Spotting between periods every month

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Avatar f tn For the last two months, I have noticed that I have bleeding/spotting between my periods. last month I did not think too much about it coz it was very light. This time it was more although I did not have to wear sanitary napkins.. But am worried. Am scared of going to the doc as well..... Can anyone tell me if this is serious? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and since the middle of January I have been experiencing irregular spotting between my periods. I am on birth control pills which I take every day at the same time. My spotting ranges from barely noticable when i wipe to period like. I only have the slighted bit of cramping with it, and about a week ago I noticed that when I used a tampon only one side is saturated with blood.
1122084 tn?1354725515 Having light bleedings from the middle of the cycle untill the actual period comes.What's wrong with me??? So frustrated.Not having time to see the doctor.But for sure, that I am not ovulating...
Avatar f tn This first time my periods was never normal I was having periods months at a time instead of a couple days like I'm use to. So this time around right away I started having periods every other month and it is still like that since Nov 2011. I started to get use to it an knew when my period was coming because I would always get period syptoms a week before it comes but this last month its been weird.
Avatar f tn I am 28 years old and stopped taking bc pills in Feb 07 after being on them for over 10 years. I n april i started spotting(with minor cramps) in between periods mostly brown like. It doesnt happen every month but when it does it lasts anywhere from 1-3 days. I have been back to gyno numerous times with no diagnosis on what it could be. I was worked up for pelvic ultrasound, where they found a very small fibroid 1/8cm, but my doc does not feel it is from this.
Avatar n tn What I don't understand is why I am spotting the same time every month. I've read it could have alot to do with the changes in hormones. I've also heard some people spotting just before or during ovulation.
Avatar f tn Mine started in January, the whole month, but only with spotting. But this month, starting 3/15, I started spotting. And today I am bleeding but not heavily with some small clots. I am not on any medication just multivitamins. I do work graveyard shifts as a nurse and thought it could be stress or not eating right. Someone please help in answering our questions. I can't explain not having intercourse with my husband because I am having this problem.
Avatar n tn I used to bleed in between periods as well, i had tests run and a pap and they all came back normal. If you are stressed or have changed any sort of physical activity that could be part of the problem, I was never regular when it came to my periods until i went on the pill. Even on the pill i would bleed in between periods, so they just figured that my body had to much lining to shed so i bled a little more.
Avatar f tn I had a three-week period while taking it so I have one every three months, and my gyno told me to stop taking it, wait a week, then take it so I have a period every month for a few months. After that, I can go back to one every three. Apparently it's very common if you take it to have a period only every few months. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I have never spotted between periods before until this month. My period started on the 9th of Nov. and was only 3 days long. I started just light brown spotting yesterday & still into today. Could this be hormonal or an infection of some sort. I already started 2 days ago with the stringy, egg white like mucus. So could I just be ovulating? I'm just concerned about the spotting.
Avatar n tn I had been hopeful I was pregnant but instead I am having a very heavy period. My periods are usually 24-25 days in between but this time it was 27. We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. I am also in my early 40s.
1852119 tn?1319472108 My periods have always been a bit all over the place but recently since April/May I am having dark brown vaginal discharge then bleeding for a few days every month. Nothing extremely heavy or painful but medium flow I would say and some cramping. Then on August 4th I took an extremely heavy period and then again on September 17th, I worked it out on a period calculator that I should have ovulated last Tuesday 18th October and sure as hell that day the brown discharge started to appear.
Avatar f tn off for about 4 years. Normal periods, spotting, 2 periods in one month and then months without one. Each year that I go to the gyn., he does an ultrasound & an endometrial biopsy (so far, good) and offers birth control pills and that's about it. So I guess this happens, and unless you're willing to try bcp, you just need to "stick it out.
Avatar n tn Hey girl, I JUST started my Necon 7/7/7 yesterday but I read in the pamplet & have seen other people say that they have had "breakthrough" bleeding & spotting in between periods. I guess because the birth control messes with your hormones or what not. It says it's normal but if you feel worried or scared then I would call your doctor & ask him/her if what you are going through is normal. Better safe than sorry is what I always say.
Avatar n tn I am usually right on time every month so I thought it was a little strange that I was starting so early. I used a pad after this, but there was not a drop in the pad all day. So, I only bled for (maybe) a couple hours and then it totally stopped. It was the regular color and consistency of a normal period (not pink, brown or light). After it stopped I haven't seen anything on toilet paper, etc... It is all completely clean.
Avatar n tn The last two months I have had spotting almost constantly between periods and both months right around the time I am suppose to ovulate I have had sharp pains in my perineum (area between vagina and rectum) that only last a few minutes, usually at night and only one or two days. I have had a pap in the last year and have never had a bad one come back. Has anyone had similar symptoms??? I have a gyno appointment in 2 1/2 months, but I wonder if I should go sooner.
Avatar m tn In addition, I have been spotting between periods. It is almost like the start or end of a period. It lasts a few days and goes away. Just a few disclaimers: I am not on any birth control, have not had any unprotected sex (only sex with one partner whom I have been with for years- we have both been tested), and I do not have an exuberant amount of stress in my life to cause a sudden change in my cycle.
53833 tn?1235000229 I am 49 and been having 2 peroids a month for about the last 2 years, and then this past year, Iam down to every other month. Which makes the next month HORRIBLE with heavy bleeding and heart palps. Thought I was having mild hot flashes until I had a real one, just about freaked me out. Those things are awful. But bc Iam still having peroids, I am not sure if I should be looking for horomal creams or such stuff to ease better into this.
Avatar f tn my periods were pretty regular.. starting around the 17 th to the 20 th every month.. I was tracing ovulation and last month a test confirmed I was ovulating the day10 th .. so this month.. in the day10th I start a light spotting .. that last about 3 days.. what in the world..???
Avatar n tn And that my body would re-set itself. Well, this month, spotting/staining starting on day 14, and now day 21 spotting heavy on and off, and cramps, and lower back pain. (dont have a UTI). I wonder if this could be the start of "the change", but GYN says no way. Im only 37. Any advice?
130265 tn?1450986981 What is the main difference between spotting and light bleeding? I don't know what it is that I'm experiencing, and for me to define the difference would help. I don't have insurance so I can't go to the OB, and it costs $125 for bloodwork. The pink and brown stuff is only there when I wipe. This has been going on for 8 out of the last 9 days. It comes and goes. My period isn't due at least until this friday, and this started last monday. Light cramping, high temps. Coverline is 96.
Avatar n tn From then on, the lower back pain would get very bad each month (normal flow though), and even after being put on the pill, the pain would continue to be just as bad each month, and even more recently (the past year) I'll get cramp-like pain and headaches about halfway through (almost to the day, I keep track by how many pills I have taken) in between periods and on and off the rest of the month. This time, again, about halfway through, I started getting bad CONSISTANT cramps and spotting...