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Avatar f tn I, too, live in the bay area. In Berkeley, in fact. ***@****. . I see Dr Joanna Cooper in Berkeley. Please let me know what you find out. Paula http://www2.muw.edu/~mharmon/501ch7stg.
584252 tn?1218223686 Hi i took my daughter Melissa to see a speech and language therapist today and she said from the little test she did her speech is within normal parameters, but from what i have been saying she did say she wanted to test her at school to check her understanding. She did notice that Melissa went into her own world and that when i spoke to her i had to repeat myself quite a few times.
Avatar f tn Your brother should see a speech therapist in your area to determine if there are any serious speech and/or medical issues
Avatar n tn I have not heard about Neuroaid until now (especially that it is not approved, yet). I googled this, and what I saw was that it is some kind of newly developed drug that is produced in China. Although there is some research being run now to test the effectiveness of this drug, I found an article about this drug (see the link). Based on the literature, this drug is being used in China in patient with brain injuries such as stroke 48 hours following a stroke.
Avatar f tn Oh, and I would have a child evaluated by an occupational therapist and speech therapist. Depending on your child's age, you could go through private resources or there are early childhood programs that your doctor could recommend to you. (run by your city or state). Or if this is an older child (older than 3) you could go through your local school system. Either way, I'd talk to your pediatrician.
Avatar f tn is there another alternative to speech therapy? or another way to pay less... my insurance dosent cover it and it will cost 200 dollars for me to get it for my 2 yr old. and my husband just got laid off.. if so please anser back!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn He also initiates now, rather than simply repeating things we say. Upon the advice of his speech therapist, we had him evaluated by a pediatrician who determined that his speech delay was not the result of any other developmental/neurological problem. Perhaps you could get a similar evaluation for your son?
1550561 tn?1294058336 You could go see a speech therapist. Since they are specialized in the area they should be able to help you at least a bit more than your regular dr.
Avatar f tn Maybe you need to see a speech therapist for an eval and go from there.
Avatar m tn The problems in MS depend on the area of nervous system most affected. In your wife’s case, the speech area appears to have been affected. However, the good news is that the problems persist only during the relapses or when the person is extremely tired. Speech problems may include slurring, long pauses between words, nasal speech, tremor in voice etc. You could ask the hospital to send across a speech therapist. This will help improve her speech even while the inflammation is there.
Avatar n tn if you are concerned about her speech I would suggest seeing a speech therapist. A professional can do testing to see exactly what the problem is. To my knowledge there is not usually a correlation between heart problems and speech problems however if she has had surgery and hospitalizations this could have an impact on her mentally which can impact her speech. How old is your child? Also if she had any kind of hearing problem or ear infections that could also play into a speech problem.
620048 tn?1358018235 00. I am not sure what she is going to do but I am sure I need it..What do speech therapists do anyway? With all of that, I still have a terrible headache but still happy...
Avatar n tn Does he also use Delayed Echolalia eg. pieces of dialogue phrases or words from TV or films? The Speech and Language Therapist should be able to tell you more about it. I would specifically be asking for a Speech and Language Therapist who also has experience of autism. Does your son mix up his pronouns eg. I, me, you, yours, mine, us etc. What is your son's social interaction skills like? Are there things that your son is good at eg. puzzles, lego, pattern recognition etc.
Avatar m tn Speech disorder will be recovered easily , when they are constant efforts from both patient and Therapist. Normally Breathing exercises and Speech training by therapist will be helpful.
Avatar m tn It’s never too late for speech therapy. Just go to a clinic that specializes in stuttering therapy. Not every SLP will have experience in this area as our field is quite broad. They will come up with treatment techniques that is best suited for your need!
Avatar m tn Are you in Northern California? If you are in the Bay Area, I can refer you to someone.
667445 tn?1230750538 His physician(Child Specialist) recommends to have a consultancy from a speech therapist if we (parents) are more concerned. So, we already started this consultancy from one of the speech therapist. The question is, whether is it too soon to have that type of consultancy. Is it really helpful to have a speech therapist helping the kid along or he will start speaking normally with some time. Regards to all the readers.
Avatar n tn m an SLP and my son has Childhood Apraxia of Speech (I was already in this field before I had him). There is a lot of research going on in the area of speech delays and food allergies. Does your son have any food allergies that you know of? Many parents of children with ASD have put their children on casein, whey, and gluten free diets, but it also seems to work well with speech delayed and sensory impaired children. In my case, my son is allergic to dairy.
Avatar m tn This by the way, had to do with my doctor who thought that seeing as I have asthma I should learn how to breathe so I could talk. Unfortunately for the speech therapist, she was caught unawares and might possibly need some kind of therapy herself after having a couple of stints with me.
Avatar n tn does anyone have any experience with a good therapist in the new york city area (or connecticut or new jersey, or greater new york city) --a Licensed clinical social worker--preferably female, who does Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and is in private practice (and if possible not contracted with any insurance companies).
Avatar m tn ] One month back we insisted the pediatric doctor to refer us to Speech therapist. But the speech therapist told us to test her hearing first thus we were referred to an ear doctor. On testing it is discovered that she can here 90% but the ear doctor want it to be 100% then only he can refer us to Speech therapist! Thus he gave cough syrup and another syrup (may be it was Zyetec), which will completely clear her hearing, and then retake her hearing test (i.e. on 11-oct-2009)!
Avatar f tn Please see a speech therapist. I have gone through the same problem and it was a terrible experience. It can potentially make your child's childhood very very rough. Consult with a capable speech therapist and enroll him in various public speaking classes. Once your child can deliver speeches in front of an audience well, it boosts his confidence and thus lessening his anxiety in his day to day speech.
Avatar n tn He didnt babble much as a baby, and not very much as a toddler, so at 2 years old I took him to a speech therapist...........now he is 4 and a half and the speech therapist just noticed that at the back of his throat his uvula is doubled, and she felt the back the top of the roof of his mouth and told me he has Submoucus Cleft Palate. We since have seen a nose ear and throat specialist and he says that my son doesnt need surgery, and should out grow his nasily sound by puberty.
Avatar n tn She was assessed by early intervention (psychologist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist) and her pediatrician for autism and no one had any concerns. The speech therapist said she should be evaluated by a neuropsychologist. This is a very expensive assessment. Given the fact that she has been evaluated a couple of times do you think this is necessary? I am so frustrated, I have been trying to get her speech help for so long and have jumped through so many hoops.
193609 tn?1292180293 The speech therapist observed Ashtyn during his occupational therapy today. Following her observation, she said that he is very quiet and that is not normal. She also said that the way Ashtyn holds his tongue when he makes noise, shows that he does no coordinate sound. She wants to observe him a few more times before she files any paperwork to start therapy, but she said she will definatly work with him. He is also up for his 1 year review on the 13th for Early On.
Avatar f tn I think the schools are a great last resort, but I am so much more comfortable using a clinic. You daughter sounds just like my 5 year old DD. We were told that it is verbal apraxia. A condition where the child understands everything said to them, but has a hard time with motor movement. Ask your SLP about PECS picture cards. It helps so much and takes off the pressure to talk. Once you find a good therapist your kiddo will start doing so much better!
Avatar f tn XXXX will receive a minimum of 6 hours direct Speech and Language Therapy each term from a fully qualified and experienced Speech and Language Therapist, reviewed in line with the SEN Annual Review process. This equates to approximately twelve 30 minute sessions per term to be delivered weekly or as agreed with Yiannis’ parents and school staff in order to best meet Yiannis’ changing needs.
Avatar n tn If you are in the US then you should be referred to a Speech and Language Therapist and and Occupational Therapist will be able to help with fine motor skills. I would speak with the consultant who is seeing him at the moment to see if he could be referred. I don't know anything about Leukemia, but the consultant should also be able to tell you if the Leukemia or his treatment of it could be causing the type of difficulties he is having.
Avatar n tn I took my 2 year old daughter to get her checkup and the Dr said she is a very active child no signs of autism or any other problems but said she should be speaking by now so she referred me to a speech therapist. I am frustrated because I took her 2 months ago and expressed my concern about this and her Dr said she was fine. Now the Dr all of a sudden seems very concerned but I feel like this should have been started 2 months ago when I asked about it.