Spotting between periods during perimenopause

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Avatar f tn I went nearly a year without any periods or bleeding between 2007 and 2008 then, went back to having 3 normal periods in 2008. I went to my family doc during that time frame and talked to her about it. I had an ultrasound done after the fist period finished and a PAP, mammogram etc.. Everything was "normal" she said for this stage of things. My last period was December 2008 and nothing since.
Avatar n tn And in that same month I had two periods 19 days apart. and early in 2011 I went 47 days between periods. I had my thyroid removed in 2008 and over the last year my meds have been adjusted 3 times. I have also been under tremendous stress in the last few months. I feel like it is going to start, then nothing happens.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound, as well as a saline ultrasound (they thought they saw something on the regular ultrasound – turned out it was most likely a tiny clot, as I was bleeding during the ultrasound). Had off and on spotting for the following 7 month. In October 2011 I asked for uterine biopsy, which I had. Everything was fine. After the biopsy my periods were completely normal (no spotting) for a year. In fall 2012 I had one month of continual spotting and passed a large clot.
Avatar f tn So I went on my own diet thanks to a nutritionist out in California who helped keep some weight on me during all the doctors visits and horrible tests. My body is very sensitive to those drinks you have to take before scans and radioactive iodine and all - which one made me break out in hives the next day and the drinks made my skin turn yellow and blue and have a panic attack right in the doctors office.
Avatar f tn s theory is I am in Perimenopause, he ask if I had other symptoms but I don't other then the normal peri stuff; spotting between periods only when I wipe, never a need for a pad, I also have cramping that sometimes goes to my back. My breast always start getting sore after the spotting, so dr. says it is definitely hormonal. Keep in mind you can be in peri 10-12 years before meno. I have only the spotting mood swings sweet cravings crampy, short fused, etc, but NEVER had a hot flash.
Avatar f tn I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle. The doc didn't seem too concerned about the watery discharge which is new for me as well. (Over the past year or so.) My GYN says hysterectomy is warranted because I am so anemic so I'm working to build my iron with supplementation to just get this over with.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing very mild, but noticible nausea around the time I ovulate and again right before, during and after my period. It is not all the time during the day, but feels very strange and unusual and has consistently come and gone during these times. I would think I were pregnant if it had not been going on for a few months and if I had not had regular, heavy periods. We are trying to get pregnant and I wonder if something is out of balance with hormones?
Avatar n tn My period was a day late and then I started spotting a pinkish/clear discharge (only when I wipe). so for two days i didn't wear a tampon. then the third day it was brownish with very light red, a few times. My period is usually heavy but this time it was extremely light, almost like it wasn't there. Then when I put a tampon on, a few red raindrop sized blood pieces were on it. I went the third day wearing one tampon, and nothin was on it but the bownish stuff with the red drops.
Avatar n tn has been a consistent 21 days, with severe cramping and heavy bleeding. Last January I went 6 weeks between periods, and thought I was pregnant, but was not. Since then there are anywhere from 10 days to 21 days between periods, still very painful and heavy. I have had a couple cysts in the past, but none currently. I have been tested for PCOS and bloodwork to check my thyroid, but everything has come back OK.
Avatar n tn My periods have pretty much been on time for the last 9 months...Until now....They give or take by a few days....never more than 3. I've gotten the same PMS symptoms and thought that my period had started as usual but I've only been getting brownish discharge when I wipe. I know that this is old blood and is common in the first day of a period....but for more than one day? I had sex with my boyfriend and usually it starts the flow heavier but this time it didn't. My question is....
Avatar n tn HI there, spotting between periods could suggest an ovarian cyst, a uterine polyp, or just be peri-menopuse. But, it needs to be evaluated. Good luck !
Avatar n tn I am 53 & have always had irregular periods - 15 to 45 days in between periods; 5 to 16 days long. When I turned 49, the periods were shorter in between, but longer in duration. Since then, I would have a few hrs when the flow would be very heavy, then "normalize". I have 3 fibroids; I go for annual pap smears, and had 2 uterine biopsies ('05 & '06) to rule out cancer for the long lasting periods. In Nov.'06, I had a 12 day period, then no periods until Apr.
Avatar f tn This brownish discharge can also be due to alterations in hormones due to taking birth control, or it could be a natural result of your body's cycle.Vaginal bleeding between periods may occur during first few months of use of a birth control pill. Pelvic inflammatory disease, perimenopause, sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, genital warts and cervical cancer can cause this brown discharge. Since this discharge is new, it is most likely abnormal.
Avatar n tn ) And, no 48 is NOT too young to be having this type of thing happen. Perimenopause can start anytime during our 40's (sometimes, late 30's) and last between 3 and 10 years. It wouldn't hurt to keep track of this in a journal and when you get a chance, (no real rush), go and see your doc and as the previous poster has said, get some bloodwork done just to see where your hormone levels are.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of premenopause are irritability and mood swings,hot flashes,night sweating,irregular periods,decreased blood loss during periods,dry vagina,breast heaviness and tenderness and joint and muscle pain. I feel that an evaluation by a gynecologist will be helpful and if premenopause is confirmed then you may need hormonal replacement therapy. The primary treatment for patients with large or symptomatic fibroids is surgery.
Avatar n tn My periods were spacing out over the past 4 years or so and in 2007, I went almost a year without a period, only to have 3 periods again in 2008. This year has been a mysterious fear. In between, I've had ultrasounds and PAPs on a yearly basis, mammograms etc....everything I should be doing. I'm now awaiting the results of my PAP and an ultrasound that I had done last week and scared. I'm supposed to be booked in with a gynecologist to have another look because of this spotting.
5025679 tn?1363545101 I had very little in the way of regular menstrual cycles myself (had a complete hysterectomy still in my early 30s). I often had spotting between periods and typically it was old blood, though not always, I think. I had a lot of menstrual cramps before my mense, certain days of my mense, and I think I may have also had pain at times with ovulation. I had spotting that could come with ovulation.
Avatar n tn Hi guys for those of you who know me, I need you to weigh in what is going on. Background: Had a benign serouscystadenoma and left ovary removed in March 2006. I am 51 have been in peri-menopuase for a couple years, so the gyn said this could throw me into complete menopause. Well, I've only had 2 periods since my surgery...this last one totally weird. Day 1 was Aug. 14th. It started very light with minimal flow. In all I had maybe 3-4 days of what I would call "normal" bleeding.
Avatar n tn It is rare I get these episodes during the day but when I do they are not usually as severe. My periods come every month but my cycle varies between 22 and 28 days. I recently had a period that was quite light and only lasted 2 days with spotting/discharge for a further 3 days, then I had one that lasted 4 days very heavy with clots and pains that kept me awake at night. The last one was similar to the first.
Avatar f tn They've all said there's no urgency but that they'd recommend laparoscopic surgery to remove it because of the risk of torsion/rupture and also because it's the only way to know for sure what type of cyst it is. They assume the irregular periods are simply the beginning of perimenopause. I alternate between taking comfort in what they say and terrifying myself with thinking they don't really know. There is no real history of ovarian or breast cancer in my family.
Avatar n tn i was on depo and when i came off it my periods was every 11 days and its been like that for about 3 years and i went hospital and they said i had stopped ovualting but im 19-20 in august so its not your age as sutch their are many things the hospital can do for you it just takes time.
Avatar f tn sometimes 3 months apart sometimes 20 days apart and it may be quite heavy or just a small amt of spotting. So I know I am in perimenopause. Just was not ready for the mood swings that came with it this time. Haven't been that bad since before I had children 14 yrs ago. I hope it isnt gonna be a rough time for me Happy Birthday a little bit early.
Avatar n tn menses are irregular and frequent with spotting in between; no pain really but have suffered occasion pinching/stabbing feeling on right side that is very quick, short, brief on rare occasions past 11+ years; frequent urination urges with little or no flow at times; nausea with bowel movements; which vary from constipation to now diahrea, tailbone pain; pain upon standing up after urination; and more, no room
Avatar f tn I had perimenopause symptoms which ended up not being perimenopause, but elevated estrogen levels (perimenopause is diagnosed by your FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone)). I was put on testosterone, which reduces estrogen level and all of my symptoms went away (hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, dizziness, nausea during menses, etc). So, something else to check for anyone who is having trouble figuring it out. Took 3 years for me to get it diagnosed (age 35-38).
485043 tn?1224174187 My daughter was having weird periods with nasty brown stuff in between cycles. She just went to the doctor and they put her on progesterone, not estrogen. They're hoping it clears out the uterus a bit because hers is too bulky. If not, then they're talking about a D&C. She also has a cyst on one ovary and that can cause bloating and pain here and there. But they did do the ultrasound (transvaginal).
Avatar f tn I've been feeling really tired...quite often. I didn't even go to church Sunday and I ended up sleeping about 6 hrs during the day!! I find myself taking naps about 4 times a week. This from a person who 6 weeks ago, maybe took a nap on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. My menstrual cycles are a bit wacky as well. Even though I'm on bc pills, it hasn't been unusual for me to start my periods as much as a week early, so I end up having it for two weeks (not heavy bleeding).
Avatar n tn I never had spotting between menses or irregular menses. Now I am scared and I am living in hell. I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and dr. Carol Brown said I have 20-30% chances to be somethung bad. She told me that before the CA 125 test. I am scheduled for surgery on May 15. I fear the worst.
Avatar f tn I am 50 & have been in perimenopause for 8 years. I am so tired of periods every 2 weeks & then nothing for 5 weeks, then back to 2 weeks. I have been to a gyno' who found I have a cyst on the ovary & also a fibroid, which I am thinking is contributing to my hot flushes, mood swings & every other damn symptom in the book. Luckily I have a very understanding husband who I adore.
Avatar f tn Was not late on any shots had irregular periods and spotting until August now I have no periods could I b pregnant again?? I was suppose to get another asst the end of September but I didn't go but I still haven't had a period.. Why is that?? I do sometimes have this butterfly feeling in my stomach but I thought that may b because from the nervousness of being pregnant again. Can somebody tell me something please?
Avatar n tn First of all, I'm 41, and have a blood disorder, Protein C deficiency, discovered in '03 when i had a clot in my lung. I take coumadin, had to go off the pill, and avoid any sort of hormones. Periods have been heavy, but pretty regular. My problems began in April: several 'periods'& spotting in between. also fatigued, some pain during intercourse, and lower back pain. Endo biopsy, negative. Ultrasound showed a 'cyst with septation'on the right ovary.