14th and the 21st of November. I then had a bleed on the 25th November that was not like a normal period, it was like I was losing old blood and was a lot lighter and only lasted a few days. I have not had a period since.
Avatar m tn He might have had semen in his hand, but I'm not sure of that. I was so worried that I could be pregnant. On April 7, I had brown spotting. I thought it was implantation bleeding, but I was told that it was just old blood because I did not have my period in March since my period is irregular. On April 9th I got my period, it was normal. I had it for around 5 days. I was not worried anymore since I got my period. Around May 14th, I noticed my belly got bigger. I usually have a flat stomach.
Avatar f tn Had diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps. Took ciprofloxacin, 2x 250mg per day for 5 days. Diarrhea subsided but nausea + stomach pain continued. On return have had 6 parasite tests - Aeromonas Hydrophilia found, but ciprofloxacin taken. No other parasites. Symptoms are worse over 2 years. Symptoms: - Constant nausea 20 mins after eating, worse in evening, and vomiting if no anti-emetics taken.
Avatar n tn Here it is the 10th day on my period and I'm spotting pink between the first day of my LMP and up until today, I've had crazy pregnancy stomach has kind of bloated up/swollen up-but it doesn't feel like bloatedness..more like a fullness, headaches, dizzy, fatigue, hungry all the time (when normally I eat twice a day), pain in the L side of my abdomen, cramps for about 4 hours straight a few days ago and now more recently, have had increased urination.
Avatar f tn Had two periods in February in the beginning of the month to the 4th and then another on the 27th and ended on the first. Between those two periods I had spotting. But now it's march 10th and I don't whether to think I'm pregnant or not.
Avatar n tn My periods have pretty much been on time for the last 9 months...Until now....They give or take by a few days....never more than 3. I've gotten the same PMS symptoms and thought that my period had started as usual but I've only been getting brownish discharge when I wipe. I know that this is old blood and is common in the first day of a period....but for more than one day? I had sex with my boyfriend and usually it starts the flow heavier but this time it didn't. My question is....