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Avatar n tn It's not heavy and started as clear mucus with bright red streaks and then spotting more with activity. It has gone on like this still for the past 5 days. What could be the culprit? I'm 35 and healthy and currently not on any birth control pills; I've had two kids, but they are now 10 and 12.
Avatar f tn I am not sexually active so im not pregnant. The spotting is only when i wipe and it is bright red and on my underwear its brown. I have been going through this for 3 days now and cant make an appointment until monday. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? Im not in any pain i dont have cramping or anything so im not sure what could be wrong. I tried reading online and it said i could have cervical cancer but i REALLY hope i dont have that! help! by the way my last period was 5 days ago.
Avatar n tn I'm totally freaking about about it because I have never had any spotting or bleeding between periods before. Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated.
Avatar n tn Light bleeding/spotting between periods is very common and is usually just a small amount of blood from your last period that did not get expelled. It is usually kind of brown in color as it's "older" blood. If what you are seeing now is fresh (bright red) blood, I urge you to see a gynecologist. I would urge you to see the doctor either way to simply rule out any problem. If you use tampons during your period, there is some possibility they may be irritating your hymen.
Avatar f tn No diet changes or anything. I've never experienced spotting between periods before either. It's Saturday so I won't be able to reach my doc until Monday. I'm really concerned so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
653388 tn?1227907736 i spotted for 5 days starting the 14th day of my cycle... the first day it was bright red bt the next four it was brownish. I had minor cramping throughout n since that n wen the spotting stopped, my breast got tender and have been since. I've been sick feeling since the end of June with dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, gas. Its been about as fun as it sounds. Ive googled n googled, n all i can find is pregnant or cervical cancer.
142384 tn?1275504937 Some women spot right before thier period (due the build up of blood in the uterine lining and the cervix preparing for menstration). Both are completly normal. Spotting is also common during the first couple months of pregnancy at your normal time of menstration. If you are pregnant and your spotting is more than just a little bit of light pink, I would see your OBGYN just to be safe.
Avatar f tn This is light pink and sometimes red! Not super dark but bright red like fresh blood red. I had horrible cramps starting on cd 9 and it stop on cd12 when I started to spot the pink and red. Now it’s cd 13 and I’m spotting red. If I need to go, I will see my doctor but I want to see if others have had this and if it was just a random occurrence or if it turned out to be something more serious.
Avatar f tn One day I had one spot of bright red blood but that was it. The next day was brown spotting again and then it was done. My periods are usually late but I just want to know what the spotting could possibly be from? I that maybe ovulation or maybe implantation bleeding I honestly have no idea. Please offer some suggestions.
Avatar f tn Hello, Main causes of spotting between periods could be due to pregnancy, birth control pills, infection in an area of the body related to menstruation (including the vagina, the cervix and even the bladder). Other causes could be polycystic ovarian syndrome, diseases of pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance of estrogen and progesterone and uterine abnormalities like fibroid and cervical dysplasia.
667409 tn?1309155783 This month I wasn't supposed to start until the 19th. But Sunday night (13th) I started - or so I thought. I had a couple of bright red spots of blood. But then I just had brown spotting for two days, and now it's stopped. I'm so worried that this is something to do with my fertility or something. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Me and m husband had unprotected sex 3 times but my husband was sure that he didn' come in , but now my perioda are not coming my last periods stopped on Feb 21st till today I didn't get my period and also i had bright red spotting on 19th march and again on bright red spoting on 20th march and today i had dark red spoting. am afraid to test. if am pregnant am afraid if i will loose my baby again and if m not pregnant hat is going on...
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me the difference between spotting and your actual period. Im so confused I cant tell which is which??
Avatar f tn Since may of this year, where I had a period that lasted 11days, every month after I've had two periods a month, lasting 3-7 days each, and the last 4 months in between periods i'm either spotting- bright red or pink discharge, or releasing old blood- brown liquid. maybe I get one full week each month of no blood- old or new- discharge. What's up with this?
Avatar n tn I had mid cycle spotting bright red blood on day 17. Have never happened to me before. On day 25 now.
Avatar n tn I am 21, I’ve never had sexual relationships and I’m worried I’m having spotting (5-7 days) with brown blood and clots between periods. I don't think it’s a true period as its only spotting (doesn't even fill a pad) even though it lasts about as long as my real period. My regular periods are moderately abundant with bright red blood , clots and strong claps (enough to interfere for a few hours with my life, not enough to be hospitalized).
Avatar n tn February the 7th came and the cycle was brown, but full, “no spotting”, the 8th brown spotting, the 9th spotting, 10 gone? Implantation bleeding maybe 2? How long/soon does this happen if it was/is implantation bleeding 3? I don’t believe in drugs so I don’t take medications/ birth control pills, nor do I smoke or drink. I’m not strict on my diet but I have an ok one. I am healthy and my family has no trace or any cancer.
Avatar n tn Spotting can be pretty normal in between periods- sometimes it's due to a shift in hormones or other factors. It can be due to implantation during pregnancy, but that's pretty rare, and it doesn't sound like that's likely in your case due to the fact that you have always had protected sex. While sex with a condom can still result in pregnant- it's not a high likelihood.
Avatar n tn SO far no weight gain, but I have had an on again off again period, including dark brown spotting, and bright red bleeding. But each last no more than 24hrs at a time, quits for 24 than comes on again. Lower back pain and fullness in uterus area. has anyone experienced any of these problems since going off and coming back on Depo?
Avatar f tn s theory is I am in Perimenopause, he ask if I had other symptoms but I don't other then the normal peri stuff; spotting between periods only when I wipe, never a need for a pad, I also have cramping that sometimes goes to my back. My breast always start getting sore after the spotting, so dr. says it is definitely hormonal. Keep in mind you can be in peri 10-12 years before meno. I have only the spotting mood swings sweet cravings crampy, short fused, etc, but NEVER had a hot flash.
Avatar f tn On august 12th ,2010 suddenly i started bleeding bright red blood for one and half day and i saw few pieces like tissue coming out with bleeding(thought those were the cause of my bleeding).From then i again started to spot and with light bleeding till today. Not knowing what to do?This is disturbing me psychologically.Is this common?Why i'm still spotting(almost its been like more than 6 weeks).Do i require d&c,actually i don't want to go for that.
147932 tn?1226969710 The spotting was red and got heavier, even with putting my feet up. This pregnancy, I started spotting, red at first around 9 weeks. I went to see doctor and i was told to put my feet up. I did this, but the spotting continued, I went back in and they prescribed progesterone suppositories to help. I was told this is because around 9-10 weeks, your ovary is no longer conrolling the pregnancy, the placenta is trying to take over and attach.
6574648 tn?1382573660 Should I be concerned as been having spotting now and again which is bright red mostly and a mucky red at times also which has been happenning for about 3/4 weeks now .I am 52 and may well be heading for menopause although not many obvious signs apart from tiredness really and sometimes fast heartbeat.Dont know what to do as can never get to see my own Dr as so booked up in advance and busy and found others unhelpful which puts me off so I leave things as cant be doing with unhelpful Drs .
Avatar n tn I am expecting right about the same time you are-I am 7w6d, and I had brown spotting for almost two weeks, starting around my fifth week. I agree with the above post. As long is it is not bright red, it is usually a good sign. I really don't have many pg symptoms myself. Just really tired. No m/s or anything! Think positve and I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Then on the 21st May, I started having a light period but much heavier than spotting. This dark to bright red bleeding has lasted for 6 days. On the 26th May, at night, I went to the bathroom wiped and it was just urine. Today, its a light red, not really bleeding. I'm not sure what this means, I have read a lot of articles on estrogen and progesterone levels being hectic and causing ovulation bleeding. Has any one experienced this? What happened to you after this experience?
247052 tn?1260953658 I would like to start of by saying I am a relatively healthy 23 y.o female , who is not, at the moment trying to get pregnant, but has some gynecological issues. I have been on birth control medication from the time I was 13 until October of 2009 (I got my period when I was 11), in the forms of pills, the patch and from July to Oct. of this year, Depo Provera. I have also had the HPV vaccine completed by the time I was 21. Between July and Oct.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't worry right now. If the blood increase, turns bright red, or you experience cramping, then that is the time to worry. Just relax--worrying will just make this weekend miserable for you. Relax and take it easy. Let us know and keep us updated here.