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546753 tn?1305121098 it seems that since i stopped takingadvair500- spiriva and asmanex and switched to nebulizer drugs i feel better . i'm doing more work and working out and feel good all over. maybe it was the worry of paying for the inhallers when i was getting them. it was about $500 every 90 days and in the donut hole would have cost $1,800 for 90 days. probably that weight off my shoulders helped.
25201 tn?1255584436 What dosage of oral steroids would be equal to the 250/50 Advair Diskus Inhaler used every 12 hours? I am finding the cost of Advair prohibitive and will be switching to oral steroids in the near future. Can't use Albuterol in any form due to adverse reaction. Have tried Spiriva with only fair results. I seem to definitely be a Steroid responder. Thanks so much ....
Cat It says 75% off any prescription drug covered. Is Spiriva covered and what would it cost me?
Avatar n tn Serevent Diskus, 50 MCG/60 puffs, two times a day, and a fast acting inhaler, Albuterol, 17GM/90MCG, as needed. Is this a good combination? The cost is rather high for both the Serevent and the Azmacort. Would I get the same results if I asked the dr. to take me off the Azmacort or the Serevent?
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with early copd. Since I do not have health insurance, i go to a clinic. The physician's assistant has prescribed singular for my copd, I don't feel that it is helping me very much. I mostly have shortness of breath & coughing in the evening. This disease frightens me because I don't feel I am getting the right medical advice. I asked about simbicor & spiriva and was told that those meds are for later stages of copd.
Avatar f tn I am a sixty year old female who was diagnosed two years ago as being in the end stage og COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis). From what I have looked up a man even managed to last 19 years in severe end stage when he wrote in. I was diagnosed in 2002 and I already in severe stage but taking the inhaler "spiriva" took me back to medium stage for a couple of years.
Avatar n tn In the first year that I had it, an inhaler called Spiriva totally cured me of the problem. But when it returned the following year, Spiriva had less effect. I am still trying to find a cure for it. As soon as I breathe cold air, the flow of mucus from my nose starts and my saliva thickens and it all gets clogged up in my throat.
Avatar f tn Told him I needed to make sure the Spiriva I had started taking about 3 months previous was not causing any eye problems. I questioned him very specifically and he got a bit testy with me, telling me that there were absolutely no indications of any eye problems; no cataracts, macular degeneration or glaucoma. She also diagnosed me with dry eye and suggested I use drops 3-4 times a day. She recommended several over-the-counter drops.
Avatar f tn I can't tolerate Advair (causes angina) nor Albuterol (causes worse congestion and coughing). Spiriva was fine but it is too expensive and didn't work for any good amount of time. As a last resort I used some Benadryl. I can walk without bronchospasm; I don't have angina as often; it lasts longer; and it is relatively suitable for my budget. I still need my nebulizer but I don't feel tied down to it now.
645800 tn?1466864555 Today I got a letter from the VA informing me that they are changing my inhaler from a 4 hour one (which I use as needed) to a once a day version (Spiriva). It is not my doctor that is changing it, but the VA administration. The VA is turning out to be as bad as an HMO ib ny opinion.
Avatar m tn t do hardly anything because I just could not get any air. The spiriva cost was too high so I stopped taking spiriva and for the first time in 20 years I can breath so good!!! It's a miracle from God and I am so blessed! It's been a week and half and I am already loosing weight and can do things I haven't done in many years. My hoarse voice is gone too! I haven't consulted with my doctor about stopping spiriva.
Avatar f tn The blue pill is spiriva and the cost without insurance is over 200 dollars. There are side effects like headaches. I would like to see some more reports before trying Hysmeton. I have not heard of it. Where would you get it? How much is the cost? For those who like it please keep us up dated on how it continues to work.
Avatar f tn Other specialists I have seen have told me I had emphysema (flattened diaphragm, air trapping, hyperinflated lungs on CXR and CT Scans done to R/O PE and to explore a small nodule on one lung).
Avatar f tn The next day, I had to use my nebulizer which I only use when I am sick. Otherwise I havbe Advair and Spiriva and rescue inhalers. So, do I think it has an affect? Absolutely. Factories spew smoke in the high open air and the EPA monitors it, our cars exhaust is monitored and now we have catalytic converters on the muffler. (FYI: after being in a parking garage while numerous cars were leaving, I had the same effect --coughing all night--as from cig. smoke).
Avatar f tn I take Albuterol and Spiriva. I fear alienating yet another doctor over this BP medication and having no one to treat me for my COPD.
546753 tn?1305121098 i've been taking inhalers since 2002, advair 500/50 spiriva and asmanet which i stopped taking and my MD put me on ipratopium/albuteral & budesonide because the cost of the 3 inhalers was $1,800 for 90 days when i fell into the donut hole last june. i still take rescue inhalers depending on what samples he has.i suffered from such a dry mouth that my tongue was cracking and my teeth were getting loose. they would just fall out at the gumline from gingivitus.
Avatar n tn He takes spiriva, advair, albuterol mechanical breathing treatment and albuterol inhalants as prescribed. He uses a CPAP machine at night. He walks +/- 2 miles a day and goes to the fitness center 3-4 times a week, working out for +/- an hour each time. He experiences ongoing clear sinus drainage which we believe is the end result of a serious head trauma that rearranged his sinus cavities (and cost him the sight of his left eye) at age 9. He sleeps on his back.
980382 tn?1251485188 I am already use Spiriva in the mornings, and Salamol as and when required. I would have found a winter temperature range useful both for myself and my boss, who is trying to work around my condition as best he can with the limited knowledge I have given him, and without getting his superiors involved, who could then say I am unable to do my job, and "remove" me!
Avatar f tn I have copd and use spiriva and symbicort. They are both very helpful for my symptoms however you think advair is expensive????? All of the breathing medications I use are out of sight. It is really sad when a person can't breath and have to pay so much just for air huh?
1142551 tn?1264740530 I have been prescribed Provigil for my fatigue and my insurance (state assistance) will not cover the cost. I asked the pharmacy how much it would be just to buy it and he said it cost 500.00 monthly. My question is if anyone knows of a prescription assistance program or an online pharmacy that I can get this medication for a cheaper price.
978469 tn?1433551546 The only problem I had was the Seretide gave me terrible nausea in the mornings, which is a rare side effect according to the hospital consultant, who took me off it, and gave me Spiriva, which I've had no probs with. You should really go by their advice. I think you would benefit from inhalers. I am sorry about your dad. I lost my mum last year to colon cancer, which she had been told had been successfully treated 5 years ago.
Avatar f tn But people lie on it all the time, and of course the resources aren't there to check. Drug testing will only increase costs...heck, just the cost of administering the test alone will increase things. And if they think that many many of these users don't know how to get around the testing? Honestly, this just isn't going to work.
131817 tn?1209532911 And it'll be a sad and scary story of autoimmune disorders, organ damage, thyroid dysfunction, psychiatric disorders, higher levels of cancer, diabetes, suicides, and ruined lives at enormous financial and social cost. I have a friend who did 3 unsuccessful full-length treatments (INF/RBV, PEGIntron/RBV and Pegasys/RBV). Now he's only half the man he used to be.
Avatar f tn I never felt like I recovered after the second case and stopped working in Jan of 2012. It's now July 2014. I have had many tests and I am currently on Symbacort and Spiriva both treatments for COPD. I don't have a formal diagnoses yet but I can't even go out of the house without having flare-ups from a number of different triggers, smoke is the worst. I can't tell you how many times I have left my cart full at the grocery store because of a coughing attack.
Avatar f tn with our son taking the highest dose available the perscription cost for the injections is $5,300 each time he gets them or twice a month plus the hospital outpatient cost twice a month making a years treatment $140,000. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get insurance to cover it. Our son was a poster child for taking it. It has helped him tramendiously. We're hoping it helps as he leaves for College in the fall.
Avatar m tn It has a seat on it, and when I get tired, I can sit down and rest. It cost only $149 and is rated at 300 pounds. I'm about 259 pounds, from lack of exercise during the past several years. Instead of buying an expensive Oxygen tank bag for the Rollator, I use a WalMart $1.00 cloth shopping bag that works just fine. I hang a couple of extra of these bags on the walker to shop with.
Avatar n tn I am a 10 year Nexium user and for cost savings just switched to Omesperole, which isn't as effective. I do believe that reflux is definately a factor as is long periods of alcholol consumption.