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Avatar f tn That means if a delay turns up, it will probably be mild. I'd maybe start speech therapy with him. Your local children's hospital or your pediatrician can put you in touch with early intervention programs (which the US provides by law to our kids age 0 to 3). With the fact that your son's birth mother was activily using toxic drugs during gestation, you'd probably meet the criteria to be evaluated. Then perhaps, you could get some speech therapy for him at no cost.
Avatar f tn My son Reilly is 35 months old and approaching his 3rd birthday. Reilly has been seeing a speech therapist for 4 months and the therapist has recently identified that he has echolalia which means he repeats words when said by the parent but does not comprehend the question. Reillys comprehension of words and its meaning is impaired and he often hand leads to get what he wants or help himself.
Avatar f tn There is no indication she requires a special education program, though she may benefit from speech/language therapy. That will be clearer after the evaluation. The more full-range evaluation won't hurt, it's simply not clear that it is necessary. And your daughter cannot be placed in a special education arrangement without your approval. If the special needs evaluation proceeds, it may well be that an IEP is developed solely for speech/language services, and that would be fine.
574101 tn?1245540620 I am not a doctor and this is just my opinion. Please also make sure that he is getting speech therapy for his speech delay. Good luck.
Avatar n tn He recognizes everybody and understands subtle expressions like jokes, sarcasm etc. Started speech therapy but progress is limited. The strange thing though is that the docs have been unable to completely point out the reason for the aphasia since he is a right handed person (naturally) and there is no apparent infarcts in the left side of the brain. (apart from old lesions). I am confused since the speechy center would be located in that area and there is no sign of damage there.
Avatar m tn The parts of brain mostly affected in NPH, are those that affect the legs, bladder and cognitive mental processes like memory, reasoning, speech and problem solving. Treatment options are limited, surgery can relieve and those not candidates for this will have to be given behavioral therapy. Hope this helps. takecare.
Avatar f tn He is going to start Physical therapy, ocupacional, and speech therapy. I hope this will help him. But do you think he has autism. We are going to see a neurologist on July I hope for that time he will improve a little bit.
Avatar f tn trust your thoughts and eyes... use your cell phone to record o/t, speech and physical therapy...make sure you review these sessions...you may discover something you didn't see or hear the first time..take plenty of pictures...your mom progress may surprise you...your mind is working 100 miles an hour...its easy to miss slow progress..and this is what its all about...this pictures will slow you down and show progress...also serves to show your mom her progress...
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I'm new here and I just found this website. On the morning of Nov 12th my mother suffered a severe right side stroke and the TPA "clot buster" was either not administered within the 3 hour window or was not effective enough. We were at her side within minutes of her collapse and quickly realized what the problem was and due to our location it took the paramedics less than 10 minutes to arrive at our house.
Avatar n tn He is currently in speech therapy 3 times a week. He likes to stare at my chandelier and spin around. I saw a development specialist and she said that he is showing signs of austism. and No one can tell me what causes it? What can I do? and where do I stand? Somoene should be able to tell me why my son was talking at 15-18 months and suddenlly stopped?
Avatar n tn I agree with RockRose - sounds like selective mutism. From the site that was mentioned, there are downloads that can be printed for both medical and educational personnel. You might want to print some of these printouts for those involved with your daughter. Unfortunately. many of our medical and educational professionals are not aware of this rare disorder so often the parents need to "take the lead" in helping them to "discover" this disorder.
Avatar n tn My problem is i'm very textbook smart but when it comes to pronouncing words i have a very hard time. it's a bad speech problem i always had since i was little. I can say most everyday words its just the medical words i have problems saying and he will always laugh at me. He reallly thinks im stupid, but i do try very hard. I'm only 20 and i work part time and go to school full time making straight A's.
521840 tn?1348844371 Research has shown that early intervention services (including speech language therapy, special education, applied behavior analysis and psychotherapy) are the gold standard of care in treating children with Autism. Not only is this the time when the child's brain is the most adaptable, but professionals can intervene early to prevent undesirable behaviors from taking root.
551745 tn?1219421021 But I already know I'm having some problems .. I go to the hospital for speech therapy . I have trouble saying what I want to say and have difficulty formulating thoughts on subjects, ideas and concepts.. even if I know it well..?? And then when I get really hung up , I kind of freeze and nothing will come out.. frustrating as hell and happening many times a day but every one's being so kind about it.. I just hate meeting new people ..YUK !!
Avatar f tn My 6 year old son has exhibited some questionable behaviour. As he is our oldest child, we have no idea if his behaviour is within the normal ranges. We would love to know if he has some development issues or Aspergers, so that we can help him, rather than get frustrated with him. Some info on him: At 6 years old (almost 7) he has had only a handful of dry nights. Most nights he wets the bed at least twice, sometimes up to 4 times.
Avatar f tn The symptoms often show up well in advance of any hard evidence with your test results. Memory loss, slurred speech and fatigue do fit the profile for MS, but it can also be many other problems as well. Your doctor will need to eliminate all of those before the dx of MS can be seriously considered. I hate that you're let worrying and wondering - I hope that you get answers soon.
Avatar n tn As we approached the third month, he started coming around. He was at that point participating in physical therapy and saying a word here and there. He cannot swallow well and has to have a food peg at this time. His right side is paralyzed from the stroke and he has to wear a diaper. He has many wonderful nurses and aides who have come to know him and our family very well over the past 5 months.
Avatar f tn Hey sister There is a song called 'fall into me' by sugarland. I remember waking up and seeing my ex husband I cried like a baby. My little sister was going through the same things that you are now. It was a real journey but is definatly achievable to rehabilitate. Sometimes I still get frusterated with speech,etc. But I still keep telling myself "It could be worse". This song still makes me cry, and still gives me hope.
Avatar n tn She was also able to swallow during a speech therapy session. So she's still slowly improving, and she seems to be responding to commands like "open your mouth" at times, but it's not obvious enough to be 100% definitive. Thanks for the responses! I've shown them to the rest of my family and they definitely provide some comfort!
1135243 tn?1260511393 I have been around many of three year olds and they are not like this and it upsets me.People laugh,I try to make jokes and laugh at people but really I am dieing!People have called her the spawn of satain and it breaks my heart.I just feel like she is out of control,she tears up my house I clean and clean and she does know better.Yes she is three but she is VERY smart.I also have a 7 month old son and I can already tell a BIG difference between the both of them!
Avatar f tn For the speech, take a pill before you go up to hold things off. That's what I do before I go to school. I've noticed it really helps. Sadly, its not so easy for me. I did not have a brain tumor, but the tumor was on my arm. It's called a benign dermal fibrous hisitocytoma. It hurts like crazy and it's horrible to deal with. My dad developed this shaking problem when he was in his 30s, but now I'm shaking a lot at 16 and I don't know what I'm going on.
Avatar n tn Therapy does wonders, though, and you don't need a diagnosis to start overcoming some of the issues, like speech and sensory issues. My daughter is going through sensory integration therapy with her occupational therapist. She also has a developmental therapist and speech therapist. If your son is not doing sensory integration therapy, you should inquire about it.
Avatar n tn f I let them accept her into the district for play therapy and speech and mainstream preschool I am afraid they will treat her as autistic and not Sm. - your question - Play therapy and speech therapy tend not to help our sm children because the issue is extreme anxiety but it doesn't hurt them either. Social issues are very common with children suffering from anxiety and so these two methods can help there.
1742220 tn?1331360327 the students, particularly the 5th, 7/8th, and 1st, remain splendid and ethereal as in ottherwordly ly good they are just so good tho Callie did itch my last nerve last Friday and nearly drive me to the hoped for early grave enough jokes aobut that Meegy it aint funy sorry she stil is mostly wonderful and the first gradrs on the yard ... most all are my friends. even little Farrah who was like "You look like a FARMER in that dress!' one day ... and she said "I don't like it.
Avatar n tn He has been doing speech therapy and physical therapy since that time. He still has a PEG tube and cannot swallow at all. His balance is still not good because of the left leg. He has a lot of secretions that he has to spit out. We did try getting a botox treatment injected into his CP muscle in his throat. It did help with the secretions and he did talk clearer. It only lasts 3 months though.
Avatar f tn I was in a hyper good mood, having a few drinks (although didn't drink much my memories are foggy), I made an innappropriate speech at a party where I knew no one and felt like I was super funny and awesome. My fiance made me leave and I became very violent (quickly), i kicked him and ran out on the street and straight into a tree. Once home I wouldnt stop screaming and cut my neck with a knife. My fiance had to ring the police in the end and I was arrested and put in a cop car.
Avatar f tn We are in group and individual therapy, but since this was such a late catch he is incredibly socially deficient. He wants friends so badly but he doesn't respect/understand boundaries, so he's always in your face. He has this thing about touching and has to be touching something constantly, this DOES include classmates and their body parts. I get to the point where I want to scream. Please.. if any of you know what I'm going through, shout out and let me know I'm not alone.
Avatar m tn i know im goodlooking, but alot of social situations actually kind of scare me like for example a speech . i would rather drop out of a course or get kicked out then do a speech. another thing about me is that, sometimes i feel like im a bad person, i want good things & i feel like i deserve good things but at the same time i feel like im kind of evil in a way because of the hate towards people that i have.
Avatar f tn Today is my 5 year olds last day of pre-K and my 3 year olds last day of speech therapy (he has it twice a week for 30 minutes each). It is the last full day of school for my older 3, then half days tomorrow & thursday and they are home for the summer. I'm going to tackle the online courses today, and try to figure out how I will study everyday with all 6 kids home! I have a few orders for the candies I make, so I need to get that done by Thursday night.
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