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Avatar n tn When I began my anxiety problems, I used to feel that my speech was slurred also and a pressure on the roof of my mouth...it was my anxiety. But, I am glad that you are going to a neurologisst just to make sure.... The way I knew it was anxiety was that it would go away after a really good cry or when I sang at the top of my lungs in the car as I drove...I guess after releasing my anxiety I felt a little better for a while...This is just my experience. I wish you the best! Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn That aside, if the problem persists and is bothersome to you, your doctor can refer you to a speech-language pathologist for help correcting the articulation problem.
Avatar f tn I have not had this symptom, but many others have mentioned this b4 ob the forum....it is related to chiari.... I wish I could offer more info, but since I did not have the slurring I do not know what to tell u. I pray someone that did will post a comment.
Avatar m tn I do not have Sjogrens, Lupus or any of those auto-immune diseases according to my Rheumy. I would have to say the swallowing problems came first but now my speech is being effected dry mouth or not. I do this most everyday at some point or another. This started this year, it is my fairly newest symptom.
Avatar m tn You need an MRA and an MRI, preferably a 3T, as of yesterday. Many of the problems (slow eye tracking, speech issues) are sometimes linked to cranial nerve palsys, which may be due to diabetes, infection or abnormal growths. Square one is to get an inexpensive HbA1c. With due respects to your neurologist, you need a fresh evaluation by another neurologist, preferably one affiliated with a teaching hospital.
Avatar n tn but am worried that now the few twitches on my tongue are a more serious concern. i do not slur, have problems swallowing, etc...
Avatar m tn I did speak with my neuro 2 days ago and he said he dosen't think it's anything MS related being that it doesn't seem to be relegated to one side of my tongue. Incidentally, I had my yearly MRI last week and I have no new legions. Yeah! Has anyone had a "favorable" new MRI but still new symptoms. Yes, sllowe, I have been on Avonex since before I was officiall dx'd. It seemed to be so obvious to my neuro in the beginning that he started me on it well before dx.
167 tn?1374177417 They just let it go, her pedi told her that nothing is really important to do at her age besides hearing tests. If by the time she is 3 and still having problems then they will seek speech therapy. My sister is really fine with it, as long as she can point and they know what she wants and they can really "read" her then they aren't that worried. To her it's not really any different as if she couldn't speak at all.
Avatar n tn the speech problems ( the mechanical ones with movement in my tongue/mouth face) are combining with the demon voice weirdness, stabbing pain in neck. I begged for an mri/cat scan any kind of throat test yesterday at my doctors, she said wait to see ENT next Thursday..another week. I am terrified I am gonna stop breathing in my sleep ( thank god the CPAP i use for apnea (mixed) helps relieve that feat) or choke to death on something stupid.
1415711 tn?1286284954 About the same time my anxiety began I started noticing a problem with speech. Its like I have to try a little harder to get the words out or else they become jumbled together. No one claims to notice any change in my speech pattern. I made the mistake of googling slurred speech as a symptom and of course came across ALS. I refuse to go from panicing about throat cancer to ALS as I am fairly confident that my problem is stress/anxiety related.
Avatar f tn Poss ON in R eye more test tomorrow, a couple of days after eye pain R side of tongue numb and deviating to the R when I stuck out my tongue. Lasted about 9-10 days. Some difficultly moving food around in my mouth. Googled it sounds like it could be related to MS. After test tomorrow I am going to put a call into Neuro. Out of town when all this happened so could not go see MD.
Avatar m tn I have trouble with my tongue, ie. it doesnt allow me to speak properly. The words mumble when i speak, I think it is due to excess salivation. Another important thing I want to mention is that, this "disease" occurs only during the rainy season and few months . If i were to tell you exactly, Last year I had this problem from July till october. After october it becomes okay gradually. This year also it started in July and now am having difficulties.
Avatar n tn We wish that he would have been diagnosed sooner but was showing no signs other than the speech issue which his neurologist thought was related to a stroke. I guess my point is that if the ALS diagnosis had been sooner the family could have been better prepared. Perhaps in future cases this test could be completed sooner!
Avatar f tn It still took me years for neurologists to diagnose the MS. I had clear neurological problems from the age of 2.
Avatar n tn In late September, I had numbness in my right ring and pinky finger which spread to the rest of the hand (I could not grasp), climbed up my arm, into the right chest, shoulder, face, tongue, and scalp. I went to the ER and since it was the weekend, they admitted me for observation, putting me on heparin. CT scan, etc. was ok. On Monday, they did and EEG which showed left temporal focal seizure activity. They put me on Dilantin and after 5 days I went home.
Avatar f tn he said migraine) but I am finding it very annoying and weird at the moment but I am sure it's migraine related as I get the shooting pains (that aren't really long enough lasting to be painful in the top of my head when I seem to have this. Not sure though if my migraines are related to my TM. My goodness we all have some weird stuff don't we? No wonder we need forums like this vent, ask questions or just feel better.
1493284 tn?1294879312 m swallowing problems according to the speech therapist is neurological in nature so the last neuro just shrugged it off but my new neuro is taking it seriously and we are trying to finally come to a diagnosis we are waiting for new mri in a few more months but she thinks its spms but least it will finally take me out of limboland for 6 years
1088527 tn?1425316975 there are exercises they can do but not till I get the all clear from the neuro so for now I need to avoid food that crumbles like cookies no peanuts and stuff like that and I need to turn my head to the right and tuck my chin down to swallow which does help .
5792451 tn?1390938290 I feel so blessed to be one of the few people who finally found the real cause to my jaw pain. My oral surgeon could not understand why my speech was affected and why my pain kept on spreading. He never brought up the possibility of Lyme disease. After I was diagnosed, I wrote him a letter, but never heard back from him. My dentist told me that I needed braces to cure my pain and that it was all due to a bad bite.
Avatar f tn I am covered from head to foot with myxedema (abnormal deposits of glycosaminoglycans in the skin and other tissues). The only notable improvements so far is my tongue is mildly decreased in size, I can pinch skin on my lower arms, and my skin isn't stretched so tightly either in certain areas. If you want to check out a skin test video demo, search: Hypothyroidism Type 2: Myxedema Symptoms. From the Stanford School Of Medicine article Macroglossia - Differential Diagnosis...
Avatar f tn I am a speech-pathologist. I have 2 patients I am seeing with swallowing problems and both, ironically, have had their thyroids removed (one completely and one partially). Patient 1 also has lupus. She has a normal swallow with all textures except high textures. There is reduced tongue base retraction and pharyngeal contraction (in other words the food gets stuck in her pharynx or upper throat area after she swallows). This occurs with high textures only (e.g.
Avatar n tn He looked at my tongue and said that if the tongue twitches that had began in May were ALS related that I would be alot worse by now and he said my tongue looked fine with no atrophy of anything. Well about two weeks ago, the problem I was having with my left foot went to my right foot----no weakness or anything, i can move it fine, but its like my foot doesnt want to push off right. This began with it overnight just like the other one did a year ago.
Avatar f tn I used to take Effexor and felt it really helped until I started getting tongue cramps and problems with speech fluidity. I then went back to Lexapro and have less problems but still have some speech issues and tongue cramping or freezing. Is there an anti-depressant that has less side effects? Does it sound like an allergic reaction or something neurological? I feel I need the medication but can't tolerate speech issues.
Avatar f tn It gets to the point where she is so tired so the tantrums get worse but we dont know what to do becuase she doesnt even want us to look at her and when we do she gets so much more upset. She is about to be tested and evaluated for autism as she has been already screened and evalutated by early intervention.
Avatar n tn and different parts of the language areas can be affected, as well as the mental connection that moves the tongue to form words. One thing to do is to pay attention and praise whenever a stroke patient says ANYTHING. Make a fuss. This isn't done in the nursing homes. The second the patients starts a sentence the aides should drop everything, especially their cell phones, and rush over to express interest. You want to positively reinforce EVERY attempt at making a sound.
1704542 tn?1307509184 Also had PCP get me a new referral to another Neurologist, perhaps one who will listen to my symptoms and at leat help me to get to the bottom of the pain, and scary unnerving mental issues at this point!
Avatar f tn I have had slurred speech off and on, and mine also comes on with the tightness in the throat and under the tongue (digastric spasms). There are some intermittent word searching problems, and feeling of being tongue tied. Then there have been a few times where the first sound of the words have come out multiple times before I could finish the words. For years, before every Christmas (I correlate this with stress) I would have problems stuttering.
Avatar f tn Moving the tongue around the mouth and producing nonsensical sounds is called "groping." It means the brain is having a hard time communicating to the tongue where to go to make the sound they want. My son did the same thing and similar to your daughter, was not overly affectionate, but is now.
451975 tn?1372332199 However, shortly after starting the medication she began to lose her speech and her balance was off. The doctors said it was due to the steroids and the effects would wear off as her dosage decreased. However, these symptoms ony got worse. She was taken off the steroids, admitted to hospital and had a series of tests, MRI, CT, ECO, blood tests, etc. All came back clear. Two months on and her condition is deteriorating.
1235103 tn?1267818963 Hi....it is good u r getting the complete spine checked....also ask them to check him for Ehlers Danlos as a chiarian it is possible to have this as well and unless it is looked for u may not know. The reason I suggest this is bcuz with EDS we can have a higher risk of rejection for a patch and or stitches and the skin is more fragile....so sterri strips and glue may be used to help avoid an issue.